Finding Carter Recap 4/21/15: Season 2 Episode 4 “Pretty When You Cry”

Finding Carter Recap 4/21/15: Season 2 Episode 4 "Pretty When You Cry"

Tonight on MTV Finding Cater returns with an all new Tuesday April 21, season 2 episode 4 called, “Pretty When You Cry,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a stranger from Carter’s [Kathryn Prescott] past provides new insights on Lori. [Milena Govich] 

On the last episode, the Wilsons celebrated Joan and Buddy’s anniversary and they soon found out the family’s secret; and Max took a job from an unlikely source. Crash tried to get back into Carter’s life, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Lori made calls from beyond prison walls, but nobody would answer her. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “a stranger from Carter’s past provides new insights on Lori; and Joan interferes with Grant.”

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On #FindingCarter, Bird and the boys are at the sanctuary making mixers. She notices that Bird is in Max’s t-shirt and she says he gave it to her then says he crashed their last night. Max comes out and hugs Carter and he says he’s been busy at his new job and says he’s working for Crash’s uncle at the body shop. Crash is there but Carter just looks at him. He tries to talk to her and she thanks him for looking after Max.

Bird says the gang is back together like old times and they all toast to old times and moving on. They hear sirens and they see it’s the FBI. She asks Bird what’s going on and the FBI says to exit the premises. Bird tells them to all get out. She tries to calm down and tells Carter everything is fine. Carter says she can stay and help her out.

The agents come bang on the door and then haul away stuff from the house. She says her parents aren’t around and the warrant says it’s massive mortgage fraud. She tries to call her parents’ lawyer and says they just packed up and left her there. Bird says she can’t believe they would leave her to face the FBI alone. Bird freaks and says she’s going to raise hell with her parents when this is over. Crash follows Carter to her car and says he was waiting to make sure things are okay.

Carter says the FBI is after Bird’s parents and everything they own. Then he asks how she is and she says flashing lights and cops don’t trigger good memories. He says he’s there if she needs anything. She tells him goodbye and leaves. Carter comes home to find Hillary, her dad’s TA at the house. Grant says she came by to drop off tomorrow’s assignment. Grant gets sassy and David sends him to his room. David asks if Carter is okay and she says there was some stuff at Bird’s, but it’s okay.

She heads upstairs and Hillary says it was nice to meet her. Carter goes to see Taylor and says Grant hates Hillary. Taylor says it’s obvious that Hillary is into their dad and Carter says their parents are just on a break and are not moving on. She asks how it was at Bird’s and Carter fills her in. Taylor says she always misses the exciting stuff. Carter says she thought Bird’s parents were shady but not FBI shady. She says Max is staying with Bird so at least she’s not alone.

Taylor asks if Bird asked him to stay there and wonders if they’re together. Carter says she doesn’t think it’s like that and says Max got a job at a garage with Crash and his uncle. Carter gets a call from someone asking her to meet them. She says it was Lori’s ex from seven years ago asking to meet for coffee. Carter meets the guy, Alan, and he asks if she remembers him. She says she does. She asks what he wants and he says Lori gave him her contact information.

Liz comes home and asks where Carter is and Taylor says she’s out for coffee. They complain they’re out of food and Liz says to use the refrigerator list. She’s not pleased to see David is still there. David says he got a late start and was up late grading papers. Grant says he was up late among other things and David mentions Hillary was there. Taylor asks how long the separation is going to last and David says they need to let things breathe.

Liz says they need a calendar to keep track of when each of them will be there. Taylor sasses them and Grant just walks off. David says he’ll get groceries while she makes up the schedule. He asks if Liz really wants to try and work things out and she says yes. The ex tells her that Lori was on mood stabilizers and would get paranoid and depressed when she went off them. He says she should feel bad for Lori but Carter isn’t having it.

He says he gets that and Carter says it’s like Lori turned into another person. He says she was off her meds when she was on the run and when she kidnapped him. He says Lori needs her help and is going to be sent to prison for a long time. He says prison is no place for someone who’s crazy and says she needs to be in a mental hospital where she can be monitored. Carter says she doesn’t remember mood swings, just a good normal mom.

Alan says Lori needs an expert witness to testify that she’s crazy. Carter says she doesn’t want Lori to suffer. Joanna comes to the house and finds Grant cleaning house. She says she came to check on how they are. Grant says this is idiotic and says either they want to be together or not. He calls his family a bunch of losers and slams the dishwasher closed. Carter goes to school and sees Bird. She pulls Carter aside and says her parents should be home soon.

She asks if Carter can keep a secret. She says her parents had her store files in the Sanctuary and want her to destroy them. She worries they’ll get in trouble if she doesn’t and that she’ll get in trouble if she does. Carter tells her about Lori’s need for an expert mental witness. Bird says they can go to her parents house and help them redecorate. Taylor sees Ofe selling drugs and then he says Bird is throwing an epic party before the feds take her place.

Alan calls and tells Lori he took care of it and says she owes him now. Carter goes to talk to Liz and says it’s about Lori. She says she’s not well mentally. Liz says that’s not surprising. Carter says according to the state, she’s competent to stand trial. She says if there’s really something wrong with her, she should go to a hospital. Liz says that’s Lori’s problem, not Carter’s. She says Lori wants her to find an expert to testify. She says Lori’s ex contacted her.

