General Hospital Spoilers: Port Charles Mobster Killed Silas Clay – Sonny or Julian to Blame?

General Hospital Spoilers: Port Charles Mobster Killed Silas Clay - Sonny or Julian to Blame?

There’s a month of murder mystery action in Port Charles – here is a “General Hospital” spoiler about who may have killed off Silas Clay (Michael Easton). While there are many residents of Port Charles that have violence in their pasts, there are two in particular that possess a particular passion for polishing off other people – both of them mobsters with murder on the mind.

Have you stopped to consider Julian Jerome (William deVry) or Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) as the candidates for the slayer of Silas? Both are mobsters, both are known killers and both won’t hesitate to get their hands dirty when it’s needed. Here’s a look at why these two should be under close scrutiny by the Port Charles Police Department for the city’s surprise slaying…

Granted, Sonny was meeting the heads of the Five Families on the night Silas died, but we don’t know when he left and returned to Port Charles, so the timing is feasible. And you’ll recall Sonny offed the leader of the Russian mob, so he was already in the mood for murder that night and didn’t hesitate to kill his rival once he found out he was buying Corinthos Syndicate stolen goods from the Jeromes.

Sonny could have have had the opportunity to kill Silas, but what’s the motive? It’s all about baby Avery. We know nothing is more important to Sonny than his kids, and Silas kidnapped baby Avery and put her through an unapproved medical procedure to save the life of Sonny’s mortal enemy Ava Jerome (Maura West). There’s no way Sonny would let that go unpunished if he found out.

Supposedly only Ava and Franco (Roger Howarth) know about the kidnapping, but you know how people in Port Charles have the unfortunate habit of talking out loud where others can overhear them. You’ll remember it was on July 4th outside of Kelly’s where “Denise” admitted to Franco that she was really Ava back from the dead – Sonny could have easily overheard about the marrow transplant.

Aside from Sonny, Port Charles’ other most active mobster is/was Julian, depending on whether you believe that he is really out of the mob business. From the moment that Denise DeMuccio walked back into Port Charles – and Julian’s penthouse – it’s very likely that he knew that it was his sister Ava in disguise despite her bad accent and dark hair. Little gestures and mannerisms are hard to quell.

Julian would have played along to let Ava’s lie go on while keeping him out of her mess. Julian wouldn’t want his sister taken back to jail and accepting Denise would have allowed him to have his sister with him again while not making him an accessory to her crimes. And Julian could have let this go on indefinitely were it not for Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) taking up with his sister again.

Morgan and Ava’s renewed affair triggered the threats from Silas to expose her and Julian could have overheard this and decided to take action. Julian would not want Ava to kill off Silas herself since there was no reason for her to have a connection with Silas. It would raise questions if she was spotted at Silas’ place. Plus if no one knew about Ava, Julian would have no motive linked to the crime.

And, neither Julian nor Sonny would have been happy that Silas kidnapped baby Avery and took bone marrow out of her, although Julian may have been more tolerant of the action since it was done to save his sister. Either way, these two are very viable candidates for the killer of Silas Clay. “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that the killer is not who you think it is, so these two fit the bill.

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