Dominion Recap 8/13/15 Season 2 Episode 6 “Reap of the Whirlwind”

Dominion Recap 8/13/15 Season 2 Episode 6 "Reap of the Whirlwind"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday August 13 season 2 episode 6 called, “Reap of the Whirlwind.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Alex [Christopher Egan] attempts a dangerous eviction in an effort to save Vega from an impending attack.

On last week’s episode Alex spearheaded a plan to intercept Michael and Gabriel, who had breached the walls of New Delphi in pursuit of their mutual target; Claire began the negotiation process with the revolting V1s; at the same time, David attempted to restore his legacy by any means necessary. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Alex attempts a dangerous eviction in an effort to save Vega from an impending attack; at the same time, Michael plots their escape from New Delphi; and Claire desperately navigates the fallout of Civil War as Gates travels behind enemy lines to kill a broadcast that threatens peace in the city. Elsewhere, David procures his role in the rebellion following correspondence with an unexpected ally.”

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#Dominion begins in Vega with chaos after the explosion that halved the city. Survivors look for their loved ones in the rubble. Fires still burn. A little girl cries over her mother. An arm lies bloody torn from a body. Clair watches in horror from her penthouse. Zoe punches David as he tells her he did her a favor. Jasper says to listen. He says he gave her the civil war she wanted and she has half the city and most of the V-1s are on this side. David says she has a tiny window for victory and he can advise her.

Claire gets an update and says she needs to talk to the citizens but Gates says he has to focus on people staying alive. Gates says he used his fail safe that he designed to detonate to isolate eight balls if they attacked. Gates says they have depots of food. Arika gives her advice but Claire says she needs to unite her people in case Gabriel attacks while they are weak. David tells Zoe to act like a leader and win the hearts and minds of the V-1s. He says he will be her campaign manager.

Jasper says to listen and says they can’t trust David, but he’s right. Zoe asks when do they start and David says now. Julian demands to know where Michael is and Gabriel refuses. Then Julian wants the amphora and Noma says she won’t hand it over. Julian says Michael and Gabriel stole everything from him – his wings and his connection to the Father and he will make them suffer, Michael most of all. Alex asks how. Julian says there is no point in morality.

Alex tells Julian they’re leaving New Delphi but Julian wants the amphora first. Alex says to show him but Gabriel tells him not to do it. Noma and Alex walk out and Julian tells his people to follow them and says they’ll lead them to Alex. Noma tells Alex they can’t give him the amphora but he says it will buy them time to save Michael and get out of here. She tells him to take cover as she takes on the guy in Pete’s body to stop them from following Alex.

David says he bombed Claire’s radio tower and says she can’t reach the people but Zoe can and says it’s a PR move she won’t recover from. David hands her a speech he wrote for her and says he used to write Reisen’s. Jasper tells Zoe to do it and David says now or never. Jasper groans and he says he’s not scared because she’s there. He tells David that Zoe always found him when they were lost in the tunnels as kids. He tells her to let the V-1s hear her voice.

Alex goes looking for Michael in the bowels of New Delphi. He spots blood and follows it. He calls to Michael and finds him hiding behind some cages. Michael flinches when he comes near. Noma tells Pete they haven’t forgotten about him. The eight balls tell Noma that higher angels aren’t welcome there. She’s surrounded as they tell her that they’re revoking her pass. Alex tells Michael it will be okay and he asks how he found him. Alex says he always told him to find the highest perch.

Michael asks why he’s doing this and Alex says he would have done it for him back then. Now, he’s not sure. Michael says nothing has changed and he would still die for him. Alex digs out the steel that’s hurting him. Alex says he screwed up and Gabriel blinded him but the chance to kill him. Alex says the city is sealed and Julian is looking for them. Michael says he can kill Julian but he needs fire. David is ready to start her speech but Zoe is uncertain. She says she was invisible as a V-1.

David says to make them listen. Zoe speaks to them and says they have lived in fear. She tells them she has given them a new city, the city they were promised by the dictator Reisens that made themselves new Gods. She crumples up the speech and speaks from her heart. She says her only friend is dying because of the V-6s and says the walls aren’t a sanctuary, they are a tomb. She says to help her make it right and says it’s their city now.

David ends the broadcast and Jasper smiles. Claire finds Gates drinking and he asks why the guard. She says she can’t let David steal him. She asks if he fixed the broadcast ability but he hasn’t. Gates says her dad invented the V system and screwed this all up. She says she can send soldiers in and Gates says she can’t slaughter people and says not to become a killer. She says she would be stronger if she hadn’t grown up inside these walls.

Gates says he had to follow her dad but he wants to follow her. Arika comes in and opens the window so they can hear the end of Zoe’s broadcast and says she is speaking to Claire’s city. Michael pulls a feather out of his wing, burns it to ash then sprinkles the ash on his wounds to heal them. They hear noises. Alex tells Michael about Julian’s army of eight balls hidden away. They hear eight balls nearby but they move on. Alex says the revenge is to give bodies to all the lower angels.

Alex says he thinks Julian wants to attack Vega and use the humans there to fill with the other lower angel spirits. Alex says he wants to evict Julian from his body. He sneaks in to where Reisen is and says to distract him while he gets hold of him. Julian comes in and Alex says Noma is on the way with the amphora. Alex says he needs to thank him for putting Gabriel in chains to keep Vega safe. Julian offers him a drink of the good stuff.

