Defiance Recap 6/26/15: Season 3 Episode 4 “Dead Air”

Defiance Recap 6/26/15: Season 3 Episode 4 "Dead Air"

Syfy’s series Defiance continues with an all new Thursday, June 26 season 3 episode 4 tonight called, “Dead Air,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Nolan [Stephanie Leonidas] and Amanda [Julie Benz] are captured while excavating a buried weapons cache.

The show takes place in the future on a radically transformed Earth containing new species, some having arrived from space, many others the result of contamination by terraforming technology which has transformed native flora and fauna in unforeseen ways.

On last week’s episode, Amanda negotiated with the Omec, a new alien race, for the future of Defiance; and the Tarrs returned to find much changed and their loyalties tested between the humans, the Omec, and the Votanis Collective. Meanwhile, Nolan and Irisa encountered a survivor of Votanis Collective atrocities that can aid their first strike against Gen. Rahm Tak’s oncoming army. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Nolan and Amanda are captured while excavating a buried weapons cache; Berlin investigates a Votanis Collective bombing in the heart of Defiance and sees an opportunity to get revenge on Irisa; Stahma’s clandestine relationship with the mysterious Omec leader T’evgin takes a turn”

Defiance airs at 8 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!



#Defiance begins with Amanda on the radio telling the people of Defiance things are better since the lights are back on and the gulanite is flowing. Amanda then talks to someone in private about the shrill destroying their weapons and them being defenseless. Nolan tells Amanda he may know where they can find some old e-Rep weapons. Then the arch blows to pieces courtesy of Stahma and Datak under orders from Rahm. All of Defiance is horror struck.

The arm of the Casti DJ hits the ground and his Casti loved ones scream in anguish. Just then, Rahm mosies into town and introduces himself. He says it’s a day of celebration. Nolan tries to take him out but he’s a hologram. Nolan tells Irisa and others to look for the broadcast source. Rahm tells them he’s more honest than their human mayor and reveals their weapons are all useless. He says the future of Defiance depends on them and says all pink meat humans are liars.

Rahm says he will spare the Votans if they surrender and don’t side with the humans. Nolan spots the broadcaster and shoots it ending Rahm’s monologue. Nolan says the arch explosion was stage one and they need weapons. He says they need to go to Station Arrowhead which has been sealed up since the 20s. He says it’s got weapons, ammo and medical supplies. He says if they leave at sundown they can be there by morning. Nolan tells Irisa to stay and work with Berlin and figure out who bombed the arch.

Back at camp Alak plays Buddy Rich for Rahm and they talk music. Rahm says humans are despicable but have good rhythm. A lieutenant comes and tells Rahm that Datak and Stahma blew the arch and the hologram played. Rahm tells Alak he gets to live another day. Then he tells Rahm there are two Omec in Defiance, a male and female. He says they thing the male is T’evgin and is a leader and powerful man as well as a war hero.

Rahm wants to know why he’s not dead with the other enchanters. They tell Rahm he has a ship hovering in orbit over Defiance. Rahm says they must need Gulanite. He says T’evgin’s warship could wipe out the Votanis Collective easily and says to order Stahma and Datak to kill T’evgin at once. Stahma tells Datak they have to say no and says it’s too soon after the arch and Rahm will get them caught. Datak reminds her Rahm has Alak.

She says Rahm will never let Alak live because he married a human. Datak says he doesn’t believe it and says killing the Omec will buy them some time to strategize. He says they have no choice, the Omec has to die. Stahma reluctantly agrees. She says they betrayed their neighbors and must do what they must to survive. She says she will inject the Omec with poison during coitus. Datak doesn’t want her to get busy with the Omec but she says her way is sure and she will think only of him during.

Nolan and Amanda pull up at a barn with underground access to the weapons depot they’re looking for – the road has been plowed recently. They head inside and Nolan says he loves the smell of a barn. He gets a headache suddenly but then says he’s okay. He opens two large doors and finds a large government seal. He opens the door and a man attacks him. Another holds Amanda. He tells them to come along with them and they get into the elevator.

They are taken down into the facility by George and his pal, giant blue alien types. George tells Amanda she looks like the girl from the movies but the other one says no more talking. Down in the main part of Station Arrowhead, they find Niles, former e-Rep Mayor of Defiance. Amanda is surprised, Nolan is disgusted. Niles says Mercado took the group back to New York but then they were overrun by bloody and burned refugees from NYC.

