Fear The Walking Dead Recap – The Culling Begins: Season 1 Episode 4 “Not Fade Away”

Fear The Walking Dead Recap - The Culling Begins: Season 1 Episode 4 "Not Fade Away"

Fear The Walking Dead airs on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday September 20, season 1 episode 4 called “Not Fade Away” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Madison (Kim Dickens) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) witness different sides of the National Guard.

For those of you who don’t know, this show is a spin-off and the start of the zombie takeover depicted in “The Walking Dead.”

On the last episode, Travis, Liza and Chris sought refuge with the Salazar family after escaping a violent riot. Meanwhile, Madison defended her home. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Madison and Travis witness different sides of the National Guard’s occupation of their neighborhood.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 1 episode 4 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from this spin-off.

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#FearTWD begins with Nick floating in the pool, Travis out for a run. Travis jogs up to a fence that’s been put up with soldiers outside patrolling. Chris films and says it’s day nine since the fence went up and everything outside the fence is dead. He says they’re grateful to the men and women in green that protect and feed them. He says anything you take, nature takes back. He spots something of interest on his camera screen. It’s someone signaling from outside the fence.

Madison looks at the clock where they’ve marked when the power goes off and comes back on. She tells Alicia they have to repaint the family room to cover the rest of the blood. Travis comes back from his run and they wonder why the power isn’t back on at the time promised. Then it flickers to life and he says Moyers is making an announcement and asked him to attend. Madison gets snippy about her house being a refugee camp and Alicia’s room being an ICU.

He says Liza is helping people and Madison says Travis is out playing man of the people. Alicia yells and says none of this is normal. She leaves with Ofelia. On the roof, Chris signals back with a mirror. Travis tells him to get down and help Madison. He tells Travis to look and shows him the video and says someone is out there but Travis says the sun if just reflecting off something. He tells him to stop and go help Madison. Chris gets down off the roof.

Madison tells Nick she found a pill on the counter. He says he’s good and doesn’t need it. She tells him to come take it but he says he doesn’t need it. He says to give it to Griselda. She says they need to wean him off slowly. She leaves it for him and says don’t be a hero. He says no chance of that then asks if she’s okay. She goes back inside. Moyers is the CO and he announces they are infect free for a six mile radius. He reads that the Hazmat teams are disposing of hazardous materials.

He cautions that no one can breach the gate, says curfew is in force and medical checks will continue. Others demand to know where the people outside the fence are and Moyers says there are 12 camps out there and says they’re lucky to get to stay in their homes and ride this out. He says be nice so I don’t need to shoot you. A soldier asks Ofelia’s name and flirts then hands her ratios. Alicia gets theirs. Moyers asks Travis to talk about Doug Thompson who’s giving them trouble.

Travis says he doesn’t really know the guy but Moyers says he needs to talk him down or he’ll have to take him down. They head inside the Thompson’s house. The kids are in bio suits and his wife says Doug has been acting strange since dinner last night. She says she thinks it’s better if it’s someone he knows that talks to him. Travis knocks on the door and calls out Doug’s name.

He’s in the bathroom and Travis asks what’s going on and says his family is worried.

Doug says he can’t do it. Alicia comes back with rations and sees Chris and her mom painting the wall. Doug says the kids keep asking if everything will be okay and he doesn’t have any answers for them. Travis says just to tell them it’s going to be okay. Doug says they might know he’s lying. Travis says he needs to go show the guard he’s okay and says his family needs him. Alicia goes to the neighbor’s house and tears down the crime scene tape and goes inside. She sees a bottle of pills overturned and empty.

She looks at a picture she drew for Susan when she was little and then reads a note that was left on the night stand. She starts crying. Travis talks Doug into getting his med check then heads outside. Liza checks in on a patient and tells the wife that he’ll be okay. The woman offers soup and asks her to stay but Liza says she has other people to check on. The woman sends her with some soup to go and says she doesn’t know what she would have done without her checking on Hector.

Nick hears Liza leaving and gets out of the pool. He goes to peek and then sees the woman leave the house to check her garden. Madison and Chris paint and Chris says he thinks someone is out there who needs help. She says that person would go to the soldiers but he says maybe they can’t or won’t. He shows her the video and she sees it. Nick goes to Hector’s room and we see he took the morphine IV and put it into his foot. He lies under the bed getting high while Hector suffers.

Ofelia sits kissing a soldier who ignores a radio call from command. He says he can’t stop thinking about her and tries to undo her bra. She tells him to slow up then says sorry. She asks if he got the medicine her mom needs and he says they’re stockpiling for when they take back the city. Later, Madison and Travis have sex in the car and then she gets dressed while he asks what’s going on. She says there’s no news and Vivian heard soldiers talking about quarantine camps near Barstow.

He says she’s driving herself nuts, hovering, cleaning and watching the kids like a hawk. She says Nick needs watching then says he should pay more attention to Chris. Travis hugs her and tries to make peace. She says he showed her the video and Travis says Chris has a big imagination but she says she saw what Chris saw and thinks it was a signal. Travis asks if he’s supposed to tell Moyers that his kid saw the light. Madison says the soldiers aren’t delivering what they promised.

