Gotham Recap – A Shocking Crime: Season 1 Episode 12 “What The Little Bird Told Him”

Gotham Recap - A Shocking Crime: Season 1 Episode 12 "What The Little Bird Told Him"

Tonight on FOX Gotham continues with an all new Monday January 19, season 1 episode 12 called, “What The Little Bird Told Him,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Gordon [Ben McKenzie] tries to get his job back by capturing Jack Gruber, a deranged electrical genius who escaped from Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, Falcone [John Doman] struggles to hold onto his empire when Fish Mooney [Jada Pinkett Smith] makes her next move.

On the last episode, Det. Gordon’s assignment at Arkham Asylum got off to a rocky start when the murder of a guard ignited an investigation, leading him to meet Dr. Leslie Thompkins (guest star Morena Baccarin, “Homeland”). Meanwhile, Cobblepot continued to build his army. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “in an attempt to get his job back, Gordon seeks to capture Jack Gruber (guest star Christopher Heyerdahl), a deranged electrical genius who escapes Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, Falcone struggles to hold onto his empire after Fish Mooney makes her next move.”

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A newspaper drifts down to the ground with a headline about the Arkham escape. Gruber steps over it and he and Aaron head to an electronics store. A guy goes to answer but is electrocuted by a device Gruber put on the door. Irwin comes to the counter and Gruber asks where his stuff is. Essen holds a briefing about Gruber and Aaron. She says she thinks Gruber is an alias. She says he’s clever, angry and a public menace. She says the commissioner is on the way to talk to all of them.

Jim shows up and tells Essen it’s his case. Harvey tells him he needs to leave before the commissioner shows up. He’s there and Harvey shoves him out of the way. The commissioner sees Jim and calls him by name. He asks why he’s here. Jim asks why he’s there and says it’s the first time he’s seen him down there and says he must be desperate. The commissioner tells Jim to bring Harvey and follow him. Harvey tells Jim he hates him.

Irwin tells Gruber that his friend made him double cross him. He takes them to the back and says he kept his gadgets and experiments safe. Gruber says he appreciates it and cranks one device off. Irwin says he doesn’t have to kill him. Gruber says he doesn’t have to do anything and says Arkham freed his mind and allowed him to see the world as it is. He says people are like broken machines and very few can be fixed. He says most have to be scrapped.

Gruber tells Aaron to hold Irwin. He begs Gruber to stop. He doesn’t. Jim says two Arkham maniacs on the loose looks bad and the commissioner says they escaped on his watch. He asks Jim why he’s a cop instead of practicing law like his dad. Jim says they need to catch Gruber now. He says he knows how Gruber thinks and what he’ll do next. He says he can bring them in but he wants him to reinstate him first. The commissioner says they have 24 hours to bring them in or they’ll both be working at Arkham.

Harvey freaks but Jim says it will be fine then admits he lied about knowing what Gruber is up to. Falcone thinks about his father’s death as a guy pleads for his life. Falcone’s guys kill him anyway. He takes Liza for a walk in his old neighborhood. He tells her that it was all a slum before. He tells her he’s worked hard and long to get where he is. She tells him that he is someone now. He stops and tells her she’s a good girl who needs to find a good husband.

She picks a flower and he says he can set her up with a bakery or some type of business so she can be independent. She says she’d rather be there with him. She tucks the flower in his buttonhole and says he makes her feel safe. He says he likes having her there and he sends her home after she says she’s making him something special for dinner. He leaves with his henchmen.

Jim is happy to be back despite the screaming perp being dragged in. Edward is there and says he has something useful. He says Gruber is a figment and is a career criminal named Jack Buchinksy who got himself transferred to Arkham. He leaves them files and walks away. Edward approaches Ms Kringle and she hands back the cupcake he left with a bullet in it on her desk. He says it’s a riddle. She says it’s inedible. Harvey reads the file and says he was caught on accident.

Essen says he must have good connections to get his name changed and get moves from the jail to the asylum. They agree they need to find his old partners in crimes. They get a lead. They head to where Gruber dumped the Arkham van and Harvey wonders if he went shopping to the electronics shop nearby. Irwin’s assistant is dead on the floor when they come in. They head to the back and find the lab. They tell Irwin to turn around slowly.

