Gotham Recap – A Shocking Development: Season 1 Episode 11 “Rogues’ Gallery”

Gotham Recap - A Shocking Development: Season 1 Episode 11 "Rogues' Gallery"

Tonight on FOX Gotham continues with an all new Monday January 5, season 1 episode 11 called, “Rogues’ Gallery,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, a guard is murdered at Arkham Asylum as Det. Gordon [Ben McKenzie] begins his assignment there. Meanwhile, Cobblepot continues to build his army.

On the last episode, Selina lead a new friend on a perilous journey through Gotham to evade the assassins who were on her trail. Following a misstep, Gordon was reassigned to duty at Arkham Asylum. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Det. Gordon’s assignment at Arkham Asylum gets off to a rocky start when the murder of a guard ignites an investigation, leading him to meet Dr. Leslie Thompkins (guest star Morena Baccarin, “Homeland”). Meanwhile, Cobblepot continues to build his army.”

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Jim is now working at Arkham Asylum. He watches over the psych patients as they perform theater wearing mop heads as wigs and other such strange devices. A nurse is prompting lines for the patients. It’s all very surreal. Cat is sleeping on the street in the rain. Harvey sits drinking at his desk and Barbara lies awake in Montoya’s bed.

Chaos breaks out at Arkham as a performer jumps off the stage and a brawl begins. The nurse sets off an alarm and Jim tackles an out of control nutter. Dr. Lang, chews out Jim for doing a poor job of security. Nurse Dorothy Duncan says it was her fault for choosing a play that upset the patients. He tells her that Jim is responsible for security but is falling short.

Jim says the man needs medical attention and Dorothy says he needs a doctor and she can’t do it. Lang says he’ll send one in and threatens Jim once more before he leaves. He tells Jim there is still farther he can fall. Dr. Thompkins comes in and slaps the guy conscious and says he’ll be fine. She then asks if Jim is okay. He says it’s just bruises and she tells him all the girls are talking about how brave he is for trying to fight city hall.

She says she thinks what he’s doing is admirable and encourages him not to quit. The patient tells them to get a room. Cat hears Ivy coughing in a cardboard box in the rain. The girl tells Cat she’s fine but says she doesn’t need a doctor. Cat isn’t pleased and tells her she has a place they can go. She drags the girl out of her rat infested box and takes her down the alley. She breaks into Jim’s place and looks around. She sniffs and then decides the coast is clear. She unlocks the door and lets Ivy inside.

Ivy asks if it’s okay and Cat says they’re gone. She tells her to go lie down on the couch. Cat says there’s dust and the smell of rotten stuff which means no one is coming home. Cat tells her to lie down and goes to find her a blanket. Next day, Oswald and a muscle guy show up to the docks. He says they already pay enough to Maroni and Oswald takes offense. The dock guy says he called the cops and Oswalk says he’s being naïve.

The cops show up and Oswald greets them and one punches Oswald in the face taking him down. At Arkham, Jim is roaming the halls and notices Jones is sitting very still in his room. He opens the door and goes to check on the guy. He calls him Frogman. The guy has burn marks on his forehead and keels over when Jim touches him. Dr. Thompkins says the guy’s brain is fried because of excessive electro shock therapy.

Lang tries to blame Jim for this but he says this is from not having enough resources. Jim says that’s criminal assault but Lang says it’s an in-house medical issue. Thompkins says the guy is brain dead but Lang says he’s still breathing so there’s no crime. Lang thinks an inmate did it and charges Jim to figure out which inmate attacked the guy. He leaves. Thompkins says this seems quite sinister and Jim asks what it takes to pull this off.

Thompkins says you need keys, basic anatomical and electrical knowledge. Jim goes to check the other guards and starts with Steven who can’t seem to meet his eyes. He asks Jim why he’s picking on him and Jim says his behavior is off. He says they searched the inmate cells for keys and can’t find them. Steven says he noticed the keys were gone after the fight. He says anyone could have taken them so he went to find the spares. Jim snaps at him and tells him to walk away.

Saviano complains to Fish about Falcone for raising their taxes. Fish tells him to calm down and asks who would take over for Flacone. Saviano says he could take over and says he’s next in line with seniority. She says it’s a new day and they need fresh thinking. Fish says it’s all hypothetical and there’s no need to argue about it anyway. Jim interviews patients about the missing keys. Gruber says he didn’t like or hate Frogman.

