Fear The Walking Dead Recap – Gruesome Final Solution: Season 1 Episode 5 “Cobalt”

Fear The Walking Dead Recap - Gruesome Final Solution: Season 1 Episode 5 "Cobalt"

Fear The Walking Dead airs on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday September 27, Season 1 episode 5 called “Cobalt” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, The National Guard’s plan for the neighborhood and its residents is revealed.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is the start of the zombie takeover depicted in “The Walking Dead” is explored in this spin-off.

On the last episode, Madison and Travis witnessed different sides of the National Guard’s occupation of their neighborhood. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “The National Guard’s plan for the neighborhood and its residents is revealed, forcing Travis and Madison to make a difficult decision.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 1 episode 4 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from this spin-off.

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#FearTWD begins with a detention center run by the government. A man talks about being a closer and says he can sell anything except insurance and says he can’t stomach. He blathers on to a man who sits hunched over crying. It looks like Doug the guy who drove his car to the fence and climbed over. The man tells him to buck up and asks if the picture is his wife. Doug says Maria. The guy asks if she kept herself up and then says his luck is changing. He tells Doug with a body like that, Maria can latch on to a man who can help her through this. Doug sobs openly now and throws himself at the fence.

He begs and the soldiers open the gate and take him away. The man says he doesn’t know what came over Doug. He goaded him on purpose. Now he moves on to Nick and asks who the hell are you. Ofelia throws bottles at the fence and then tells the others that the soldiers are not there to protect them but to keep them inside. She rants and says she wants her mother. Andrew, the guy who was shagging Ofelia, asks what’s going on then tries to stop the sergeant who says he came to take care of this. Andrew says Ofelia just wants her mom and he asks to handle it. The sergeant says he’d better.

Andrew goes to walk Ofelia home and their boss tells the sergeant to stop him but Andrew doesn’t stop. Travis tells Madison he needs to go talk to Moyers. Chris comes in and he asks if slept. He asks what’s the plan and shouldn’t he be part of the discussion. Chris tells Madison he wasn’t talking to her then tells Travis if it was Madison they took, he’d be chewing through the chains. Chris is upset and asks why Liza got on the truck voluntarily. Travis tells him to be strong and says she went to help people. He hugs Chris who sniffles and Travis tells him to apologize to Madison because he was out of line.

Chris tells him to go be with his family then slams the door after he leaves the room. Travis tells Madison to tell Chris he went to get his mom and Madison says – and Nick – he says nothing but hugs her. We see Liza stitching someone up in a makeshift hospital. Dr Exner says she’s a quick study then says she’s been losing nurses. Liza asks what happened to the others. Liza asks about Griselda and when she can talk to her son. Exner says they had to take her foot then she asks about Nick. Exner says he’s fine and they have work to do. Madison finds a note under the covers in one of the bedrooms.

She goes looking for Alicia in the other house. She finds a flashlight then hears a thumping sound and also grabs a knife. She goes down into the dark basement and then hears the noise again. She heads down the basement hallway and the flashlight flickers off then on again. She opens the door and finds that Ofelia and Daniel have Andrew tied up with his mouth taped. Madison asks what they’re doing and Daniel says this is how they bring them back home. Andrew is upset and says he understands they’re worried. He says they will be evaluated, treated and returned.

Madison asks when and he says soon and says it wasn’t right the way it was handled. Andrew says it wasn’t him that took them. Madison asks where they are and he says he can help and wants to. Maddy says to answer the question. Ofelia says he doesn’t know. She goes upstairs and Ofelia says now they have something to trade but Daniel says once they find out he’s missing they will make a deal. Ofelia sides with her father and says it’s the only thing they understand. Maddy asks Daniel if it was his idea. She says they won’t trade and once Ofelia leaves, he says the soldier has info.

He says Andrew knows where they are and the security and how much time they have left. He says he’s seen it before – people taken on trucks never come back. She says not to hurt Andrew and he says to go home. Moyers tells Travis that he’s going to be straight with him and says doing knock knock raids on civilians is no fun and his troops are little kids who want to go home to mama. He says this is better than places where they shoot back. Moyers says he understands since Travis is a teacher then shows him the skulls painted on a Humvee and says they killed 83.

