Defiance Recap 8/21/14: Season 2 Episode 10 “Bottom of the World”

Defiance Recap 8/21/14: Season 2 Episode 10 “Bottom of the World”

Syfy’s series Defiance continues with a new episode tonight called, “Bottom of the World.” On tonight’s episode, a deadly mine collapse leaves Amanda and Pottinger trapped, and it’s a race against the clock for Nolan and Rafe to save them.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the show takes place in the future on a radically transformed Earth containing new species, some having arrived from space, many others the result of contamination by terraforming technology which has transformed native flora and fauna in unforeseen ways.

On last week’s episode, earth-shattering events created backlash for Defiance; Doc Yewll strived to keep her secret hidden. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Nolan and Rafe race against time to rescue Amanda and Pottinger, who have been trapped.

Defiance airs at 8 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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 It’s time for #Defiance. Irisa runs and hides outside the E-Rep field office. She breaks in and hears guards talking about heading to the Needwant. Another guard stops them to make them pay up on a grambling debt and they hand over scrip. They leave and Irisa drops down from her hiding place. She opens a door that sets off an alarm and heads into a storage room where she steals a glowing orb. She runs back out and hides.

E-Rep guards are everywhere but she slips away. Nolan is there and yanks her aside. He points them away from her and says the thief dropped a terrasphere. They thank him for the assist and he says he’s glad to help. He goes and yanks his daughter of her hiding place and tells her she crossed a line. He demands her badge and she says – whatever. He tells her to hand over her knives and he tells her to not make him raise his voice.

She stabs her knives into the table while she glares at him. He asks where the hell she’s been and she says he did fine without her. He says he can’t trust her at all anymore. He reminds her they’re supposed to be a team. She says Sukar is sick and he asks how a terrasphere would held. She says it’s complicated and he snaps cuffs on her and says she’s stuck with him.

Alak is hosting his morning radio show. He says they’re waiting on Ambassador Tennety from the E-Rep. Dierdre is on his lap distracting him and he shoves her off her lap. He asks if everything is about sex with her and she asks what’s wrong with that. He says he can’t do this anymore and says it’s messing with his marriage and he’ll be a father soon.

He says he loves his wife and they have no future. She asks if she’s just a sex toy he can throw away. He says she’s a great person with good taste in music. He says she’ll always have a job there and offers her a raise. She tells him to give her 5,000 scrip and says if he treats her like a whore, he can pay her like one. He hands over a stack of scrip and says he’ll get the rest to her. He walks out.

Tennety arrives and offers Amanda a smile. Pottinger shakes her hand and she introduces her husbands – Cyrus and Jermaine. Amanda says they’re even more handsome than her last husbands. Berlin is filming and the Ambassador asks her to back off. She asks why Amanda is glaring at her and asks her to carry her bags. She insists that Amanda carry them.

Pottinger pulls her aside and says he can prove she’s a murderer and a liar and tells her to carry her own damned bags. Christie’s brother sings to her belly when Rafe comes up and says he’s glad the family is together. Alak walks up and breaks up the tension between Quentin and his dad. He goes to kiss Christie but she makes an excuse that she’s got a cold.

Rafe tells Alak that being a dad is the best feeling and says to enjoy it. Quentin says to enjoy it until your kid grows up and sees you for what you really are. Alak laughs nervously while Rafe glares at his son. Pottinger brings the Ambassador out to the mines. Nolan congratulates Tennety on staying out of jail and asks how she managed it.

Amanda asks why Nolan has his daughter in handcuffs and says – tough loves. Tennety gets the mine tour. Berlin checks out some material in the mine and Nolan tells her to back off before she singes off her pretty eyebrows. She like the compliment but Irisa is icked out.

Tennety asks Amanda if she’s comfortable with her fall from Mayor to whore and then offers her a job as a secretary but Amanda tells her she already works with prostitutes. The mine starts to act up and Nolan yells a warning to everyone moments before there’s a cave in. Many are injured, some are traped and we can’t tell who is safe and who is harmed until the dust settles.

Berlin, Nolan and Irisa stagger out. The are the only three that got out. He tells Berlin to call Rafe to get down there and start search and rescue but Berlin says they are likely dead. Amanda calls out for survivors. Pottinger is okay, Amanda is too. His hailer is smashed and she can’t find hers. They call out for Tennety and find her under a stack of rubble. Amanda says she’s not breathing and starts CPR.

