Empire Recap – Lucious Burns Bridges: Season 1 Episode 10 “Sins of the Father”

Empire Recap - Lucious Burns Bridges: Season 1 Episode 10 "Sins of the Father"

Tonight on FOX Empire premieres with an all new Wednesday March 11, season 1 episode 10 called, “Sins of the Father,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Andre [Trai Byers] enters into a musical relationship with Michelle; and a woman from Lucious’ past reenters the picture. Meanwhile, Hakeem, [Bryshere Y. Gray] under the influence of Camilla, hopes to show his father that he’s a true artist and a good businessman at a family gathering.

On the last episode, Cookie declared war on Anika after discovering the big, backstabbing secret that her ex-husband’s girlfriend had been keeping; at the same time, Lucious came face-to-face with a longtime rival; and Jamal cozied up to a famous artist when he and his brothers take drastic measures to save Empire Entertainment. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Andre forms a new musical relationship with Michelle (guest star Jennifer Hudson), and a woman from Lucious’ past, Angie (guest star Mary J Blige), comes into the picture. Meanwhile, Lucious invites the whole family over to his home. However, everyone arrives with their own agendas. Hakeem, under the influence of Camilla (guest star Naomi Campbell), sets out to show his father that he’s a true artist and a good businessman. Then, Cookie prepares to state her own agenda for Empire and for her family, when Olivia (guest star Raven-Symoné) arrives.”

Don’t forget to join us for our live recap tonight at 9:00 pm when Empire airs on Fox. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#Empire starts with Cookie talking to Andre who has been committed. She says Lucious can’t be there because of work. Andre thinks back to a party at his dad’s house when they were younger and Cookie was still in jail. His dad was playing piano and singing with Mary J Blige. Andre’s shrink Dr Sirak and he has Michelle the music therapist there. Cookie tells Andre that mama will put a lid on that but Michelle says it’s very helpful for bipolar patients.

Hakeem and Jamal tell Andre that they’re proud of him for helping with the IPO. Cookie asks what’s this about bipolar. She says music therapy and bipolar are white people problems. She tries to blame Rhonda. Cookie says he can beat it. Andre says he was diagnosed his junior year of college. We see him come in with a bunch of gifts for everyone acting crazy. He says it’s Christmas in July. He hands out presents acting crazy and Jamal acts what’s wrong with him.

Cookie says she’s so sorry she wasn’t there for him and says the IPO is all happening because of him. Hakeem says Lucious still needs him. Andre thinks back to Cookie telling them goodbye before she’s sentenced and saying she loves him. Cookie’s crying and says he won’t talk. Rhonda says she knows. Vernon is surprised that Lucious is giving Cookie equal shares with the sons and he says it will help grease the way to her singing the pre-nup so they can remarry.

Lucious says nothing is more important than family and Vernon says, in that case, he needs to go to the hospital to see him. Lucious says he, Lola and Cookie are going to be a family. Vernon says he can’t believe they’re going to take this public after all these years. Lucious won’t say “we” and says he did this, not Vernon. Lucious says they tried to pull a coup on him and he expected it from Andre but says since Vernon is from the streets too, he thought he knew better.

Vernon packs up the papers and says it’s all Lucious like he said. Malcolm comes to see Cookie in her office. She’s researching bipolar disorder online. He asks if they can talk and she asks if she violated some security code. He says he violated his own personal code of conduct. She says she’s not one to judge. Malcolm says he’s been disloyal to his commander by falling for his wife. He says he’s going to keep his distance from her. Cookie asks if he’s falling for her and Malcolm admits he can’t stop thinking about her and says sorry if he over-stepped.

She steps up for a kiss. She asks if he wants to leave. He pushes her up against the door and kisses her thoroughly. Jamal is in the studio recording. Ryan watches from the booth. He’s singing a song about loving Lola. He’s thinking about playing with his little girl while he sings. He comes out and Ryan says it was good and it’s a beautiful song. Then Ryan asks if it’s just the song or is that really him. Jamal says he doesn’t think Lola should be staying with his dad and thinks he should take her off his hands. Ryan says he respects that Jamal wants his kid.

Jamal says he’s not asking him to co-parent and Ryan makes it clear that’s something he doesn’t want to take on. Jamal says Ryan’s decision doesn’t change his desire to raise his daughter. Reg finds Olivia at the bus station and asks where Lola is. He pulls her away and says she and Lola both belong to him and says they’re going to go get the little girl. She begs him to stop. Hakeem is at a photo shoot with Camilla shooting. He says he can’t focus because he’s worried about Andre and didn’t like that Lucious didn’t come to the hospital.

