Graceland Recap: 7/2/15 Season 3 Episode 2 “Chester Cheeto”

Graceland Recap: 7/2/15 Season 3 Episode 2 "Chester Cheeto"

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday July 2 season 3 episode 2 called, “Chester Cheeto.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Briggs tries to keep control of Ari Adamian; and Charlie isn’t sure what to do about her pregnancy.

On the last episode as the agents of GRACELAND strived to close out their ongoing cases and mended broken relationships, Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) found himself coerced into a high-risk undercover operation within the Armenian Mafia. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) tries to keep control of Ari Adamian (guest star Rhys Coiro) while Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) struggles with the decision to terminate her pregnancy.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great premiere and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.



#Graceland begins with Jakes waking Mike and asking if he can tie a bow tie. He says he can tie a regular tie but Jakes says everyone can. He asks why Mike is asleep on the couch. Charlie asks if the stairs were a problem then asks why they’re dressed up. Charlie says Paige’s award from the DOJ is today. He says Johnny can do it but he’s not there. Briggs has Mike’s suit so he doesn’t have to go upstairs. Briggs says it’s a new day and they all agree that statement doesn’t bode well.

At a church, a priest does a sermon and Johnny sits with Sid in a pew. Johnny nods at the priest who then takes them downstairs and unlocks an office. Sid asks if it’s Carlito’s passage and how they get to the compound. Johnny says Homeland is looking for Sid at the border and says it’s his best option. He clicks the lights on in the tunnel and Sid tells him to go first. At the DOJ awards, Paige is recognized for the Lina thing. The speaker talks about measuring people by their deeds.

We see Briggs trading drugs for an envelope and Johnny escorting Sid out of the country. Briggs bought an unmarked gun. He checks it out as Paige is called to collect her award for heroism. She stares at Mike for a moment then says simply thank you and leaves the stage. Johnny and Sid make it through and come out in the office of a nightclub. Johnny tells Sid to enjoy himself because it’s going to be a long day. Paige gets congratulations after the ceremony.

Charlie calls her an exceptional hero and Briggs asks to see the award. Paige says it’s just a photo op. Briggs goes to get the car and Charlie tells her bitches get shit done then hugs her and says she can’t leave her in the house alone. Mike walks up and Charlie goes to take a call. He asks if they can talk. She says no and walks away. Charlie is not happy and tells Briggs the Interpol thing is not helping. She wants the chick who almost gave her a miscarriage.

Mike pops a pain pill back at Graceland and Briggs tells him to be careful with that and Mike says it’s a lot of pain. Mike asks if he has Ari under control and Briggs says you might as well try and control a wave and he’s just surfing right now. Mike asks what he’s planning. He says Logan won’t let him put him away so he can put it down. He says Logan will know it’s him and the bureau will be watching but Briggs says Logan has no support on him so he won’t know.

He says the tape was in his bag and Logan must have it. Briggs says he’ll take his chances with the tape since he’ll be drowning in felonies. Briggs says it won’t end well and all he can control is how it doesn’t end well. Ari calls and Briggs meets him. He says his uncle is looking great with his new kidney. Ari says he’s pinching nurses’ asses and joking. Ari spots a fat boy jogging and says you can’t outrun an ass that size. Ari stops the car and gets out.

He calls the guy Chester Cheeto and then tells Briggs his name is Ty Gillibrand. He tells Ty to sign the paper like he promised. He says he’s not selling to the Sarkissians. Ari slpas him around then dangles him over the bridge. The guy freaks and Briggs says they need to pull him up. He tells Briggs to hold him so Ty can sign the contract from where he’s dangling. He signs them and dates it. Briggs says to sign it and hurry and Ari says to initial at the top.

The guy falls and Ari says he can’t believe he dropped him. The guy survived and is screaming. Ari says he was saved by his fatness then says someone else will call 911 and they need to leave. Charlie goes to see Amber in jail. She does not want to see her. Amber says she won’t get her to back off on the entrapment charges. Amber says she was protecting her and her baby from the guy. Charlie says if she knew she was a cop she would have shot her. Amber says she would have shot her in the belly.

Charlie says to send the animal back to her cage – no deal. Amber asks what deal. Charlie says she wants Germaine. Amber asks what she gets and she says 10 with a chance of 6 and probation forever. She says she’s flagged for super max. Amber says she doesn’t know where Germaine is but a guy in South Florida cleans his cash. She says if she takes her to Miami she can make the introduction. She says that’s the only option so Charlie can stop acting like Godzilla with tits. She says it’s the only way. Mike comes to see Logan and he reads off a quote from Hoover.

He says then when Hoover died they found out he had been blackmailing Senators for years. He tells Logan he needs to stop what he’s doing with Briggs before it goes too far. Mike says he can make one phone call and Washington will know what’s happening there. Logan says he knows Mike’s history and says before he makes that call. He says Mike has failed all over since he left Quantico. He says he took down Bello and Logan says he was bleeding on the floor.

He says Mike’s cases have an unprecedented fatality rate. He asks if the deputy director will take his call. Mike looks down and Logan tells him to go home and worry about himself. Mike nods and goes looking sheepish. At the club, Johnny sits with Sid. He asks why Carlito needs him and Sid says his deal with Carlito is done, he did his end. Johnny says he killed his dad. Johnny tells Sid he’s an optimist and says he would realize that Carlito will give him a bullet to the head instead of a payday.

