Graceland Recap: 7/9/15 Season 3 Episode 3 “Sense Memory”

Graceland Recap: 7/9/15 Season 3 Episode 3 "Sense Memory"

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday July 9 season 3 episode 3 called, “Sense Memory.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Briggs [Daniel Sunjata] tries to keep control of Ari Adamian; [Rhys Coiro] and Charlie isn’t sure what to do about her pregnancy.

On the last episode Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) tried to keep control of Ari Adamian (guest star Rhys Coiro) while Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) struggled with the decision to terminate her pregnancy. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “while Mike’s (Aaron Tveit) visions and addiction to pain medications start affecting his ability to function in the field, Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) coaxes a former FBI agent out of retirement to help take down Ari (guest star Rhys Coiro).”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great premiere and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.



#Graceland begins with the crash of Briggs hitting Layla’s car. She screams and begs for mercy. He grabs her purse and goes through it then dumps her stuff into a dumpster and walks away. Mike pops a couple of pills and takes a call – he asks where they found him. Briggs says he’s looking for someone. Mike comes down and says Sid Markham is dead and says he was dumped at the border with a bullet in his head. They agree he got what he deserved and now they want to take Carlito down.

Johnny says to let him get the guy. Mike says it’s his case and they have to just move on since he doesn’t have enough. Johnny gets mad they won’t give him more time and walks out. Charlie tells the guys they are looking for Reggie to get them to Germaine and says Amber is looking for him. She says to stick close. Charlie tells her she better find Reggie or no boys or booze ever.

The plane drops a package for Carlito’s guys and Federal agents pull up. They swap fire and take out a bunch of their guys and arrest the others. Mike tells Paige she can do the honors. They hear a noise and open the crate. It’s chickens, not dope. She curses and says Carlito knew they were coming. Mike is high and fixated on the chickens and misses a guy with a gun who almost shoots him. He tells here there’s 29 chickens. He was clueless about his near miss with death.

Briggs is lurking with a map and binoculars. He sees a guy in a trailer park and spies on him. It’s Colby and he tells him he needs his help. He says he quit to get away from Ari. Briggs says Logan told him he had cancer. Briggs says they’ve made him the new sin eater and Colby asks if that’s what they are. He says that Ari went to meet some guys for new AKs and this guy made mistake and apologized then Ari put the guy in chains and hooked him to the back of the car.

He says Ari told him they’re going to see how fast the guy can run. He says he had no choice and says he hit 65 before the screams stopped. Briggs says he can’t quit and needs Colby to help him. He says he doesn’t have to see Ari just walk with him and help. Amber spots something that looks familiar then not. Charlie is getting pissed and says she’s conning her. Charlie says they’re done there. Amber insists he exists but Charlie doesn’t buy it.

He says Reggie had a doctor in Little Havana where he got his oxy. She says that should have been the first thing out of her mouth and says she can use that info. She tells Amber she’s not going back to jail just yet. Mike went and bought some illegal oxy. Paige comes in with a form for him to sign to close the books on Sid. She asks to talk about what happened today with him missing the shooter. He says she just moves faster than he does.

She says he was counting chickens. He blows her off. Colby comes to Graceland with Briggs and is impressed with the place. They talk about crappy cover places they’ve been stationed with the FBI. Briggs says they have a room opening but Mike says they don’t and Paige is staying. Mike says he must be the last guy who worked the Ari case. Mike agrees to be part of the take-down plan but says he can’t talk now.

Johnny heads to the marine and Jakes follows him to see him with a boat full of blow. He asks how long he’s been ratting them out to Carlito. Jakes says this is next level and says he’s inventing new means of incompetence. Johnny tells him to go away and Jakes asks what’s up. Johnny says he’s going to kill Lucia if he doesn’t move the coke. He tells him to arrest him or get off the boat. Johnny says he just needs some time but Jakes says to tell the bureau.

Jakes unties the boat and says let’s go. Johnny thanks him. They head out to sea. Colby and Briggs work up a plan and they’re feeling good about it. Colby says it could work and asks if the roommates will be down. They agree to meet up again tomorrow to talk it over. Paige comes down and says they need to talk. Briggs says she betrayed Mike and has to go. She says he put Charlie through a bunch of shit and has no room to talk. Then she says it’s about Mike.

She tells him about the chickens. He asks what color and how many. He says Mike died and came back and saw something in between. Briggs says he’ll talk to him and she’s satisfied. Mike is in a hoodie on the streets looking for oxy. A guy hands him $80 worth of random pills then Mike comes back and says it’s a 5 milligram pill. Mike gets rough with the guy.

Mike flashes a badge and the guy calls him a crooked ass junkie cop when Mike takes the bag of pills he tried to dump in a barrel of goop. Briggs finds Ari with a bunch of armed guards and asks what’s up. He says Martun is on code red since some big black guy ran into Layla and stole a bunch of her shit. Briggs says he can ask around but doesn’t work for free. Ari says he’ll get his money then tells him to go. He says he can’t let Martun find out about he and Layla.

Briggs says they can go drink it off later at a bar away from family politics and suggests Nancy’s. Ari says not today, today they work, maybe tomorrow. He tells Briggs to take Hovic and check out the crash site. Mike checks out the stash of pills he stole and pops a couple until he’s happily stoned.

