Finding Carter Recap 11/10/15: Season 2 Episode 18 “She’s Come Undone”

Finding Carter Recap 11/10/15: Season 2 Episode 18 "She's Come Undone"

Tonight on MTV Finding Carter returns with an all new Tuesday November 10, season 2 episode 18 called, “She’s Come Undone,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, everything comes to light.

On the last episode Carter and Ben squared off over secrets and lies; Elizabeth learned the truth about Carter; and Carter fought to earn the trust of those around her. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Everything comes to light for Carter, Taylor, Max and Ben at a house concert.”

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#FindingCarter begins with Ben freaking out over an unconscious Olivia. Carter tries to help then says she needs a hospital but he says they can’t do that. Lori is there and checks on her. 10 hours earlier, Liz hands Carter a mug of coffee and she asks how old Jared is. Carter lies and says he’s 22. Liz says mixing work and pleasure is a bad idea. She says older men have different expectations about everything. Liz says they might not take things as seriously as you. Carter says it’s not an issue.

Liz says everything is different when you’re out of school with responsibilities. She says she doesn’t want Carter to get her feelings hurt. Carter scoffs. Liz kisses her on the head and says be careful. Carter tells her there’s nothing between she and Jared. Taylor eye rolls then later says no way does Jared look 22. Taylor asks Carter to promise again not to say anything and not tell mom or Max. Taylor says Max would want to know but Taylor just wants to forget her almost-rape on campus.

Taylor talks about her first overnighter with Jared tonight and asks what she’s going to do. Carter says they’re going out and maybe dinner. She says she’s finally getting to see his apartment then says she’s good nervous about him. Carter says the official story is she’s with her. Taylor says Ben is bringing his foster sister Olivia to the concert tonight. Carter says Ben is still not happy with her. Gabe shows up to the house and Max is there too. Taylor says they have to study and they head upstairs.

Max goes back to work in the basement but is unsure. Upstairs, Taylor tells Gabe they did enough – they reported the guy. Gabe thinks she’s in denial but she says she wants it in her past and asks him to push it away. He agrees to follow her lead. Liz doesn’t like the idea of a spend-the-night house concert. Taylor reassures her that it’s safe and it’s just music geeks. She’s not pleased but the girls leave anyway. Later, Carter and Jared make out in his office. There’s a knock and it’s Ben who is there for the car.

Jared tells Ben he’ll have some stuff for him to do soon then shuts the door in his face. Carter asks why he didn’t tell him about his foster sister and she says she’s on the list so his sister can use her name to get in. Carter comes back into the office and Jared says it’s all good with Ben. He starts kissing her again. At the concert, Max and Taylor come in followed closely by Gabe. Carter makes plans with Jared for dinner and says anything but pizza. He says he has to work tonight.

He says he didn’t realize she thought this was a real date. He says he thought she was hanging out here. She puts on her jacket and says she’ll see him later. She asks him to text her and he says – you bet. She leaves annoyed. It’s just like her mom said. The party/concert is in full swing with Ben comes in and introduces Olivia. Bird tells them all to thank Seth for getting them in. He hands out cocktails. Ben says Olivia can’t drink since she’s the designated. Taylor also turns down booze which surprises Max.

He asks if she’s okay and she says everything is fine. Gabe looks uncomfortable. Ben tells Olivia she’s only 21 days sober so he’s concerned. She says she’s glad he’s watching out for her then says she won’t mess things up again. He says he knows. Bird grabs Olivia for a walk around to look for cute boys. Grant comes in while Liz is texting David. He says Reagan is coming over and they’re doing a movie. She says she thought he was helping her paint the basement but he says he forgot.

She gets all maudlin and says kids grow up so fast. He says he and Reagan can help paint for a few minutes and she perks up. Carter shows up to the concert and the girl at the door says her name is already checked off. Carter rattles off her crazy history with Ben and her twin and the woman says – just go on in. Taylor asks why she’s here and Carter says Jared bailed. Carter says this was a bigger deal to her than him then says she acted like it was no big deal. Taylor reassures her.

Carter says she hears their mom’s voice about work and pleasure and Taylor reminds her that their mom slept with a co-worker. Ben walks up and Carter asks about the mystery sister. He calls Olivia over and introduces them. Olivia gives her a big hug and it’s kind of awkward. Ben talks to Olivia and asks her what’s up. She says she’s just excited to be there and meet everyone. He freaks out and asks if she’s drunk or high then says she has to be sober. They argue and she says he has a sweet deal.

Ben turns for a second and she’s gone. Max asks Damon what happened on the trip then Damon says ask her then says it’s none of his business and says just talk to her then walks off. Carter hears Ben in a bedroom talking to Olivia and she’s incoherent. They help her up and go into the bathroom. Carter thinks the ER is a good idea but Ben says she needs to barf and sleep. They are bringing her to Lori’s and Ben says she’s not home.

