Finding Carter Recap 5/5/15: Season 2 Episode 6 “Stay With Me”

Finding Carter Recap 5/5/15: Season 2 Episode 6 "Stay With Me"

Tonight on MTV Finding Carter returns with an all new Wednesday May 5, season 2 episode 6 called, “Stay With Me,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carter [Kathryn Prescott] tries to extricate Crash from a bad situation.

On the last episode Carter was in danger of flunking out of school; Taylor discovered the truth of David’s past; tensions rose at the town fair; and Max’s new job posed a threat. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Carter tries to extricate Crash from a bad situation; David and Elizabeth contemplate major decisions; and Taylor begins to spiral out of control.”

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On #FindingCarter, Crash insists to Max that he did not set him up to meet a coke-filled car. Carter is stunned and asks what’s going on and Crash says Max thinks Shay is running drugs. He tells Carter about the car with the trunk full of coke and says Crash asked him to meet the car. Max says Crash has a habit of destroying lives and Max asks how Crash can not know.

Crash says he’s not that guy anymore and asks Carter to vouch for him. She asks where he got the money for Lori. Crash says he did it all right this time to get a clean slate. He goes to walk out and says if he can’t convince her, he should stop trying to convince himself. Later, Carter tries to call him but he’s not taking her calls. She hears Lori come in and goes downstairs to ask why she’s so late.

Carter sees she’s dressed up and Lori says it was just a drink after work but Carter says it’s after midnight. Next morning, she tells the kids it was just one date with Kyle. Grant says they all knew they were dating and says she’s in denial. She says it was a date, not dating. Taylor says 50% of kids have divorced parents and she says that’s not happening. Carter asks if they’re just married and dating.

Carter walks out and Taylor tells Gabe their family needs a reality show. Taylor goes upstairs to study when Grant comes up. He asks why she’s studying on a Sunday and she asks if he’s okay. He asks how she never breaks a sweat. She says it helps her ignore her problems. He says this is all giving him anxiety and she tells him to sit. He says he had a panic attack last night figuring out what to wear last night. He says he’s talking to his therapist but it’s not helping.

He says the therapist offered pills and asks what she thinks. She says Carter is the drug advisor but he says Taylor has it all figured out. Taylor says a lot of kids get dependent on their meds then use them irresponsibly. She says he has other options then hugs him tight. He says this is pushing his limits but says it’s effective and hugs her back. He thanks her and goes. Carter goes to the shop and overhears Crash confronting Shay about the drugs.

Shay says Max should never have seen it and Shay asks if Max will snitch. Crash says no and Shay says he’s been doing this for 15 years and says his money got Crash out of prison. Crash says he should have told him. Shay says no matter how Crash dresses himself up, he’ll never be like the kids he used to sell to. Another mechanic catches Carter lurking and grabs her by the arm. He brings her in and Carter says it’s obviously a bad time. Shay recognizes her as Crash’s GF. He tells the other guy to leave.

Shay asks why she’s there and she says she came to see Crash. He tells her to go but Shay says she should stay and Crash says she doesn’t care what he does. She tells Shay that Crash is better than him and Shay gets sleazy with her then tells Crash that his dad tried to get out of the life too and it didn’t work out. He tells Crash there is no out. Crash talks to Max and Carter and he tries to figure out what to do. He says he has enough money for one night in a hotel.

He says he and his dad slept in his truck for a month but she says that’s crazy. Max says maybe they could make it work there but Carter says her house is safer. He says her family hates him and she says she has to convince her Mom and they can tell her about the drugs and she can help. Crash says he’s not a snitch and says Shay did get him out of prison. Carter says she’ll beg her mom and Max says Liz won’t cave on this one. Carter says she won’t listen to her. Max goes to talk to Liz.

