Dominion Recap – V-1 is for Victory: Season 2 Episode 2 “Mouth of the Damned”

Dominion Recap - V-1 is for Victory: Season 2 Episode 2 "Mouth of the Damned"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday July 16 season 2 episode 2 called, “Mouth of the Damned.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Alex [Christopher Egan] and Noma are desperate to find an ally in New Delphi with Gabriel hot on their trail.

On last week’s episode in the Season 2 premiere, an unexpected attack on Gabriel’s Aerie put a newly freed Alex and Noma on the road to New Delphi, a dangerous and mysterious city. Meanwhile, Claire began to understand the breadth of her responsibility; and Michael stumbled upon a quaint southern town whose residents had inexplicably managed to insulate themselves from the fallout of the Extermination War. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Alex and Noma are desperate to find an ally in New Delphi with Gabriel hot on their trail; Claire befriends her would-be assassin Zoe, only to discover a seething truth regarding the V1s she had long forsaken; and Michael struggles to maintain his secret as the town he stumbled upon prepare for a sacred ritual to demonstrate their unwavering faith.”

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#Dominion begins with people surrounding Alex, Noma, and Pete. Alex shoots but then they turn on lights and surround them. There are too many to fight. They are all eight balls! But talking sentient ones. Zoe is guarding Claire and tells her she’s new and started today. She attacks Claire who calls for guards. They haul her out and promise Claire to double her security.

At New Delphi base, eight balls watch. Noma asks Alex where they’re taking them. Alex says the eight balls here are civilized and so human. Noma says some angels are more evolved but she’s never seen this. They are taken into a bunker and then into an underground area. It’s a massive city. Alex is taken before their leader Julian who welcomes them then says he will need a life for the one Alex took.

He asks Alex if it will be his life or one of his friends. Alex says he’s just an eight ball but Julian says they don’t use that term. Alex says humans don’t mix with eight balls but Julian says angels and humans live in peace in their underground paradise. Alex says they can still work together. Julian says again he owes him a life and tells Alex to choose or he will. The guy chooses Pete.

Alex says Gabriel is coming and will be there soon. He says he knows they hate higher angels and he does too, particularly Gabriel and he can help him get the angel. Michael lands with wings out near an eight ball. He asks it about the eight ball and it tells Michael the fire hurts then they get too close. He tells the eight ball to lie down then asks who close he can get. The eight ball begs him not to take him.

Michael drags him toward the fire and then the eight ball lights on fire. Michael walks away. He goes back into the little town. He talks to the leader Laurel and says this town is hard to believe. She says their Father is there but he says faith is useless in this world. She says maybe he’s not looking in the right place. She says he’s suffering from the things he’s seen or done.

Laurel says they don’t judge and maybe he can stay and heal. She says if he doesn’t forgive himself he won’t heal there or anywhere else. Claire comes to see Zoe in her cell and asks who sent her to kill her. She says she knows she was in the arch angel corps then disappeared. Zoe says the V-1s are starving and she deserted so she didn’t have to protect V-6 parasites like her.

Claire goes to see David and says the assassination attempt failed. He denies knowledge and says he’s flattered but killing her would destabilize their world. David says the V-1s are the ones who hate her. She says they don’t but he makes her question herself. Claire and Arika go to see an eight ball they have chained up. Arika says the eight balls covet the possession of the body they inhabit.

It wants the photo and Arika says they can train it for their purposes. Claire says it’s too risky but Arika says it’s the only plan to brand David a traitor and get him out of the way. She says if Claire doesn’t destroy David, he’ll destroy her. Arika gives the eight ball the necklace it wanted. Laurel shows Michael the graves of the previous leaders of Mallory.

She tells him about the prophet who had a message from God and told them about the fire and it could never go out. Michael asks if she truly believes she hears God’s words. She says he drove an important person in his life away by something tragic he did. He steps away from her. Laurel says that’s not her intuition, but the Father’s voice that tells her that. The bell rings and Harper staggers into town.

She sees Michael – she was the one who saw him bathing in the ocean naked and wings out. They take her inside to treat her for her eight ball injuries as she goes into shock before she can speak but she clearly knows Michael is a higher angel. Arika comes to work with the eight ball who asks for the photo. She asks for the creature’s name and she says Rose. Arika asks if she should fear her. Rose says she has no reason to fear her.

She scratches Arika then says she’s sorry. Arika says to turn and get on her knees. Rose begs her not to. She kneels as directed and Arika takes the necklace and puts it on her neck. Rose is happy. Arika says she has no reason to fear her then says the necklace is pretty on her, prettier than the photo. Rose asks for the photo and Arika says in time. Rose smiles and preens.

Julian takes Alex with him into a room where he has a Buster Keaton film showing. Alex tells him Gabriel is coming to kill them all. Julian explains the plot of the movie The General. He says the underlying question is whether the man is brave or foolish. Julian puts a knife to his neck and says to convince him he’s brave versus foolish. Alex tells him that Gabriel held him captive.

Then he says he wants to unite New Delphi and Vega. Alex asks why he would lie. Julian says an escape from Gabriel is suspicious. He says Vega bombed his aerie and that’s when he got away. Alex says if he cuts his throat, he will be foolish and not brave. Julian asks for a shotgun and loads it. He loads it with Empyrean steel and Alex says that’s not enough to kill Gabriel.