Carter says she found someone to help but it costs $2k. Liz says Lori is manipulating her. Liz says she doesn’t want Lori in their life anymore. Carter says it may be another lie but says if it isn’t and she doesn’t help, she can’t live with it. Liz says there’s a system in place to help people like Lori so they can move on with their lives and says she needs to trust that system. Joanna takes Grant out and introduces her to her friend Pat at a restaurant.

Pat asks about what’s going on at his house and says it’s good to just say what he’s feeling. He asks if she’s a shrink and Joanna says she was worried he would feel like he’s slipping through the cracks. He says she lied to him like the rest of his family and asks to order. At work, Carter comes to see Crash and she asks if his uncle might need an extra employee. He says he doesn’t think so and she says she can do anything. He asks what’s going on and Carter tells him about the expert witness Lori needs.

Crash asks when Lori came back in the picture and she says she found out some things about Lori she didn’t know and he says she’s looking for a reason to forgive her. Carter reminds him he told her to come to him for help. She walks off. At Bird’s party, Ofe brings Taylor with him. She looks around and then Max approaches her. He says he was hoping she’d come. He says Bird is just letting him stay for a couple of nights. Bird comes and says she needs Max’s muscles to help her and pulls him away.

Liz is at home reading when Joanna brings Grant back and he says she took him to a shrink. Joanna says her friend just joined them for lunch. Joanna says Grant has not been himself lately and says she’s concerned. Grant says he’s right there and can hear them. Liz sends him off to his room then lays into her mom and says she’s overstepping. She says Grant is fine but Joanna says she’s in denial. Kyle shows up and Joanna calls him one of Liz’s bad life choices.

He claims he came with a file but then hugs her and goes to kiss her. Grant lurks nearby watching. She says she can’t and Kyle tells her he misses her then leaves. Taylor finds Gabe and Ofe at the party and Ofe complains that someone swiped his stash. He calls her his girl and she asks how many drinks he’s had and he hugs her. Max sees and isn’t happy. She says she needs another drink. Carter roams the party looking around. She finds Bird staring into the fire and asks why she’s being a wallflower.

She asks Carter to sit and she asks how they’re the kids when their parents are the ones in trouble and causing problems why they’re being responsible. Carter agrees and says she always feels like she’s holding her family together. Bird and Carter drink to “adulting” and Carter asks what she’s going to do with the files. She burned them and says she did it to save herself, not her parents. Carter hugs her. Bird says it’s hot tub time. She drags Max to the hot tub and tries to pull him in with her.

Taylor is annoyed and grabs Ofe and pulls him to the sanctuary with her. She kisses him and he says he doesn’t know and asks if she’s sure. She kisses him again and that’s good enough for her. Crash finds Carter and hands her an envelope of cash. He says it should be enough for the shrink but she says she can’t take it. He says she always gives people second and third chances. He says he likes that she cares for people she loves and says the world needs more people like Carter.

He says it was his rainy day savings and he didn’t get it illegally. Grant comes to confront David and says he knows he’s hanging out with Hillary and saw mom kissing Kyle when they told them they’re working on their relationship. Grant says he doesn’t care if they stay together or break up but says they just need to be straight with them. David thanks him for letting him know but doesn’t have anything else to say. Grant walks out annoyed.

Carter comes to see Lori at the jail and has the shrink with her. She introduces her as Sophia Sing. They sit and talk but Carter is mostly observing. Joanna comes to the house and finds Grant doing homework. She offers to take him to see Pat again and says Liz doesn’t need to know. She says she’s just trying to do what’s best for him. He says he tried to talk to his dad today and it didn’t go well. Grant agrees to talk to Pat again. Joanna is pleased.

Sophia asks about the sleep aids she’s requested from the warden. Lori says she’s had a lot of doctors over the years but used fake names. Lori tries to talk to Carter. Lori asks the woman can’t she just sign the form. Sophia says she has to verify and Lori asks if she wants her to scream and pull out her hair or threaten to kill herself. She says she thinks about it every time she thinks about not seeing her daughter again. Lori says Carter knows she’s not crazy but this was the only way she could see her.

Lori says if she goes to a hospital, Carter can come see her whenever she wants. Lori begs her to tell her she forgives her and talks about when she gets out. Carter says she doesn’t seem to understand what she’s done. She says Lori isn’t getting out and things will never be the same between them. Sophia asks Carter to step out and Lori flips out. Carter says when Alan said she needed help, she wondered if it was another manipulation and she decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Carter says she’s glad she came to see her because she now knows that Lori is ill whether she knows it or not and says she’s sorry for her. Carter walks out and Lori screams in anguish. She jerks at her cuffs and completely breaks down. Hillary drops by the house with some papers for David and asks if he can go grab a beer with her and talk about the syllabus. He says there’s a new bar around the corner and they head out.

Crash is cleaning the shop when Carter shows up and says it worked. She says Lori is going to get some help. She breaks down crying and Crash goes to her and holds her while she sobs. Taylor’s phone rings and she takes the call from Ofe who asks how she’s doing. He says what they did last night in the closet was fun. She agrees. Ofe says he likes her and that’s why he was nervous. She says he did seem a little nervous. Ofe says he wants to do it again if she and Max are done. She says they are. Carter hangs out with Crash and she touches his hand. He’s pleased. Aww. Looks like Max and Carter are both ready to forgive Crash.