Dominion Recap – William Whele Out of the Desert: Season 2 Episode 8 “The Longest Mile Home”

Dominion Recap - William Whele Out of the Desert: Season 2 Episode 8 "The Longest Mile Home"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday August 27 season 2 episode 8 called, “The Longest Mile Home.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Alex, (Christopher Egan) Noma and Michael (Tom Wisdom) near Vega; at the same time, Julian presses Riesen Alan Dale for the location of the amphora by dredging up his past.

On last week’s episode Alex found unexpected shelter to nurse a wounded Noma, with the New Delphi army hot on their trail; at the same time, Michael and Gabriel attempted to escape their mutual captivity while revisiting a past that haunts them both; and Claire called for a dangerous parlay as David put a plan in motion to secure his legacy in Vega. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Alex, Noma and Michael near Vega; at the same time, Julian presses Riesen for the location of the amphora by dredging up his past. Meanwhile, a military standoff ends in disaster, forcing Claire to make a harrowing decision; and an unexpected face wanders the city streets claiming to be the Chosen One.”

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#Dominion begins with the eight balls trying to get to Noma and Alex in the store. Alex kicks the door, knocks the guy back and uses the chain saw on his head. Then Michael lands and the eight balls run away. Alex tells him he’s late. They hug it out. Michael asks if Noma is healing. He says Gabriel is captive in New Delphi and sacrificed himself to save Michael. He says Julian will take his army to attack Vega son and they don’t have a lot of time.

William turns back up at the gate to Vega. Shocker! He’s alive. He’s told there is no entry but he says there is for him. He reveals his face. Noma and Alex take Michael back to the house they were staying at and Michael sees all the burned eight balls. He says he’s seen this before – he’s thinking about the town in Alabama where the eight balls burned. Arika talks to David on the walkie talkie and she says she doesn’t want peace either but he had to try and assassinate them.

Arika says she can’t keep helping him like this. David tells her he will control Vega again soon with or without her help. Zoe comes in and we see Gates listening in on the walkie talkie convo between the two. Zoe asks who Arika is and David says she’s Claire’s right hand and is a valuable asset. Zoe says trying to kill Claire destroyed any chance for peace. David says the V-6s are too entrenched. He says they have to burn them down. David says they need to set their differences aside for now.

Zoe says when this is over, one of them will die. He says – ladies first. Arika tells Claire she’s so sorry she lost the baby. Gates shows up and asks to be alone with Claire for a moment. Arika begrudgingly leaves. Gates sits and tells Claire that they need to hit Zoe hard and destroy the rebellion before it gets more out of control. Arika tells the doctor that Claire’s loss is a stroke of luck. Arika says they need to solve the Gates problem though.

Reisen is not happy to see the eight ball masquerading as Clementine. He slams her against the wall and says to leave him alone. She tells him that Alex ripped her soul out of her body while Claire watched. She says to tell Julian what he wants to know so they can be together again. She calls him her brave general and says she still loves him. Reisen says he’s not the man she thinks he is and never was. We see a flashback to 25 years ago when he was younger and a civilian working with the military.

Gabriel wakes to see an IV line in his arm. Julian says Gabriel seems to have no angelic or human friends and asks where his army is and Janic. He says Gabriel’s enemies are multiplying – Claire, Alex and even Noma ripped off her wings to get away from him. Gabriel says it was Julian that Noma found disagreeable. Gabriel says him talking is worse than torture. Julian starts up a machine and a chemical goes into Gabriel’s veins. He tells him sweet dreams and Gabriel conks out on drugs.

Gates tells Claire she should be in bed but she’s in the ops center. Gates thanks Arika for joining them and she also tells Claire she should be resting. Gates says he’s got a strike team ready and Arika asks if they know where David and Zoe are. Arika says take out the teeth of a dog that tries to bite you. Arika suggests taking out the armory. Claire gives the order. Arika looks with interest at the glass Gates was drinking from.

The doctor tells Arika that they can be back in Helena by night fall and she gives her a written message to get to David. William is in a run down bar on the V-1 side of Vega. The bartender says he can’t have a drink on credit and he tells the guy he’s William Whele back from the dead. Another guy there calls him a liar. He says his dad exiled him and he says he met William and shook his hand and says he had girl hands all buttery. William leaves the bar in despair.

Gabriel sits up and looks down. He sees the IV line still in his arm. He pulls off his chains and staggers out of the chair he was strapped to. He opens the door and snaps a guard’s neck. He staggers around New Delphi and everything is blurry. He hears whispers and voices. He kills another guy and throws on his cloak so he can creep on the down low. People walk part him, eying him strangely. He grabs a woman and sees that it’s Claire. He must be drugged and still in the chair.

She leads him to a room and he asks why she’s there. She asks if Julian did this to him and calls him clever for escaping. She says she wants to help him but then Noma is there and says to be careful because he’s an archangel. Then he sees the queen of Helena and they talk about how dangerous Gabriel is – the enemy of mankind. Gabriel says he wouldn’t hurt women trying to help him and says all his energy is focused on putting Julian’s head on a pike.

They tell him that Julian is invincible and he’s already breaking Gabriel. He asks them to unpin his wings. The ladies tell Gabriel that he’s hopeless. Claire offers to pull out the pins. He turns his back to her and she yanks one out then the other while he screams in pain. Claire and the others laugh wickedly then asks if it’s better. Gabriel says he needs an hour or two to heal then he’ll summon his angels and end this. Arika says even with his wings, he can’t win.

Gabriel says he’s an archangel and they tell him Julian is far more powerful and he doesn’t stand a chance. They tell Gabriel to stay there with him so they can protect him. They tell him they want him. Claire tells Gabriel to surrender. She kisses him. William waits for the guy outside of the bar and says he did have baby hands back then. The guy says to get out of his way. William says it’s amazing how much we change and holds out his hands.