He says that Frogman was essentially already dead. He reads off Gruber’s list of sociopathic skills and Gruber says you shouldn’t believe everything you read. He denies taking the keys. Next is a guy who just cries the whole time. Another grabs a file, another beats on the table. Another drools and then another holds up an imaginary set of keys and another lunges at him. Aaron asks if he’s in trouble and Nurse Duncan says Aaron has no concept of lying.

Jim says he killed his family with an ax and Aaron says he said he was sorry. Jim cuts Aaron loose as well. The search is not fruitful. Cat sits on the balcony at Jim’s place teetering on the edge. Fish says Saviano is the problem, that she can turn Janacek around. Butch offers to talk to Jimmy to make her case. He says the guy is too proud to admit she’s the best candidate to her face. She agrees but asks if Butch is turning on her. He asks why she would even joke like that.

She says every girl gets insecure once in a while. He leaves looking tense and cagey. At Arkham, Royston is strapped to a makeshift table and is given raw electroshock using car batteries. Jim wakes to noise – someone banging on a corridor door. He goes to check it out and finds Royston with the same burn marks on his head and curses that it happened again. He takes the guy to Thompkins. She says all he can recall is lines from the play.

She says it’s the same process that was used on Frogman. She wonders why another inmate would scramble another and Jim tells her to stay on the female wing so she’s out of danger. He says he thinks it’s not an inmate and could be staff. She says that could cause drama and reminds him she’s staff but he says she’s not the type. She asks if he can rate people and he says he can for some people. He goes to see Lang who rejects the idea it’s staff.

Lang says he’s not authorized to investigate staff and Jim says he already called the cops. Lang is not happy. Barbara fakes sleep when Montoya comes in with coffee. She tells Barbara to wake up. She takes her coffee and Montoya asks if she’s talked to Jim. Barbara tells her she’s over Jim and there’s no reason to be jealous. Montoya says they’re a mistake and says she’s sorry. Barbara gets mad and grabs her clothes, telling her she’s right.

Montoya says she wanted it to be good but says they are toxic together. Barbara gets angry and Montoya says Barbara needs help and offers to call Jim. Barbara demands to know where her purse is so she can leave but Montoya tells her to stay and says she’ll go. Barbara tells her to do what she wants and just leave. Montoya again says she’s sorry. Harvey comes to Arkham to start the investigation. He checks out Frogman first and then Royston comes to quote Shakespeare at him.

Harvey is thrilled to see Jim and kisses him in hello. He ignores Lang who says it’s not a police matter. Harvey says he differs and says it’s at least third degree assault. Lang says it’s insubordination and threatens to fire Jim. Harvey tells Lang to back down and Harvey says he did the right thing and asks Lang why he’s trying to keep the assault secret and asks if he’s the one who did this terrible thing. Lang asks why he would do this and Jim asks why anyone would.

Harvey says he’s taking Lang downtown and says it’s an official investigation. He tells Jim to go through the staff records while he takes Lang downtown. Jimmy meets with Butch down at the docks. Jimmy says it still feels like when they were kids chasing girls. Butch says he suggested to Fish that he talk sense to Jimmy. Butch says the city is changing and asks Jimmy if he really wants Falcone’s job. Jimmy says he trusts Butch and tells him Fish is doomed.

He says she’s overreaching and is nothing without Butch and his crew. He says everyone knows it. Butch says maybe and Jimmy offers to hire him. He says he’ll give him Fish’s club and everything else. He asks what else he wants and Butch says it’s a good question and he’ll think it over. Jimmy calls him brother and tells him not to think too long. He leaves. Oswald paces the holding cell and calls out to Harvey when he sees him come in.

Oswald asks him to call Maroni and let him know he’s there but Harvey says he likes seeing him there and says it’s soothing like a bonsai tree. At Fish’s club. She sidles up to Butch and asks how it went. He says he’s working him and says he’s stubborn. He tells her to give Jimmy some time. She agrees and he says he’s optimistic. She tells him that’s good but keeps a close eye on him. Harvey talks to Lang and asks him to explain how ECT works.

