Dominion Finale Recap – Ain’t No Party Like an Eight Ball Party: Season 2 “Sine Deo Nihil”

Dominion Finale Recap - Ain't No Party Like an Eight Ball Party: Season 2 "Sine Deo Nihil"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday October 1 season 2 finale called, “Sine Deo Nihil.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, season 2 comes to a finish as the 8-Ball Army breaches the walls of Vega; at the same time, David (Anthony Head) makes one final sacrifice to secure his survival.

On last week’s episode Michael engaged in a fight to the death with Gabriel as Vega smoldered from the havoc of the Amphora; at the same time, William made a decision that seals the city’s fate. Meanwhile, Noma’s mysterious past was explored; Arika contemplated her escape; and Claire joined the frontlines to protect her city. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “season 2 comes to a finish as the 8-Ball Army breaches the walls of Vega; at the same time, David makes one final sacrifice to secure his survival. Meanwhile, Gabriel forces Michael back to Mallory; Noma’s dark secret is revealed; Claire is desperate for closure; and Alex fights for control of the only home he has left.”

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It’s the season finale of #Dominion. Alex runs at the army of eight balls. He starts chanting and opens his arms. His marks swirl. The eight balls collapse. He blasts out a huge burst of golden energy and Claire runs to him. She asks what he did and Noma says she’s seen it before. He comes to and Noma says he can’t do that again. He says they need to check the walls. The eight balls wake as humans and Alex tells them to hold their fire. Claire say she healed them all. Alex tells the turned eight balls they need to get away from here and find shelter. He says it’s not safer her. He appoints someone to take charge.

The restored humans head out and Claire says he is the Chosen One as he was born to be. He says they need to get above ground and says it’s far from over. Eight balls still run rampant through the streets. Alex is told the gates are all open and it’s all over. He, Noma, Claire and the ones with them run and pick up weapons as they go. He says they need to shut the gates and Claire says she left David in there but he would never do this. Vehicles roll in and Claire says it’s her dad. He says she needs to know something about what happened to her dad in New Delphi.

In Mallory, Gabriel drops a wounded Michael then tells him to get up. He says there’s the fire and no eight balls. Gabriel chokes and screams in pain. Michael says the darkness is killing him and Gabriel demands to know where Lucifer is and the man who works with him. He screams – where are the people. Michael says he doesn’t know. Gabriel says he better pray he finds Lucifer alive or he’ll kill him tonight. 25 years earlier, Noma and Gabriel lurk outside Alex’s childhood home. They see his mother holding the baby. Noma pulls her sword and they head inside.

Alex is crying terribly and then Gabriel is there and says he knows how to stop him from crying. His mother shoots him and then there’s a scream. Michael kicks in the door and finds Noma with the baby and the mother dead. Gabriel grabs Michael and tells Noma to do it now but she’s gone with baby Alex. Gabriel kicks open the doors of the church and tosses Michael inside. Michael tells Gabriel that the darkness is killing him. Gabriel rants about Lucifer giving humans fire and changing everything.

Gabriel says Lucifer did this to send Father away and says they destroyed him using father’s wrath and there’s no coming back from it. Michael says he didn’t destroy Lucifer’s body – he took it out to sea. Gabriel asks why and he says he was their brother and was the only one like Father touched with the gift of creation. He says he gave him a warrior’s funeral at sea. Gabriel laughs at him then says he hears nothing and screams at Michael. He draws his sword and says Lucifer is did.

He hacks his blade into the altar then tells Michael it’s time to die then he’ll burn this house of the false God to the ground. The Prophet kicks open the door and says he wouldn’t do that if he was him. Alex explains the dyad thing and says Julian changed him and he’s heading up the army now. Claire asks Alex to help him. The power comes up and Reisen says to deliver the Chosen One or his head in an hour or he will cure every human in Vega.

David sits in the war room when Arika finds him. He says he knew the angel of death would like her. He says William opened the gates and let the monsters in and says the city can’t be sealed again. Arika says she never wanted Claire dead, she just wanted Vega but it’s gone. She says she has to make amends and get Claire to safety. She says she carries the burden of those she killed and tells David that William is more a part of him now in death than he was in life and says he’s his as hers belong to her. She tells David to come so they can get out of there.