At the house, Reagan helps Ben and Liz move stuff around to paint and she asks about the book and about Lori. Reagan tells Liz she should write a book and Liz says pizza first then goes to call. Reagan tells Grant his mom is amazing. Olivia vomits while Carter holds her hair. Olivia says she’s embarrassed then says she doesn’t know what happened. Carter gives her some water and Olivia asks where’s Ben. She’s scared he’s calling her foster parents then says they’ll send her back to juvie.

Carter reassures her it’s okay and Olivia says Ben really likes Carter and thinks she’s so cool. Olivia says she was nervous to meet Carter so she had a couple of drinks then says she’s glad their sort of sisters. Olivia says she feels sick again. She asks for a moment of privacy and Carter steps out. Max approaches Taylor and asks if they can talk. The song ends and Gabe goes to get a drink. Max asks Taylor what happened on the college tour and she says nothing then why and he says Damon mentioned something.

He asks why Damon would have said that and she says she doesn’t know and ignores him. Ben tells Carter he was working for the extra money to pay for rehab for Olivia. She asks if he explained to Jared and he says no. Carter says she knows it’s more than booze with Olivia and he says that’s why he’s worried. He says sorry for telling Liz about the bar and thanks her for helping. They go check on Olivia who doesn’t answer when they knock.

The door is locked and they start to freak. Carter pries it open and they find her unconscious. We’re back to where the show started and Ben and Carter are trying to wake her up. She says hospital and he says no then Lori comes in and Ben says he doesn’t know what to do. Lori tells Ben to go buy activated charcoal. Lori starts CPR and tells Carter to just breathe. Olivia chokes to life and they stand her up. Lori says put her in the shower. Olivia wails and cries. Lori turns the water on her.

Liz comes in with pizza and sees a cell phone on the counter. Carter tells Lori she did great with Olivia and Lori says she did well too. Carter can’t find her phone and Lori asks if she’s expecting a call from her mom. Carter says she’s never heard her say Liz was her mom. Lori asks who’s call she’s expecting. Grant thanks Reagan for helping paint and she says she’s happy to get to hang out with him. Ben falls asleep in the bed next to Olivia. Carter watches them and looks at some pics of her and Lori that Lori has out.

She goes into the living room and sits near Lori who asks who’s the guy. Carter says the guy is great but they have a few strikes against them. She says he’s her boss and 25. She asks if Liz knows and Carter says no and says Liz is not a fan of dating older men. Lori says Liz is right to be concerned by that age difference. Carter says she thought they were having a date but he thought they were just hanging out at work. Carter says she feels like she’s in deeper than he is.

Lori asks what she likes about him then tells Carter to listen to her heart. Lori says trust herself and Carter says that’s not what Liz wants. Lori says she gets Liz’s view but then says Carter is stronger than most grown-ups. Taylor and Gabe dance and laugh while Max watches looking upset. Taylor sees him watching and then sees him turn and walk away. She runs after him and Max looks upset. Carter comes to the bar and Jared says he was trying to get hold of her.

She says she forgot her phone. He has candles and food set up with a bottle of wine. It’s very sweet. Carter says she really likes him and he says the same. They kiss. A song comes on the radio and Reagan turns it up and says she loves this song. Grant puts down his pizza and dances slow with her. They kiss. Jared brings Carter back to his place and she says wow. She checks out his stuff then they kiss. Taylor tells Max the truth but then says she didn’t because she didn’t want to upset him.

She insists she’s fine and he says he knows she’s not. She says the guy drugged her drink and she says she felt like it was her fault for drinking. She says she didn’t even know what happened until afterwards and says she’s sorry for not telling her. He tells her she can always tell him anything and he says he loves her so much. Taylor gets a call from Carter’s phone and it’s Liz who asks where Carter is. Liz freaks out and asks why she asked if something happened. Taylor covers but Liz asks where Carter is.

She says Ben’s friend got sick and Carter took her home to Lori’s. Liz is not happy to hear she’s with Lori. Carter wakes in Jared’s bed and he brings her coffee with soy milk like she likes. She says she didn’t get more than 30 minutes of sleep last night and he kisses her again. Carter heads home later and falls into bed and conks out. Taylor and Max pack up at the house concert and she goes to get them some food. Max tells Gabe that Taylor told him what happened and Max thanks him for being there for her.

Liz comes to check on Carter and puts her phone on her charger then she goes to straighten her laundry and finds the painted rock that Carter had picked up from Lori’s house that said “I love mommy.” She’s upset but puts it back where she found it. Carter comes down and Liz asks how the concert went. Carter thanks her for letting her go then says she’s sorry she didn’t check in and says she left her phone. There’s a knock and Ben is at the door. Carter comes outside.

She asks how he is and he says he’s taking Liv to rehab. She says it’s great and he says he thinks he may need to leave and take a break himself. He thanks her for helping him last night. Liz tries to listen in. He says Lori is not as bad as everyone thinks. She tells him Lori used to be a nurse and Ben says they’re lucky she came home. Carter says she’s glad she was there and it was nice to see Lori in that mode. Ben thanks her again and then leaves. Liz looks super sad.