Dominion Recap 8/6/15 Season 2 Episode 5 “Son of the Fallen”

Dominion Recap 8/6/15 Season 2 Episode 5 "Son of the Fallen"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday August 6 season 2 episode 5 called, “Son of the Fallen.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Alex [Christopher Egan] spearheads a plan to intercept Michael [Tom Wisdom] and Gabriel, [Carl Beukes] who have breached the walls of New Delphi in pursuit of their mutual target.

On last week’s episode Alex, knowing his welcome in New Delphi is running thin, took a dangerous step in his hunt for Gabriel; at the same time, he, Noma and Riesen uncovered the truth behind Julian’s origin. Elsewhere, Claire and Gates went toe-to-toe with a dangerous assassin; and David attempted to forge an alliance with the revolting V1s. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Alex spearheads a plan to intercept Michael and Gabriel, who have breached the walls of New Delphi in pursuit of their mutual target; Claire begins the negotiation process with the revolting V1s; at the same time, David attempts to restore his legacy by any means necessary.”

Dominion airs at 9 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!


#Dominion begins with Michael in New Delphi. He throws down a body and pops his wings. Julian says it’s Gabriel and he’ll kill them all and then everyone in Vega. Julian tells Alex he’s not his enemy and he will tell them what to do if they hand back the Amphora. Reisen asks if they’re talking to the angel or human and he says as a dyad, he’s both. Alex says the Amphora will destroy everything and says they’re willing to die to end this then ask if he is too.

Eight balls are dying left and right as Gabriel and Michael wreak havoc. Michael attacks from the bottom, Gabriel from the top. Julian says there’s an old medical area and says they can capture Gabriel there. He says he calls it the inner sanctum. He says no one has killed an arch angel before so it’s risky but says history needs a first. Alex says to tell him men to be ready and he grabs a sword. Alex kisses Noma and says he’s not sure about this. Reisen is coughing and seems ill.

Michael looks around at the bodies everywhere. He goes off looking for Alex who comes out and sees the bodies. He hears wings and noises. Michael is there and stands close and tells him hello. Alex has a flashback to being beaten as a young boy and Michael saving him. He remembers Michael offering him his hand and helping him up and asking if he’s hurt. Alex asks where he’s been and he says he’s sorry. Alex says he just took off and Michael says he had to in order to protect him from himself.

Alex sheaths his sword and says a lot happened while he was away. He says he and Noma survived the aerie and captured a dyad – Julian. He says Julian will want his marking for himself and says he needs to come with him and Gabriel. He says Julian is the real concern and Alex says to stay out of his way and walks off. He’s angry that Michael is with Gabriel and says he doesn’t know what Gabriel put him through in the aerie. Reisen tells Noma to get the Amphora out of there.

Julian and Reisen are left alone. Julian says he knows that Reisen has a serious medical issue and asks what’s the top killer of men after angels and says it’s heart disease. Julian says part of him is like Reisen but he won’t die. He asks to pour a drink. Julian says he can make him a dyad like him. He says the body stops aging and dying once you’re possessed. He says your human spirit resides in harmony with the angel. Julian says he doesn’t want to see a great warrior like him die of a broken heart.

Reisen says there’s nothing beautiful about him and calls him a monster. Julian says he flatters him. Gates, Claire and Arika sit talking over breakfast and wonder where Zoe has gone to ground. Gates says he can’t find them and they still don’t know what was in the crate. Arika watches Gates and Claire flirt. He says they need to stop chasing her and get someone else to do it. Claire says they can offer a reward to bring her in. Claire says a bounty dead or alive. Arika looks thoughtful. Is she involved?

Zoe and her rebels are with David. They stole a truck and David mocks them and says if they blow up the casinos, Vega will be a refugee camp. Zoe says it already is for most of them. Someone comes in shooting and a bunch of them go down in a hail of bullets. David grabs a gun and shoots the intruder. Zoe snatches the gun from him and they turn over the shooter. It’s one of their own. Jasper finds a flyer on the guy with her bounty notice.