She says there’s no medicine and says maybe they haven’t brought the phones back up because they don’t want them talking. Maria knocks on the door and she says Doug is gone. She asks what he said to Doug and he says nothing. Maria says Doug took his car and drove away and says they’re not allowed to drive inside the fence. Travis calms them down then walks them home. Madison signals with a light in the direction Chris indicated. Travis is out for a run when he sees Doug’s car down against the fence. Travis curses. Someone signals back.

Travis tells Moyers about Doug and his car. They tell him they found Doug crying in his car. Moyers says he’s a head case and they can’t have him around camp. Travis agrees they guy wasn’t on point. Moyers says he sent him to HQ to get help. He calls Travis, Mr Mayor, and says it’s his job to notify next of kin, not his. Travis tells him about Chris seeing the signal from the DZ but Moyers says there’s no one out there and they already went house to house. He dismisses him. Liza comes to check on Cynthia and sees Hector’s bed is empty.

A woman is there, Dr Bethany Exner, and Cynthia says she came from the government. Liza asks where she took Hector and says she wants to see him. Bethany asks to talk to Liza in private and Cynthia says she has to go pack. Liza asks where she’s going and Bethany says she wants to be with her husband. She asks Liza about using the morphine drip then says she already met four other patients that said she was helping then says it’s impressive considering she’s not actually a nurse. Liza says she lied so they would let her help and Bethany says she understands.

Bethany asks if she’ll keep pretending to be a nurse for now. Madison takes bolt cutters and finds an unmanned section of the fence and cuts it to sneak out. She finds a board there covered in missing person notices. She keeps going. She smells death, hears flies buzzing and sees spray painted warnings of “no evac.” Bodies are in the streets and up against houses. She sees a tank coming and soldiers and crawls under a car to hide where she sees there’s a dead body there with blue safety gloves on.

The soldiers march by with gas mask type head gear on and Madison lies still until they pass. Liza takes Bethany to see Daniel’s wife Griselda. Bethany says they need to take her to a nearby facility for treatment and he insists on going along. Bethany says this is fine. Griselda is worried but Daniel comforts her. Outside, Liza introduces Nick to Bethany and asks if he needs methadone. He says he’s already kicked it and she asks when he last used.

Nick says a couple of days before the world ended. Travis shows up and introduces himself. Nick says he’s fine but Liza is a narc for telling Bethany he’s a dope fiend. Travis asks if she decides who goes to the facility and asks about Doug Thompson. Bethany says he’s in good hands just like Griselda will be. Bethany says Hector’s congestive heart disease is manageable. Nick looks concerned. We see Alicia giving herself a homemade tattoo based on her BF’s drawing.

Madison comes back and tells Daniel she went outside the fence. He tells her about Bethany then asks what she saw. Madison says there are bodies of the infected but there was a man shot with the others but he wasn’t sick. She says there were others dead that weren’t sick. Daniel tells her when he was young, some men came from the government to their town and took people away. He says his father asked when they would return and was told, they always come home. Daniel says they did.

He says he found the bodies in the river when he was fishing. He says his father told him not to hate and says men do evil because of fear. Daniel says he thought his father was a fool for thinking there was a difference. He tells Madison she must be prepared. He says she needs to look after Ofelia for him and says he’s going with Griselda. She agrees and he thanks her. He tells her to keep Nick close. Later, Madison is on the street and looks around.

Nick is at the neighbor’s searching their house. Madison finds him there. He asks what she wants him to say. Madison slaps his face several times. She gets physical with him and slaps him a bunch and says he has no idea. She leaves him hunched in the corner. Alicia asks Nick what happened to his face but he locks her out of the bathroom and says to go away. Travis comes to help but Alicia says she has it. She asks if he wants Mom and he lets her in finally.

Alicia comes in and shuts the door and asks who did it to him. He’s near tears and she hugs him. Madison is in the garage boozing. Travis starts to come inside but then they hear a vehicle outside and soldiers shouting. The soldiers have come for Griselda. Daniel tells Ofelia he doesn’t know how long they’ll be gone and Liza tells Travis they have to get Griselda out and to surgery so she doesn’t lose her foot. The soldiers also want to take Nick. Alicia tells her brother to run.

He does but they grab him. Madison says he’s not sick. Bethany tells Liza she should come with them to help. Liza says she has a son but Bethany talks her into going. Liza gets onto the truck as Christ watches. Madison comes out upset and wants to know where Nick is. He’s in the trick with Liza and then they’re gone. Madison comes back inside and tells Travis it was Liza that did this. She storms away into the garage and slams the door.

Alicia reads the note Susan left for Patrick that said she loved him and that she saw something today from a prophecy and that it’s overdue. She says she’ll see him soon. Travis goes to the roof and sits and he sees the signal then sees flashes of gunfire and hears shots. The person he told Moyers about has been wiped out by the military.