Dominion Recap – Higher Angel Brawls and Eight Balls at the Walls: Season 2 Episode 12 “Day of Wrath”

Dominion Recap - Higher Angel Brawls and Eight Balls at the Walls: Season 2 Episode 12 "Day of Wrath"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday September 24 season 2 episode 12 called, “Day of Wrath.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Michael (Tom Wisdom) engages in a fight to the death with Gabriel (Carl Beukes) as Vega smolders from the havoc of the Amphora; at the same time, William (Luke Allen-Gale) makes a decision that seals the city’s fate.

On last week’s episode The Darkness overtool Vega’s citizens as they began to live out their greatest fears. Meanwhile, William wrestled with the truth behind his time in the desert; David faced the harsh reality of what it was to be king; Arika becomes the victim of her own manipulations; and Alex feverishly searched for the Amphora in hopes a putting a stop to the madness. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Michael engages in a fight to the death with Gabriel as Vega smolders from the havoc of the Amphora; at the same time, William makes a decision that seals the city’s fate.Meanwhile, Noma’s mysterious past is explored; Arika contemplates her escape; and Claire joins the frontlines to protect her city.”

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#Dominion begins with the chaos ending in Vega. Gabriel swoops in and grabs Michael and crashes them into a building. Michael asks why Gabriel unleashed the darkness then says it’s inside him. He says Julian did this and he’s not himself. Gabriel says Julian just lifted the veil. He says he blamed Alex all this time but it’s really Michael. Gabriel says he’s going to kill him and everything he loves. Michael says he won’t fight him and Gabriel says good, die quickly.

Gabriel knocks him down then Michael has no choice but to pull his swords. They brawl. Soldiers hobble down the hall and Alex tells Noma he thinks it will get worse before it gets better. Alex tells her he needs her with him and they need to get to Claire. He hands her a gun and she says start moving. Claire wakes calling Alex’s name. Arika is there and tells her not to shoot. Arika says she doesn’t know why she shot him or how she got out of the cell.

Claire asks if it happened to her and what she saw. Arika says it was her worst nightmare. We see a flashback to Rose. She says Claire and Rose treated her like an eight ball and trained her to seduce David. Arika says it was so real. Claire says it was more than real and says what she saw was a dream of all she ever wanted – her, Alex and Willow. Claire sheathes the gun and says she has to find Alex. Arika asks her to trust her. They hear screams. Claire says she has no choice.

William hears sobbing and tries to calm a woman who is with a dead man. He says they all saw the worst things possible and she must not despair. She asks what he saw. He says the truth – Vega must die. The woman says she can’t go on and William says she won’t have to and shoots her. David walks drinking booze from a bottle and finds a man in a control room screaming. He says it was a rough night. The man asks if David is real and he says he is and whatever happened is over for now.

The guy says he saw things and David says him too. He says at least they survived. He offers the guy a drink and he recognizes David. The guy says that’s impossible and David says he survived his own hanging unless this is his imagination too. He pulls the noose off his neck. The guy says he was at his post in comms and David says that’s useful. He tells the guy their time together is limited as he watches the war room screens.

Alex and Noma head to Claire’s apartment and then he runs to her. They hug. He asks if she’s hurt and she says she’s fine. They look down into the streets and Claire asks what it is. Alex says it’s Julian’s army. The eight balls are heading for the city – an impossible number of mad killers possessed with lower angel souls. Alex says they’ll hit the East wall first and he says he and Noma will cover the East wall. He tells Claire and Arika to get to the war room and arm the cannons.

He says the walls won’t stop the eight balls. He says they survived the darkness and none of them will die today. Claire tells Alex she saw their daughter and her name was Willow. She says she was beautiful and she saw their future or what it might have been. Noma tells Alex they have to go. He tells Claire he’ll see her soon. She tells him to be careful. Michael tells Gabriel to stop but he says Michael betrayed him over and over and he keeps attacking.

Gabriel says Julian wanted to kill Michael not him and Michael says he had to protect the markings. Gabriel rants at him. Arika tells Claire she’s going home and says she needs to go back to Helena. Claire says if they don’t kill these monsters, they’ll all die. Claire asks her to please not leave. Arika asks if she’ll stop her and Claire says no and she can go if she wants. Arika says sorry and leaves. Back a time ago, Gabriel and Michael sit talking in a bar and Gabriel says humans drove Father away.

He says the markings are another token from their Father and it all is undecipherable. Gabriel says Father gave him a gift too and shows him a seal. Gabriel says it’s the apocalypse, lucky number seven. Noma tells him he can’t use it. Gabriel says Father must have wanted it and when the last human is dead, Father will return. Michael reminds him of Raphael’s prophecy about a chosen one with markings. Michael asks him to stop and Gabriel breaks the seal. He says it’s done.

That was the day it all started. Michael is horrified. The bartender is taken over and screams in pain. Noma asks what he’s done. The bartender looks at them and growls – he’s like an animal. Cars crash and people run as they are overtaken by angel spirts and turn to eight balls or are killed by eight balls. Planes fall from the sky. Now, Michael tells Gabriel he started this war and says the seal was given to Gabriel as a test and he failed. Michael says Father wanted them to save humanity.

Gabriel says they can agree to disagree. He has Michael on his knees at sword point. The eight ball army rushes for Vega. Alex and Noma finds some humans and tell them the city is under attack and says they have weapons if they will fight the eight balls. They ask if Alex is trying to lead them and he says no, fight with me, not for me. They hand out guns and the humans say killing angels is fine with them. Noma tells Alex if they’re going to die, she’s glad to go down fighting next to the man she loves.

