Finding Carter Recap 4/28/15: Season 2 Episode 5 “Wake Up Call”

Finding Carter Recap 4/28/15: Season 2 Episode 5 "Wake Up Call"

Tonight on MTV Finding Cater returns with an all new Wednesday April 28, season 2 episode 5 called, “Wake Up Call,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carter [Kathryn Prescott] is in danger of flunking out of school.

On the last episode, a stranger from Carter’s past provided new insights on Lori; and Joan interfered with Grant. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Carter is in danger of flunking out of school; Taylor discovers the truth of David’s past; tensions rise at the town fair; and Max’s new job poses a threat.”

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On #FindingCarter, Carter is cornered by Ofe and Gabe at school. They ask if she even goes to school there anymore. She says they’re funny. Ofe asks about Lori and Carter says it’s been a rough few days and says the new guidance counselor called she and her parents there. Ofe says her name is Abby and she’s hard ass. Carter meets Liz and David outside the counselor’s office and they head inside. Abby says Carter’s GPA is sliding and she’s chronically absent.

Carter admits school hasn’t been the biggest priority and says she just had to commit the woman she raised to a mental institution and was kidnapped twice. Liz says school is important but Carter insists she doesn’t need help. Abby asks if she’s taking the college test tomorrow and says it’s vital to her future. She hands her a study guide. Carter thanks them all for their time and concern and says message received. She leaves the office rolling her eyes then tosses the study guide into the trash.

She goes to see Crash at the shop to tell him about her parent issues. He says they’re just looking out for her. Carter says Lori had many faults but never got on her case about school and trusted her to figure things out. Crash introduces his Uncle Shane to her. He is nice to Carter and she asks why her family can’t be that cool. Crash says he wants to take her on a nice date tonight. She says he doesn’t have to but he insists.

Taylor and Ofe meet for a booty call in a secret room of the library. She tells him it was fun and Ofe says they hooked up five times and she runs off after each time. Taylor says she thought it was just friends with benefits but he asks her for a date to the fair. He insists she answer if she wants to go out with him. She does and he’s happy. Max and Bird are splitting bills and she says she’s short a couple hundred bucks and says her grandma is shorting her allowance to try and pressure her.

Max says he’d spot her but doesn’t have enough cash. He says she needs to cut back on entertaining and they make a plan. Taylor asks Carter for lip gloss for her date and she asks who it’s with. Taylor says Ofe and Carter says that’s a surprise but she likes it. Carter says she has a date too – Taylor isn’t happy she’s seeing Crash. She points out the outfit she thinks Carter should wear. Taylor spots a photo in her desk drawer and demands to know what it is.

It’s a pic of David undressed that Lori gave her as proof of the affair. Taylor says Lori is crazy then asks if it’s true. She looks at the photo and asks if that’s why their mom and dad split. Carter advises her to ask David and Liz. Taylor shows her dad the photo and asks if it’s true. She asks if he had an affair with Lori but he doesn’t want to answer. She says him sleeping with Carter’s kidnapper is her business but he shuts her down. Liz says it’s true and happened before Carter was kidnapped.

Carter says they didn’t tell her, she found out on her own. Grant and Taylor are furious that Carter didn’t tell them. Taylor goes to walk out and Grant asks if he can come too. She takes him and goes. Taylor tells her to have fun on her date and Carter lies and says it’s a study date. Ofe is nice to Grant and asks if he’s ready for fun. They head off. David is furious at Liz for telling the kids. He says she was trying to make him look at a bad guy. She says they got past her affair with Kyle and says the kids will be okay.

David accuses her of plotting to get the kids on his side. She says she wants the marriage to work but he scoffs and says he’s the only one working on it. Hillary shows up and Liz says maybe his date would like to weigh in on this. Liz asks David if they’re seeing other people but he says Grant told him he saw them kissing. She says Kyle tried to kiss her and she stopped it. He says he and Hillary are friends. Liz says she thinks he wants to see other people.

