Dominion Recap 9/3/15 Season 2 Episode 9 “The Seed of Evil”

Dominion Recap 9/3/15 Season 2 Episode 9 "The Seed of Evil"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday September 3 season 2 episode 9 called, “The Seed of Evil.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Alex, (Christopher Egan) Noma(Kim Engelbrecht) and Michael (Tom Wisdom) hit an unexpected roadblock in their trek home; Claire (Roxanne McKee) makes a judgment call that threatens the security of a war-torn Vega.

On last week’s episode Alex, Noma and Michael near Vega; at the same time, Julian pressed Riesen for the location of the amphora by dredging up his past. Meanwhile, a military standoff ended in disaster, forcing Claire to made a harrowing decision; and an unexpected face wandered the city streets claiming to be the Chosen One. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Alex, Noma and Michael hit an unexpected roadblock in their trek home; Claire makes a judgment call that threatens the security of a war-torn Vega; Julian changes tactics in an attempt to break Gabriel; Arika and Gates wrestle with the cost of survival.”

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#Dominion begins with the rebels under attack by Claire. David is with them and he says Arika isn’t in contact and may be dead. They tell him with no armory or agra tower, it’s the end. David says they have one more weapon – them. David says the V-1s outnumber them 5 to 1 and says they should just take the city. He says it’s the last shot even though there will be casualties. They head out. David tells the others they need to leave and they head out.

Noma tells Michael to carry Alex over the wall. He says no. An eight ball suicide bomber comes out of the ground and Michael pops his wings to protect the other two. Julian threatens Gabriel with the amphora. Julian mocks him for Michael being gone but Gabriel says he told him to go. Julian says they’re all equal in their absentee father’s eyes now. He says he hopes the amphora doesn’t completely destroy him. He says he wants to take his archangel body so he hopes it doesn’t burn up.

They hold Gabriel down who says it will never work. Julian opens the amphora and drops a bit in Gabriel’s eye which flashes black. He writhes in pain and screams. In Vega, the doctor and Arika are in their cells. Gates and Claire come to ask Arika where David is. They don’t speak. Arika says Claire and Zoe are similar and Gates says must be something in the water. Arika says if David was dead, her baby would still be alive.

She says Zoe didn’t know about David’s sniper plan. Arika tells them he’s an old TV station by a casino. She says if she had known David was going to try and hurt her, she would have killed him. Claire asks why she betrayed her and she says for Helena. She says Claire is not her father’s daughter for better or worse. We see 20 years ago when Arika tried to talk to her father. They were under attack in their plane. Her father won’t listen to anyone and says they will all get out together.

Eight balls beat at the windows of the plane and Arika is terrified. Gates comes to see Claire. She says she killed the wrong person – Zoe. She says it was David not Zoe who cost her baby’s life. She says it’s just another of her mistakes. Noma, Alex and Michael walk and talk and they spot Julian’s army already in place outside of Vega. Alex says they may be in stasis and they can just walk through them. Noma isn’t so sure.

Julian wakes Gabriel and asks how he feels. Some eight balls report that Michael is headed for Vega with Alex. Julian says Alex will never make it back into Vega. He tells Gabriel he’ll leave him time to ponder his circumstances while he takes care of business and walks out on Julian. All hell is breaking loose in Vega as the V-1s attack the other side. David is in the panicked streets. The guy with David says they can take shelter in a bar he found.

Daria paces and Arika tells her to save her strength. Daria says she doesn’t need her strength when they hang her but Arika says she has a plan that is already in motion. Arika thinks back to 20 years ago with her dad. They talk about trying to take off and she says to do it her dad’s way. The eight balls breach the plane and drag one out then her dad locks the grate. The cargo door is open and Arika is shocked it’s part of a plan. Her dad takes out an eight ball who pops up.

Gates is coughing and not feeling well as they watch the V-1 attack on the monitors. He’s still coughing blood and looks at the water then thinks back. He realizes he’s been poisoned. David and his escort head into the bar and see William preaching. He says he was chosen to survive and return to his home and cleanse this land. David asks the guy if he can see him too and tells him that’s his son. Michael, Alex and Noma tiptoe through the field of eight balls.

He says Julian hid the army there for a surprise attack. Alex trips over one but it stays dormant. They continue on. One wakes and touches another then they come for them. Alex, Noma and Michael take off at a run. One grabs Alex and he wrestles it. Michael throws it back and grabs Alex up. Michael seems to have gone limp. He has some sort of flashback to the Alabama town. The eight balls all start to come alive.

Julian whistles at Gabriel who is in pain. He says they never knew what it was like to face Father’s wrath even though they used it against countless humans. Gabriel says Michael will come back for him. Julian says he won’t and says Michael was always their Father’s favorite while Gabriel was just a glorified messenger boy. He reminds Gabriel about his son David that their Father let be thrown to his death from the tower and says Michael didn’t catch him in time.

