Empire Recap – Jamal Plays It Straight: Season 1 Episode 6 “Out, Damned Spot”

Empire Recap - Jamal Plays It Straight: Season 1 Episode 6 "Out, Damned Spot"

Tonight on FOX Empire premieres with an all new Wednesday February 11, season 1 episode 6 called, “Out, Damned Spot,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Lucious [Terrence Howard] asks Cookie [Taraji P. Henson] to manage a star who hasn’t produced an album in years; and hires a new head of security at Empire Entertainment.

On the last episode, Cookie received an anonymous gift from an admirer that she believed might have veiled threat from a person from her prison past. Meanwhile, Lucious took charge of Hakeem’s first video shoot. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Lucious asks Cookie to manage a star who hasn’t produced an album in years; and hires a new head of security at Empire Entertainment. Meanwhile, Vernon finds himself caught in a very sticky situation; Jamal’s newfound ambition threatens to stir up trouble in his relationships; and a mystery woman from the family’s past shows up with a big, not particularly welcome surprise.”

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Cookie checks out her dress then changes then changes again. She goes through her whole closet. She shows up in a fur coat and Lucious greets her at the club. She says she’s nervous about all this and mentions the rose. She thinks he brought her there for dinner but he takes her into the back for a family dinner. The boys are all there and Rhonda. Cookie asks why Anika is there and he asks her to take a seat. Lucious stands Anika up and says he wanted them to be the first to know they’re getting married.

Andre toasts them as Anika shows off her Elizabeth Taylor ring. Rhonda asks how he proposed. She says champagne, ring and Ashley Hamilton singing their favorite song. Cookie asks if he came to her house and gave her a rose after he proposed to that bitch. Lucious says it was a friendly reminder. She throws the rose at him then opens her fur coat and shows she’s in hot lingerie. She tells them to enjoy their family dinner. She slaps her butt and tells Anika – this is an ass.

Cookie listens to Jamal’s new track with he and Michael. She tells him it’s a monster. Jamal calls her a mess and asks how she could show up to dinner in lingerie. She shakes off the jibe and promises to get his song on the charts with or without Lucious. Michael follows her out and asks if she’s noticed any changes in Jamal. Cookie tells him that fame changes people and he needs to prepare himself. She tells him not to be all up in his business and be sure he has his own thing.

He says he’s in culinary school and she says that’s good because Jamal will have less and less time. Lucious watches Hakeem’s video. He tries to fix some fruit and a hand spasm makes him drop his plate. A motion sensor is set off and he sees that Detective Walker going through his trash. He talks to Vernon and tells him he wants him fired. Vernon says that will make him look more guilty then asks straight out if he killed Bunkie. He says he needs to know to protect him.

Lucious says Bunkie showed up at 3 am to shake him down for millions. He asks what he was supposed to do and Vernon says he should have paid him. Lucious says Bunkie chose his fate. He says he was talking about tearing down that they built. Vernon says he should have come to him sooner and Lucious asks what he was supposed to say to him. He tells Vernon he shot him and asks what they can do. Vernon says first is to hire more security then they go to work and play normal.

Andre makes a call about budgets when Vernon comes in. He hangs up the phone and chokes Andre and asks if he lied and gave a false alibi for Lucious when he killed Bunkie. He says that’s what he does and says he always covers for his dad even when he doesn’t know what he’s covering. Vernon stomps out. Rhonda gets a call from Andre and he tells her that he was right about what happened to Bunkie. He asks if they can talk. She says she’s glad to hear it but can’t talk now.

Andre asks her to call him back. Jamal asks why Michael was talking to Cookie about their relationship. Jamal tries to comfort him and says they can go away for the weekend. He tells Michael that he comes first and they talk about going to a B&B in the Berkshires. Jamal says he can’t be off the grid right now and Michael caves. He suggests Fire Island with RJ and Tyler instead and Jamal says it sounds cool.