Claire and Gates listen to the loop playing of Zoe’s recording and Gates can’t shut it down. He says if they get him across the trench he can manually override it and replace it with one of Claire’s. She refuses him and says the city can’t survive without him. Michael creeps around New Delphi. Claire tells Arika she’s sending soldiers in to destroy the tower. Gates sneaks out and leaves her a note. He says he’s going to shut down the signal and says he’s halfway there but then says the tunnel is sealed.

He spots another tunnel and says he’s going to try it. Claire tells him to stop and says she knows another way and tells him where there’s a secret passage. Arika walks out of the operations room. Zoe changes Jasper’s bandages and he says it’s no use and tells her to promise to finish what they started. Reisen asks what he has in mind for the arch angels. Julian starts talking then Alex starts the eviction. Julian fights him. The angel comes partly out then back inside.

Julian grabs him and says a human has to want to be free and he’s very comfortable in there. Reisen collapses with his heart issue.

Julian now has Alex and Noma both chained up nearby Gabriel who tells him he should have left when he had the chance. Gabriel says Noma is a warrior and won’t break. Julian comes in and with Pete and says he was born an angel in New Delphi by his hand and he won’t let him evict him again. They threaten him and tell Noma to tell him where the amphora is but Alex says not to tell them. Zoe sits by Jasper who seems to be near death then gone. David tells her that her speech is working.

Then he says he’s sorry about Jasper. He says Claire took his son from him and ordered his execution and he left him outside the wall to die. He says pain never fades but says there is something liberating when you have nothing to lose anymore. He says she can make Claire pay now. One of the rebels hands David a radio and says a friend wants to speak to him. It’s Arika. She says she comes bearing gifts and he asks how she reached his rebellion.

She says she sent a friend to join him and take a closer look. Then she tells him Gates is coming to shut down the broadcast. She says to stop Gates but take care not to hurt him. She says she likes Gates and says he always lands on his feet. Zoe comes out and he fills her in. Gates finds the tunnel but then some rebels come looking for him and he hears them say his name. He tells Claire they know he’s there and know his name. She says someone inside is talking to them.

Gates says not to start the witch hunt too soon or they’ll be alerted. Gates tells her he’s below the relay station but they’re right behind him. He hacks the transmissions but then shots are fired at him. Claire tells him to get out. David is there and says to stop shooting and says they need him. Claire’s soldiers show up and they exchange fire. There are too many soldiers and the rebels have to back off. Claire thinks Gates is shot.

Julian is ready to burn the marks off of Alex. He says he doesn’t care if Father comes back and says he has his own children. Julian says the marks may find their way onto another body or not. He burns Alex’s arm with a brand as Gabriel and Noma both lunge at their chains. Julian then spikes one of Noma’s wings then the other as she screams. Julian asks if he feels like talking. Zoe’s recording is still playing then is stops abruptly.

Arika tells her they have Gates and hands her a radio. He tells her he’s fine but his earpiece took a hit. She says he stopped the speech. He says he’s jacking the emergency broadcast now and tells her to talk to her people. She says this is Claire Reisen and says it’s time to reunite the city and heal together. Julian tells Noma she can stop this and Gabriel and Alex both tell her not to do it. When Julian goes to burn more marks off he’s blown off of the arm by some power.

Noma begs him to run but he says he can’t. Noma goes to rip her wings off the spikes. Gabriel tells her no but she does it anyway. Her wings remain pinned to the wall but she is loose. She crawls towards Alex. He asks what she did and she says what she had to. She breaks him loose. Gabriel tells Alex to go find Michael and get him out. Gabriel lunges at his chains in frustration. Claire paces when Gates shows back up. He tells her the people were cheering and says Zoe has nothing on her.

He says he had to do it and she grabs him and says he cold have been killed. She’s so close. He grabs her and kisses her. She kisses back. She pulls him in tight and they begin undressing each other. Zoe asks David how she can win them over if the speech only played a few hours. David says it doesn’t matter. Sure enough, new recruits show up by the hundreds. David tells her he knows a born leader when he hears one. Alex brings Noma to Michael.

Alex says she did it to herself to save him. Alex asks if he can save her wings. Noma says they have to go. Michael looks at the mark and Alex says that mark fought back. Alex says the markings were trying to warn that Lyrae would attack Vega. Michael says it’s his fault for leaving him. He says they have to save Noma and get out. They wrench a door open and they start climbing. Julian’s people are coming for them and Michael says to go. He tells Alex to go. Alex tells him their fates are tied.

The eight balls are coming. Michael pulls his knives. Noma and Alex run into the woods and they hear eight balls behind them. He tells her not to let go of him. She stumbles and he says they can hide. They get behind a rock and he says they have to keep moving. The eight balls move away and they move on. Arika tells David he lost Gates and she asks if she bet on the wrong horse. She says he needs her and he says it’s vice-versa. He asks why she’s helping and she says he’ll see.

David tells Zoe he said it would work and she says he says a lot of things then has her men surround him and asks if any of it is true. Zoe tells David she thinks he wants to be king. She says he manipulated her like he did Claire. She says he will put a bullet in her head one day and she shoots him. She says when the V-1s stole food, he cut off their hands. She says he will never point a gun at her again and says she will put a bullet in his head if he does.

Noma says they shouldn’t have left the amphora in New Delphi. He says they had to save her. Noma says she’s dying and can feel it. Noma spots someone in the woods then they’re gone. Alex helps her to a nearby house. He treats her wing wounds then pulls her onto his lap to comfort her. He says he has to get a needle and thread to sew her wounds but says they’ll rest an hour before they go out. Julian throws Michael into the room with Gabriel and tells them to get rest because they’ll need it.