Finding Carter Recap 5/19/15: Season 2 Episode 8 “Riptide”

Finding Carter Recap 5/19/15: Season 2 Episode 8 "Riptide"

Tonight on MTV Finding Cater returns with an all new Wednesday May 19, season 2 episode 8 called, “Riptide,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carter [Kathryn Prescott] is grounded just as an old friend arrives with alarming information about Lori.

On the last episode Carter tried to understand Taylor’s behavior while Taylor concentrated on planning a school event. Grant, meanwhile, wondered if he could continue living at home. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.
On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Carter is grounded just as an old friend arrives with alarming information about Lori; and Taylor sees Max in a different light after learning about his past.”

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#FindingCarter starts with a surprise visitor at the door. Carter isn’t happy to see her. She asks Madison why the hell she’s there. Carter reminds her she hasn’t heard from her but Madison says her parents wanted her to stay out of the situation. She says she decided to come see her before she got kidnapped a third time. Carter says she’s a terrible friend but Madison asks to make it up to her. Liz comes to the door with David and Carter introduces them and Taylor to Madison.

They ask Madison inside and she takes her up to her room. Madison asks why she’s grounded and Carter says nothing but it’s a long story. Madison says her parents kicked her out and Carter asks why. She says anything she does gets her in trouble and she thought about how she would run to Carter and Lori so she ran to Carter. She asks if it’s okay and Carter says it’s better than okay. She says it’s pretty cool that she’s there and hugs her.

Max comes over and Taylor asks why he didn’t just use his key. He says he wasn’t sure she wanted to see him but she says she does. They sit and talk. Taylor apologizes. She says she knows he and Carter were worried about her. Max asks if she’ll let him know next time she’s not okay and she agrees. Taylor says they were talking about Lori. Taylor says when she wasn’t feeling like herself and they broke up, she had just found out Lori was her bio-mom. She says Carter thinks that’s Taylor’s issue.

Taylor says she’s confused and still is and just needs time to figure it out. Max says there’s no time limit on this. Taylor invites him to come tonight for her mom’s birthday dinner. He says he’d love to. Madison come down and gives Max a big hug. Then she kisses him right on the mouth and Taylor is not happy. Max smiles and asks why she’s there. Max says they grew up together and Madison says she and Max fooled around and that’s what turned her gay. He says he has to go to work.

Madison says Max looks great then asks if Max has been there the whole time. Madison says Max is a rock to go through everything he went through. Taylor asks what that means and Madison says Max’s mom got attacked when he was little and he saw it all and held her bloody hand. Taylor asks Carter who says it wasn’t her story to tell. Taylor suddenly feels like she doesn’t know him at all. Liz insists on cooking even though Taylor offers to do it since her mom is clueless.

Liz tells Carter that Madison being there doesn’t change the fact she’s grounded. Taylor tells Liz she’s not being fair and doesn’t know the whole story. Carter shushes Taylor and Liz says she has to go back to the grocery store. Taylor thinks Liz is being too hard on Carter and says she’s sorry about this. Carter says she won’t be grounded forever and not to worry about it. Grant tells his grandma he doesn’t want to go to his mom’s dinner but his grandma says she and pop pop need “alone” time. Grant is horrified.

David tells Liz he wants Carter off grounding. Liz says no and says every mother is afraid for her children. David thinks she’s going overboard. They are not seeing eye to eye on this. Carter is surprised to hear the a teen pregnancy overshadowed her kidnapping. Madison says it was the step dad’s baby, so that was why it was such a stir. Carter asks what happened with her parents and Madison says they head she was into girls and confronted her about it.

Carter says everyone knew she was gay but Madison says they told her she couldn’t be gay and live in their house. She says it was just a bigoted small-town response. Madison says they should go somewhere but Carter reminds her she’s grounded. Madison says Lori would never ground her then asks if she’s talked to Lori lately. She says she sent her a bunch of letters but she didn’t read them. Madison offers to read them for her but Carter says nope and puts them up.

Madison says Lori was cool and fun. She reminds her of the crazy things they all did together. She says it must be weird going from one extreme to another. She says she was a free range chicken and is now in a sad little coop. Carter sighs and says okay, they can go out. Madison is happy. They creep down the stairs slowly. They look around and then head out the front door. Carter asks where they’re going and Madison asks if it matters. Carter agrees it doesn’t matter.

Grant and Grandma show up while David and Liz are cooking. Liz smothers him with a hug and says she’s so glad he’s there. She hugs her mom and thanks her who asks what’s up with the food. Liz says she has a recipe and went shopping. Grandma wants to leave but Grant insists she stay. She hesitantly agrees. Madison and Carter go check out an apartment. She wants Carter to move in with her. Carter says she can’t afford rent and Madison says they can get jobs.

Madison reminds her that she could come and go when she lived with Lori and asks if she misses it. Madison says Lori thinks about Carter all the time then admits she’s been talking to her. Madison says Lori called her to ask about Carter and says Lori was worried. She says they talked for awhile about her parents disowning her and says Lori reminded her that she could have another world that could be better and find her own life.

Carter says Lori is good at that stuff. Madison says she wasn’t even sure Carter would even talk to her so she didn’t bring Lori up because she didn’t want her to be mad. Madison says Lori told her that Carter would forgive her because she always had a big heart and was the first to run over when another kid fell down on the playground. Madison wants to talk about decorating the place. Carter isn’t pleased to be put on the spot.

Taylor coaches Max on how to properly set a table but she’s being weird. He asks what’s up and she says nothing she just wants the table set correctly. Taylor says she doesn’t know him as well as she thought. He asks what that means and she asks why he never told her about his mom. She says Madison told her. Max says Madison likes to talk. Taylor says it sounds horrible and asks why he didn’t tell her. Max says he didn’t. She asks why he told Carter and Madison.