Travis asks if he can get his people back or not. Moyers says he can’t concern himself with civilian problems. Travis says if those people don’t come back soon, they are going to have a big problem then says that’s a lot of people from a tight-knit community. Moyers asks if that’s a threat and Travis says it’s information. He says they’re going to take him to Exner. The leader of first squad says they’re banged up and lost another last night. He says they’ve been up 50 hours. He hands him a hankie and says he can cry into it. Daniel tells Andrew not to blame Ofelia and says she cares for him.

Andrew says he cares for Ofelia too. Daniel tells him she’s the only pure thing he’s ever had in his life and says she’s innocent. He says Ofelia made him promise that he wouldn’t hurt him and would swap him for her mother. Daniel takes off his shirt and says that won’t happen. Andrew tells him they set up a field hospital at a community college. Andrew keeps talking as Daniel unwraps a leather satchel with some razors. Andrew says he’s an open book and will talk. Daniel says he knows. Travis listens to the soldiers talk and they mock him for going all the way downtown to get strangers.

Travis asks what’s wrong with his face – he has a black eye. The guy says – momentary lapse of duty. They stop when they spot something and look through a scope and say – she’s a ripe one. They spot her moving in a window. The spotter says three points. Moyers takes aim with the sniper rifle. Travis says he’s a bad shot and Moyers says Helen Keller could make the shot. Moyers says he sleeps in a cozy bed with his pretty wife and eats their MREs. He asks Travis is he thinks she’s human and if he does, he must think they are all a bunch of murderers. Travis says that’s not it.

Travis goes to the rifle and the soldier advises him to put it into his shoulder and open his mouth so the 50 cal rifle won’t pop his retina. Travis sees the girl has on a name badge, gray skin and one arm gone. She’s definitely an infected creature. He sees her name is Kimberly. He steps away from the rifle and Moyers says – that’s what I thought. Moyers steps into his spot and takes the shot. She goes down hard from a head shot that shatters the glass door. They load back into the Humvee as they hear more shots on the radio. They take off at top speed.

Exner is treating a soldier who has a chest contusion. She asks Liza what it is and she says collapsed lung. She steps back from a soldier with bite marks and Exner tells the soldiers to take him. She sees them turn on some type of gas on the bitten soldier. Exner says more wounded are on the way in. Travis is told they have to stop and help another squad and he’s to stay in the truck. They pull up and stop the Humvee. He says he thought the area was evacuated. Another soldier tells Travis no matter what, stay in the truck. They head into the fray and Travis hears gunshots.

He hears more gunfire and screams on the radio. Someone says “too many.” Someone fell out a window. Daniel is interrogating Andrew and talks to him about his past. He tells Andrew he was young when they took him to a room and put him in a chair and a man with a blade made him suffer. He says it changed both their lives forever. He says he was given a chance which man would he be. We see Daniel wiping blood from his blade and his shirt is bloody. Andrew says – please stop. Daniel asks him what cobalt means – a word the soldiers are using. Andrew’s arm is sliced up.

Daniel tells him the outer layers have less nerves and the deeper he goes, the more sensitive it will be and the more pain. He asks again what cobalt is and Andrew says he doesn’t know. Daniel cuts deeper. Alicia asks Chris if he has no respect for private property as he lies on a car. Chris asks if that bike is hers. She dings the bell and says this is her jurisdiction and asks if he wants to talk about it. She tells him to hop on the bike so she can show him something. They are at a rich person’s house. She’s trying on clothes and he’s flying a mini helicopter. She says these little bastards had the childhood they deserved.

She puts on an evening gown and makeup. He sees her in the mirror and notices how pretty she looks. He turns around awkwardly. She smiles at herself. Strand, the guy who was tormenting Doug, is told by soldiers to come to the fence. They check his temperature – he’s fine but Nick has a fever. Strand says the boy isn’t sick but they come in to get him anyway. Strand points to the watch he gave Melvin. He offers Melvin a gold cufflink in exchange for the boy and says he’ll keep an eye on him. Melvin demands both cufflinks and Strand hands it over. They dump Nick back into the fenced area with Strand.