They sit down to a lovely meal as he chats. He says they tried to help the refugees and says some joined them on the road to Arrowhead. Amanda asks where everyone is and he says they hit raiders outside Detroit and Mercado and the others didn’t make it. He says he was alone there and didn’t know the passcode. He says George was the angel who brought him inside. They are biomen who have kept the place humming. He says it was built for the government elite in case of a cataclysm. He says they have DNA for all animals including dogs. George mentions that he had a three legged dog once.

Berlin and Irisa search for clues in the rubble of the explosion and Irisa gets a headache like Nolan had. Irisa shows her part of a boom box and says she thinks the radio was the bomb casing. She tries to lift a print off it. Amanda asks Niles if it’s just him with his four biomen. He says he has a pleasant little life there. He says he reads, writes, farms and dabbles in carpentry. Amanda says that’s great and he says he missed her a lot. Niles says he knows it’s not a social visit and asks what they need.

Amanda says guns and Nolan says the VC is coming and blew up the arch. He’s shocked and says that must affect Amanda deeply. He tells Ringo to show them to the armory and let them take whatever will fit into their roller. Amanda thanks him and Niles asks to speak to her in private. Amanda tells Nolan to go on ahead. Nolan says he’ll be back in 10 minutes. He heads off with Ringo and Niles turns on a record from the 1980s – Spandau Ballet.

Amanda asks if he’s trying to seduce her and he admits it. He says he hated that she refused to come to NYC with him and says there were so many distractions. He says his solitude there has clarified things for him and says the two of them are very special. He says they are bound together in a fundamental way like Adam and Eve and they now have a perfect Eden. He asks her to stay with him permanently. Amanda just stares at him in shocked amusement.

The three biomen surround Nolan and one punches him knocking him out. Stahma goes to see T’evgin and he says it’s dangerous to surprise an Omec. She says she came to give him a culture lesson and he says she’s lying. She says her husband is in a mood and she wanted more pleasant company to take her mind off the arch. He says the arch was a human monument then asks why a Shanje would care about it. She says her son ran a radio station at the top of the arch and it meant a lot to him.

T’evgin offeres her a drink. Niles tells Amanda she’s done enough for Defiance and says they’re meant to be together. He says the belong to each other but she says she can’t let it burn. He says, Amanda, you’re mine and she gasps and steps back and says her NY attacker said that to her. He says it was a bad choice of words and he’s sorry. Amanda says it just came back to her all of a sudden then asks for a drink. He goes to fix her one but she says real Scotch and he goes to get a bottle.

One of the biomen comes back and she stares at him. Stahma tells T’evgin that her son has been taken and she doesn’t know if he’s alive. He says they’ve all lost so many loved ones and says he spent long nights thinking about what they Indogene did to them and wondering if they brought it on themselves. They talk about an opera about the conflict. She hums a bit from it. He listens then joins in humming as well. She giggles and he asks why she really came to him and says he wants the entire truth.

She says she wishes to be enchanted. We see her riding him later and reaching for the poisoned needle. She stabs him but doesn’t stop riding him. He snarls as he climaxes and she climaxes too. He roars in a primal way and she falls back. He asks if she wants to go again and she laughs and comes back to him ready for round two.

Nolan wakes in a cage with a mad scientist looming over him. He checks Nolan’s pupils then asks if he knows his name. Samir introduces himself and he asks if he remembers what happened to him. Nolan says biomen. Samir says he was a veterinarian before NYC was destroyed but now he works on humans on anything. He asks about the cut on Nolan’s head and is told it’s a long story. Nolan finds the cage is locked and he asks how many biomen are there. Samir says just the fab four.

Samir says there were 30 of them from New York and they met up with Niles. Samir says Niles went nuts, put a bullet in Mercado’s head and went crazy. He says they tried to stop him and then Niles made him wire a dead man’s switch to a singularity bomb on a Nile’s chest. If Niles dies, the place will become a crater. Amanda asks the bioman George to take her to the armory and he says no. Then she asks about the padlocked door and he says it’s private.