Alak comes to talk to his wife and tells her he’s sorry for all the things he said at the dress up club. He tells her he loves her and says she can wear make up, wigs and whatever makes her happy. He says he lied about skevur and she says she knows it’s a blood debt. He asks how she learned the word and she says she’s learning all about his culture.

She asks if he has anything else to confess and he says no (liar!) and she says clean slate. He kneels and  she asks him to make the vow. He makes the vow offering forgiveness and she accepts it. He stands, kisses her and pulls her down onto the bed.

Nolan, Rafe and the others try to figure out how to get down to the survivors. Rafe calls for equipment from Gail and they explain if they drill down, they can cause another cave in. Irisa runs out while her dad is distracted and hides behind a storage car. Pottinger tells Amanda to stop CPR and tells her that Tennety is gone. She finally gives up on her. Amanda sees Tennety’s hailer and grabs it.

Irisa dislocates her thumb to free herself of her cuffs. Rafe shows Nolan a shaft they can go down and they figure they have 20-30 minutes of air. Irisa dislocates her other thumb and she’s free. She watches as her thumbs rapidly heal themselves. She hops into the truck and drives off as her dad runs out yelling her name trying to stop her. She’s gone.

Nolan’s hailer chirps and it’s Amanda. She tells him they’re trapped – he can’t hear her and she can’t hear her. He tells her that he’s coming for her. Pottinger questions why Noan was the first person she called. They look for a way out. She says she’s an optimist. He looks around bleakly and says – obviously.

Irisa tells Tommy the Votans have done something to her and says the thing inside her is making her sick. She says she needs the terrasphere and Tommy realizes she was last night’s thief. She says there’s an Indo scientist that can help her. He says stealing from the E-Rep is impossible. She kisses him and he asks if that’s supposed to convince him to help. She says no but if she dies, she wanted to remember his kiss. She walks away.

Nolan, Rafe and the others work to get to the lava vent so they can try and rescue the others. They move rocks to clear the area. Nolan shows Rafe a Votan trembler and says it was sabotage. There were no miners in the shaft and Nolan thinks it’s a miner with Votan tendencies since only the Ambassador, Amanda and Pottinger were down there with them and no workers.

They have it cleared to the shaft and Nolan and Berlin volunteer for the rescue attempt. Pottinger and Amanda chat about how ancient Sumerian kings were buried this deep underground. They talk about Richard III and he asks if she finds mental illness attractive. She says she does and Pottinger says that’s lucky for him. He says he’s glad he’s not alone down there.

They are both coughing and running short on air. She tells him she’s sorry she was so hard on him at first. He reminds her he asked her 17 times to be her advisor and also that she called him Harry Potter. He says he knows who that was and says he wasn’t born in a bloody cave. She laughs and says he’ll die in one. He kisses her and she pauses and considers for a few moments before kissing him back.

Rafe tells Quentin he needs his help with something so they leave the mine. Alak brings Christie flowers and Dierdre shows up then to take Christie out to lunch. Christie leaves the room and he grabs her by the throat and tells her he has her money. She says she doesn’t want his money, she wants him. She says she hopes she doesn’t have too many wine spritzers at lunch and tells his wife what a hot lay she is.

He chokes her and says he doesn’t love her. Christie comes back in and he steps back. The women leave for lunch. Stahma watches this all from a doorway out of site. She’s intrigues. Nolan tries to hail Amanda and tells her he’s on the way and not to give up. Berlin says they likely can’t hear her.

Datak is running a three card montie type game and taking money left and right. Stahma steps up and says she’ll play. He tells her women gambling is unseemly. She asks if he’s been with Alak’s whore Treasure Doll and he says she’s skinny but enthusiastic and tells his wife she should give her a go but she says she’d snap her like a twig.

She tells him that the whore is becoming a problem and says Christie won’t tolerate infidelity. He asks why she’s coming to him to get rid of the woman. She offers him 300 and he says that means nothing to her. He says no and she asks what he wants and he says reconciliation and back into the family home. She says the price is too high and that she’ll gut the whore herself. She leaves.

