Gotham Recap Cat Almost Loses One of Her Lives: Season 1 Episode 10 “Lovecraft”

Gotham Recap Cat Almost Loses One of Her Lives: Season 1 Episode 10 "Lovecraft"

Tonight on FOX Gotham continues with an all new Monday November 24, season 1 episode 10 called, “Lovecraft,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Gordon [Ben McKenzie] is reassigned to duty at Arkham Asylum, following a misstep. Meanwhile, Selina [Camren Bicondova] takes a new friend on a dangerous journey through Gotham to evade some assassins who are trying to kill her.

On the last episode, trying to close the Wayne murder case, a young Harvey Dent (guest star Nicholas D’ Agosto) encouraged Gordon to team up with Mayor James (guest star Richard Kind). Meanwhile, Penguin makes contacted with Mooney’s secret weapon, Liza (guest star Mackenzie Leigh).  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Selina leads a new friend on a perilous journey through Gotham to evade the assassins who are on her trail. Following a misstep, Gordon is reassigned to duty at Arkham Asylum.”

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At Wayne Manor, a woman lurks on the grounds. A worker tells her she’s in the wrong place, but she says she is where she needs to be and jumps the guy and kills him. Two more men approach and she tells them to open him. They cut the guy open and she smears some of his blood on her forehead. Bruce is up high on the rails of the stairway balancing precariously as she tutors him on balance. Of course, a step could send them plummeting.

She tells him to come to the midtown bridge and try balancing there. He’s tempted to go since it’s a common make out spot. Selina asks why he’s studying his parents’ murder and he says he wants to know why. She says things like that happen. She asks if he wants to kiss her and he says he would like to but thinks she has an ulterior motive. She tells him he thinks too much and says she’s just trying to be nice but he says she’s not nice.

Bruce says she’s a good person but isn’t nice. She says – screw you orphan and tells him to climb the bridge on her own. The killer chick rings the bell and tells Alfred her car ran off the road. She asks Alfred to call an ambulance but doesn’t see an injury. The woman makes eyes at the kids and Alfred sees her making eyes at the kids and tells them to run. They do and he engages in fisticuffs with the woman. The kids head into a closet. The woman hands the fight with Alfred over to one of her guys and chases the kids.

She opens the closet, but they’re not there. The closet had a secret passageway to the servants’ wing. Alfred beats on his attacked with a stick. Selina and Bruce race out to the grounds but then he tells her he can’t leave Alfred. She tells him to come on. Alfred shoots at the guy and Selina reminds him Alfred told him to run. She takes off. The attackers round the house and he follows after her.

Alfred swaps shots with one of the killers and takes him down. He doesn’t see the boy or girl and screams out for Bruce. Jim tells Alfred that the police haven’t found the kids or the woman. He has 50 cops in the woods and Alfred tells them they are trained killers that Selina brought to his door. Harvey shows up and tells Alfred good shooting with the guy he took down. Harvey asks Jim what the hell is going on with Selina and Jim tells her she saw the Waynes’ killer.

Jim says Harvey Dent threatened Lovecraft with the witness and Alfred demands to know how they knew she was at Wayne Manor. Alfred brushes off his gunshot wound as a scrape and yells at them to focus on finding Bruce. Jim says Selina is a city kid and that’s where she took Bruce. Jim tells Harvey to work the streets and says he’s going to go get Lovecraft to call off the contract. Alfred says he’ll come with Harvey who admits he’s handy for a valet. Alfred corrects him and says he’s a butler.

The kids walk in an industrial area across the river from the city and Bruce tells her they should go back. He thinks the assassins were there for her, but she thinks it’s his investigation that has them gunning for him. She tells him to cheer up and says they lost the killers. She says she’ll get him hidden safely in the city and then find him a phone. He thanks her for the help and she says she’s just trying to be nice. They trudge on toward the waterfront and the city.

Oswald is forcibly brought to Falcone’s. The boss asks how Maroni knew where his money was and Oswald says he could have just called to ask him that. Falcone asks again how Maroni knew where he kept it. Oswald tells him Maroni didn’t rob the armory and Falcone asks why he didn’t warn him. Falcone asks who it was and how they knew about his money. Liza comes in with a tea tray and then sees Oswald and goes back out.