Julian walks out. Gabriel approaches New Delphi and cuts the throats of some men watching the tunnel entrance. He tells the others Alex will die at his hands and says if they find him to save him for the kill. He says to keep their wings tucked since the city is filled with the lowest of their kind armed with Empyrean steel. They head for the entrance. Harper rests and Michael asks Laurel if she knows her well. She says they’re like sisters but Harper ran away.

Laurel says she takes confessions of the people as leaders and Harper didn’t want to reveal her secrets and ran away. One of the men accuses Michael of harming Harper and says she seemed to know him. Michael insists he didn’t know her and says he will go. The guy asks if he put his hands on her. Michael says he didn’t and the guy says he’s lying. He comes at Michael who disarms him rapidly.

Laurel asks Michael to stop and he does then walks out. Other guards find the ones that Gabriel killed. Noma and Pete watch and wait. Noma spots some angels from the aerie. Alex hears the security breach on the radio. Noma tells Pete that all hell is about to break loose and to keep his head down. Alex says to give him a weapon so he can help fight Gabriel. Noma watches people freak as it starts.

Alex tells the guard Gabriel is there but he won’t listen. He and Alex grapple while Noma fights another of Gabriel’s men. Another angel kicks int eh door and tells Alex he’s coming with him. Alex gets the blade and kills him. He sees Noma taking a beating and comes to help. Julian shoots the angel just as he’s about to take Noma out. Alex jogs out and then Gabriel pops his wings and says to stop. He tells Julian they can make a trade.

Arika works with Rose who seems much more human. Claire listens to her talk. Arika tells her to come say hello to Claire. Claire puts lipstick on her and then Rose asks her how it looks. Claire says it’s a beautiful color on her. Rose smiles and asks about the photo. Arika says it will be hers soon. Claire asks what she did to her and Arika says the taught her the value of compliance. She says she promised the photo on the promise of the peaceful return of her to them. Arika says it’s a calculated risk.

The power goes and out startles Laurel. Michael comes in and Laurel goes to check the generator. Michael looks at Harper. He pops his wings as she comes to. He tells her he’s not there to harm her and introduces himself. He says he’s on the side of the Father she worships. He says he sent him there secretly to test them and says father wants this truth to be shared between them alone. He says the lives of the people there depend on his. Harper says yes. Michael tucks his wings as Laurel comes back.

She asks Harper if she’s okay. Laurel asks what happened. Harper says she can’t remember and Laurel says she needs the truth at confession. Michael smiles at Laurel. In Vega, David comes back to his luxe apartment and is surprised to find Rose there. She says she wants him and he says he could eat her up. She hisses at him and he pulls a gun. His invisible son says he underestimated Claire.

David looks at the security feed and curses at his son. Arika watches the footage and says Counselor Whele, how could you? Gabriel tells Julian he wants something back that belongs to him and says he doesn’t want a war with him today then says he has an army of angels outside. Julian cocks his gun and says no negotiation. The angel that Alex stabbed repeatedly comes staggering out and falls down.

Gabriel pops his wings and goes to Nerro. He tells him he’s a good soldier and he won’t leave him with the monsters. He finishes off the wounded angel then throws down the sword. He flies out. Laurel tells Harper the honesty of confession will spare her any pain. She puts her hand over a candle Laurel holds. She says she was pursuing a married man in town and having an affair with him.

She says that’s why she ran away. Laurel says to go on. Michael watches from the door. Laurel asks what she’s not confessing. Laurel holds her hand over the flame and says secrets are sins. Laurel doesn’t speak further and her skin burns. Laurel lets her go then asks Michael what secret is worth it. She says the prophet commanded and says if they don’t all confess every five years, the fire will go out.

She says she may have to exile Harper. He says there must be another way. Then Michael says she was right and he ruined a relationship with a man who was like a son to him. Michael says he admires her faith and it compels him to stay and search for his own. He says he’s there if she needs him no matter what happens with Harper. The guy who attacked Michael tells Harper she has to confess.

She begs him not to make her leave but he says he can’t let her put everyone else in danger. There’s a gunshot and Laurel comes out. She asks the guy what he did and he says what he had to in order to protect the town then says he now has another sin to confess. He killed Harper. Julian tells Alex he can’t form an alliance with him and says he’s lying to him about Gabriel and why he wants him.

Alex admits it’s not that simple. He says he wants these and pulls up his shirt and shows him his skin. He says Gabriel wants these. Pete says nice ink and Noma tells him to shut up. David comes to confront Claire and asks if she lost her mind. She says he’s the one carrying on an affair with an eight ball. She tells him to resign but he says he won’t let her do this. She says the tape speaks for himself.

He’s taken into custody and she says everyone has seen it and only his years of service to Vega spared his life. He screams that she won’t get away with this and calls her a bitch as he’s hauled away. Rose tells Arika she did it and asks for the photo please. Arika puts a bullet in her head instead. Claire comes to see Zoe in her cell and says that her dad told her they went through hell for a better tomorrow.

Claire says now it’s just a promise of more hell. Zoe says her mom died on the road to Vega. Claire says she’s ready to get her hands dirty and would rather die than let Vega go on this way. Julian tells Alex that not all the souls in New Delphi are of sound mind. He takes him to a room and say there’s a round disc in there he wants back and says if he can get it back, they’ll talk.

He tells Alex if he’s so special, he can succeed in his mission and says maybe they can ally their cities. Alex pulls his sword and nods. Julian opens the door.