Gabriel cries and says Michael. He says Michael, you came back for me. He’s hallucinating. Michael says he’s free because of him but he will be alone forever. He says he’s with his true brother now – Alex. Gabriel is heart broken. Julian says – I finally broke you. A bloody tear runs from Gabriel’s eye. Gates is hacking and coughing as he comes to accuse Arika of poisoning him. She says she did. She says he has a purpose and says the poison is slow.

She says he has 36 hours considering the damage he’s done to his liver over the years. He asks what she wants. She says he flies her to Helena and she’ll give him the cure. She says they need a man like him there. He says the choice is to betray Claire and live or die and stay loyal. David fights through the crowd to get to William. He sees this and walks over to his father and pulls back his hood. He says no wonder everyone is angry. David says this is impossible.

William buys his dad a drink. The bartender calls William the savior. David asks where he’s been and William says right where he left him then says William is dead. He says he’s not mad at him, but grateful. He tells his father – where would Jesus be without Judas. Julian tells Gabriel being part human has its perks but he’s ready to ascend and fly again – taste the clouds. He says he’ll make a magnificent archangel and says Michael took everything from him like he’ll take everything from Gabriel.

He tells Gabriel he’ll wander in darkness forever. He spits out his essence and it invades Gabriel. Gates goes back to the ops center to work with Claire. He says David was already gone from the TV station. She says Arika’s intel was good and she probably has more cards up her sleeves. He coughs and she asks what’s going on. He says it’s just a bug. The outside alarm goes off and they see Michael and Alex running for the wall. Claire is stunned.

The eight balls are hot on their heels and soon have them surrounded. Noma says they won’t make it because Michael is too weak. Claire tells them to get the battalion out there. Gates tries to talk reason to her but she says no. Gates asks if she’s sure and she calls Colonel Blake and says to get to the gate now and save Alex and Michael from the eight ball. Gates staggers out of the ops center in bad shape. He eats a couple of blossoms off a plant then collapses writhing in pain.

Julian comes to and Gabriel opens his eyes and spits out an essence that goes back into Julian’s body. Julian gets up and grabs a sword. He cuts Gabriel’s chains. Gabriel kicks Julian back and loosens his bonds. He wipes away the tear from his cheek. He calls Julian a worm and says he thought he could take his body and flush out his soul. He tells him he has walked through the grass in the garden of Eden. He commands Julian’s body and says he’s seen civilizations rise and fall.

He says his arrogance was his downfall and left him open and created a channel for him to take control. Julian begs Gabriel. He has Julian plunge a sword into his own belly. Gabriel grabs up the amphora. Noma, Alex and Michael fight the army. More and more come. Then the battalion shows up with automatic weapons and starts gunning them down. They’re saved. Noma kises Alex. Claire sees this on the surveillance cameras and is horror struck. Tears come to her eyes.

The commander hops out and welcomes Alex and Michael back to Vega. Applause greets Michael and Alex in the ops center. Alex and Claire swap an awkward look. Gates is back on his feet and goes to Arika. She asks if he’s ready. He says he found a pretty purple flower she put in his water and also found another flower called digitalis that reverses it and says it’s painful but gets the job done. He says he has her order of execution in his hand and says he had it moved up.

She says if he thinks she’s going to hang tomorrow, he doesn’t know her at all. Back 30 years, eight balls are on the plane and attacking her and her family. One has hold of her dad and stabs a pipe into him. She bashes him in the head until she kills him then saves the pilot from another. She closes the back. Her dad tells her he’s beyond help now. He tells her not to use her strength on revenge but to get everyone home safely. He says to use her power well. She says she just wants him but he dies.

Revels burst into the power plant and take over. William and his dad drink and he tells his dad to ask his questions. David says he doesn’t know where to start. They tell David that Ramirez took the power plant. David says that’s great and is ready to go. He tells William to come with him. David asks for a moment to talk to William then says they’ll all go. A red head comes looking for David and shoots his escort in the head.

Julian is still alive. He rambles on about how you can cut him in half and he still lives on. He’s dragged himself across New Delphi to a box that he opens. It glows. He lowers himself into a vehicle. Gabriel finds a guy packing and throws him aside and asks where Julian is. The guy says they haven’t found him or his body and says he knows the city better than anyone. Gabriel asks for the city’s secrets and the guy says the eight ball army will be his to command.

Gabriel’s eyes flash black and he talks about killing his brother with his own hand and killing his traitorous heart. Alex joins Claire on the balcony and she says she dreamed about him coming home. He says he’s here now. He says they’re both alive. She says she bombed Gabriel’s aerie. He says it was a hell of a move and she almost got him. She says she didn’t and he says next time. He asks what’s wrong and she says she was shot and says she’s sorry but the baby is gone.

Alex holds her while they both cry. Michael tells Noma she did her duty to bring Alex home and she asks if it was her duty to bring him back to Claire and he says yes. She says she doesn’t have wings or Alex. She asks what she has. Michael says honor. He says more than any other angel. Michael gets a flash to the stranger who’s walking around burning eight balls and he collapses. Noma calls for the guards. In the little Alabama town, the walker is there.



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