Empire Recap 2/18/15: Season 1 Episode 7 “Our Dancing Days”

Empire Recap 2/18/15: Season 1 Episode 7 "Our Dancing Days"

Tonight on FOX Empire premieres with an all new Wednesday February 18, season 1 episode 7 called, “Our Dancing Days,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Lucious tries to brand Empire Entertainment as a tight-knit, family-run business which, ironically, complicates the already tense relationship between Hakeem [Bryshere Y. Gray] and Jamal [Jussie Smollett].

On the last episode, Lucious asked Cookie to manage a star who hadn’t produced an album in years; and hired a new head of security at Empire Entertainment. Meanwhile, Vernon found himself caught in a very sticky situation; Jamal’s newfound ambition threatened to stir up trouble in his relationships; and a mystery woman from the family’s past showed up with a big, not particularly welcome surprise. Did you watch the last episode? We’ve got a detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Lucious tries to brand Empire Entertainment as a tight-knit, family-run business which, ironically, complicates the already tense relationship between Hakeem and Jamal. Meanwhile, Cookie and Anika don’t hold anything back when it comes to taking over the company.”

Don’t forget to join us for our live recap tonight at 9:00 pm when Empire airs on Fox. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #Empire, they are setting up an investor showcase. Lucious wants holograms and all kinds of stuff. Vernon says Olivia the baby mama, Jamal’s ex-wife, has been living in St Louis working as a hair dresser. Cookie says she can’t believe he made Jamal marry the girl and she doesn’t believe the baby is Jamal’s since you have to have sex to make a baby. Anika talks to Lucious about a group they want for the showcase.

Lucious finds Andre in his office and he gives him good news but Lucious is looking bad. Andre says the guy they’re targeting to help boost the evaluation has a daughter that went to Wharton with Rhonda. Cookie says the Jamal Hakeem beef ain’t dying. She says Jamal is going crazy and chews out Lucious but then he shouts at her that’s enough then he collapses.

Anika and Cookie are with his stretcher as he’s wheeled to the ambulance. Cookie goes to climb in and Anika tries to stop her. He nods to Anika and she hops in. Cookie stays behind with Vernon. Jamal asks why Michael is moving out and he says he can’t believe how he lied about their relationship to the world. He says now Jamal does have a special girl – his daughter.

Jamal says the kid can’t be his because he only slept with her once. Michael says that’s all it takes. He tells Jamal he’s in love with him but Jamal is in love with his music and has no room for anyone else. He leaves. Rhonda is with Mr Schiller when Andre comes and says his father’s private jet had engine trouble. He’s actually calling from the hospital.

Schiller says his fund has never been drawn to entertainment companies since they’re too volatile. He invites him to the showcase and Schiller agrees. Hakeem has Camille at dinner at his house but she’s not feeling it. He gives her a necklace with his name on it and she says she’s not a backstreet hooker. He says Tiana meant nothing to him.

Then he agrees to put her on the guest list for the showcase as a VIP on the down low then says next time she’ll be on his arm. Anika brings in another doctor who says Mason had his license revoked for doing the same to other patients. She says he’s being poisoned and now has liver damage. She says the Russian breakthrough is killing him faster than ALS and says it’s poison.

She says anyone who lies and says there’s a cure and takes their money is a liar. She screams at him to get out. Cookie tries to get into the room and the orderly stops her. There’s a security guy there too. Cookie goes to the window and looks in on him. Empire Elite talks about their sports decision and Andre says they’ll start with that but Lucious is on the phone and says they have to lead with music. He says it will get people to invest.

Anika takes over and talks about acts then Hakeem and Jamal. Lucious says he wants to open with Elle and Anika says she’s an addict. He says Cookie says she’s in good shape and he trusts her. Jamal and Hakeem rehearse their number based on Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. Hakeem snatches his mic and says he’s trying to steal his spotlight. Cookie yells at both of them to shut up.