Hillary says she’s leaving and says it sounds like they’re having problems communicating. Liz says maybe seeing other people isn’t the worst idea and leaves. Hillary says that’s communication. Crash tells Carter about his career plan at the shop and his hopes for being manager in a few years. He says he feels like he’s going to be okay for the first time in a long time. Crash says he has a surprise after dinner. She says she doesn’t need another surprise and he says the fair.

She’s shocked and says it’s so wholesome and G rated. He says it doesn’t have to be. Bird, Max, Taylor and the crew are checking out Misterwives at the fair. Gabe and Grant are there along with Crash and Carter. She asks Taylor why she’s not talking to her. Taylor asks if their parents are getting separated over something that happened 15 years ago. They agree it doesn’t make sense – like a lot of things with their family. They run into counselor Abby at the fair.

She asks if they’re all ready for the prep test. Gabe and Ofe asks for advice on skipping versus guessing. Abby says to relax and do their best. Carter walks off with Crash and out of the conversation. She says that’s Abby the new counselor at school. Crash says she doesn’t seem so bad. He asks if Carter is taking the SATs. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it. He wants her to go into the psychic tent to see about her future. Grant strolls in the arcade.

He sees some kids from school then Reagan is there. They’re both nervous and he says he can’t believe they’re talking in person. He asks what’s up and she says not much. He says they can go to separate corners and Face Time each other. The fortune teller reads tarot cards and asks if Carter has a sister and two brothers. She says just one. She tells Carter it all looks good and says she’s a good student and committed to learning. Carter mocks her and asks why everything is a good thing from a tarot reader.

Carter goes a little postal then walks out. Crash apologizes and follows her out. Carter says everyone in her life has a plan but her including him. She stalks away. Ofe and Taylor are playing a game and he asks if she’s okay. He says she seems distracted and she says stupid family stuff. He says he grew up in a normal home – two dads, no kidnapping – but says she can talk to him about it. Taylor doesn’t want to talk about it.

Bird, Max and Gabe chat and Gabe says he thinks he can nail Abby. Bird says even she doesn’t go after teachers. Some people thank Bird and she says she rented the bumper cars. Max says she doesn’t have to buy friends and reminds her about the bills. She gets mad and leaves. Grant and Reagan are playing laser tag then she’s gone. He goes looking. Carter spots Crash chatting with Abby and tells her to stay away from her BF but Crash says he was talking to her about Carter.

Abby says he told her that Carter is the smartest person he knows. He leaves to take a call from Shane and Abby says she’s used to getting yelled at by students then says she saw the test prep book in the trash. She tells Carter that if Crash can turn his life around, she can too. Reagan is outside when Grant finds her. He accuses her of walking away and says she should pay closer attention. She says she’s got to get back to her family and leaves with hurt feelings. He feels like a jerk.

Taylor gets popcorn and finds Max outside. He asks if she’s having fun and she asks what’s bothering him. He asks her the same. They joke that they’re psychically connected. He asks what’s up with her and she says her dad had an affair with Lori before she took Carter and that’s why her parents split. He asks if she’s okay and she says she was mad they lied but now wishes she didn’t know. She says she was holding onto a fantasy her parents might get together. She says it’s hopeless.

Max tells her to have faith. Crash shows up and asks if Max can take care of a job for him tonight and says it pays $200. Max agrees since he needs the dough. They leave. Ofe won her a pink bear. Actualyl he traded some of his drugs for it and hands it over. He asks if she wanted the sabertooth but she says it’s fine and she loves it. She doesn’t look happy though. Liz is with Kyle making out on her sofa. He asks why this when she shut him down the other night.

She says she and David decided to see other people. He asks whose idea it was and she says she’s just trying to make it through the day but is glad he’s there. She hears a noise and says Carter is there. She hustles him out the back with a promise to call as Carter comes in. She heads upstairs and Liz asks if she’s been drinking. Carter says she wasn’t studying and was out with Crash. Liz is horrified and asks why she’d let him back in her life. She says Abby loves Crash and thinks he’s great.