Liz says she can’t let Crash in the house for one minute. Max says Crash’s uncle is threatening him and says he’s a bad guy. She asks about the danger and Max says Crash doesn’t want anyone to know how scared he is. Max says Crash can’t handle this alone. She reminds him that Crash left him to die and Max says they accidentally became friends along the way. Liz caves and they blow up the air mattress. Liz says there’s a curfew, early lights out, Crash stays out of her room. Carter agrees and thanks her. David comes in and sees the mattress. She says it’s for Crash and David says the Crash he knows would never stay at their house. Liz says Crash is staying and she’s staying so she can watch him since he’s in trouble. She asks David not to be sensitive and he gets pissy then says he’ll go. Liz says she should have called. She says she’ll explain over a glass of wine then they can figure out sleeping arrangements for them.

Max comes up to say hi to Taylor. He says it’s a full house tonight and she says she heard. He asks what she’s making for dinner and she says she’s making herself disappear. He says she looks nice. He asks if she wants to come to Bird’s but she says she has plans with Ofe. Max says she must have had a good time at the fair and she says they’re just having fun. He asks what that means and he asks if she really likes Ofe. He says he never thought she’d have sex with someone she doesn’t care about.

She thinks he’s shagging Bird but he makes it clear they’re not. Taylor says she doesn’t care what he thinks and says she’s going out with Ofe and says Max can vanish now. He leaves. She goes to her desk, opens it and takes out the Tic Tac container of pills and pops one. Carter cooks dinner with Crash and he says she always sees the silver lining. He says he can’t believe he’s there and Liz isn’t throwing him out. She tells him he should tell Liz that. They smooch as Liz comes in.

Crash is polite and Liz asks what’s going on and says it’s not date night. She says if it looks like a date, Crash it out of there. Both teens tell her they get it. She tells him to stay out of Carter’s room and to stay away from Grant. Carter tells Crash that every superhero needs a villain. Ofe and Taylor are in bed fooling around. She says she’s hungry and hasn’t eaten all day. He says they can figure out the perfect post-hook up and pre-study sandwich. She says the Elvis – PB plus bacon and banana.

He says he’s going to make her a sandwich and says it’s a perk of being friends with benefits. Then Taylor collapses and he runs to her. Carter and Liz make the bed and she says she appreciates that Liz is being nice but doesn’t have to treat him like he’s a criminal. Liz says he is and Carter says he was and is trying for a clean slate. Liz says there’s no such thing for any of them. David comes in while Crash is loading the dishwasher. Crash says he knows he’s an unwelcome house guest.

David says Liz is biased against people she’s arrested. David says he likes people who care about his daughter and try to make up for their mistakes. Carter says Liz will never see him as any better. Liz says Crash will break her heart and she doesn’t want that for her. Carter says she thinks Liz is the one afraid of heartbreak. She says they’ve been through everything and survived it all. She tells Liz there’s nothing to be afraid of now. David answers the door – it’s Shay. He says he’s there to pick up his nephew. David and Liz look like a united front as they stare him down.

Liz tells Shay it’s not a family matter anymore and Crash says he thinks Shay tracked Carter. Shay tells Crash to get his things but David and Liz tells the kids to go back inside. Shay gets tough and Liz says he’s on her property and says she hopes this doesn’t overlap with her day job then flashes her badge. He says he just wanted to make sure Crash isn’t being a bother. David says Crash isn’t a bother but Shay is and says to leave. Shay cautions Crash to call him when he wants to talk and not to talk to anyone else.

Shay leaves with his pal and David hustles them all back inside. They sit down at the table and David goes to check on Grant. Crash tells Liz he’s sorry about Shay and she says if he’ll tell her what’s going on, she can help. Carter says Shay is threatening him and Carter makes it clear that Crash isn’t part of anything. Crash says Shay is all the family he has and Liz says he should tell her what he knows so she can help. Crash tells Carter he shouldn’t have come there. He says Liz has made him a better person.

He tells her that no one will threaten them and tells Liz that Shay’s real name is Walter Chase. Ofe revives Taylor and asks what’s going on. He wants to take her to a doctor but she says she’s tired and nauseous. He asks if she could be pregnant but Taylor says she’s sure she’s not. She says she just took a study buddy before she came over. He asks why she took it and asks when she started using and where she got it. Ofe says there are some bad pills out there and Taylor says they were his.