He does and they see his brain has been fried. He was just drooling and writing on the wall. He’ll be no help. Liza’s security escort is shot and she’s kidnapped with a bag over her head. It was Fish. She’s relieved to see her and asks why she scared her like that. Fish says it’s time for her to make her move on Falcone. A voice scrambled call is made to Falcone telling him they have Liza. Fish holds out the phone and Liza begs her not to hurt her. Falcone says not to hurt her that she’s a civilian.

Liza asks what now and Fish says they need to let him stew. Dr Thompkins shows up to the PD to see Jim. The headline of the paper reads that the Electrocutioner Strikes. Harvey says that’s a cute name. Edward says it’s catchy and tells Jim and Harvey they should both wear galoshes while in the field. He says it will insulate them. Harvey says no but Jim takes them. Thompkins catches Edward’s eye but walks past him to Jim.

She tells him to call her Lee and congratulates him on getting his job back. She says she’s there about the escape. He introduces Harvey. She has a little doll and says one of the women is a pagan sorceress that curses people for them. She says Gruber gave her a doll to curse. She hands it to him and says it’s called Mr M. They wonder who it looks like – it’s clearly Maroni. Irwin’s van is parked out front of Maroni’s restaurant. Oswald gets a call from Falcone saying to come now and tells him about Liza.

Oswald knows immediately that Fish took the girl and says – you’re mine now. Oswald asks Maroni if he can go check on his sick mother. He tells him to go. He heads out but is shocked by the door knob. They go check on him and then a guy staggers in with blue glowing device that goes off. They stagger out coughing. Someone carries Oswald. The EMTs are called and Jim tells him that Jack Buchinsky did this and asks if he was one of the partners in his bank robbery that let him take the fall.

Maroni plays dumb. Jim says he’s looking to hurt him and doesn’t care who else he hurts. Maroni says it’s not his fault. Jim asks to place him in protective custody. Maroni laughs. Oswald comes to and says he has to go. He says he has urgent business with Falcone. That catches Maroni’s attention. He’s so addled he told the truth. Jim brings Maroni back to the PD and tells him to get comfortable. They throw Oswald on a desk and Maroni demands a coffee. He looks down at Oswald.

Barbara shows up to her parents’ house suitcase in hand. The butler lets her in and she introduces herself before walking in. She sits under her parents’ scrutiny. Her mother says it’s nice to see her and her father, Everett agrees stiffly. She asks about her luggage and if she’s staying. Barbara says she’d like to stay a few days. Her mother says she can but says it will be a bore. She asks about Jim and Barbara says he’s well and they’re very happy.

Maroni makes jokes with the cops and Harvey remarks that Jim is using him as bait. Jim says Buchinsky will come after him no matter where he is. Oswald comes to and says he has to go see his mother. Maroni says she can wait but Oswald says it’s her heart and she could die at any moment. He backs down and then Maroni says he mentioned Falcone when he woke up earlier. Oswald flounders. Falcone gets a call from Fish. She says she got a call about Liza.

She says the people that called her want to make a deal. He says he didn’t think it would be her. She says she’s just an intermediary but he tells her to stop lying so she does. He says she was always the smart one of the family. She says he can leave Gotham with Liza but can never come back. He agrees. She tells him it’s the right thing and says she’ll make arrangements. He tells her she was always his favorite. Butch can’t believe she pulled it off and calls her a genius.

Butch says they need to celebrate but Fish says this is no time to celebrate. She says she’s giving Falcone an easy way out and owes him at least that. Butch agrees. Liza asks how he sounded and Fish says – sad. She asks Liza if she’s keeping something from her. Liza says no. She tells her to leave town with Falcone for awhile and string him along some more. Liza says he’s been a perfect gentleman and never laid a hand on her.

Fish says she can like him all she wants but can never tell him the truth. Liza says she knows. Falcone sits drinking when Victor asks to let him handle it. Falcone says no. He says Fish must have others and if they all want him gone, maybe it’s time. He asks why not and why he should fight it. He tells Falcone that he should do it for respect. He says they want him to go live in the country with Liza and says it’s what he wants too.