Liz asks why she’s trying to blow her future and Carter says college was never in the plan for her. She says Lori never mentioned it and now all this pressure so she can get a score to determine the rest of her life. Carter says she has no idea what that looks like and can’t take it. She sits down to cry and Liz sits with her. She says she doesn’t know what to tell Carter. She says she doesn’t want to push her away or be Lori. Carter says Liz is definitely not Lori and Liz says not to put so much pressure on herself.

She tells Carter to take the test and see what happens. She says she has nothing to lose. Carter says she’ll bomb it and Liz says then do that and then they’ll help her prepare better next time. She tells Carter she’s not alone in this. Liz kisses and comforts her. Grant comes home upset and opens his laptop. He tries to call Reagan. He gets the message she’s not available. Hillary and David sit in her car talking about his classes and students.

He kisses her and then stops. He says he shouldn’t have done that and she says she wanted him to but he says he’s still married. Hillary says technically he’s separated and Liz says they should see other people. Hillary says she likes him but doesn’t want to break up his marriage. She says she’s in no rush and they can go slow and see what happens. Bird is with Max and he apologizes for what he said. She says he’s right and that she spends money on people to try and keep them friends.

She says money is the only reason she puts up with her parents and she’s likely the same. Max encourages her and says she doesn’t need to be an ATM to have people crazy about her. She says he’s sweet and he says he has to get to work. She thanks him for taking the job and he says he had to since someone spent all their rent money on bumper cars. David comes to see Taylor and she asks why he’s there on mom’s night. He says he wants to talk to her and sits.

David says he’s sorry for not telling her about Lori and says he should have. He asks if she has any questions. Taylor asks if he loved her and he says no. She asks how long it lasted and he says one night. He says he knew it was a mistake and it never happened again. She asks why and he says he and Liz were having issues and he says people use physical relationships to hide from problems and says he hopes it never happens to her. She looks upset – it’s happening to her now. He leaves.

Taylor looks at the pink bear from Ofe. Max waits at the shop when a car pulls up. It backs in and he closes the garage door. The guy opens the trunk and hands Max the keys. He says to make sure to lock the place up extra tight. He agrees and the guy leaves. Max watches him go and shuts the door. He unlocks the trunk and sees it’s full of drugs. Max freaks. Liz finds David in the kitchen the next morning and she asks about his date.

He says it was fine and asks how was her night. She says it was uneventful. She says she has a heart to heart with Carter and says she thinks she got through to her. They hear the door and see Carter climbing in the car with Crash and taking off. Liz is pissed. Bird gets a call from Max at the test and she thanks him for last night. Taylor hears and is jealous. Bird says Max is never moving out. Ofe sits down by Taylor who asks him for a booty call in the library.

They make out and Ofe asks if she’s okay but she insists she’s fine. She doesn’t look fine. Gabe shows up for the test and flirts with Abby. He asks if she has a BF and she says she’s not talking about her personal life with him. He doesn’t give up but she sends him on his way. She sees Liz and asks Abby why she told Carter that Crash is a great guy. Liz says he’s a criminal and a terrible influence. Abby points out that Crash is dropping Carter off for the test and asks if Liz is sure.

Crash made her an SAT care package with a snack, drink, pencils and a calculator. She says she needs all the help she can get. She says she’s thinking about how Lori never asked about school, homework and didn’t care if she cut class. She says maybe she wasn’t just being a cool mom, maybe she just didn’t care. She says Lori didn’t want to be alone so she may not have wanted her to go to college. Crash says that’s messed up and Carter says no one is more messed up than Lori. She hugs him and goes inside.

Crash gets to work and finds a Mad Max. He asks where he’s been and he asks if Crash set him up. He says the car from last night was filled with coke. Crash looks startled. Is it Uncle Shane?