Ofe asks if she stole his stash and asks why she didn’t just ask. He says she doesn’t need them and this isn’t her. She says he doesn’t even know her and isn’t her BF. She storms out and he says he’s clearly not. He’s hurt. Liz calls Kyle and he says Shay has several aliases. Liz asks if they have enough for a warrant. They think so and Liz says she can’t talk anymore. She ends the call and goes to talk to David. Crash and Carter are up in her room and he looks out the window.

He says Shay is not one for empty threats and says Shay’s people will come for him even if Shay is locked up and says the cops may arrest him too because they won’t believe he wasn’t a part of it. She asks what he’ll do and Crash says he thinks he needs to leave town. He says he’ll be okay and she asks how and says he has nothing and nowhere to go. He says he can always go back to dealing. He lies back on her bed and says maybe Shay is right that people like him don’t get to decide their future.

Carter tells him that her past year has been all uncertainty but says she figured it out and says people like them always do and says they’ll figure this out together. She lies down beside him and he puts his arm around her. We see a tattoo on his arm that’s noticeable. Liz asks David if he’s okay on the couch and he says he his then asks how she is. David asks if she remembers that fleabag motel in Hawaii and they laugh about it and David says they survived it.

He says they were once a good team and says he was glad he was there to deal with the Shay thing. He says maybe if they remember what they had. Liz says the problem is, she remembers more than that and says there is so much pain. She says him, Lori and losing Carter and says it’s not over for her. She says she doesn’t think it ever will be. He says he’s sorry and Liz says she just wants peace. He says he wants that for her. Liz says she thinks they need to move forward.

David says he doesn’t want a divorce but Liz says she’s sorry. She says she tried. She walks away. He’s floored. Bird talks to Ofe and he tells her that Taylor took his stash. Max is there and Bird fills him in on Taylor taking pills then fainting. Max asks what the hell happened and where she is. Max is furious and Ofe says he didn’t give her the pills and didn’t know anything about it. Max says if he’s going to get the benefits, he should also try being a friend.

Liz finds Crash and Carter spooning on her bed – they’re both asleep so she just turns out the lights and lets them be. Carter wakes alone and looks around. She goes to the bathroom and knocks but he’s not in there either. She sees an envelope on her night stand and opens it. There’s a note from him and she reads it and starts crying. Ofe comes to see Taylor and he says she didn’t answer his texts. She says she doesn’t want a lecture. He gives back the book she left at his place.

Ofe says it’s been great, but he can’t fool around with her anymore. She calls him a hypocrite for being a drug dealer and dumping her for doing drugs. Ofe says he’s ending it because she’ll break his heart. He says he should have noticed she was on drugs but says he had blinders on because he cares about her. He says she and Max still have feelings for each other and she says Max doesn’t care about her. Ofe says he’s there if she wants more than benefits.

He kisses her cheek then leaves. The cops raid the auto shop. Liz and Kyle are there. They head inside. The place looks like it’s been cleared out. Liz tells them to run prints. She says they cleaned and wonders if someone tipped them off. Liz goes home and asks Carter where Crash is. She says he’s gone and she’s still crying. Liz says Shay is gone too and she says she thinks someone tipped them off. Carter says it wasn’t Crash and shows her the note.

Liz reads it and then goes to sit with a crying Carter. She hugs her and says she’s so sorry. We see Max driving Crash to the bus station. He says he hopes he’ll get to see some cool parts of the world. He joined the Army. Crash hands Max his leftover weed and says a stash is a terrible thing to waste. Max wishes him luck. Crash gets on the bus. The note says that leaving Carter is the hardest thing he’s ever done. He says he loves her and would do anything for her. He says it’s the only way out he knows.

Crash says she changed his life more than he thought was possible and helped him get there. Shay is at the bus stop and watches Crash leave. He tells her he loves her and will be back for her then says promise – Crash. David takes off his ring. Grant sits with Taylor and hugs her as she stares at the pink bear that Ofe won her. Liz comforts a still upset Carter.