Dominion Recap 7/30/15 Season 2 Episode 4 “A Bitter Truth”

Dominion Recap 7/30/15 Season 2 Episode 4 "A Bitter Truth"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday July 30 season 2 episode 4 called, “A Bitter Truth.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Alex, [Christopher Egan] knowing his welcome in New Delphi is running thin, takes a dangerous step in his hunt for Gabriel. [Carl Beukes] 

On last week’s episode Alex embarks on a dangerous quest to prove himself to his new ally, during which a startling face from his past appeared; at the same time, Claire enlisted the help of an old friend to halt what she believes was a brewing revolt from the V1s; and Michael made a sacrifice that will prevented him from ever being with his love. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Alex, knowing his welcome in New Delphi is running thin, takes a dangerous step in his hunt for Gabriel; at the same time, he, Noma and Riesen uncover the truth behind Julian’s origin. Elsewhere, Claire and Gates go toe-to-toe with a dangerous assassin; and David attempts to forge an alliance with the revolting V1s.”

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#Dominion begins with Noma tied to a chair screaming. A glowing face comes for her as she screams. Five hours earlier. Julian is looking at guns and tells Alex they need to buy more. He tells Alex it’s the key to winning the war – angels and humans winning the war and says they have to defeat Gabriel. Alex reminds him he promised an alliance but they all seem scared. He asks if they sent the message to Vega. Julian says it will take at least a week in the truck but Alex thinks he didn’t send anyone.

Alex tells Noma and Pete that Julian is hiding something and they have to find out something. David is down in the dredges of humanity hiding and his non-existent son sasses him about his failures. David says Claire will not be the death of him. Claire comes to see Gates who is watching an old baseball playoffs game – he says his mom got him a ball signed by Big Papi. He says none of it matters now. He says Zoe is a problem he can’t solve. He says nothing is missing from the armories.

She says the rebels must be somewhere. He says it’s bad enough to have angels as enemies now this. Gates sees someone outside and asks who followed her. She wonders if it’s one of Zoe’s people. Gates checks it out. Janeck and Gabriel sit in the middle of nowhere. Gabriel asks why his army didn’t meet him at New Delphi. Janeck says he didn’t summon them and says he doesn’t want more of them to die and says Father may never come back. Gabriel throws him down and threatens him.

Janeck says they found Uriel’s body in the aerie. He says she’s dead in the bombing. Gabriel is stunned and angry. He compels Janeck to punish himself then says he’s still alive. Janeck says he’ll gather the army, pops wings and flies off. William tells David not to sleep through his own death. David sits with a bag over his head and his arms tied. He shakes the bag off. William asks if he’s excited to die and meet his maker. He says David lost his faith just as angels came to earth.

David says the angels slaughtered his family. David says they won’t kill him and William says he has nothing left to offer. Zoe comes in and grabs David up. Her sidekick Jasper wants to shoot him in the head and throw his body in the street. She says the death of David Whele must be recorded and says the V-1s will line up to join them. David says he can help – Jasper punches him in the face. Alex tells Pete and Noma he’s sure that Julian lied and Riesen says this is no help.

Alex says where is the army and Noma says maybe he doesn’t have one. Riesen says he’s sure Julian has one and says New Delphi has defied Gabriel for 25 years and says he has something. Alex says he will find out what he is and takes Noma. He reminds Pete that no one can know he used to be possessed. Gates and Claire watch and they see it’s an angel outside the walls – a higher angel. She says Gabriel must be alive and says he’s the only one who would send an angel.

Gates calls Vega security as the angel tears their power strips out of the walls. Michael comes looking for Alex and picks up his trail where he converted Pete outside of New Delphi. But then Gabriel is there and he asks why he’s there – he says Noma called him. He asks where Alex is and Gabriel says Vega bombed the aerie and Alex and Uriel both died. He says their sister is dead. Michael is shocked. Gabriel tries to comfort him and says he’s lying about Alex and Uriel.

Gabriel asks how a human could survive what killed one of them. Michael punches him repeatedly. Gabriel asks if he feels better now and he stops. Gates cranks a generator and says the angel can’t cut those lines since they’re inside. He says the angel left the feed running so they can watch. He says even a higher angel can’t get in – but he’s trying. Jasper beats David while Zoe reads off his long list of sins. She says they have enough and says they have to go and Jasper can shoot him.

David says – please God no then says he can help and says they won’t last long and says he can show them a place to hide and says they can’t stage a revolution running around. She tells Jasper to wait and tells David to talk fast. He says he was a preacher and had a place in Old Las Vegas. He says it’s safe and there’s a generator. Zoe says they can kill him in 30 minutes just as easily. She tells David to take them there. Claire says he’s searching for a weakness and Gates says she doesn’t know war.

He says the angel is headed for the basement – she says the dark won’t slow him – angel eyes are more sensitive. He says he can fix the cameras and the floor shakes as the angel tries to break through. A shelf falls on Gates and Claire levers it up to get him out. It looks bad and he’s knocked out. Reisen goes to see Julian who says they have different philosophies on the possessed. Reisen asks how well he knows Gabriel and Julian says better than him. Julian says he has defenses and a trap to use.

Reisen says to kill an angel they need to think like one. Julian laughs and tells his people to get Reisen a drink while they talk. Alex and Noma go into a hidden area to poke around where they saw Julian lurking. She busts a gate open and they Noma says something feels wrong there. They find a chained door and she busts that open too. They find a room full of armed eight balls standing at silent ready. He turns on a light and finds a giant warehouse full of them.

