Graceland Recap: 7/30/15 Season 3 Episode 6 “Sidewinder”

Graceland Recap: 7/30/15 Season 3 Episode 6 "Sidewinder"

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday July 30 season 3 episode 6 called, “Sidewinder.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Mike [Aaron Tveit] develops a plan to learn about the contents of Gusti’s trunk; and Briggs [Daniel Sunjata] helps Paige [Serinda Swan] go undercover with the Armenian Mafia’s shipping company.

On the last episode the death of an agent left the housemates reeling; Briggs and Johnny worked to rescue Lucia, who’s being held by Carlito Solano; and Mike’s visions lead him to a small-time crook with a dangerous secret. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “as Mike (Aaron Tveit) devises a plan to learn more about the contents of Gusti’s (guest star Mahedi Rakib) trunk, Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) helps Paige (Serinda Swan) go undercover with the Armenian Mafia’s shipping company.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great premiere and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight.

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#Graceland starts with Briggs ranting about the side effects of sarin gas. Mike insists Gusti is not a terrorist. He wonders if he’s holding it for someone else. Briggs says they need to raise the alert but Mike says no. He says if Gusti doesn’t talk, they won’t know who the real terrorist is. Mike says they have to see it through and he was meant to do it.

Paige and Charlie find Hector’s daughter in the house and are annoyed. They see Johnny naked on the sofa and he says to get out. They tell him to get her out of the house and he says they told him to get laid and they tell him not by Lucia’s twin on their sofa. He says it’s good Mexican food. They sit down to eat. Briggs comes down and sees Jenny who says she’s trying a new recipe.

Briggs says he needs Johnny’s help and Charlie reminds Mike he has to come to Miami but he says no. Jakes says he can do it. Jenny asks if they’re pornographers. Paige says no and Jenny says it’s fine if they are. Briggs says they’re CIA deep cover agents and she laughs. Ari asks Vince where the crate is as Briggs sits by. Ari says he wants the crate but Vince says it was flagged. He says it will be a few days.

Briggs goes off on him for losing his boss’s shipment. Vince curses at him then says they need to make his replacement quit and Ari agrees. He says Clear Line is his domain and tells Toros to back down. Toros says Tevan asked him to keep an accounting of the revenue. Ari doesn’t like it but says he can tag along and says to stay out the way if things get rough. They head to Clear Line shipping.

They head inside and Toros asks why he tells Briggs everything. He says no Vince no planes. Paige is there – she’s the new manager. Ari says he knows her and she says no then asks if he’s been to Atlanta. He says no and says he thinks he may have seen her before. He says maybe they had a screw. Toros takes over and says Ari is a Neanderthal. She asks what’s up and Briggs says to pack up and get out.

She says they must be the Sarkissians. Briggs puts her hand in a paper cutter and says they can give her a manicure. She says she can make one phone call to Brazilian customs and get it released. Briggs says not to believe her but she pressed and Toros says she can do it. Ari is impressed she speaks Portugese. She ends the call and says 12 hours max and they’ll have it.

She says Vince boasted he got 10% and she wants 20%. Briggs says – this bitch. Toros says when the create gets there, they can talk. She hands Briggs his glasses and tells him to screw off. Charlie looks at her stomach and pats it. She hears Briggs talking and ties up her robe. He and Paige are talking and he says when Tevan dies, they both need to be under. Charlie comes out and asks what it is.

He says she’s helping take another run at Martun. Charlie says you don’t take volunteers onto a sinking ship. Mike goes to see Gusti who’s praying at a home altar. His GF teases and Gusti says the gods give to them all day long. Mike talks about karma and conservation of energy when you die. The LAPD kicks in the door and takes them down. They haul out all three of them.

Gusti tells Mike to calm down and his GF is upset they took her fake leg. Gusti says it’s fine and they have nothing on them. Johnny comes down and hauls Gusti and Mike away. Charlie tells Jakes they have to go and he tells her to chill. She asks why he’s in a suit. She says it’s not the Grammys and they’re meeting swamp people. He says he thought about it – she says they’ll make fun of him.

They head out. Ari complains to Briggs about Toros flirting with Paige and says he’s wasting his time since she’s a carpet muncher. Briggs trash talks Toros to make Ari feels better. Vince comes up angry and says he heard he’s not getting his job back. Briggs tells him to back down and Vince threatens to go to customs. Ari pulls a gun and Briggs stops him and punches him.

Briggs says he thinks they had different childhoods. He talks about the bike he wanted as a kid and says no bike and his dad passed out drunk on Christmas. He holds his face to the burning hot engine of the plane. Ari tells Briggs he’ll het him a bike and says Jesus Christ. Toros tells Paige he’s sorry she had to see it and she says she can handle it. He says he’d like to work with her and hands her his card. He says his personal number is on the back and they should talk about things.

Charlie and Briggs go see the swamp people – she introduces Jakes to Gene and Cash. Cash teases him about wearing a suit in the swamp. Jakes says he came to talk business not fashion and says he needs more supply. Gene says he can’t and they’re pushing the limits without hanging out an oxy sign. Jakes asks offers an extra point. Cash asks if he’s ever been hunting. They head into the swamp.

Mike lies on a bench in the cell and Gusti says he doesn’t look good. He says American jail is not bad then says in Indonesian jail if you have no money, you don’t eat. Mike says it’s not about him, it’s about Mike who says he did a job in Vegas then says they shot him and shows his scar. He says he snuck out of the hospital to get away from Vegas PD. Gusti says he’s the coolest guy he’s met.