Claire tells Alex they can’t kill her dad and he says that’s not her father, the angel is in control and they have to get her out of Vega. Claire says Alex is too important. He says Vega needs her. Arika and David meet up with them and Alex puts a gun on him. David says to do it and Alex says he deserves to suffer alone and scared. Claire asks why Arika is back and says she came back for her. Alex tells Claire to go with Arika and says he knows Vega and can deal with her father. He tells her to go so he can do what needs to be done. She asks if this is goodbye and he says no. She tells him not to let her dad kill him.
Alex runs off with Noma while David goes with Arika and Claire. Reisen’s message keeps playing and Claire grabs a knife then hides it. She says Alex is more important than any of them and says she’s going to get to her dad first. She tells Arika and David to go without her. She gives herself up to the eight ball army and says she’s Reisen’s daughter. Noma asks Alex if he still loves Claire. He says when he left Vega, he left Claire too. He says he fell in love with another woman a long time ago but didn’t realize it.

Noma smiles as Alex says he’s a slow learner. They grab fresh weapons and keep going. 25 years ago, Michael chases down Noma who asks if she has any idea what she’s done. She says she couldn’t do it then he hears baby Alex crying and Noma is crying too. Alex smiles at Michael. He tells Noma she held the highest place in his heart and she says she was going to do it but then she felt Father right before her sword fell and says the presence of Father was all around the baby. He says she will be judged but they have something to do first. He flies away with baby Alex.

Gabriel asks if this is the man he spoke of. The Prophet says he moved the people of Mallory to keep them safe. Gabriel is in bad shape and Michael runs to him. Michael asks The Prophet if Lucifer can still heal and begs him to ask Lucifer to heal him – he says he believed in balance and has a second chance because of Michael. He demands that he asks Lucifer. The Prophet smiles and then puts a torch to Gabriel who goes up in flames screaming. Michael screams his brother’s name. The dyad that looks like her father welcomes her and she asks his name. He says Duman.

He says it’s not in scripture and he had been alive an eternity when the first human crawled out of the muck. She asks him to call off his army and she’ll have her people lay down arms. He asks why he’d do that and she says honor and he’s already won. She says it will be an insurgency. He says her father taught her never to surrender. He has her searched and finds the knife in her boot. Alex says two bullets in Reisen and they’re out. She asks their odds and he says they’re not good.

They hear eight balls and she says to go ahead while she guards the elevator. He heads up listening to Muzak. He shoots out the speaker. The eight balls come for Noma and she guns them down in droves.

Duma tells the guards to leave him with Claire. He tells her he’s not a monster and has no desire to kill her people but will until she hands over the Chosen One. Claire says she will never let her touch Alex then asks to speak to her father and says she knows he’s in there and can feel his presence. Duma groans and sits and Claire says he’s not a monster. Her dad is there and calls her sweetheart. He says it’s him then asks if she’s okay. She asks if it’s really him. She goes to him and hugs him.

She says she’s sorry she made him leave. He hugs her and she says she’s sorry again. Alex creeps closer and sees them. He steps back behind the door. Reisen says she’s the lady of the city. She asks if he can stop Duma but he says he’s too strong and will be back. Claire says he can’t stop fighting now and can do this. She begs him please. He says he’s fighting and she begs him to keep on. She cries. Alex shoots the guards and bursts in and Duma puts the gun to Claire’s head. He tells Alex to give up the gun or Claire dies. Claire tells him not to do it. Alex does it anyway.

He tells him he’s there if he wants him and tosses down his weapons and tells him to spare her life. Reisen says he’s heard of his eviction powers but won’t give him a chance. Alex says the humans will fight on without him and Duma says once he hands his body from the wall, he won’t. He says everyone will be better off if the Chosen One is dead. Reisen struggles for control of the body and then tells Claire to shoot him. She does but in the leg only and he takes aim at Alex and Claire runs to take the bullet for Alex. Noma bursts in and fills Duma full of lead and he goes flying through the glass and then falls.

Noma says he’s gone. Claire is dying from her wound. Alex holds her and she tells him to look at her then says it’s okay. She says she’ll see him again. Alex cries. She says one day. She says wherever he goes, she follows and asks if he remembers. He says he does. She tells him she loves him and he says it back. She dies. Alex holds her and cries. Noma tells Alex they have to go. She says Claire is gone and tells him to get up soldier. He gets up and goes with her. Gabriel burns in agony and Michael screams no. The fire goes out and he says he killed him. The Prophet says he healed him.

