Defiance Recap 8/28/14: Season 2 Finale “All Things Must Pass/I Almost Prayed”

Defiance Recap 8/28/14: Season 2 Finale “All Things Must Pass/I Almost Prayed”

Syfy’s series Defiance continues with a new double episode season finale tonight called, “All Things Must Pass/I Almost Prayed.” On tonight’s episode, Nolan tries to save Tommy and stop Irisa before the plan is activated; tensions rise.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the show takes place in the future on a radically transformed Earth containing new species, some having arrived from space, many others the result of contamination by terraforming technology which has transformed native flora and fauna in unforeseen ways.

On last week’s episode, Nolan and Rafe raced against time to rescue Amanda and Pottinger, who had been trapped. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Nolan races to save Tommy’s life and stop Irisa; tensions between Amanda and Stahma lead to a showdown. Then season 2 comes to a close with Nolan fighting both the Earth Republic and old acquaintances to stop Irisa’s destructive plan from becoming a reality. He’s also determined to save his adoptive daughter from the Kaziri forces that have been possessing her before his own friends attempt to kill her.

Defiance airs at 8 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!

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 It’s #Defiance finale night! Stahma tells Datak their separation has improved his virility but says it can’t become a habit. She says the men of his crew watch her and if they knew they were back together, would feel threatened. He says they should feel threatened and he asks if he forgave their sins would she welcome him back home. She says there would be conditions.

She says he could never lay a hand on Alak again. He agrees. She says she will bathe alone as she wishes and will oversee business operations. She says he will be in charge of security and collections and they will have an equal partnership. He gets angry and says she slept with him to trick him into agreeing. He tells her to get the hell out. She goes.

A bag is put over her head and she’s dragged away. There’s a knock at Datak’s door and the same thing happens to him. Nolan drags an injured Tommy on a sled through the woods. He comes to and sees the trees passing by. There’s a flashback to Tommy coming to see Nolan and asking him what he’s doing. He says it’s his office now. He tells Tommy it’s smart to keep a civil tone.

Tommy tells him the job is about justice. Nolan says it’s good to get drunk after the day he’s had. He calls him kid but then says his daughter gets restless and says they’ll be gone in a few weeks and he can have the badge. Back now, Nolan tells him they’re six miles from the net. Tommy shows him her diary and says Terraformers are going to fire on them and they’re all going to die.

Nolan looks at the drawing and says it’s Mordecai, a traveling solicitor for the Irathians. Tommy says Irisa told them to kill him on sight. Nolan says somehow the two of them are linked. We see Irisa and Mordecai on a ship and she tells him it’s time to seize the ship. He goes to do as she says. They take down some guardians and take the keys.

She tells him they have to always be apart after this one with each key. She cries and they hug. They taket he keys into themselves and kiss. The pods fall down out of the ship to Earth. They are each engulfed in a structure and fall to Earth as well. She cries as she watches him fall away from her. She crash lands in a huge explosion. Mordecai wakes from a nightmare and asks how long he was out.

Pottinger is cooking for Amanda and she tells him the food is perfect. She says it’s been a long time since someone cooked for her. He tells her he learned to cook when he was stationed in Prague. He tells her about the cobbelstone streets. He tells her she can still see it and he says he has access to maritime travel through the E-Rep. He hands her a rose. She sniffs it and giggles, charmed.

Rafe is in the yard in jail. He looks out between the bars and sees Pilar. He tells her she looks good and asks about the kids. She tells him Quentin is the reason she’s free. She says she hasn’t see Christie yet because she’s afraid. He says he told the kids she was killed rather than the truth. He says he told them she fought like a wildcat and took two down. She says next time he tells the story to make it three.

Rafe says he won’t be telling the story again. She asks to kiss him. He nods yes and she steps closer and pressers her mouth to his. She thanks him. He asks if she’s okay like Quentin says and not sick. She says she’s never been better. He asks her to get help if anything changes. She says she’ll see him soon. She leaves and gets back in the truck with Quentin. She tells him it went really well.

Pilar says she wants to see her daughter. We hear birds as Stahma wakes down in a shaft with Datak. He asks if she’s all right and he says he has no idea where they are. There’s daylight streaming in and they are deep in some sort of metal mine or silo or something. Yewll plays cards with her hallucination lover and curses. She says all her food is ruined. She says Datak won’t be back for three weeks.