William is in the tower with a gun out, looking for Claire. He sees blood and looks around for her. He looks at the statute on the shelf that was important to him. He gets teary. David drinks and offers an old Irish toast. Claire runs for the war room and knocks. She says she’s not surprised the cockroach survives. David says he wouldn’t have expected her to survive a bad cold. She says she needs to get in there and he thinks she’s there to kill him.

Claire says look at the monitors. She says she needs to get the cannons online. He says it’s the end of humanity as they know it. She says to open the door so they don’t all die. She says their city will die with them. David relents and opens the door after she says please. She goes directly to reboot the system. Claire puts a gun to his head and says he’s a murderer. She says her baby is dead because he killed her. She slaps him with the gun and says she lost a reason to live.

David says two of his children were murdered on the first day of the war torn from his wife’s arms. He says he poured all of himself into the city and says the last piece of hope in him died when he dropped William off in the desert. He says he’s sorry for all he’s done and kneels so the gun is pressed to his head. Claire says he hates him but that he’s not worth it. She goes back to check the system and sees the eight balls swarming and curses. He says they’re by the Luxor.

She says there’s a tunnel under that bus that leads straight into Vega. The eight balls swarm onto the bus and then down into it and into the tunnels. Gabriel tells Michael he did everything for him to keep him by his side. He kicks Michael and knocks him back. In the past, Michael says he’s going to find the chosen one and tells Noma to go find him. Gabriel says it’s too late and Michael says he must stop the lower angels. Gabriel says they were meant to work together and he needs him.

Michael says what he did can’t be undone and they have to stop it. He tells Gabriel he brought this on himself and leaves. Now, eight balls swarm. Claire tries to get the system back up but the system is not coming online. David says the guy is a comms officer and Claire asks him to help. David tells him to calm down. Claire says she has to go tell Alex about the tunnels so they can stop it and asks David if she can trust him to get the cannons online. He says she can.

David asks for the guy’s name and he says Jerry. David talks calmly to him about getting them back online and says it’s their only hope. Arika goes looking for Daria and finds Dr Eli there. She says Daria ran out screaming. Arika says they’re going home. Claire finds Alex on the streets and tells him about the Luxor tunnel. She says there’s a gate but it won’t hold long. She’s ready to go fight and says she needs a bigger gun. They gear up and Noma tells Claire she swore an oath to protect Alex.

Noma says if she fails him she wants to know that Claire will do anything to keep Alex safe. Claire swears it and says she knows Noma cares for him. Jerry tells David it’s complicated but he gets the wall cannons activated. Jerry says now they can bitch slap some eight balls. He shows David how to fire and sets him up on one cannon and he’s on the other. They start blowing eight balls to bits. Gabriel beats on Michael and says he begged him to stay. He throws Michael through a wall.

He tells him when he left the bar that day, everything changed. He says it was meant to be an extinction event but then Michael swapped sides and made it a war. Gabriel says he broke their family apart. Michael says it was already broken by the arch angel that chose humanity first then says their brother is alive. Gabriel says no. Back in the day, Gabriel talks about searching for the end of the universe and never finding it. He says he never felt alone until now. He drinks at the bar.

Noma is back and says she sent Michael in the wrong direction. Gabriel says to take him to the child and says they’re going to kill him then Michael will come back to him. Gabriel lurches drunkenly and Noma looks askance. David is having fun shooting eight balls when Jerry is shot in the head by William who says – hello daddy. Alex and the others head into the tunnel to try and hold off the eight balls. Arika and Dr Eli are also in the halls and find a sniveling child. The girl asks her not to leave.

Eli says she’s Vega’s problem and Helena is all that matters. Arika says she sounds like how she used to and tells the girl to come with her. She tells Eli to take the girl to the helicopter. Now, Michael tells Gabriel that Lucifer is alive. Gabriel is stunned. The eight balls come for the gate and start climbing on it. They take up a position. Michael tells Gabriel about Mallory and says the town is untouched by war. He says they hear a voice and he thinks it’s Lucifer’s voice they hear, not Father’s.

He says he met a man who claims to work for him and says Alex has a new marking. Gabriel drags him by the hair and says to tell him. David asks William what he did. William says he’s not the chosen one, Alex is. He says Alex stole everything – his wife, his destiny. David says the man he just killed was helping him save the city from eight balls. William says he wasn’t saved by god, he wasn’t special and isn’t worthy. He says it was just a story he made up. David says what he saw was the illusion.

William says it doesn’t matter that he’s just a man and says he can still fight evil. Noma watches Alex and Claire talk and she’s saddened. David tells William he needs help but his son says there is so much sin here and says it’s in all of them and he can’t cleanse it all. He says killing them all is the only cure. William says everyone in Vega must die and that’s the only way to save them. David says he regrets leaving William to die but he doubts it.

David says he’s telling the truth now and William says it’s too late. He says he’s opening the gates. David begs him to stop but he won’t stop. David says to step away and then he opens them and David clubs him with a pipe. But it’s too late, the gates are opened. The eight balls start pouring into the tunnel. Alex and the others open fire on them. Michael begs Gabriel to listen and says the new marking is the morning star.

He says he thinks Lucifer survived and wants Alex. Gabriel asks why and Michael says he doesn’t know but Lucifer will want vengeance on them. David tries to get the gates closed. He says he can’t let him kill everyone in the city. William is on his feet and smashes the controls so David can’t close the gates. He laughs gleefully. David hold him and says please forgive me – I love you. William says everyone in Vega must die. David shoots William several times then says I always loved you.

William says no you didn’t and then he dies. Michael tells Gabriel he needs him to fight off Lucifer. Gabriel pops his wings and says he’s going to Mallory to check it out and says he won’t go alone. He grabs up Michael and soars with him into the sky. As the others run out of ammo, Alex walks directly towards the surging wall of eight balls.