Camilla tells him he needs to keep his eye on the prize and she wants to take charge of his look. She says they’re a team. She tells him they are like Antony and Cleopatra and says he’s the perfect partner to launch her men’s line. Rhonda asks Andre if he’s ready to sign the papers and show what he achieved. Andre says he’s not going. He says this is who he is but his dad doesn’t want to see him like this. She says he’s worked too hard to win but he says he doesn’t care about winning. Rhonda tells him she needs him but he shoves her away. He says he’s giving her proxy and she can sign for the shares. He says she can pick it up at the front desk and get the hell out of there.

Lola tells Jamal she’s not sleepy when he tucks her in. She says the Scary Bird is going to get her and he says he won’t let her get her. Lola says Scary Bird hurts mommy. Jamal asks if she wants to come live at his house. She says yes and hugs him. Lucious gets short with his nurse. Cookie looks over the papers about the stock shares. Lucious comes in and says she’s now the head of A&R for Empire. She asks what he’s talking about. He says whatever Cookie wants, she gets. She says she wants him to be a better father and less self-serving.

She says she wants to produce him and Lucious agrees. He starts to ask her something else but then Jamal comes in and interrupts. Vernon is at Leviticus when Olivia and Reg comes in. He’s doing drugs at the table. Olivia comes to the VIP section to talk to him and brings Reg along. Vernon says a lot of people have been looking for her. Vernon tells them to sit after asking who Reg is. Reg says Olivia told him that Vernon knows where Lola is. Lucious’ hand shakes when he pours a drink and Jamal says it looks like it’s getting worse.

Jamal says he’s going to take Lola but Lucious says she doesn’t need to be raised in that kind of lifestyle. Lucious says he should want what’s best for Lola. Jamal asks what if Lola has a trait that he doesn’t want to look at. He thinks back to Andre being taken away from the family home but won’t hear that Andre has psychological problems. Lucious tells Rhonda not to say anything about this at school. Lucious rants at the doctor that his son does not have a mental illness. Now, we see Malcolm get a security alert from Cookie and he calls her.

She says she needs to report a code violation. She thinks he has a camera on her and is ready to pose provocatively. She says she’s not wearing any panties and he says he wants to handcuff her. Lucious comes in and she ends the call abruptly. He says Jamal wants to take the baby and Cookie says he needs to let him do the right thing. Hakeem comes in with Camilla and says he has a new song to play. Cookie cracks a joke at her expense but Camilla asks her to be civil for Hakeem’s sake. They leave the room and Cookie says Camilla has her drawers around her baby’s neck and he can’t breathe.

They look at the photos Camilla took of Hakeem. Jamal says he looks chic. Hakeem mentions the Antony and Cleopatra thing and Jamal says those two died at the end. The notary is there but Cookie says they can’t sign without Rhonda and Andre there. Camilla tells them that Hakeem limiting himself to rapping isn’t a good idea. She says Hakeem is developing other sounds and he plays a song. He plays a rap song laid on top of the melody of Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner. It’s pretty cool. Jamal is all into it. Cookie and Lucious look askance.

He sings about age being nothing but a number. Lucious tells Camilla later that the song was beautiful and he didn’t expect that from Hakeem. She says he will surprise Lucious. He takes her into his study and asks if she loves his son. He asks how much. She says you can’t quantify it. Lucious says she’s not there for nothing and knew she’d get a reaction by showing up. He says her coming to his house on this night is not for nothing. He clicks the locks on the door by remote and she says he can’t keep her in there. He tells her to sit and says Hakeem has been jumpy lately.

Lucious asks how much it will cost to make her disappear now. Camilla says no amount of money will make her go. He says pulling the IPO before he dies is critical and he investigated her and knows her finances are screwed and she’s even selling her clothes to get by. Lucious says he’s making Hakeem in his image and says God didn’t need no help and neither does he.

Vernon talks to Reg and Olivia and she says she wants Lola back and misses her. Rhonda shows up and Cookie asks where Andre is. She tells her to ask her husband and Cookie says she has no husband. Malcolm is there and says Lucious called him. Hakeem and Jamal go to check on Lola who had a nightmare. Jamal says he wrote a song for her and will sing it for her. He sings while Hakeem beat boxes. They get her back to sleep. Lucious tells Malcolm to escort Camilla to the airport and says he’ll have her airport packed. She says as soon as he’s dead, she’ll take the first flight back.