Max says he didn’t tell them, they just knew because it’s a small town. Taylor says she talks about things she doesn’t like to talk about. She says she told Max everything but he didn’t tell her something this big about himself. Max says she shouldn’t take it personally and says it doesn’t come up easily in conversation. He says to leave it alone then walks off.

Taylor finds David’s TA Hillary at the door with papers. She offers her a glass of wine and Hillary sits and asks what they’re cooking. Max goes up to Taylor’s room to apologize for not telling her. She says it’s none of her business. Max sits and says it’s not easy to talk about. She says he doesn’t have to – ever. He says he was six and his mom was attacked. He says it was a Tuesday and he came home sick from school so his mom took off of work.

He says they came home and a guy was in their house. He says the guy stabbed her and he was hidden in a pantry in the kitchen. He says he couldn’t do anything. He says Carter knows but no one else does is that the attacked was his dad. He says his parents were separated because his dad was using drugs then he showed up out of nowhere. Taylor says she’s so sorry. She says she’s sorry she made him think about it but he says it is what it is. He says he didn’t tell because he doesn’t trust her.

Max says he’s not feeling up for dinner and she asks if he wants her to hang out at Bird’s with him. He says no then thanks her and leaves. Kyle shows up with a birthday present. Wow. Liz, David and their lovers. She asks Kyle to take a seat and then David introduces Hillary to Kyle then offers Kyle a beer. It’s so weird. Kyle asks Hillary what they’re cooking. She says it seems to be a team effort and they watch uncomfortably as David and Liz laugh as they cook.

Hillary says she’s going to leave and David goes to walk her out. He thanks her for bringing the papers by and she says she wished she hadn’t seen them together. He says it’s very complicated since they have kids and have been together a long time. She says she likes that he’s friendly with his ex and cares about his kids. He says he needs to take it slow and she agrees. David opens the door and says it looks like Carter was out when she was grounded. An angry Liz comes to the door.

Hillary leaves and Kyle says he needs to go to and wishes her happy birthday then goes. Liz asks what’s going on and Carter says they were out for an hour. Madison says they were looking at an apartment and Carter is moving in with her. Carter says she’s not moving out and Taylor tries to say she’s the one who did this. Gammy speaks up and Madison snarks at her. Grant then complains about the judgmental tone and his grandma tells him to go help David like his mom asked.

Upstairs, Carter asks Madison why she would tell them that she’s moving out. She tells her to stop and says not everything in life is a joke. Madison says she’s trying to get her away from her annoying new family. Carter says that’s her family and says they looked for her for 13 years. She says if she was half the person Taylor is, she’d be happy. Carter says these people mean everything to her. Madison says she’s trying to forget Lori and it won’t work.

Carter asks her to leave and says she doesn’t want her there. Taylor overhears. Gammy and Liz argue and then her mom gets dizzy and collapses as they’re arguing. Liz screams for David and all the kids come running. She says she can’t find her pulse. She comes to and Grant feels bad because he forgot to remind her to take her pulls. Max comes back to the house to give Madison a ride. He tells her it was a long time ago and his mom hasn’t been the same since.

She says that’s why he forgave Crash. Madison comes down with her bag and Madison asks Carter to walk her out. She says Max told her she could crash at his place for a couple of days. She tells Carter she’s really sorry and says she’s just jealous of Carter’s new family that cares about her no matter what. Madison says she also hates she’s not part of her life and Carter says she still can be. Carter says she never forgot about her or Lori and says she won’t leave them after all they’ve been through.

She asks her to come back inside and says they’re forgiving but Madison says she’ll go. Carter says she’ll text her as soon as she gets her phone back and Madison tells her not to get kidnapped again. She tells Madison it was great to see her and they agree to see each other soon then she takes off with Max. The parents have made a terrible mess of dinner. Liz says she has fought with her mom her whole life but it would devastate her if she lost her mom. David says she’ll be fine and hugs her.

They hold each other. Grant comes in and says he came to check on his cake. David says he’ll take her mom home and asks if Grant is ready. He says he’s going to stay the night if it’s okay. Liz says it’s fine. Grant says he can’t ice the cake til it cools and says Pop Pop spends a lot of time in his underwear. David says she should have the house tonight then says he’ll make himself scarce tonight. Liz says he should just come back tonight for them to all be together. He agrees but says she gets the bedroom.

Grant tells them they’re really weird. She smiles as he goes. Carter comes to chat with Taylor who says everything is so hard. Carter agrees and says to let her know when she figures it out. Carter say she’s not moving in with Madison but got frustrated with the never ending grounding. Taylor says she shouldn’t even be grounded. She says Madison was just a reminder of her old life without rules. Taylor says she heard them talking.

She thanks Carter for covering for her, worrying about her, helping her and says she has to promise she won’t ever leave. Carter reminds her she’s the one going off to college next year and Taylor says maybe they can go together. They agree to talk twice a day wherever they are. Carter and Taylor agree they’re starving since there was no family dinner. Carter tells her parents she was never moving out and isn’t ready to leave them or the crazy house yet. Grant serves up the cake and hands out forks.

They tell Liz to go first since it’s her birthday. They all dig in and are impressed with Grant’s baking abilities. Liz says it’s the best birthday ever and thanks them. Liz hands back the phone and tells Carter if she texts and drives again she’ll never get the phone back. Liz says she just carries away trying to protect her. Carter says she appreciates her being a parental vice grip. Carter’s phone blows up with texts she’s missed for days.

She checks her voice mail. Then she gets a terrible look on her face. Taylor asks what’s up and she says it’s about Lori. Liz asks what it is. Carter says she tried to kill herself.