They’re offering a lifetime of food and shelter for her kill or capture. Back at New Delphi, Noma comes back and asks Reisen where Julian is – he says he kicked his ass and she says Alex won’t be safe. She asks if he’s okay then runs out. Zoe checks Jasper’s wounds and it’s bad. She says he needs help and he says they can’t go out there because everyone is looking for her. He says people die outside V-1 clinics trying to get in. He says he’s better there with her.

She says she’ll negotiate with Claire and he says they’ll kill her then they will both be dead. He says he’ll go and says Claire can’t shoot him again. She says she’ll find someone to send. He says with a bounty like that, even he would turn her in. David says he can go and says negotiating is what he does. He says she has no one else. Zoe says he could run and he says he has nowhere to go and is safer with her than anywhere else in Vega.

He tells her he already helped her and is the only one keeping her going. He says he just saved her life and says he can save Jasper’s too. Gates says they got a message from Zoe and want medical supplies. Arika says she will be Claire’s emissary in this and says she put down two rebellions in Helena. She says she’ll hear the demands and report back. Julian approaches Alex and says Noma and Reisen are fine. He says he hear two arch angels are in his city.

He says Michael could end this war right now and says he and Gabriel are twins and were created from darkness at the same moment. Julian says he knows Alex is close to Michael and says he came to win a war with an army. He says to lure Michael into the trap and Gabriel will follow. He says he can save Vega for a price. He says to trap Michael and kill Gabriel. Alex puts a sword ot his throat and Julian says he’s waited a 1000 years for this and can’t let Gabriel get away.

Arika meets with David and says this is an extreme way to get her attention. She tosses the bag of medical supplies to him. He says the boy needs a doctor not vitamins. She says it can be arranged if Zoe and her rebels surrender. Arika says to let him know when they get serious. David tells his escort to step away so they can negotiate. He goes. Arika sits and David says to tell Claire he’ll do whatever it takes to get him back to his place.

Arika asks about Zoe and what’s in the crate. He says it’s C4 and the plan is to blow up Caesars with Claire in it. She says to talk Zoe out of it or bring them the explosives. Arika says Claire needs to focus on the real world and to bring the bomb truck in three hours and promises him V-3 or above and a comfortable life. He asks how he knows she’ll keep the deal and she repeats three hours. Michael tells Gabriel that Julian is a dyad. Gabriel says that’s more of a reason to bring the city to its knees.

Julian sets off an alert and he says they need to get Alex out. Gabriel says they have to shut Julian down now. Michael says it’s too dangerous. Gabriel says he ran from New Delphi once and won’t again. Michael assaults him and says his recklessness can’t run out of control now. He cuts him up so Gabriel’s only option is to fly out. Claire is surprised that David is speaking for the rebels. Arika says he’s right where they want him. She says David wants to be back with them.

Gates says the tail lost David. Gates wants to evacuate but Claire refuses and says to create a perimeter 10 blocks away. Claire says if David can succeed, making him a V-1 is her smartest move ever. David goes back to Zoe and says she won’t send a doctor unless she turns herself in. Zoe opens the bag of supplies and they cuff David back up. Zoe checks his wound and grabs her keys. She says to radio her and says he has to talk to the rebels in the corps and says she’s bombing Reisen tower tonight.

She says she’ll make sure Jasper is alive to see it and takes off. Alex thinks back to Michael coaching him on how to find the highest perch to stay safe. Michael tells him his Father left a message that he can’t read. Michael says the boys will kill him and he’d be dead already. Michael says there are far worse monsters in the world. He gave Alex a blade and says he has to fight his own battles and says he’ll teach him how like his Father taught him.

Alex tells Michael he was right about Julian. Michael says he has to get him out and Alex says they have to get Noma and Reisen and tells him to follow. He runs and Michael is right after him. Gates tells Claire to stop pacing and she says maybe Zoe killed David already. Zoe gets a stomach pang and calls for a doctor – few know she’s pregnant. Gates is concerned. David and Jasper talk. It doesn’t look good for either of them. Michael is led to the trap and they net him. Alex says he forgive shim.