Oswald tells him he has a mole and says that’s someone with art that’s close to him. Falcone says Oswald hates Fish so he can’t trust what he says about it. Falcone says Fish makes plenty of money from him and isn’t a threat. Oswald says he’ll find the mole and he doesn’t doubt the person works for Fish. He tells Oswald to bring truth.

Gabriel asks Oswald why he didn’t just tell Falcone that Liza is the one who betrayed him. Oswald says she’s a time bomb and they need to just wait. Jim can’t find Lovecraft and confronts Dent demanding to know how they knew about her witness. Dent says he didn’t say the witness name out loud. Dent says he did tell some people that Jim was the one that found the witness. Dent offers Jim two possible addresses where Lovecraft keeps home for his mistresses.

Jim threatens Dent if anything happens to the kid and storms out. Harvey brings in one of Selina’s street kid buddies. He won’t talk and then Alfred hands him $100. The kid says he doesn’t know where she lives but says her fence will know. He says he knows who would know. Alfred hands over more money and Harvey says he can beat the answers out of him for free. The kid says Fish runs all the fences in Gotham.

Falcone shoots one of his cronies – Banyon – at the lunch table. Fish and the others are surprised and Falcone explains that he loved the guy but he was supposed to guard the armory and yet it was robbed. He tells them whoever else was involved will soon wish for a quick death like Banyon got. He tells them they each will pay 25% more in tariffs until the reserves are back up. Some complain but Fish takes his side and says they are a family and need to trust each other. They dine with Banyon still dead at the table. Fish smiles at her boss.

Bruce runs up to a payphone and says he has no coins. She doesn’t either and asks why Alfred matters so much since he’s just a butler. Bruce says he’s family. He starts to dial and she backs up. She says the bad guys were there for her, not him and says she was just playing with him earlier. He tells her it was cruel and she says she’s not nice like him. She says she only told him he might be the target so they could hang out longer. She says it’s been cool and says she’s going to disappear.

He tells her he needs her to come back home with him so she can testify. She tells him that was never going to happen and to grow up. She takes off up a fire escape and Bruce gives chase but then she jumps from one building to another with ease and he can’t work up the nerve to follow. He tries again and she tells him not to because he won’t make it. He jumps and lands right on the edge and is about to fall until she grabs his hand. She tells him he’s crazy and he asks her not to run off again since he’s out of breath. She says he earned it can hang out but has to do what she says since they’re in her world now.

One street kid takes particular notice of them. Bruce asks Selina why he can’t call Alfred or Jim and she says they have to disappear like smoke and smoke doesn’t make phone calls. She takes him to the flea and says it’s like the mall for street kids. Butch tells Fish that Falcone is making him nervous. She says he doesn’t know it was them and says to reach out to the other guys that are angry about the tariff increase and work to get them on their side when she makes a move.

Harvey shows up to ask Fish about Selina. Alfred is with him. Butch says they don’t know her and that Fish is busy. Alfred gets rough with Butch and demands to know where Fish is. She comes in and asks what the fuss is. Harvey tells her they’re looking for Cat and says professional killers are looking for her. She asks if it’s the Lovecraft witness that supposedly saw the Wayne killer. She laughs and asks why she would help him find Cat. Alfred tells her that Cat has Bruce Wayne with her and introduces himself. He asks for her help.

Fish says that conflicts with her personal interests. Alfred tells her she has an eloquent gaze and says he doesn’t think she would let petty self interest outweigh honor and compassion. Fish agrees to make some calls but tells him to remember this kindness. Cat gets Bruce some new clothes that look more street. Ivy, the starer, comes over and says juvie caught her and adopted her out to a family she didn’t like. Bruce recognizes her as Mario’s daughter and he introduces himself. Cat tells her to stay cool. Ivy starts to get annoyed and says someone framed her father, shot him and then her mom cut her wrists.

Cat asks for Clyde the fence and she says he’s at the factory. Ivy says Bruce is cute but Cat hauls him away and tells him not to look back because Ivy is scary. Jim busts into one of Lovecraft’s love nests and finds Lovecraft hiding with a gun. Jim says he’s going to arrest him for putting a hid out on the kid and he says the same people came after him. Lovecraft says he knows too much. Jim asks who he’s so scared of but Lovecraft says he’s just a little fish like Jim and says those in charge are laughing at them.

Lovecraft says he has files. He says that right before the Waynes died, there was a run on their stock so he started digging. They hear the door and the two killers show up. The woman says she’s there for Lovecraft only and that Jim doesn’t have to be hurt. He acts like he’s giving in but then attacks when she gets close. They grapple and beat on each other and she chokes him out til he passes out. She tells him that’s nice and they should do it again sometime.