Amanda then asks what he meant about the girl in the movies but then Niles is back. George says he should stay because Amanda may be a danger to him. Amanda says she’s not happy but Scotch will fix it. Amanda asks if he’s a bioman or jealous GF. Amanda says she’s willing to stay at a price. She says she’ll do anything to keep Defiance safe. She says he offered a roller of weapons, but it’s not enough. She says they can send Nolan back and he can bring a caravan back to take every weapon away.

She straddles Niles. She says Defiance gets the guns and he gets her. She touches him and strokes him between his legs then pulls a gun on him and says she wants to go to the screening room now. She threatens him and he backs down. He says she needs to know something first and says he’s not well. He says the abuse he suffered by Votans at boarding school affected him. He unlocks the door and they go inside. He says it’s his special place.

We see a mask, flashlight and other things. Niles says when he loves someone he’s enthralled with them. She asks about the video chips and he says they’re diaries. She chooses one and tells him to play it now. He takes the disk and pops it in. It’s Amanda lying in bed. He watches and says she has an ethereal beauty. She says she can’t believe this and then says before her it was Connor. He says Connor saved and protected him and he loved him.

He says Connor didn’t want to see him in New York so sometimes he would follow people close to him including Amanda. He says he saw her attacked but was too scared to step in. He says he wanted to help her after the attack and says he went into a rage, chased down the attacker, killed him and dumped him in the river. She says he kept the mask and flashlight and Niles says they’re replicas. She calls BS on that. Niles tells her if she shoots him, the whole place will explode. She shoots him in the leg.

She says they’re all still there. Nolan picks the lock of the cage but then a bioman is there. Nolan hits him and Samir tries to defuse it but it ramos up. Nolan tries to beat on the bioman who is super strong. Samir throws a barbell and tries to help then Nolan beats the bioma with a heavy weight before another crippling headache hits him. Everything goes blurry and the bioman gets up. Samir gets a chain around the creature’s legs and hoists him up with a lift. The bioman dangles upside down angrily.

Nolan tells him good thinking and then they hear a gunshot and go running after Amanda. She keeps shooting Niles in the extremities and tells him to admit what he did to her. He says he loves her and she says to admit it. She shoots again and says – say it. He groans and looks at her then Nolan rushes in and says Amanda no but she shoots and Nolan tells Samir to keep him alive. Amanda tells Nolan that Niles was her rapist. Niles flatlines and Nolan says they have to get out now.

He tells Amanda to snap out of it and the three of them take off running. The singularity begins its deadly work consuming the facility. They head into the elevator. It eats Niles and the fancy living area. They try to get the elevator to move faster. It eats the bioman who says – pretty – before he’s consumed by it. They hit the barn and go running for the car. They get in and drive away as fast as they can. There’s a giant smoking crater where Station Arrowhead was.

Stahma wakes alone and sees T’evgin nearby. He says he made pancakes and hopes she likes them. She ties her wrap around her and sits down to eat. He says to enjoy them while they’re hot. She digs in and he hands her the needle and says they should talk about the poison. She plays dumb and he says she’s not the first Castithan concubine who tried to murder him but she knew nothing about his physiology. He says he’s lived for centuries and it’s harder to kill them the longer they live.

He asks why she wants him dead and she says she don’t and he says he doesn’t want to be killed. He asks about the poison and she says she lied and says she knows where her son is and says the VC has her son and ordered her to kill him to spare his life. He asks what she’ll tell them and she says she’ll admit she failed. He asks what she’ll do and Stahma says no man has made a meal for her and she wants to thank him. She straddles him again and they go back at it.

Irisa finds a badge in the drawer and Berlin tells her she knows who’s it is. Irisa says she loved Tommy but Berlin tells her to shut up and says you don’t kill what you love. Irisa says it was the machine and she holds a knife to Berlin’s throat then gets another agonizing headache. She holds her head and then stumbles outside. Berlin asks – what the chup? Nolan and Amanda stop to refuel and Amanda says she’s sorry and says her killing him cost them the weapons.

Nolan says the biomen would have likely killed him and Amanda would have had a worse fate. She kisses him then says he’s one of the good guys. Nolan collapses with another headache and Samir puts a stick in his mouth. She says the head wound is from Votan tech and Samir says whatever is in his head is killing him. Irisa writhes on the ground and her eyes roll back in her head. She tells Berline – help me, please. Berlin looks around and then walks away.