Jakes is barfing and seasick. He tells Johnny he hates boats. Johnny asks about the tragedy comedy masks and says Lucia reminds him of that. He says one side is hard like her dad and brother and was forced to wear the frowning mask her whole life but if someone let her wear the other one she’d be happy. Jakes tells him they’ll get her back then he laughs and says it can’t get worse then says they’re running a bunch of dope from Mexico.

Johnny says he’s the one who killed Sid. He says Carlito made him smuggle Sid down so he got him to help him bust Lucia out. He says Sid was going to kill Carlito and he had to make a choice so he put a bullet in Sid. He says usually when he shoots a perp, he loses no sleep but says this was different like an execution. In Miami, Charlie tells Amber, she found one doc through the bureau who’s a likely candidate for their dope seller.

They approach Dr Greenblatt at a bar and Amber says Reggie told her about him. He insists he doesn’t know Reggie even after they tell him they’re not cops and offer him some cash. Charlie is annoyed that Amber ruined it. Amber says he’s lying and Charlie tells the other guys they can go home and the op is off. A cop car pulls up with sirens blaring. Charlie tells Amber to shut up and let her talk. The cop asks if they were hassling Greenblatt.

Charlie plays dumb. They land in the back of the cop car. Amber carries on and Charlie shushes her. Amber tells the cop they’re undercover FBI agents from LA. She says they’re looking for an oxy dealer named Reggie. He says he doesn’t know one by that name. The guy says that agents have cover teams close by and she says they sent them home. He says he doesn’t buy it. She asks when they’re getting to the police station. He turns up the radio and pulls off a side road.

Charlie says they’re not going to a police station and kicks the seat in anger. They stop at a place in the boonies by a canal and Charlie tries to kick out a window. Amber says she must have never been in the back of a cop car. Amber says to tell them she’s a fed because they don’t want the federal government on them. Charlie says they’re not agents and says they’re just tying to score and have a lot of money. They ask who the hell is Reggie then put the girls on their knees.

They kick Amber onto her face in the mud and Charlie says they’re not FBI. She says she can’t breathe and to let her up. They pull Amber up. The cop says to talk or die. He asks if the FBI knows about them. The two sidekicks tell the cop Cash to just kill them. One guy asks to have a crack at Charlie before he does her. Then a guy comes out and Cash says they might be Feds. Amber calls to Reggie and he asks why they have Amber.

He says my name is Rodney and she says she thought it was Reggie. He says he knows Amber isn’t FBI but doesn’t know about the other one. Amber vouches for her and says they’re just looking to buy. Cash puts up his gun and it seems okay. Briggs reads through some FBI files when Mike comes in and asks what he’s doing. He closes the files up and Briggs says they’re worried about him. He says there is something in play that propels all of us through space in time.

He says we never see its face and we pick a dogma and pray we don’t burn. He says Mike touched that something and has answers. Mike closes the door and says he answers but doesn’t know the questions. He says he was home in the Adirondacks and could smell the trees. He says he had an urge to get to the tree line and started running then these birds took flight and Briggs asks if they were red. There were 47. He says they cleared and he was in the trees and there was a tunnel and a clock set at 10:10.

He says then he saw Briggs, the doctors, and was back. He says the birds and the numbers mean something. He says he was sent back to figure it out. He asks if he’ll find it in the files and he says he hopes so. Briggs says to chase the birds if he needs to but not while he’s being shot at. Back in Florida, they pour drinks and Charlie says she doesn’t drink. Amber says it’s more for her. Charlie says SoCal is in a dry spell and says she has people.

The other guys aren’t ready to trust them but Cash says they’re in. He says the drug busts he’s in on are 99% market facing. He says this is wholesale and is by nature safer so they’re in since Charlie and Amber are taking the risk. In Mexico, Jakes and Johnny drop off the boat and they’re done with the drugs. Johnny says he needs Briggs helps on this one and Jakes was right about that. Colby, Mike, Paige and Briggs go over the Ari plan.

Paige asks how it ends and Briggs says with Ari no longer being a threat to the living. Charlie comes in and they ask her to help. She says she’s exhausted then she caves and agrees to help. Johnny asks to talk to Briggs who says he can’t help right now. He says he needs them for Ari for 24 hours then he can move heaven and earth for them. They agree. Ari is at Nancy’s complaining about average ass. He gets a loving text from Layla. Briggs says they don’t strike him as a match. Ari says her putz is amazing.

Ari talks about Martun throwing a pool party and he goes to take a piss and says she comes out wet in a bikini and says what’s he supposed to do. He says she’s a 20 year old child. He says maybe he can talk to her. Ari calls for a drink and orders Arak. He says it’s a man’s drink. They drink. Briggs says the drinks are on him and he has to go do some laundry and says not to kill himself over the Layla drama and says it’s just putz.

Ari wakes bloody in his car and there’s a pipe through his windshield. He drove into something as far as he can tell. He walks away from the wreck and finds a mirror. He sees all the blood. He calls Briggs and says something bad happened and he needs him to come there. Briggs agrees to come meet him right now.