Then he asks Michael to forgive him. Noma comes in and Alex tells the guards to stand down. She asks what he’s doing and Alex says Julian is right if they imprison Michael then Gabriel will follow. Noma says it’s a mistake. Gabriel is there and tells Alex to come for him. Michael is bleeding under the net. Gabriel asks where Julian is and he wants to talk to him. Gabriel asks Michael what Alex has done to him. Michael begs Gabriel to take Alex out of there.

Gabriel asks what could Alex do to make him turn his back on him and Michael says nothing. Gabriel rants and says Alex is tearing this family apart. Alex says he was just a day old when this war started. Gabriel says he’s tired of Michael choosing Alex. He says he will choose Michael, his brother, by doing the one thing he can’t. David looks at the dying Jasper and the gun in his limp hand. The other guard is nearby. David chokes him with his cuffs. He disarms the guy.

Claire gets a check up and is told to rest. She thanks the doctor and Arika takes her hand and says it will be okay. She leaves. Gates congratulates her then apologizes for kissing her. She says people do strange things when they’re about to die. He says he knows it’s not William’s and says he knows she didn’t even like him. She says the father is a soldier who is gone now and can’t be alive or he’d be there now. She walks away upset.

Gates says any man who loved her and her baby would be at her side if it was humanly possible then asks if the father is human. She says he was all too human. David calls from the truck and says he got the explosives. She says they’ll come get him and he says Vega is a beautiful city. She asks what’s going on and says she’ll honor the deal. She says he’ll never be a V-1 again and he says it takes so much to build something and so little to take it down.

He asks why she didn’t kill him and she says he’s a human being. David laughs and says she thinks she can save everyone in the city all by himself. He says the V-1s taught him that they’ve been divided too long and it’s like two cities. He says maybe that’s how it should be. Claire says to put the city on high alert. Jasper is there and has a gun on David. He asks if he has last words and David says to get in then says he built this city and knows how to take it down.

He tells Jasper they can go out with a bang. Michael asks Gabriel what would Father say and he says to bring him back and they’ll find out. Gabriel says a message no one can read is good for nothing. He says all they need is Alex’s skin. He and Alex grapple and Michael says he won’t forgive him for this. Then Julian comes at Gabriel and they take him down. Julian says he and Alex make a good team. Alex tells Julian to kill Gabriel but he says patience.

Julian sits on a stool and asks what they think of his body. He says it suits him and it’s nice to be back on two feet instead of drifting in darkness. He asks if Michael recognizes him then says last time he saw him they burned two cities to the ground but he looked down on his methods. Michael realizes it’s Lyrae. Julian nods. He says he banished him to the outer sphere and says Michael was his inspiration and he learned it all from him. Michael says he was wrong and he knows that now.

Julian says it’s too late and he must be punished also. Gabriel breaks loose of his bonds. They loose a steel net on Gabriel. They have Gabriel in a net but now Michael is loose and gone. Julian screams to find Michael. The doctor sees drawings and asks Arika who drew them and she says a friend obsessed with the chosen one. She says that friend outlived her usefulness. The doctor kisses her and Arika says she always looks out for her.

She says she wants her trust too and Arika says she likes Claire and says the cradle needs a leader like her and it’s a shame we have to take her city. Daria says they should cut her throat now but Arika threatens her. Daria says Helena is worse than she thinks and she says she knows the storms are worse now. Arika says their city is running out of time and they need a new home and must first make room for their people.

Michael hides and is wounded. He falls to the ground. He thinks back to young Alex begging him not to leave him there and Michael telling him to trust his instincts. Alex looks at the net the Michael cut and sees the blade he used. It was the blade Michael gave him as a child. He asks Noma what has he done. Zoe comes back and finds the truck gone. She radios Jasper. He and David are planting explosives. David tells Zoe to get the V-1s out of the tunnel so they don’t die.

Jasper tells her to please do it. He and David are planting the C4 along the gas pipes. Gates tells Claire the V-1s are running from the tunnels and she says the tunnels run all the way across Vega. They look out the window and see the city start to explode. Jasper says holy shit. He and David are pleased. Claire says David blew the city in two and the agri tower is now in the V-1 sector. She says he started a civil war.