Travis ignore instructions and gets out of the truck. The men throw grenades into the building and run away. Looks like Moyers may be dead and they tell Travis they’ll drop him off a couple of blocks from home then they’re headed home to San Diego. Madison sees an upset Ofelia running out of the other house then sees the blood on Daniel’s shirt. He tells Madison that Ofelia was 9 when she asked about the war and why they couldn’t go home. He says he told her in detail about the violence and suffering. He washes his hands. He says he told her everything except which man he was.

He cries and says it was necessary then and it’s necessary now to survive. Looks like he was the man who took people away on the truck and that’s why he knows they don’t come back. Madison asks if Andrew told them what they need to know. Liza pokes around the facility and finds the chained in quarantine area. She sees Griselda in a room with her foot gone and tries to wake her. Exner is there and says she’s sedated. She tells Liza that Griselda has septic shock. She says sometimes all they can do it not enough. Liza calls to Griselda and her eyes open.

Alicia asks Chris where did they go when they look at family photos at the house they’re hanging out in. She asks if he wonders and he says no. She’s in an evening gown and diamonds. She pulls a cover off a grand piano and says they were real people who built a whole life there. Chris breaks something. She finishes off a bottle of champagne and smashes it. He grabs a fireplace poker and they start smashing things. They wreck the room and she smiles at him. Travis walks down the street towards the house. He finds Ofelia sitting outside crying.

He comes into the house calling for Maddy and she says she’s glad he’s okay. He asks if she knew what Daniel was going to do. She doesn’t answer. He demands to know if she knew. Daniel is with Andrew who is talking about how fast they turned. He says 2,000 just trampled each other. He says they couldn’t get out and they couldn’t tell the infected from humans. He says he can still hear them. Daniel asks what he did. He says they locked them in the arena and he chained the doors. Daniel says he believes him and pats the boy on the shoulder. Travis comes in and Daniel says to tell him about cobalt.

Andrew says cobalt is a command code to initiate evac from LA. Travis asks when do they leave. Andrew says – not you, just us. Maddy says to tell what happens to their people. Andrew says everyone in quarantine will be humanely terminated. Travis asks when and Andrew says 9 am tomorrow. Nick vomits and Strand says he was just wishing they had something to mask the smell of urine and Nick saved the day. Nick asks Strand why he saved him – Strand says he obligated him. He tells Nick they’ve returned to the old rules and the ones who one last time are about to become the buffet.

He says the frequent flier miles and latte crowd won last time. He says Nick is someone who will do what he has to. Nick says he’s an addict. Strand says Nick is a heroin addict and that’s the gold standard. He tells him the soldiers are leaving and he needs someone with Nick’s talents when he makes his move. He opens his hand to show Nick he has a key. They sit quietly side by side. Alicia and Chris duck out of the way when they see a truck roll by filled with stuff. Chris says they’re not patrolling. Alicia says something is wrong. Griselda speaks Spanish and says she came with them because she was stupid.

She says she saw the Devil’s face. Exner asks what she’s saying and Liza says it makes no sense. Griselda talks about the men coming with ropes and Exner says her brain is swelling. Griselda says take my flesh, I know your nature and you know mine. She gasps and then she dies. Exner checks her pulse with a stethoscope. She’s dead. Exner says time varies from person to person but they all come back. She has a pneumatic bolt pistol they use with livestock and tells Liza that traumatic brain injury is the only thing that stops the turn. She hands the gun to Liza who puts it to Griselda’s head.

She fires the bolt into her head. A bit of blood trickles out. Daniel ducks back from the fence when he sees military trucks driving by. He climbs stairs to the arena where they said the zombies were chained. The doors bulge as the infected press against it. The arena is huge – the doors swell with the pressure of the infected inside struggling to get out. That’s it for episode five – the next episode is the season finale.