She says they can give up one night of their selfish little lives. She says Lucious has worked his ass off for this moment and fought his way out of the projects like a dog. She calls them ingrates and says to do this one thing for their father so he can ring it home for them. Lucious shows up and says to listen to Cookie because she’s a very wise woman.

Cookie asks why he’s out of bad and he says it was food poisoning but she doesn’t buy it. Cookie says she doesn’t have time for his sad songs. She says those boys are coming between her and her money and she’s doing what she has to do. Becky says the elevator is stuck on 17 and asks Malcolm to help. He comes over and she flirts. He puts in his security key and says it’s moving. It opens and we see Lola is on it alone with a suitcase and a stuffed animal. She says – I lost my mommy.

Security tells her that Lola is alone and Olivia is nowhere to be found. Lucious asks for the child and Cookie says it’s all his fault. Becky has the child and Jamal has walked out. He gets in his car and leaves. Porsha says Ella is not at her apartment and says she’s going to make Cookie look like a fool. Elle shows up and says she’s clean and good. She says she’s late because she’s been around Empire so long she’s on “CP Time” then explains that’s “colored people time.” Real classy…

Elle sings and it sounds great. Cookie is pleased. Malcolm comes to stand beside Cookie and she nods at him. Cookie encourages her. Becky is playing with Lola and coloring when Jamal shows back up. He says hi to Lola then goes in his dad’s office. Lola says – that’s my daddy and Becky says – I know. Jamal asks Lucious why he thinks that child is his when the marriage was a sham.

Lucious says what he did on the radio was a smart way to protect his career. He tells his dad Michael left him and Lucious says he’s sorry. Then he says he’s not sorry he’s gone but is sorry that Jamal isn’t happy. He says he’ll meet someone who will understand what it’s like to be with an artist. Lucious says it’s hard then asks if there’s a chance Lola might really be his. He says yeah. Lucious says he and Anika can take the child home with them.

It’s showcase night. Jamal and Hakeem are performing as VIPs show up. Then Elle shows up and the crowd goes wild. She kisses one of the investors and Anika says she looks amazing then they air kiss. Anika asks how Elle is doing and Vernon she seems to be doing fine and wants to go to an NA meeting. Becky gives Lucious notes on guests before he shakes hands He’s getting sweaty but insists he’s fine. Cookie sits with Elle who says she’s nervous and doesn’t want to let Cookie down.

Cookie says they’re all happy she’s there and says the buzz is amazing. Anika comes to sit with Elle and she says she wants to tell her that she’s happy she’s there and says it’s a big night for her. Elle says Cookie pulled her together then a fan comes to take a selfie with her. While she’s distracted, Anika pours something into Elle’s tea. Malcolm may have seen it. It’s hard to say. Camille is at the bar and she smiles at Hakeem. He leaves Andre and walks off.

Becky asks who Camille is and she gives off the fake bio that Hakeem provided. She says she’s heard Hakeem is very talented and destined for superstardom. She says she can see why he’s so talented and Lucious says she’s making him blush. Elle is high as a kite in the bathroom when Cookie finds her. She asks if she’s okay but she’s staggering. She asks if Elle is high. Elle says she didn’t take anything. Cookie says she vouched for her and says she can’t perform like this.

Elle says she can sing but she’s too sloppy wasted and Cookie goes to tell Lucious. Jamal and Hakeem are arguing when Cookie says Elle is high and can’t go on. Anika says she knew this would happen. Lucious says they’re up next and in the star spot. He says they are the future of Empire and are going to stop this beef now. Cookie snaps at them and tells them to shake hands. They do then smile and hug each other and Cookie calls them her boys.

Lucious comes out to applause and thanks everyone for being there. He says he hopes they’re all having a good evening and says he wants them to put down all their Empire swag and listen to some bad ass artists on the label. He introduces Hakeem and Jamal. He calls them the future of the Empire. They do the Money for Nothin remix. It’s pretty cool. Cookie watches on the big screen and is proud. Becky holds Lola who waves at her dad.