Jim wakes on the floor to his phone ringing. He gets it – it’s Harvey – who tells him Fish got a lead on the kids at the factory. He says they are headed to talk to a fence named Clyde. Harvey thanks Fish and she says he owes her. They head out. Jim finds Lovecraft dead in the bathtub and calls it in to the GCPD. Cat takes Bruce to see Clyde and he asks what she has. She hands over some small statuary. Bruce starts to protest since it’s stuff from his house, but she shushes him. Clyde asks where she got it and she asks if she wants the swag or the story.

She asks for $1,000 and he offers her $50. Bruce breaks in with estimates of $2k on just one item. Clyde tells her to relax and says he can make a deal but she scoops up the stuff and says they’ll go elsewhere. He tells her to relax and that he has friends coming over who would love to meet her. He tells her to chill or he’ll take Bruce’s eye out. The killers roll up and Clyde shoves the kids into a room. Cat looks up at the high ceiling with beams across it and she and Bruce set to work on an escape plan.

They move bins and shelves around and start climbing. The killer pays off Clyde but he wants to count it first. She asks where the girl is and he says she’s upstairs. She tells Clyde – she’d better be. Cat makes it to the rooftop windows and she tells Bruce to find something heavy. He throws her up something and she starts banging on the window release as one of the killers heads up the stairs toward them. Cat finally gets the window release and pulls the chain cranking the window open. Bruce hears the guy coming and they hide. The guy looks up at the window and they bash him in the head and go to hide.

Alfred and Harvey show up then and exchange fire with the criminals. Bruce hears Alfred calling for him and runs to him. Selina stays hidden. The killers hear sirens and skirt past Selina. Bruce hides behind a wall. Jim is there and Harvey tells him that Alfred ran into the building. Jim shoots one killer that was lurking near mannequins. Bruce throws anything he can get his hands on at the lady assassin.

She finally gets close enough to pull a gun on him. He tells her that Cat is gone and she tells him to never mistake bravery for good sense. Alfred is there then and the assassin takes off. Bruce tells Alfred – fancy seeing you here. He asks if the boy is all right and he says he is then asks if Alfred is okay. Alfred tells him he scared him and says if he dies, he’ll be jobless since no one employs butlers anymore. He hugs Alfred tight.

Selina stays hidden through all this. Alfred and Bruce come downstairs and Jim sees the boy is alive and is relieved. Mayor James chews Jim out and says Lovecraft was a pillar of the community and asks what he should tell the community. Jim says to say he’s a crook who was killed by the criminals he did business with. The Mayor insists it will be listed as a suicide. He died by Jim’s gun and the Mayor concocts a ridiculous story that Dent agrees to support.

The Mayor says he can’t believe the two of them are trying to take him down and says he would throw them both in a bag in the river he can. He tells Jim that he’s going down since Dent knows how to walk the line and knows where the edge is and Jim does not. Jim stands and tells the Mayor that he can kiss his ass. The Mayor walks out. He later makes a statement about Lovecraft and says the man killed himself because he was facing trumped up charges from an overzealous cop that he’s going to take care of.

Jim gets the choice of quitting or working security at Arkham. He takes the Arkham gig. Ed comes down and says he’s going to write a letter supporting him and asks who he should send it to. Jim tells him not to worry about it and to take care. Ed forces an awkward hug on him and Harvey tells Jim he should take Ed with him. Harvey says they need to get a drink soon and Jim takes his box of stuff and leaves.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce looks at his case files when Cat shows up and tells him his security still sucks. He says he didn’t expect to see her again and she says she didn’t get to say goodbye and didn’t want to be rude. She hands him a bag and he looks inside – it’s all the stuff she stole from the house. He thanks her and says she can keep it. She says she wants to keep things honest between them but wants to keep a silver business card holder. He steps closer to look at it and she kisses him then dashes out the window.

Alfred comes in and asks who he was talking to and Bruce says he was just thinking out loud. Alfred agrees that must be what it was and closes the window. He asks Bruce if he wants him to take the bag of stuff and tells Bruce the house seems quiet without her. Bruce agrees. Jim shows up to work at Arkham. He’s let in the gates and it’s locked behind him as he heads inside to the fate that awaits him there.