Mike says to tell him if there’s anything else before he goes in. Gusti says nothing to worry about. Johnny pulls Mike out and says they got nothing from Gusti. He says he needs a minute and goes into a bathroom. He pulls an oxy out of his sock and takes it then rinses his face. Johnny tells Mike they have a junkie and he’s startled but he means Gusti’s girl. He says he thinks the marriage is for show.

Mike says to pull him out in three minutes and says to punch him in the face. They throw Mike roughly into the cell. He wipes blood off his face and asks what’s up with Gusti – he says they keep asking about his car. He asks what’s up with their marriage. She says she met him before her accident and says she didn’t think much of him then but afterward he was nice and offered a free room for a green card.

She says loyalty is hard to come by. Mike agrees. Johnny hauls Mike out and she says to tell Gusti she’s okay. Mike left her a pill by her severed leg. Briggs finds Paige eating and says Toros and Ari were screaming about Vince and her. He says he didn’t understand it all and Toros is pulling Ari off Clear Line to have her to himself. Briggs says he’s going to push Ari to keep Clear Line.

She says she’s getting a translator so she can listen in. In Miami, they’re out on an air boat. Cash tells Jakes about local birds and gators. Gene asks if he knows what chum is and says to chum up the water. They hand him a bucket. He says if they catch a gator, he gets to keep it to make a watch and shoes so he looks like a Florida peacock. He chums the water and asks if they have a deal.

Cash says they have connections in Georgia. Gene says they’re looking at going away for life if they’re caught. Jakes says what he’s asking is a fundamental dilemma. They get a gator bite and Cash says they’ll give him a clean shot. Cash gets his face smashed and the line knocks Gene into the water and he’s about to be gator bait. Jakes grabs the auto rifle and fires at the gator. He kills it.

Jakes asks if he wants assurance nothing will never go wrong, he can’t give it but he can show him he will do his best to make sure they all stay fat and filthy rich. They roll back to the dock with the gator and Charlie is shocked. She asks what happened and Jakes says they cut a deal. She smiles. Johnny cuffs Gusti to watch from the other room while he works Mike over.

Johnny says Vegas ends up one way – the desert keeps everything. Johnny says he ran his prints and found him wanted for armored truck robbery. Mike says he wants a lawyer. Johnny asks about nitro and says they got the kid running the red light on tape. Gusti says it’s BS and he drives safe. Mike says he doesn’t know shit. Johnny says he’s a GD follower and his buddy is dragging him around in LA.

He says to give him the kid and he walks or it’s his ass. He says the little Indian boy put all the shit on him. Gusti tries to yell to Mike that the cop is lying. Johnny says you or him and Mike says kiss my ass. Gusti laughs and says that’s my boy. He puts his feet up and smiles. Johnny comes back and Gusti asks where’s his popcorn. They cut Gusti and his wife loose and he freaks that hemissed a call.

Mike comes out and says Gusti sold him out and takes a swing at him. Gusti says they have nothing and Mike says they must not have matched his prints. Mike sighs and laughs and says it really was a shakedown. Gusti is on his phone and Mike asks what he missed. He says an important phone call. He asks Gusti from who and he says he promised he wouldn’t tell. He tells Mike he can trust him.

Then he tells Mike he can tell him and they leave. Ari and Briggs head to Toros’ house and Briggs says this should be all his, not Toros and says he can’t let him keep taking his territory. He says Ari will have nothing left. Ari complains to Toros who offers him something else. Briggs criticizes Toros’ offer and says that’s not real money. Ari agrees. The translator and Paige sit outside listening.

Toros gets mad at Briggs and says he’s his boss and Ari’s boss. Toros tells Ari he’s going to kill Briggs in Armenian. Paige goes running to save him. They argue and Briggs asks what’s going on. There’s a knock at the door and Toros is shocked to see her there. He asks why she’s there and she says he wanted to talk. She acts surprised to see them there.

Toros says it’s a bad time and she says they’ll go but Ari says they will go. Briggs says they can’t go because of a hook up but Ari insists and they leave. Paige says he caused a mess for her and she says she’s sorry. He asks if she wants to stay. Later they make out and he gets really rough. He says he likes it rougher than she can handle. She rips his shirt and slams him against the wall then she calls him a pussy.

She slaps him and he says harder. She backhands him. She blindfolds him and he says to punish him. He says to put your back into it and she punches him hard. She apologizes and he says he has to go to the hospital and she broke his news. He says it’s a vibe killer but it was cute. She says she was just trying to play rough. Mike calls Briggs and leaves a message saying he knows what’s going on.

He says he made the same deal Mike saw online and has no idea what’s in the box but it’s worth $50k. Madison, the wife calls Mike. He says whoever is after the sarin won’t give up after one missed call. He says he’s staying the night. Briggs asks Paige what happened and she says Toros was going to kill him then says she broke his nose playing rough.

Charlie comes in and calls for a house meeting. She tells them that 20 oxy are missing and she says someone in the house took it. Paige says they all know who took it. Madison tells Mike he saved her and Gusti and says she really needed the pill and thanks him. He says he knows the feeling. She asks if he wants some more and says smoking is better than swallowing.

She lights up and offers him a hit of oxy but he says he doesn’t do it. She grabs him and blows oxy smoke into his mouth. He breathes it in deep.