Lucious is coughing and touching his throat. Hakeem sings a lyric at the camera – look, mom I’m on TV – and Cookie smiles. Lucious is looking bad and struggling for breath. He grabs Cookie and pulls her away. He says he can’t talk. He says he has to give the speech and Anika says she can do it. She says she doesn’t need the teleprompters. Andre says it should be him. Vernon covers but Lucious says Cookie has to do this. He tells her what to do and begs her to do it. She says okay and heads out.

Cookie comes out and Anika says she’s going to sue Mason. He says it’s the ALS and is a throat tremor. Cookie calls the room to order. She says she ain’t reading the teleprompter. She says they started this company in a garage in one of the worst ghettos in West Philly. She says most of them probably have a couple of exes. She says he’s a musical god and a crazy SOB that had a dream. She says no one better get between him and his dream.

Cookie says they were hustling and says the first rule of hustling – someone shouts out supply and demand. She says that’s right and that Lucious created the sound to create the demand. She says he took the mainstream and made it street and made street mainstream. She says he did with a dozen of divisions. She says he’s going to do this with their money if they’re lucky enough. She says they had three sons before he dumped her.

She says Andre is brilliant and will make a bigger fortune with their money. Then she says Hakeem and Jamal are the next generation. Lucious applauds her speech as does the room but Anika looks angry. Lucious says – I love you Cookie. Schiller says the family angle really sold him. Lucious thanks him and Anika comes out and says she can cancel her Chicago trip but he says to take care of business. She asks him to call her if anything happens. She heads out.

Cookie waits for him and asks where Anika is going. He says she has to go meet Lana del Ray. She asks if he’s going to tell her what’s going on with him and he says – yeah. The maid has Lola and she pets Hakeem’s hair and calls him pretty. Jamal takes her then hands her off to Cookie who cuddles her and says Jamal will get the hang of this. Cookie tells Malcolm she needs to beef up the security at her place since she lives alone and looks him up and down.

Cookie asks him to call her and she tells Lucious to shut up. He tells Juanita to take the baby upstairs. Lucious calls Lola his little gangster then sits down with the kids, Cookie and Rhonda and tells them he’s sick and has ALS. He says it’s aggressive and degenerative. He says he will lose the ability to control his body. He says what happened tonight means the symptoms are getting worse. He says there is no cure and it’s fatal. Hakeem asks why they’re even doing this.

Lucious says he wants them to have their legacy. Andre asks who knows. He says Vernon, Becky and Anika plus them. Andre is freaking about the IPO and Hakeem gets mad at his brother for just being about the business. Jamal gets between them. Rhonda tries to get Andre to calm down but he yells at her and says he doesn’t need her help. Rhonda tells Lucious she’s sorry and they go.

Cookie is distraught and Lucious pulls the boys away to talk. He says they’ve been through a lot and will get through this too. He says they have to be strong and Jamal says to just tell them what he needs. He says their mama didn’t take it well and he needs a moment with her. Andre sits in the shower fully dressed running water on him. Rhonda asks what’s wrong. He’s hyperventilating. She slaps him and says to breathe. She says he’s going to run this company and have everything he ever wanted.

Cookie and Lucious listen to music and drink brandy. He tells her she said some nice things about him that made him feel good. She asks why he acts so surprised and he says he owes her. She says he doesn’t have to owe her since this was her dream too. He says she saw this before he did, before his first single even hit. She says that’s because she knows what he’s capable of. She says he has to beat this and starts crying. She says she can’t lose him again. He tells her she has him now.

He asks her to dance and wipes her tears away then pulls her in to dance with him. They dance to one of his songs and she says it’s a good one and he says it’s because it’s about her. He kisses her. He carries her to his bed and throws her on it. Anika comes back early from her trip and sees the two cognac glasses. She heads upstairs and finds him on top of Cookie. She stands there for a moment then walks away.