Vernon meets with his sober coach and says it’s bee a rough week. He tells him that he practically raised Lucious’ kids and says a guy they grew up with was killed. He asks if serving another man’s needs is a worthy life and the guy tells him maybe it’s time to move on. Cookie plays Jamal’s track at the A&R Meeting. Anika asks when she can hear a finished version and Cookie says it’s done. Anika says she thought it was a demo.

Andre comes and says they have to do budget cuts. Anika says they’re cutting Elle Dallas but Cookie says she’s royalty. She says she’s an a lister but Anika says it’s her decision not hers. Cookie meets Lucious to talk about Jamal’s song. He says the song is three minutes of Jamal telling him to kiss his ass. He came to introduce her to Elle and she says he’s there to apologize for leading her on. He says she’s going to have her hands full with Elle.

Elle comes in (played by Courtney Love!!) and Lucious hugs her and meets Cookie. She tells Elle she’s her biggest fan and Elle says she’s the wife but Cookie says ex-wife. Elle says they’re all someone’s ex-wife. Lucious tells her that Cookie is going to manage her and produce her next album. Elle says she only works with A listers. Lucious tells her that she’s her best shot. Elle rattles off some producer names but Lucious says all of them are scared of her.

Elle reminds him that her record sales built Empire and she won’t have her career handed over to an ex-con. She stomps out.

Vernon meets with Lamont and says he has a job for him. He asks if he has any guys with a murder rap they can’t beat. He says a couple and Vernon offers big bucks. Cookie goes to a ratty motel and knocks on the door. Cookie asks why she’s in that scuzzy motel. She busts in and kicks out a junkie that’s in her bed. She shoves him out. Cookie grabs up her dope and tells her she has to get clean. Elle says she’s been clean for years but Cookie says she knows the drill.

She tells Elle her music got her through when she was locked up. Elle says she got to the top on her own and no one helped her. Cookie says she’s going to help her. Elle demands her drugs but Cookie shoves her off and flushes it. She goes and holds Elle while she cries and tells her she knows. Hakeem looks at photos of Tiana and India unhappily. He ignores a call from Tiana and then calls Camilla and leaves her a message.

He picks up his bong and lights up. Jamal and Michael are at a club with Porsha waiting on Cookie. She finally shows up and greets them then walks Jamal off with her. He tells her that his personal life is off-limits and tells her to step off. She says she told Michael the truth and says she likes him. She says he needs a partner on his same level that can bring something to the table besides food. She tells him to stay focused and points out Vince Boyd and says he has 5 million Twitter followers.

She nods at the DJ who turns on Jamal’s new song. The club starts grooving to it. Jamal can’t help but smile and Cookie says she’s going to go work her magic. Michael sees him across the club and looks upset. Cookie comes into the VIP area and greets baller Vince. She asks him what he thinks about the song. He says it’s dope. He asks if it’s new and she says it’s Empire’s next big artist. She asks him to tweet but he says he ain’t doing all that.

She brought him a couple of hot white girls that are dancing. She asks him to introduce it to the world and he says he’s doing it because she and Porsha are hilarious. He asks the name of the song and tweets it out. Porsha isn’t amused. Lucious meets with a former SEAL and interviews him for a security role. Lucious says he’s in the middle of an IPO and has a lot of enemies. The guy shows him assessments he made of his home and office building and says it’s one giant beach.

He says that his gate can be triggered, his cameras have black spots and that his guard looks like a donut commercial. He tells him to start from scratch and Lucious hires him. Michael runs over to show him the retweets he’s getting. Hakeem comes in drunk and stoned and congratulates Jamal. Michael tells his brother that Jamal is the one who has all the talent. He asks Jamal to come help him work on a song and Cookie says they can both come but then Jamal says he won’t help him.

Jamal says he shouldn’t have disrespected their mom when she was just trying to help. He stomps off and Cookie shrugs and follows Jamal. Vernon and Lamont meet with a guy they’re paying to confess to killing Bunkie. They go over the details, Vernon gives him cash and the meeting ends. Michael tells Jamal that his song is still trending and Jamal says Cookie really hooked him up. Then Michael asks about a satellite radio interview everyone is tweeting about.