Yewll says she’ll die down there and Lev tells her they should climb out and go some place where no one has heard of Defiance. Stahma says their employees didn’t do this – she says they would have just killed them. He threatens to kill them and she says revenge has gotten him nothing but prison and kicked out of his house. He says the day he learns and changes is the day she loses her purpose.

She tells him she should have left with Kenya Rosewater last year. He says she stole his business and kicked him out and he still got back between her legs. She screams and tries to get loose of him. Nolan tells Tommy stories as he drags him along. He stops and tries to wake Tommy up. He checks his stab wound and curses. It’s still bleeding.

He tells Tommy they have to stop the bleeding and tells him to stay with him. He’s hallucinating and sees Irisa heating the knife to cauterize the wound instead of her dad. We see a flashback of him asking Irisa to marry him. He tells her he loves her and drops to one knee. He says he never wants to be apart from her and she asks why. She says he doesn’t want to marry him.

She tells him she’s different and he says that’s why he loves her. She says she’ll only end up hurting him. Just then Nolan lays the knife on his wound and he screams in agony. Datak tells her she’s right and he’s fast to anger. He says he regrets not making her his partner and he say he thinks he can change and wants to change for her. She says he’s saying this now while they’re shackled and about to die.

Stahma says the truth is he will never put her or anyone else before him. She says that won’t change. Nolan tells Tommy he’ll let it set before they head off. Tommy tries to thank him for saving his life but Nolan says not to thank him yet. He tells Tommy he’s a tough kid and he reminds him he’s not a kid. Nolan admits he’s not.

Yewll walks with Lev and asks what she’ll miss most about Defiance. She asks if it’s the hot lady mayor and she says no. They are trying to find their way out but instead have found something more exciting – a ship. Irisa holds a rock in her hand and releases it. It floats. She smiles. She lifts a handful of soil and tosses it into the air and it revolves around the rock. We see debris up in space.

Amanda does the dishes and Pottinger tells her she doesn’t have to do it but she says it’s the one time in life you can put things back the way they were. She says they need to head into work to check on Tommy but he says he has a surprise for her. He takes her out into the woods and hands her a necklace. She says it’s Kenya’s and he tells her he found the people who killed her and tells her he’ll show her. He takes her to a metal silo and brings her inside.

Amanda sees Stahma and Datak tied up. Pottinger says their Sensoth Raiga came to them and told them about all their crimes, among them the murder of Kenya. He says Stahma poisoned her. He tells Amanda he wants her to be able to carry out justice any way she sees fit. He puts a gun in her hand and says he’ll wait outside.

Christie walks in the market and is stunned when she sees her mother with her brother. Pilar smiles at her and tells her she’s so grown up and beautiful. Christie says she thought she was dead. Pilar says she wishes she could take her out for ice cream and Christie says she can take her for sugar bread. They go there and Pilar cries and tells her she’s been in a monastery where they discouraged physical contact and says she hasn’t been hugged in a long time. Christie rushes to her and holds her.

Amanda asks if it’s true and Datak says of course not and says they have a disgruntled employee. She holds out Kenya’s necklace. Datak says Kenya was having an affair with Stahma and he forced her to kill her in fear for her own life. Amanda holds a gun to Stahma’s head and Datak begs her to stop. Stahma tells Amanda she loved Kenya. Amanda says she’s lying.

Stahma swears to her God that she loved her. Stahma tells her she has every right to take her life. She tells her to pull the trigger. Amanda says she knew Kenya better than anyone and says Kenya didn’t love her any more than she loved Datak or Rupert the miner. She says she wants Stahma to know that. Stahma speaks her native language and Datak begs her to kill him too and says he can’t live without her.

Flashback to Tommy and Nolan on the night the E-Rep rolled in. They talk about how Datak sold them out. Tommy insists he takes money to get him and Irisa safe. He tells him he’ll miss him. Nolan heads off. Back now, Nolan drags the sled and Nolan says after they save the world, he’s going to take him out and get him drunk. Tommy says it’s not a pretty sight.

Amanda comes out of the silo and tells Pottinger that he has to let the Tarrs go. She says it will launch a crime war on the streets and to get rid of them it has to be planned properly. She yells at him and asks how could he think handing her the killers of her sister in a silo was a proper gift. She says she wanted to shove the gun in Stahma’s mouth and asks what that says about her.