Alex says it’s not a city of merchants, it’s a city of monsters. They are horrified. Gabriel admits Alex is alive but not Uriel. He says he was close to the surface and heard the plane. He says they found her body and are losing their family. Gates comes to as Claire is putting a tourniquet on his leg. She helps him up and they watch the angel beating with his wings on the reinforced concrete. Claire says he’s cutting through the door.

Noma and Alex come back looking for Pete and find Julian there with Reisen. Alex says he saw the army of eight balls sleeping. Julian says it’s called stasis and he hopes they didn’t disturb him. Julian hauls Noma and Alex out. David leads Zoe and Jasper to his old church. William mocks his dad and calls him a broken down old man. David opens a drawer in the pulpit and sees his hidden gun is gone. Gates is ready to shock the angel as soon as he touches the steel door. They get grounded.

Claire puts the jumper cables to the door. The electricity courses through the angel’s wings and he goes flying back. They check the cameras and see the angel is back up and Claire says they just pissed him off. Zoe thanks David for the tip then Zoe asks if he really thought they weren’t going to kill him. Zoe says his death will give her people hope. He says starving people can’t fight and he has all the access codes to the warehouses and says he knows all the other V-6 codes too. Zoe sends Jasper to check it out and says David bought himself 30 more minutes.

Julian shows Alex that Pete is safe but tied up. He tells Alex that Rhais, one of Gabriel’s higher angels attacked them in early in their occupation. He says the nest of eight balls saved them and they founded the cities. He says he found out that 25 years ago, higher angels with enough power took over humans. He says others were left without bodies. He says capturing Rhais was invaluable because she knew what could help. He shows them the key Alex got.

He says this is an emphora made of empyrean steel and says it was the first weapon of New Delphi. He says they had weak and untrained people and needed an army. He says Rhais taught them how to pull lower angels down from the ether. We see a face come at Peter who’s tied up. It looks at Pete then takes over his body. Alex and Noma watch from where they’re tied up. Pete starts snarling and Julian touches Menathas and tells him welcome. The angel touches itself and says – skin. Julian asks who’s next.

Claire and Gates wait for their eventual death from the higher angel. She says she won’t leave him and says Vega needs them both. She says to start using his incredible brain. He kisses her and says he’s sorry that death inspired him. He says he was holed up like this the day her dad found him hiding in the library of MIT. She says Vega has food and energy because of him. He says that keeps him up at night. They hear the angel banging and he says he found the air intake and will probably set the air on fire.

Claire tells Gates he’s a genius. Julian’s men knock Alex out and Noma then strap Noma to the chair. She screams as the angel’s face comes at her. She struggles, breaks free and pops her wings. Alex starts fighting too. She grabs the amphora and they secure them. Alex says he knows they need Julian’s help to fight off Gabriel but they need to hide for now until he figures it out. Gabriel and Michael argue about humans and the Father.

Gabriel says Michael made Alex the chosen one but Michael says the markings were intended for Alex by Father’s will. Gabriel asks Michael to help bring Father home and Michael asks where Alex is. Gabriel says he won’t like the answer. Her people radio Zoe and say the codes are good. David gets the gun from her when she gets too relaxed. David tells her that he preached to lonely late night insomniacs. He says God didn’t give a damn about any of them.

David says he posted the clip of Chad on the internet and he grew millions of his audience. David says he dropped his son off in the desert to die. Zoe and Jasper see him talking to the apparition then he shoots it and it goes away. Then he turns the gun to Zoe and Jasper and says he has to think bigger. Julian asks if Reisen knew Noma was an angel – he says she was a soldier of his. Julian asks what will Alex do and he says he’ll make a run for it. Julian sends his people to man the gates and search around.

Noma tells Alex she could hear the angel whispering while she tried to take her body and says it was vile and she feels contaminated. She says they took Pete’s body twice. She wants to destroy Julian’s city and tells him the amphora means death. David tells Zoe and Jasper he can help and show them the way. He says he knows all the secrets of the city and says he can bring her thousands more followers. He hands her back the gun and says to think small and kill him now.

He says they’ll all be dead soon if she does but says he can give her the chance to destroy Clarie. Noma tells Alex this is the fifth amphora – darkness. She says the lower angels are drawn to it then Julian draws them into a body. He asks what if he opened it and she says only an angel can. She says it would destroy the city and everything for 100 miles around. Claire and Gates work on something to stop the angel. They open the door and then wait for the angel. He came through the window.

Claire throws a bomb and they go out the door. He closes the door by throwing his baseball and then a propane tank they rigged blows up big. Claire and Gates land in a heap outside and she’s confident the angel did not survive. She hands him the baseball card of his she saved. He’s pleased. Michael asks Gabriel to go to New Delphi with him as a brother. Gabriel says he wants Alex for different reasons and Michael says if he kills Alex, he’ll kill Gabriel.

Gabriel says he will do anything to bring Father back, even help Alex and Gabriel. Julian comes back to confront Reisen about lying about Alex but then Alex is there and Noma has the amphora. She asks where he got it and Julian blacks his eyes. They see he’s an eight ball and Noma says he’s a dyad – half higher angel. They ask why he has the amphora.

He says it lets him bring down his brothers and sisters. He says the archangels created that penal system. He says he can kill Gabriel, Michael and all of them. Alex says they agree and it’s time for him to help take down Gabriel or Noma will unleash the amphora on all of them – he says Gabriel dies or they all die.