Finding Carter Recap 5/12/15: Season 2 Episode 7 “Something to Talk About”

Finding Carter Recap 5/12/15: Season 2 Episode 7 "Something to Talk About"

Tonight on MTV Finding Cater returns with an all new Wednesday May 12, season 2 episode 7 called, “Something to Talk About,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carter tries to understand Taylor’s behavior while Taylor concentrates on planning a school event.

On the last episode Carter tried to extricate Crash from a bad situation; David and Elizabeth contemplated major decisions; and Taylor began to spiral out of control. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Carter tries to understand Taylor’s behavior while Taylor concentrates on planning a school event. Grant, meanwhile, wonders if he can continue living at home.”

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#FindingCarter starts with Taylor and Carter in the car. Taylor is upset that she’s running late and promised Abby she’d be there on time. Carter is concerned that she’s driving aggressively then says Lori sent her another letter and Taylor asks why she won’t take a hint. Taylor starts to send a text to say she’ll be late and Carter yells at her but she hits a car in front of them at the red light. Taylor is upset and the woman says she’s fine and called the police.

Carter says to text Abby and she worries that the cops might test her. Carter asks if she’s drunk and Taylor says she took a pill this morning. She says it was to help her concentrate. The cop pulls up and asks who was driving. Carter says she was and says it was totally her fault. Grant eats breakfast and says his sisters left early. Liz says not to miss the bus. Kyle is there and it’s awkward. Kyle offers him a ride to school in the cop car and Grant says he’s not five.

Kyle left his cell phone and Grant puts it in the dishwasher and turns it on. Taylor is freaking about the car and says she doesn’t want her parents to know. Carter says she’ll call Max and tells Taylor not to worry about it with all the other stuff she has going on. Taylor thanks her for taking the blame for the wreck. Carter calls Max for help. Taylor meets Abby and says she’s dine. She has some people there to help. She says she wants Taylor calm for when she meets with Yale tomorrow.

She’s thrilled and thanks Abby who ask Gabe to help her hang a banner. She asks Damon to help Taylor. Max looks at the car while Carter says something is wrong with Taylor. She asks if he can talk to her but he says it’s none of his business anymore. She says she’s worried Taylor will stop listening to her. He says he’ll try and say she’ll take care of the car. Bird shows up and asks for Abby. Damon acts awkward and Taylor stares at him.

Damon says Bird looked right through him. Taylor says she looked around him and he says that’s progress. He says he’s meeting the Yale guy too then asks her what she’ll talk about with him and she says the essay for the summer econ thing. He says his family was pushing a summer Europe thing and he’d rather do the other. He says the essays are due tomorrow. She freaks – she lost track of time. He says the recruiter may give her an extension but she calls herself irresponsible and curses. She leaves.

Taylor stops and pops a pill. She closes her eyes and sighs. Liz comes to Grant’s room mad and she has the wet phone. She snatches his phone and asks how he’ll explain it. He says Kyle is setting up shop like he lives her and deleted Walking Dead off their DVR. She asks if he’s trying to embarrass her and he says she and dad are dating others while they’re still married so she’s embarrassing herself. She sits and says she didn’t know it was bothering him like this. He says they never listen to them.

He says they take a rejecting neglecting parenting style and he says that’s what the shrink told him. She’s not happy that he’s secretly seeing a shrink his grandma takes him too. Carter finds Taylor who is freaking out about her to do list. Carter says she will take care of the college fair stuff while Taylor goes and does her essay. Carter says she has hidden organizational talents and wants to help. Taylor agrees and Carter says to tell her what to do. Taylor hands off the checklist and goes.

Carter says no worries and she heads out. Carter isn’t pleased. Abby is making out with Gabe in her office. Bird comes in and sees them and runs back out. Gabe finds Bird and she says what he’s doing is insane. She says he’s hot for teacher but says Abby could go to jail. He says it’s just fun and that won’t happen. She says she won’t tell anyone and says no worries. He thanks her and goes. Liz confronts her mom about taking Grant to the shrink and telling her it’s golf lessons.