Victor says he can take out Fish and all of them but Falcone says it’s his job to keep him alive during this. Edward comes and explains the riddle to Kringle. She’s flustered and then one of the other cops chases him away. Edward hears Ms Kringle calling him weird as he leaves. On the way out, he asks if they hear that noise. They don’t. Buchinsky is breaking in through the walls of the PD. Oswald tells Maroni he has no business with Falcone and swears on his mother’s life.

Maroni tells him it’s okay and tells him to go see his mom and give her a gift fro him. Oswald notices flickering lights and paperclips rattling. Buchinsky sends electrical currents all through the metal rafters of the PD. Perps are fried in the metal cages and everyone collapses to the ground after being hit with a big shock. Buchinsky walks in to gloat. He has a flashlight against the gloom since he fried the lights. Aaron is with him.

He spots Maroni near Oswald and tells Aaron to take him to the van. He says they just stunned them and he was hoping to cook them. Jim has his galoshes on and gun out and tells them hands up. Buchinsky uses a device to superheat Jim’s gun then Aaron comes for him. Buchinsky says to let him kill Maroni and get on with his life. Jim wont’s top fighting. He finally beats Aaron down and Buchinsky asks him what’s all this for.

Jim says he’s putting him back in Arkham. He says Jim is all about ego and says he hates to lose. Jim agrees. Buchinsky powers up the device on his chest and Jim tosses a cup of water on him short circuiting it. The commissioner gives Jim his shield back at a big press conference. He whispers to the commissioner that the next person that tries to take his shield will have to eat it. Jim tells Harvey he’s done being careful. Harvey is shocked that he thinks he’s been careful. They leave to get a drink.

Victor watches over Falcone who tells him to quit sighing so loud. Victor apologizes. Oswald comes in and Falcone tells him to leave him alone. He does. Oswald sits and says he’s sorry it took him so long to get there. Falcone tells him he was right about Fish and now she took Liza. Oswald tells him he’s found out some things. He tells Falcone that Liza belongs to Fish and she planted her there. She says Fish found a girl that looked just like is mother and trained her up.

Falcone slaps him and says to prove it. Oswald says he can’t prove it. Falcone says he’s wrong and Oswald asks when else he’s been wrong. Fish calls Falcone who tells him to meet at her place. He agrees and asks to speak to Liza. Fish says no so he asks what time. She tells him to come in an hour and he agrees. He hangs up and looks at Oswald who is bleeding from the harsh slap. He heads to see Fish. Looks like he’s alone.

He greets her and asks how this will work. She says Liza is nearby and he just needs to sign papers giving her control of the family. He says papers don’t make a Don. He says he has to see her first to know she’s all right. He insists. Fish gives a signal and Butch brings Liza out by the arm. He looks at her, takes her hand and asks if she’s all right. She says she’s okay. He asks how long she’s known Fish. She says she just met her. He says no and that he knows they’ve been friends for a while.

He says he heard that Fish told her things about his mother so he’d get caught up. He tells Fish they always talked about his mother back in the day. Fish says someone is making mischief. Falcone says he’s very disappointed at his own stupidity. His crew comes in and Victor has Butch at gun point. Falcone asks if Liza is really her name and says he’s sorry she got mixed u pin this. He chokes her to death and breaks her neck.

Fish tries to stop him but he doesn’t although he’s near tears as he murders her with his bare hands. The girl slumps to the floor. He tosses the flower from his lapel down on her body. He tells his crew to keep Fish and Butch alive for now. He tells Fish that all her people are dead. He tells her he can forgive all kinds of betrayal but says his sainted mother was off limits. He tells Fish she’ll suffer for this then thanks her for reminding him who is and why he’s there.

He tells Oswald he can come out. He comes in and stands before Falcone who tells him he was right as usual. He tells him to say his goodbye to Fish quickly because she has places to go. He approaches Fish and laughs. Lee Thompkins comes looking for Jim in the locker room at work. He’s surprised to see her there. She says the desk sergeant told her it was okay to come back. She says she was nearby and her sorceress wanted her doll back. He asks if that’s why she’s here.

She says yes, then no. She asks if he lives there and he says he’s in between places now. She says she’s sorry and came on a whim. She goes to walk away and he tells her to wait. He walks over and kisses her. They look at each other then both move to kiss again. Another cop comes in and says there’s been a big shoot out at Fish’s place. That interrupts the big romantic moment.