Rafe and Quentin unlock a storage place full of weapons. Rafe says they’re there to drive out the E-Reps. He sees one of the Votan tremblers is gone and says he has to move the weapons. He asks Quentin if he did it. Q says he had to do it from his mom. He says the only way the Votan would let her go is if he did it.

Quentin says he did what he had to do and Rafe says there were innocent people down there. He says he did it to save his mother that Rafe tossed away. He beats his dad with a pipe and then stomps out. Amanda tells Pottinger not to worry and says they’ll be there soon. He tells her every breath is emitting CO2 that will kil them faster.

Berlin and Nolan head down and she tells him it’s okay that he has feelings for Amanda. He says he’s a one woman kind of guy so it wouldn’t be okay. He says Amanda pushed him away and she says he may have been testing her to see if he would fight for her. They agree they should stop having sex with each other.

Amanda tells Pottinger they’re going to break through any second and they’ll have all the air they need. He says it won’t happen but maybe one of them can live. He tells her to pick up a rock and kill him. She tells him he’s delirious and he says she’ll survive longer without him breathing. He tells her to let him make this sacrifice for her – one decent thing in his miserable life.

She says he’s no worse than anyone else but he says he’s a monster and she has no idea what he’s done . Nolan and Berlin touch down at the bottom of the shaft and he says they don’t have much time. Pottinger lays on Amanda’s shoulder and they are gasping their last. The rescuers are so close. They gently put some explosive and cord on the shaft wall and detonate.

The blow the hole in right near Amanda. Nolan calls ot her and climbs in. She’s groggy as he puts an oxygen mask on her. She says Niles and puts the oxygen mask on Pottinger and tells Nolan to take him first. She insists and he relents and they hook Pottinger up and drag him out. Later, Nolan come back to the offiec and checks on Rafe who has a head injury.

Nolan asks who did it and he says it’s Quentin who called in and reported that Rafe blew up the mine. Nolan asks Q and he says his dad told him the Ambassador was the target and his dad asked him to help dispose of the weapons. He says he’s no terrorist so he called it in. Rafe asks about Amanda and Nolan says only Tennety died.

Nolan tells him Quentin is accusing him of setting the bomb and Rafe simply says okay. Rafe refuses to change the story and says he killed Tennety for payback for his mines, house, everything. He tells him to tell Amanda he’s sorry and Nolan asks if he’s sure that’s how he wants to play it. He has to arrest him. Rafe sits and just stares at his son as Nolan cuffs him.

Christie runs up to her dad and tells him she loves him as he’s taken away by the E-Reps. Pottinger says it’s hard to believe and Amanda says she doesn’t believe it. Nolan tells Pottinger when you push a man hard enough and take away everything from him, you leave him little choice. Pottinger tells Amanda that what he said to her in the mine was all true. He walks off.

Nolan asks what he said. She won’t tell him and then scurries off after Pottinger. Quentin’s mom is delivered to him as promised. She hugs him tight and cries. She looks around and says it’s so good to be out. She breathes in the night air and asks who the VC treated him. He said he had to go on some missions with them. She says she’s sorry but now they can be a family again.

Q says – except for dad – and tells her how he set him up with the VC weapons and how Rafe took the blame for what he did. His mom slaps him hard across the face. Q tells her it’s a good thing that he’s out of their life. She tells him that he didn’t outsmart Rafe, he simply put Quentin’s well being above his own just like he did when he sent her away. She calls Quentin stupid.

Tommy comes to see Irisa – he stole the terrasphere and asks how long it’s needed for. He says he has to get it back to the armory. Sukar tackles him and Tommy asks if she’s going to kill him. Irisa says she’s going to save him and does her creepy immortal kill thing on him. Later, she carries the terrsphere up onto the hill above the refugee camp and holds it high above her head.

She says the devouring mother has some – she is glory made flesh. They all chant it and then the terrasphere zooms into the air. It acivates something below some liquid in one of the arks. We see light under the refugees feet as Irisa cries out – become. They are all sucked down into the earth and then into the ark where they are entombed in these egg like devices.

All are gone except those with Irisa on the hilltop. She goes to collapse and Sukar grabs her and she says – it’s beginning.