Michael reminds him they were supposed to go to Fire Island but Jamal says he has to hit while it’s popping. Hakeem is in the studio. Lucious listens to Hakeem record and Lucious says it’s nice for some Girl Scouts and tells him he has to come hard. He takes off his sunglasses. He freestyles about not being able to trust women. Lucious likes it. Cookie shows up to check on Elle in the studio and asks to hear the last take. It sounds like shit.

Cookie asks what happened to her voice and the producer says he can splice together takes and auto tune it. Porsha is on the elevator when Anika steps on. She ends her call and Anika greets her warmly. Anika tells her she’s seen the way Cookie treats her and says she probably doesn’t pay her right. Porsha says she knows a way she could be making double. Lucious meets with a concierge doctor who says he now belong to Lucious 24/7.

He says the FDA puts tighter restrictions on new meds but says Russia is making strides in ALS. He says they have a new drug cocktail that can reduce symptoms by 60%. He says it may be a break through. The guy tells him that it’s not cheap and Lucious says he doesn’t care just to make it happen. Cookie listens to Elle record and the woman sounds like garbage. She’s off key and cray. Then she screams for it to stop and says someone is late. She says the backup singers are throwing her off.

She kicks them out and asks Kevin to get her a cigarette. Cookie tells Elle it’s her and this song isn’t her and she’s not bringing it. Cookie kicks everyone out but the two producers. Cookie tells her to stop pretending to be who she was and to be who she is now. She tells her she’s hiding behind that fur and all the makeup. Cookie tells her to take it off and sing about her pain. Elle asks if she knows who she’s talking to and Cookie says it’s do or die for both of them.

Cookie says she has to do this right and tells Elle that she’s all she’s got. Elle throws off her fur then hew jewels and yanks out her hair extensions. She tells her to pull off her eyelashes and she does then wipes off her lipstick. Cookie hands her back her headphones and tells her to start it. Elle really belts it out and cries as she sings. Cookie is thrilled.

Jamal is performing I Wanna Love You for his satellite radio interview. Cookie grooves along and nods. The number ends and he gets applause. Michael watches the interview. Sway interviews him and says he felt it and it’s incredible. He asks about Keep Your Money and says he thinks this is going to explode. He asks how his lady feels about this. Cookie looks at him and Jamal says – who says I have a lady? Sway asks if he has a special lady and Jamal says he loves his music right now.

Michael shuts the laptop angrily. Lucious thanks Commissioner Marshall for “catching” Bunkie’s killer. He tells Vernon he owes him and asks how he can pay him back. Vernon just glares. Later, Vernon meets his sober coach who asks him if he’s thinking about quitting still. Vernon says things are going to change. Anika sits by Lucious’ side as the doctor gives him the experimental treatment. Cookie shows up at Empire and the security guy asks for her ID.

Malcolm intervenes and introduces himself to Cookie. She shakes his hand and he says they’re checking IDs for everyone’s safety. She offers hers but Malcolm scans her in. She tells him she feels safer already and checks him out as she goes. Andre finds Vernon in the bathroom and says he didn’t know what Lucious did but gave him an alibi because that’s how he does. He says he never lied to Vernon and Vernon apologizes for choking him out.

He offers his hand and Andre tells him to wash them first. He does and then Andre says if he touches him again, he’ll slit his throat. Vernon tells him to be sure and keep on his meds and says it’s Team Andre and they need to move faster on their plan. Cookie tells Jamal she’s got some promoters on the hook but wants him back in the studio while he’s hot. They hear Hakeem playing a new song for Anika and Lucious who are digging it.

Lucious says to fast track it and he says he won’t do a soccer mom version. Anika tells him that he can do him. Jamal comes in and says he’s going to turn off women with his woman hating song. Cookie tells Hakeem she hopes he can let go of this childish anger when he becomes a star. He tells her he already is a star. Olivia shows up and demands to be let in.

Jamal asks why she’s there and she says Lola knows all the words to his new song. The little girl sings Dollar Bill and Olivia says she wanted to meet her daddy. That floors the whole family.