He says these hands have done things he never knew he was capable of. The guy says he was joking and William attacks him. He beats him down then stomps him and cracks his neck then spits on him. He then rifles the guy for money. Julian tells Reisen it’s dinner time and tells him Vega is in civil war with David fighting against Claire who was recently shot. He says Claire is getting the best care from what he hears. Reisen asks why he should believe him.

Julian says he left an inexperienced girl in charge while he’s dying unnecessarily. Julian says a higher angel will share control with his soul. He says dyadism is symbiosis and says he just needs the amphora. Julian asks don’t his wife and daughter matter. Reisen hacks sicky. Back in the day, we see the soldier Reisen was working with overtaken by an angel spirit and attacking him. Reisen managed to kill him.

Outside, he finds the place in chaos with spirits zooming into humans then attacking non-infected humans. A female soldier comes at him but he’s behind glass. He gets the gun from the eight ball soldier he killed and then goes running home calling for Clementine. He hears Claire crying. The eight ball holds her and turns to face him. Now, Clementine tells Reisen none of that changes who he is. She reminds him that he defended humanity and founded Vega.

She says it doesn’t matter that the ribbons weren’t pinned on his chest before the Angel War. Reisen says he can’t risk Julian using the amphora. Clementine says there’s no time and he has to take the deal. She begs him to save himself. She calls out for Julian. William heads back into the bar with money fro a drink. The barkeep says he knows better than to ask how he got it. William guzzles a beer then asks for another. William continues his story and says he was in the wasteland three months.

He says he did more than survive, he thrived. He talks about being captured by eight balls and them burning, cutting and biting him. He says they are more vicious than he can imagine.

Julian comes in and tells Reisen he can save him – he says Vega needs him and he can make him what they need. Clementine begs him to tell Julian so he can save his life. Alex tries to get a car running and Michael tells Noma what she did for Alex was brave despite the steep cost. Noma says yesterday she went to draw eight balls away from Alex and a man appeared. She says he had a presence like something more. She says man told her to bring him East.

Michael isn’t sure that that means. Alex has a truck ready and Noma asks Michael if he thinks Gabriel is alive. He says he is but he can’t imagine what he’s going through. Gabriel is having a naked hot sex fest with all the ladies – Claire, Noma and Arika. They tie him up and he grins and calls them naughty. Claire says he has no idea then he asks who she is. His vision blurs. Zoe and her people arm up for a battle at the armory and she says they have to send a message.

David comes in with his men and she asks if he’s ready to fight on the front lines and didn’t think he would want to get his hand dirty. He says she’s witty then says they can claim victory together. They move out. Claire’s soldiers are there as are David and Zoe’s forces. The soldiers file through the tunnels. Zoe says her mother taught her how to shoot and David says he’s an amateur. She tells him to take the safety off even though he said he knew what he was doing.

The soldiers come up out of a tunnel. They start shooting Zoe’s people. They move on finishing off any not killed in the first salvo. They are at the agra tower, not the armory. Zoe says the arch angel choir isn’t coming there, they’re stealing their food supply. He radios Arika and says Claire’s troops took the agra tower. She says Gates knows and it’s a trap. We see bombs and then a beep. The armory blows and Zoe’s soldiers are decimated in the blast. Zoe herself is down but not dead.

David also survived. She calls for him to help her. David staggers over to her. She coughs. He sees soldiers coming and he says only of them will survive and runs off before they can get to them. Gabriel wakes in pain. He asks who these women are and remembers them from his fever dream. He realizes he was never loose at all. Julian comes in and tells Gabriel he’s looking worse for wear. He asks if Gabriel enjoyed himself. Julian says he proved a point.

He says Gabriel’s body may be strong but his mind is malleable and will bend to his will. He says he’ll break his mind first then take his body. Gabriel says he won’t succeed. Julian cranks up the hallucinogenic drugs again. Arika tells her people they’re leaving when Daria gets there but then the soldiers come in and arrest Arika. She tells the doctor not to worry and says they’ll be home soon. Claire is up on her feet but in pain.

Gates says they destroyed the armory, took back the agra tower and captured Zoe. He says Arika is on the way to jail. Claire says good. But then she starts sobbing and Gates comforts her. Claire comes to see Zoe and says they shared the same dream – a better life in Vega and says she gave her so many chances. Zoe says she didn’t betray her and Claire says her baby is gone and she has to fight a war without mercy where innocent lives will be lost because of her.

Zoe says she’s sorry if she thinks that and Claire puts a bullet into her brain before she can continue. William talks to a crowd in the bar and talks about God still being there and says he revealed himself to me. Reisen is a dyad now! William says he was at his lowest point and was approached by six horsemen who were thieves. He says the first attacked came at him then a blinding flash of light came from the sky and says it was like a comet but it was the hand of God.

He says the attacked was killed stone dead in front of him and says it was a miracle. He says God was proving that he was still there watching out for him. Gates pours a drink then chokes and sees blood when he coughs. William says something occurred to him – he had been chosen. He shows his scars as he pulls off his jacket. He says these are his markings. He says some of them are innocent and some are not. He says he’s there to cleans the evil in all their troubled hearts.

Gabriel calls out to Peter and asks if Julian told him not to speak to him. He keeps his back to Julian. Gabriel says maybe he’ll just take his body for a spin instead. Peter turns and Gabriel stares at him. He gets control of him for a moment but Peter fights him off and says Julian taught them to resist possession. Julian comes in whistling and says he’s had eight balls watching Gabriel for years and made sure he was prepared.

Julian says he’s decided to ratchet things up a notch and shows that he has the amphora. He tells Gabriel let’s sieze the day. Gabriel looks scared.