Liz says she told her not to take him. Her mom asks what’s the harm and says he’s struggling and what she and David are doing isn’t working for the kids. Liz says she’s judging her but her mom says she’s using her judgment and that’s different. Liz says she’s the last person she would ask for help and storms off. Carter is working the list which is more like a huge notebook. She asks Damon and Gabe to help with some stuff. Bird shows up with people to help.

She tells Bird to help Gabe and Bird says it’s all so drab. Carter has things going. Bird greets Abby and asks if she’s there to hang out. Bird gets snippy and says she forgot she worked there but Gabe says it’s all good. Abby says she’s leaving and Gabe says he’s got this. Then he asks Bird, really. Abby says it’s nice to see Carter helping out. She asks where Taylor is and she lies and says she just went to get more flyers.

Bird asks Gabe if it was her and Abby was a guy he’d be okay with that. He says yes since she’s a grown up. Then he leaves to follow Abby out. Taylor works on her essay. Max shows up and says he dropped the car off at a friend’s shop. She says she finished the essay so she’s golden. He says he wanted to make sure she’s okay after the accident and says Carter told him what happened. She’s upset and says she’s unbelievable but he says they both care about her.

Taylor says she has to get back to school to help so Carter doesn’t think she’s saving her again. She asks for a ride since she’s a pathetic loser without a car. David and Liz talk and she tells him about what her mom is up too and wonders if she focused enough on Taylor and Grant while Carter was gone. He says she was a great mom and still is. She says she doesn’t want Grant in therapy because of her but he says all kids do therapy. He says her mom doesn’t understand what it’s like for them.

He says they’re doing the best they can and she says they need to do better. Gabe and Abby head to her office, close the blinds and lock the door. He says it’s fine and Bird won’t say anything. He says she wouldn’t do that to him and says he promises. He says he told her it was just a casual thing and Abby says good. He says he thinks he was lying and she says he’s sweet and she says to meet her at her car in five minutes and make sure no one sees him.

Damon waits for more orders and Carter gives him some. Bird has booze for the volunteers and then turns on loud music. She’s painting a mural for the event and Carter says it’s too loud. They start passing around beer and sucking helium. Taylor shows up and freaks out.

Taylor asks if her party is her way of helping. Carter says it’s not and Taylor says to get everyone out so she can finish by herself. Carter says she doesn’t have to and everyone came to help. Taylor says Carter has a need to save the day. She says she’s taking over because she’s a lame druggie then says Max tried to fix her. Bird shows up and asks how she likes the mural. Taylor says she doesn’t want to know then says it sucks and has nothing to do with the expo.

Taylor tells everyone to go home and she’s got it from here. Carter says everyone can help but Taylor says she’s doing it by herself. Grant apologizes to Kyle about the phone and he says it’s okay since he’s due for an upgrade. Liz says it’s her dad’s night and her mom is there and asks if Liz is coming to their place or Kyle’s. Grant freaks out to hear she’s been sleeping at Kyle’s and leaves angry. Carter comes to school and sees the expo all set up.

It looks great. She looks around. Abby comes over and tells Carter it all looks great but she says it was all Taylor. She says Taylor always does a great job. Carter goes looking for her sister. She’s in the bathroom staring in the mirror when Carter comes in. She asks if she’s okay and she says she is. Carter asks if she worked all night and she says she did. Carter says it looks great and asks if she got her application in and she says she sent it this morning.

She says she’s talking to the Yale guy in a few minutes. Carter asks if this is a good thing but she’s crying. Taylor says she did it all and did it with those stupid pills. She says she has a sister who will protect her no matter what she does but says she doesn’t feel any better and asks what’s wrong with her. Carter hugs her and says there’s nothing wrong with her. Taylor says she’s wrong – she says everything is fine but she feels worse every day. Carter holds her tight.