Datak tells Stahma he’s sorry and didn’t understand how she felt about Kenya. She tells Datak he saved both their lives by saying what he said to Amanda. She asks if he meant it and he says taking a bullet would be easy than living without her. Datak says he hasn’t been good to her and probably won’t be able to change enough. She says maybe if they both changed a little. He says he married well and she agrees. They lay their heads back against each other in a sort of peaceful accord.

Yewll says the Kaziri has been activated and it must have been Irisa. Yewll wants to stop her but Lev says all life will be extinct. Yewll says Irisa must have both keys. Lev tells her she can climb into one of the pods and be saved. She asks if she’s talking to the Kaziri now and if she’s presenting as her imaginary wife. Lev says she’s trying to carry out their instructions to create a Votan paradise for the worthy.

Yewll says she’s over the us versus them mentality and says to tell the Kaziri to shove it. Lev says she can’t let her leave there and Yewll says she knows she can’t stop her. Yewll cuts open her neck and digs out the chip. Lev is gone but the pods are all glowing ominously. Datak comes to see Raiga and the others. They hold guns on him and then he drops to his knees and begs their forgiveness.

He says he has been living by rules from a world that no longer exists. He apologizes for slitting their friend’s throat. They allow him to join them at the gaming table. Datak reminds them of gambling back in the day. He tells Raiga he knows he did what he had to do but Stahma is less forgiving. Raiga tries to lift his gun and can’t.

He tells them his wife concocted a brilliant paralytic applied to his gloves, the cards and then to them. They are all stiff and stare in horror as he and Stahma leave them in a pit. Stahma smiles and tells her husband – let’s go home. Nolan tells Tommy they’re close enough for him to see the stasis net. He tries to wake Tommy but he’s gone. He starts CPR then checks his pulse. He can’t bring him back. He cries.

Amanda has a drink at the Needwant when Pottinger drops off a red rose by her. At the net, Nolan drags the sled up and Berlin runs up to him. Nolan leaves his body with her and says there’s something inside Irisa. She demands to know if Irisa killed Tommy. He says she’s not herself but then tells the truth and says yes.

Irisa sits on the snowy ground blowing debris around. We see structures up in space lighting up as she touches the model ones in front of her. Tommy is awoken by Nolan. He drags him onto his feet and says they have to go find Irisa. Tommy says she infected him with something and now he can’t think straight since she kissed him.

Irisa tips some of the debris down and we see some pieces begin a fall toward Earth’s atmosphere. We see capsules hurtling toward Earth and stopping to spin above major cities shedding small spheres that then begin firing laser-like fire and carving up the Earth.

We see a city crumbling as the Terraspheres do their work. People scream as they are consumed by the devastation. Mordecai explains to Nolan that in a past life he and Irisa absorbed the keys. Trees bloom from the remains of the dead humans. Mordecai says the Kaziri was scuttled and humanity saved. Nolan throws his bags away and says a savior needs to travel lighter.

Nolan says the ship is scared of Mordecai. He says the two keys in Irisa activated the Kaziri and they need to get one of the keys back inside of him. Mordecai isn’t interested but Nolan says he has to stop him whether he likes it or not. We see New York City in ruins with primitive animals walking freely. Irisa sees this all and is happy.

Datak happily kicks a ball to a human child as he walks home and greets Andina. He hands her his bag of stuff and tells him that she’s entertaining Christie’s mother. We see Pilar chewing out Stahma and telling her she won’t let a stick insect raise her family. Datak says he remember Pilar being a junkie. He says he would hate to find her insulting his lovely wife in her home.

She says Pilar wants Alak and Christie to live with her and she didn’t like her answer. Pilar says she’s asked around and says many people find them scary but she thinks they are funny little white faced clowns. She says she remembers Datak doing tricks and Stahma was a house maid who cleaned her toilets. She says she had a gift for it.

Stahma says it was a long time ago and now her beautiful home belongs to the E-Rep, her husband is in   jail and she has her daughter’s love. Datak tells her to take Quentin and leave town. Pilar tells Datak that Stahma blew Rafe and she leaves. Stahma tells him it’s a lie and welcomes him home. E-Reps are searching everyone as Alak and Christie walk by. Pilar calls the E-Reps animals.

They sit eating lunch and talk about the E-Reps with Quentin and her mom. Pilar says mixed species children are treated poorly. Pilar says the Votan appreciate the value of assimilation and says she could show them a nearby collective and says it’s everything Defiance was supposed to be. Alak asks why he hasn’t heard of it and Pilar says it’s also a research facility.