Lang says it’s accepted therapy for some psychiatric conditions. He says you can get certain responses if treated by a skilled surgeon. Harvey asks if it’s mind control. Lang insists it’s not him and Harvey says he believes that but says he thinks Lang is hiding something. Lang says he won’t tell him any of his secrets and tells Harvey to quit digging before it causes problems. Jim looks through staff files and then seems to consider something.

He checks the newspaper and then Nurse Duncan comes in. She has some coffee for him and he thanks her. She says he looks so pale and asks if he’s found anything. He says the files are incomplete and wonders if there’s more in the basement. She says it’s closed off for unsafe chemicals and says no one has been down there for 10 years. He asks her to show him and she smiles. Harvey asks him to pick one staff member as a likely culprit.

Lang says none of them and says they all came to Arkham together but then he pulls a face and Harvey hones in on it and asks who he’s thinking of. Lang says – she wouldn’t do it. Duncan and Jim are in the basement and find Thompkins there. Duncan says they’re going on an adventure to the basement. Thompkins asks to come along and Jim says to go home. Duncan shoves Thompkins at her and takes off. Jim tells her to call in an alarm.

Harvey calls Jim and tells him that Duncan is an inmate, not staff. He says he knows and goes chasing her. Duncan unlocks the inmates’ cells. They all go chasing after Thompkins who runs screaming from them. Duncan is knocked to the floor and trampled by the other patients. Thompkins calls for help at the gate and Jim comes to her rescue. Jim tells the men to all go back to their cells. He says it’s an order. Thompkins gets the gate open and she and Jim barely make it out of danger.

Barbara calls Jim’s place and Ivy answers the phone. She asks for Jim and Ivy says he’s there but he’s busy right now. She asks if she can take a message and Barbara says no. She asks who it is and she says she’s a friend of Jim’s. Barbara tells her to go to hell and hangs up. Harvey says Duncan killed five kids with candy and she was at Arkham and likely hunkered down there when it closed and was still there when it opened.

Harvey tells Essen that she should bring Jim back and she says she would if she could. Maroni comes to see Oswald at the holding cell. He’s thrilled to see Maroni and he asks if Oswald knows why he’s in there. Maroni says he’s the one that put him in there and Oswald asks why. Maroni asks if he knows what hubris is and Oswald says he does and Maroni says it’s when dumb ass underlings raise taxes without checking with him first.

Maroni is outraged that he raised taxes on fisherman without talking to him first. Oswald says he’s sorry and will never do it again. Maroni says it’s okay and tells a cop to let them out. The cop does as he’s told and springs Oswald and his muscle guy. Maroni tells Oswald that he stinks and tells him he’s a smart monkey, but a monkey and not the zoo keeper. He says let it be a lesson to you. Oswald acts meek but then glares.

The ME shows Essen, Harvey and Jim that Duncan had the same wounds as the other victims. That means they don’t have their attacker. Aaron unlocks a guard cage with the pilfered keys and breaks Steven’s neck. Gruber tells him that was well done, just like he told him. He tells Aaron that he’s his best work so far. Lang comes into the hall and sees them with Steven’s body and his jaw drops. Jim and Harvey show up and find Lang in the hall on his back.

Lang tells them they’re gone. He’s got a puddle of blood under his head and he’s dying but manages to tell Jim it was Gruber. He takes a paper from Lang’s hand. It’s a letter to Jim from Gruber who says he’s sorry he had to run. He says he’s been practicing on these sad creatures for a while and says electricity is an incredible thing. He says he got one just right – Aaron – who he has with him. He tells Jim it was nice to meet him and that he’ll see him around.

Jim comes home to his place and calls out for Barbara. He doesn’t see her but does see dishes, cups and blankets on the couch – signs of use. He calls out again for Barbara. Butch sits in his car by the waterfront waiting on Jimmy. The guy pulls up and Butch gets out and hops in Jimmy’s car. Butch says he’s in and asks if he remembers when they stole all that meat as boys. He says there was 15 pounds of Angus beef he kept and gave Jimmy the cheap cuts.

Butch says it’s been bugging him ever since but Jimmy says it was a long time ago. Jimmy tells him to forget about it but Butch says he can’t forget it. He thanks Jimmy for forgiving him. Butch shoots Jimmy in the head and goes back to his car. He drives away.