She tears up the check. Lucious says Hakeem will forget her in a month. She says he’ll be in a wheelchair soon pooping into a colostomy bag and she wishes him a miserable death. Camilla leaves. Lucious comes back out with the others to sign and is miffed to see Rhonda there. Rhonda isn’t happy to see that he only has 750,000 shares instead of a million. Cookie asks what he’s taking from Andre. He says he did it to give it to Cookie. Rhonda asks how may shares he gave up. He says all of the shares were his to start with.

Hakeem comes in and finds them arguing then asks where Camilla is. Next thing Vernon is there looking a little sloppy and high and says – let’s get this party started. He has Olivia and Reg with him. Camilla is crying in the car while Malcolm drives her to the airport. He hands her a tissue and she thanks him. Andre is with the music therapist (played by Jennifer Hudson) and she plays the piano and sings to him. Lucious asks why Vernon would bring these people into his house and he reminds Lucious that she’s Olivia’s mother.

Vernon says he always does the right thing and Lucious asks who Reg is. Vernon says all he knows is that he wanted her to get her baby back. He says he’ll go find out and Lucious snaps and asks what’s wrong with him. He asks if he’s doing drugs again and tells him to go home and get himself together. Andre tells Michelle that music won’t do it tonight and says his meds aren’t helping either. She says she knows something that might and closes and locks the door. She kneels by him and says it may be against hospital rules. She asks him to pray with her.

He thought she was going for a kiss but she asks him to just try it. He says he doesn’t pray but asks her to pray for him. She offers her hands and he takes them. She looks him in the eyes and begins to pray. Cookie asks Reg how he knows Vernon and Olivia. He says he and Olivia go way back. Hakeem asks Lucious again where Camilla is. His dad says she left for Malcolm to go to the airport. He says he asked him how much money it would take for her to leave. Hakeem asks if she took the money and he asks what Hakeem thinks.

Cookie looks at the crow tattooed on Reg’s arm and Jamal says that’s who Lola is scared of. She says help me. Reg pulls a gun and says Olivia is his. Reg says he’s going to kill Jamal for knocking her up and he steps closer and says to do it. Lucious steps up and says he’s Lola’s father. He says he put the baby in Olivia, not Jamal. Everyone is stunned. He tells Reg to shoot him. Reg asks Olivia if it’s true. Cookie goes for the gun and Reg ends up putting the gun to her head. Lucious says Olivia was lonely and Jamal wouldn’t touch her so he took advantage.

Lucious says to kill him because he deserves it. He says he let the mother of his children rot in jail and just ran off a con artist trying to take advantage of Hakeem. Then Reg goes down. Malcolm was there and put him down like a bad dog. Cookie tells Lucious she wishes he had shot him instead. Hakeem and Jamal glare at their dad who says he just saved all their asses. Jamal talks to Olivia who says she left because she knew Jamal didn’t want to be with her. She says Jamal could be Lola’s daddy but probably not. She says she knew he’d take care of Lola.

Olivia says Reg told her that he would kill her and Lola both. Cookie says she left her baby to save her and that’s all right. Olivia says with Reg gone, she can now be the best mother she can be. Jamal tells Lola to say bye to everyone. Rhonda gives her a hug then tells Andre to not be sad. She tells Hakeem not to be mad. She hugs Cookie who tells her to be good to her mom so she can grow up strong. Jamal goes last and Lola asks if she’s still a Lyon. He says she is and she leaves him her stuffed animal so he won’t be scared. Olivia takes her daughter and leaves.

Cookie goes to see Lucious at his request. He says he had a lot to say to her last night that he didn’t get to. She says after last night he should leave it unsaid. He says he doesn’t know how much time he has left but wants it to be with her. He asks her to be his wife again and says they built this together. Cookie says when she first got out of jail she had a stupid fantasy about them getting back together. He says he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to make it right. She tells him he destroys everything he touches and says look what he did at their sons.

He says he can do better but Cookie says he just doesn’t want to die alone and walks out. Cookie goes to talk to Malcolm and he asks if she’s okay. She asks him to take her somewhere they can be alone together. He says they can do that.