She says Indogene tech has brought back horses. Christine says she would love to ride a horse but says her home is there. Pilar says they could go or an overnight visit. Alak says they can’t just abandon his mother. She says his parents could come along for the visit since his dad just moved back in. Alak is shocked and Alak goes to leave and Christine follows him.

Quentin asks if she made the whole thing up and Pilar calls him genius and tells him to pay the bill. Datak and Stahma are eating when Christine and Alak come in and she says they have decided to reunite as a family. Christine isn’t having it but Datak says the past is behind them. He says it’s not like he dropped a whore from the top of the gateway arch. Christie says in their language that he will never know their child. Christie and Alak stomp out and Datak says he meant it as a joke.

Amanda tells her bartender that NYC has gone dark and they’re hoping it’s a glitch. Berlin is getting drunk and she asks what’s wrong. She tells Amanda that Tommy is dead and that Irisa killed him. Amanda says she wouldn’t and Berlin says Nolan said it wasn’t her fault. She says Tommy knew Irisa was dangerous. Amanda says she can’t believe it. Both their hailers chirp.

Amanda asks if it’s confirmed. They each get off their calls. Amanda says that New York is gone. Amanda and Berlin rush to Pottinger’s and find Viceroy Mercado getting out of his vehicle. He says he was on his way to New York when he got news. He says he’s setting up a command center there in Defiance and wants Amanda on board.

He sniffs Berlin and asks if she’s been drinking. Nolan and Mordecai show up wondering what’s going on. He grabs the kid and goes inside. Nolan tries to tell Pottinger what’s going on with Irisa. He says he has to get Mordecai close to Irisa to get the piece of tech out of her. He says to get Colonel Marsh’ sealed file on Irisa. Mercado says he believes him and asks Pottinger why he gave her a badge when she was on a watch list.

Amanda says he did it for her and Mercado asks why he can’t pay for sex like a normal man. Pottinger says he trusts Amanda and would make the same decision again. Mercado tells him to leave and he says he’ll go gladly. Yewll shows up and says there is a sentient computer planning to destroy the planet and she knows how to kill it. Mercado gives her a pardon.

She tells him she’s been inside the ship controlling her and has crystal that will introduce a virus to stop her. She says Irisa’s death will shut it down. Yewll says she needs an hour in her lab. Amanda says Yewll will do whatever it takes to save her own skin. Amanda then tells them to lock up Nolan. They grab him and he says he’s a realist but then pulls a gun on Mercado.

Then Amanda pulls a knife on Mordecai. He says she’ll never use it on him and she insists she will. They’re at a standoff. He stands down and he and Mordecai are taken into custody. Nolan tells her he trusted her and she says she knows. At her lab, Yewll tells Pottinger and Amanda that if Irisa is alerted she can bring something down on their head.

Amanda wants to know why she created an Indogene clone of her sister. She says Pottinger made her spy. Yewll tells him that her plan worked and the VC were eager to work with her but then someone wanted leverage over Amanda and made her create the Indogene copy of Kenya. She says she didn’t tell Pottinger because he would have shut her down.

Amanda tells Pottinger that Yewll has to come with them. Nolan and Mordecai are brought to the jail but Nolan kicks some ass and then gets tased. He reels in the taser wire and kicks the one guy but then another has the drop on him til Mordecai bashe shim in the head. He asks if Nolan is going to fall and he says he thinks so, then does.

Irisa has her floating stuff all around her on the hill and we see a bunch of active pods up in space poised to destroy the planet. More come down into the atmosphere. Christie and Alak are headed to a transport and he says they owe it to the baby to explore all their options and that his parents will never know. Andida says she is sworn to keep confidences.

They look up in the sky and see blue objects in the sky. Pilar says they will be safer on the road and is trying to shove them into the vehicle. Quentin knocks Alak out and shoves him into the car. Pilar puts her daughter in the car at gunpoint. Andida screams in frustration. The blue objects get closer as they drive away.

Amanda takes aim at Irisa. Pottinger asks if he should take the shot. Before she can take it, Nolan takes a shot at her and Irisa loses her focus. The spheres begin to fall. Nolan rushes toward them and Amanda yells at Pottinger not to kill him. He cuffs Amanda to the car and then punches Pottinger after he calls him a bully. He grabs Yewll and then knocks her out too.