He says Lucifer did owe Michael a debt and now it’s paid. Gabriel tells Michael he’s sorry. Michael says Lucifer saved him and The Prophet says they’re family and it’s all in the past. Michael says the people of this town are healing him somehow. He says he told them to sacrifice once every five years and says the voice they hear is not Father. Michael says Lucifer wants Alex to sacrifice the last pure heart to fully heal. The Prophet laughs. We see Jeep holding Alex and Gabriel says Charlie gave her life to save him. He tells Jeep that Alex is not his son but he has to protect him with his life.

Michael tells Jeep that he and Noma saved the child. He covers for her. He and Jeep takes hands and the markings move from Michael to Jeep. Then Jeep says it should have been him that died. Michael tells Jeep to take Alex and run fast and far and he’ll see Michael son. Noma asks why he lied for her and Michael says he lied for the child. Michael says she killed Charlie, Alex’s mother and when the time comes, Noma must pay that debt and give her life for Alex. Arika and David run for the chopper. It lands and the climb on board. David tells Arika to go without him and says he can’t leave Vega.

David kisses Arika and says to go. Eight balls swarm the bridge where they landed. David only has six bullets left. He fires them carefully. He’s overrun. Alex tells Noma he should have died, not Noma. She says there was a reason for that. He says he should have just come back to Claire and this is all his fault. Noma says she chose and asks if he’s going to fail to fulfill the destiny that Claire died to protect. He says no then asks for a gun. She hands him two. They say – let’s kill them all. They take out a wave of eight balls and then an army of humans comes up on the other side and tells them to get down.

Arika tells the child not to be afraid and says they’re almost there. They head for Helena. Michael demands to know where Lucifer’s remains are and The Prophet says he’s not the only one who hears Lucifer’s voice and says killing him will do no good. The Prophet says it’s already done and they realize Alex is at risk because he’s with Noma in Vega. It was the cured eight balls that saved Alex. Alex tells them Claire spent her life protecting the people of Vega and tonight she paid the ultimate price. Noma steps back and looks at Alex speculatively. He says Claire died to protect him so he could save them.

He says he’s no leader but they can fight together and kill all the black eyed monsters or burn the city to the ground. Noma kneels at his feet. Everyone else drops to kneel. Noma looks up at him. So does that mean when Noma says she felt Father’s presence all around Alex that she really felt Lucifer’s? Has he been tricking her like he tricked the people of Mallory positioning her near Alex? Michael and Gabriel winged out of Mallory at top speed towards Vega. Back in the day, Noma knelt to swear to Michael that she would protect the Chosen One’s life. Gabriel showed up and says he’s disappointed in Noma.

Gabriel says he won’t let Michael give the markings to a human but it’s too late and Noma says her life is joined with the Chosen One from her on out. Gabriel tells Michael that Noma turned on him and will betray Michael too. Now, Julian rants that his death is so near he can almost reach out and touch it. Then he says he remembers the whispers he heard in that dark place – the lower angels beseeching him to fight, hope and believe there will be more. He says they told him he wasn’t alone. Noma stands beside Alex and kisses him. He gives her an odd look. She walks away from him.

Julian says in a world where there is no Father to classify them, they are all kings. They can all rule. We see that Lucifer’s body is below the floorboards of Mallory’s church. David is brought before Duma. Julian rants that this is just the beginning. The Prophet goes down some stairs below the floorboards. There are markings for the Morning Star on the ceiling, the sign of Lucifer. A voice speaks to The Prophet in another language then says – it is time. The body is in a pool of water and looks to be not quite back together yet. Alex asks Noma what’s wrong then she hears the voice say – it is time.

She turns back to Alex and says she took an oath to protect him and says when she sacrificed her wings, she gave up too much. She says she needed to be healed and be whole. She closes her eyes and pops out glorious white wings. Alex is shocked and says My God. She says – aren’t they beautiful and he asks what she’s done. Julian says – you’re not alone. Wow. If Dominion gets a season 3 renewal (fingers crossed) it looks like Lucifer is the new big bad with Noma and Julian as his sidekicks. Can’t wait!