Liz gets a call from school saying Grant is out sick but she says he got on the bus. She thanks the school and calls David and says Grant is missing. She heads out. Carter walks Taylor over to Bird who asks if the coast is clear. Taylor apologizes and Bird says it’s the sisterhood of the traveling hormones. They see Kyle talking to Abby and they see her taken away. Gabe watches them go as people start to whisper about her sleeping with a student.

Gabe confronts Bird and asks if she told anyone about Abby. She says be serious and he says it’s quite a coincidence. She says she would never do something like that. He says Abby had her pegged and walks off disgusted. Liz tells her mom she thought she saw Grant get on the bus. David calls and says he’s just getting his voice mail. They wonder if he would go try to see the shrink. Liz says Grant found out he’s been sleeping at Kyle’s.

Grammy calls Grant and he answers her call and tells her he’s at the arcade. David leaves to go pick him up. Liz is upset that he didn’t take her call but her mom says all kids wage war with their parents. Carter tells Max she’s really worried about Taylor and doesn’t know what to do and says she sucks at being a sister. He says she’s a great sister and says it’s been a rough few months. He says Taylor will handle things differently than she does.

Kyle comes home and Gabe asks about Abby the counselor. He says she was sleeping with a student. He asks if he knows which student is is and Kyle says her fiancee turned her in. He says the guy thought that she was just having an affair then thought it was a student. Kyle says she laughed it off and said she’d never sleep with a student. He says the fiancee saw a bunch of texts but unless he can find a witness, he has to cut her loose. Kyle asks Gabe to go eat later and says they haven’t hung out lately.

Gabe says it’s okay but Kyle says he dropped the ball. He tells Gabe he’s there for him. Gabe thanks him. Liz fusses about the insurance calling about the accident and asks what happened. Carter says she got distracted for a second and Liz asks if she was on the phone or texting. Carter looks down and then Taylor says it wasn’t her fault. Liz gets upset with her and says she could have killed her or her sister. Taylor says they’re fine but Liz says she’s lucky. Carter says sorry but Liz says she’s grounded.

She says home, school and that’s it. She says Carter knew the rules and broke them. Taylor says it’s unfair but Liz commands and then walks off. Liz and David sit down with Grant for movie night with pizza. She says they want to tell him something. David says he scared them and he says he needed to get away for a while. Liz says she’s sorry for him finding out about Kyle and says they’re going to make things better. David asks what he’d like to talk about.

Grant says Patricia (the therapist) told him that he should be honest with them and he says he wants to move in with his grandparents. Gabe goes to see Bird and asks to come in. She says he’s already there. He sits down by her and says he screwed up and he knows it wasn’t her. She says of course it wasn’t. She tells him not to worry about. He lies down beside her and she asks what happened. He says it was Abby’s fiancee and she says she didn’t see that coming.

He says he didn’t know and he really liked her. She says he’s a great guy and they need a drink. She toasts to him and the ladies and they joke then drink. She asks for details. He thanks her for being a friend. She thanks him for calling her a friend. Carter pulls out the stack of letters from Lori she stashed in her drawer. None are opened. Taylor sits in her room when Carter comes over. Taylor says she’s going to tell their mom the truth but Carter says it’s fine and not to.

She tells her she was thinking about why Taylor isn’t feeling better. She says she thinks it’s about Lori being their biological mother. She says she thinks it all started when Lori told them the truth. She says then it fell apart with Max then their parents. Carter says it was a huge deal and that news can make the most secure person feel lost. Taylor says she hates that Lori is her mother – that she’s somehow part of her. She says she doesn’t want to think about it and just wants it to go away.

Carter says she hates Lori for what she’s done to all of them but says not to shut them out. Taylor says it feels lonely and Carter agrees. She scoots closer and says she’s there. She says she’ll always have her and she’ll always have her back. She says Taylor is stuck with her. She hugs her. Carter says she has an idea and says they need to dance. She turns on some music and takes her hand. She makes her dance around with her. Taylor is smiling soon.