Amanda asks if he knows what he’s done and he says he’s not done yet. Mordecai heads for Irisa who tells him he’s too late and says this planet will feel the love of it’s devouring mother. She tells him to stay back. He says he’s prepared. Nolan sneaks up and grabs her. He says some words and lays his head against hers. One of the keys rushes into his mouth and he collapses.

He tells her to come back to him. She comes to and calls for Tommy. He tells her that wasn’t him and she cries. She asks for his gun and tells him to shoot her. She asks how many people she’s killed. He tells her it’s not over and asks if she knows how many people she can save. He tells her the two of them are the only ones that can stop it.

He tells her to stop whining and get on her feet and fix it. He says once it’s done if she wants a bullet then he’ll give it to her. Datak and Stahma wonder if the lights bring death. She says considering the evil they’ve done, it could be justice. Andida finds them and tells them that Alak and Christie were taken. They wonder if Rafe will know what’s inside Pilar’s head.

Datak says once he’s blown a large enough hole in it, he’ll be able to get into it. They arm up and take off. At Camp Reverie, Rafe and other prisoners are lined up. Berlin rushes up and sees prisoners shot. She asks what the hell is going on. They tell her that the lights triggered a riot. She tells the sergeant he’s relieved of duty and he strikes her and knocks her down.

Irisa and Mordecai are under the city looking for the ark brain. They see the little goddess and Irisa says they’ve got company. Suddenly she’s in a cage. They shove Berlin in line with the prisoners. Rafe tells her there are so many ways to die in this new world. Just as they’re about to be gunned down, those men are killed. Datak and Stahma tells Berlin they need Rafe for a family emergency and take him.

She just laughs giddily as the prisoners run off. They tell Rafe that Pilar kidnapped Rafe and Christie. Datak says he should have killed her years ago and Rafe says live and learn. Tommy comes to Irisa in her cell and she tells him to let her out so she can get back to the mines. He tells her she let Kaziri inside her to save Nolan but she let him die when he didn’t deserve it. He asks why she didn’t sacrifice for him and says he deserved better.

She says she’s sorry and he says Kaziri can bring him back if she lets her finish the mission. We hear Nolan telling him that Kaziri is messing with her head. He says none of this is real. Tommy is saying that Kaziri always keeps her promises and will bring him back. Nolan tells her that Kaziri is trying to stall her. He says in her heart she knows Tommy is dead and she has to let him go.

Nolan says he raised her to do the right thing. He says he believes in her. She says she’s sorry Tommy. He screams and she wakes up gasping. Mordecai says he saw his dead parents saying he abandoned them in Tallahassee. Nolan says this is proof that the ship is scared. Irisa says – she ought to be. They walk to the core where they first absorbed the keys in another life.

She and Mordecai step onto the platform. They hold out their arms and stringy wires come out of their hands and coil around them. She asks Mordecai with her mind if he can hear her. She says the keys should be overriding the system. He says her voice is really loud. They lie down near each other. He says the ark brain is blocking him from the terraspheres. She says she has to shut it down.

We see her telling Kaziri to go. She tells Mordecai she’s gone and she tells him to shoot the spheres into orbit. He changes the path of the lasery things and they shoot up instead of into the ground. They destroy all of the remaining ark materials up in the sky. The threat is destroyed. Amanda tells Pottinger he did it and they’re all going to live. Pottinger kisses her.

Mordecai and Irisa sit up and Mordecai says they saved the world. Nolan says the whole place is going to come down on them. He tells Irisa to come on and pulls her up. She’s weak so he picks her up. The place is crumbling around them. He tells her to look at him. He says she’s okay. He holds her tight and tells her he loves her as they place falls down all around them and then onto them. Looks like they’re goners.

In town, everyone is celebrating they’re new lease on life. Amanda and Pottinger are naked and she kisses the scars on his hands. In the streets, people party. Yewll comes back to her lab and sits on her table. Pilar and Quentin drive her daughter and son-in-law out of Defiance. She tells Christie she’s so grown up. She refuses to speak to her mother. Rafe, Datak and Stahma give chase.

Berlin gets drunk in the Needwant and stands on a chair. She calls out to everyone to drink to Tommy. They all do. Mercado calls Amanda over for a drink. She asks if he has any word on Nolan and he says old St Louis is gone and that means Nolan is too. We see Nolan holding Irisa and they are safe in one of the blue pods far below rubble and ruins.