He tells Sid let’s go. He says if Carlito wanted him dead, he would have had Johnny do it up north but Johnny says he’s not a killer. He tells Sid he’s not saying it because he cares about him but he needs to make a deal. He says if helps him with Lucia, he’ll help him with the money. He says Flaco is there and doesn’t deliver money. Johnny cuffs him and says if he gets shot up he’s got nothing else. He leaves Sid in the alley handcuffed to a gate and goes back into the club.

Johnny hits Flaco and smashes his face into the bar then grabs the briefcase he was carrying. He tosses the money into the stripper’s dressing room and says hey. Then he shoots his gun to send people screaming out of the club. He goes back out and Sid says to give him his money. Johnny says there was no money, just bullets and tells Sid to put the gun down. They go back inside and Sid sees the club is empty. Johnny says if he wants money he needs his help to get it.

He says he’s going to get Lucia and if he wants money to come on. Sid says he’s in. The strippers are rolling in the briefcase of cash gleefully.

Mike pops another oxy and enjoys the buzz. Jakes come in and says he looks messed up. Mike says he needs to go see the doc to get cleared for action. Jakes says he is not well enough. Mike says he was dead for six minutes and was sent back for a reason. Jakes says he needs to leave out the talk about a mission from God when he goes for his physical. The doc checks him out and says he’s building a collection of battle scars. He says the luckiest folks avoid scars.

The doc says his lungs sound good then asks how it is and he asks if he’s been taking oxy. Mike says he’s good and the doc says if he can make it on the last 10 pills. He says he can clear him for duty if he’s willing to go without any more pills. Mike agrees. Ari tells Briggs about his family business and buying chips that go into missiles. He says Chester is a billionaire who deals in chips. He asks how a man gets that fat and says it’s repulsive. Briggs pulls the gun to shoot him but then hesitates.

Ari’s woman Layla comes in screaming for him. She says he can’t keep ignoring her. He says if her father finds out they’re together, he’s a dead man. He kisses her, grabs her ass and shoves her out the door. Briggs peeks and sees it all. Ari asks how much he caught and Briggs says none of it. Ari says he’s a bad liar. Briggs says she’s pretty. He says Colby ran interference for him but now Briggs needs to take care of it. He says she’s Martun Sarkissian’s daughter.

He says it’s a lot of risk for a piece of ass but she’s a sweet piece of ass. He tells Briggs to keep an eye on her. He says she’s heading to Stanford and will find a BF there and won’t be his problem anymore. He offers Ari a drink but he says he has plans and takes off. Charlie is grilling burgers for dinner to try and convince Paige to stay. Briggs tells Mike it didn’t end will with Ari and he’s got a new plan. Charlie says she and Amber are going to Florida to chase Germaine.

Briggs says she’s pregnant and Amber nearly got her killed. She says she has eight weeks before the bureau pulls her out of the field. He tells her to act like a mom and find another way to get Germaine. Paige comes down but doesn’t like this conversation – she tells Charlie she’s going to go pack. Mike follows Paige upstairs and finds her looking at her award. He says things had gotten violent and Sulla was frustrated and felt impotent.

He says Lina bit him and she was a fighter. He says he told Sulla they were leaving and they argued. He says Lina was scared but they went for the door. He says Sulla was on her so fast he didn’t have time to react. He says everything we had done couldn’t be wasted and so he did a selfish thing. He says he still sees Lina in his dreams. Paige cries and he touches her shoulder. He asks her to stay. She says he’s lucky because he sees her in his dreams. She says she doesn’t have that luxury.

She says that medal is a constant reminder of what she did wrong and he says it should remind her of what she did right then he hugs her while she cries. Johnny and Sid pull up at the compound. They had one of Carlito’s guys taped to the steering wheel. They get a drop on the guards and Johnny goes for Lucia. Sid says come on. Johnny says to go to the car. Sid says to get his money and Johnny says he’s not going to help him and says he better run.

Lucia tells Johnny they can’t leave and says her brother owns everything from here to the border. She says they can’t leave her brother alive. He backs off Sid. Paige drives Charlie but tells her they don’t have to do this. Charlie says she has to do it and Paige asks if she wanted to do it. Charlie talks about her grandmother was a cardiologist and she kept working long past retirement because she wanted people to see her as a doctor not an old lady.

Charlie says on one path she’s a single mom and on another, she’s a federal agent. She says Briggs wasn’t wrong with what he said. She says it’s a choice she has to make. Paige asks if she’s sure and Charlie says she’s not sure of anything. She says life hands you piles of stinking shit. She goes inside the abortion clinic and fills out her forms. She says you spend the rest of your life getting used to the smell. Paige drops her off and leaves. Sid and Johnny finds Carlito in the tub.

Carlito says he paid him but Sid says to get out of the tub. He says he gave Flaco $900k and Johnny says there was no money and he shot at them. Carlito asks Sid if he saw this. Carlito tells Sid that Johnny is a practiced liar. Sid says it’s too late anyway. He gets out of the tub and they tell him to open the safe. He does. Inside is mounds of drugs. He tells them to take it and go but then he has a knife and stabs Sid. Johnny fires at him. Sid and Carlito start brawling and Sid beats him brutally.

Carlito says if he dies, Lucia dies. Johnny shoots Sid and saves Carlito. He tells Johnny he’s a good boy. Briggs picks Charlie up from the clinic. She gets into the car without speaking. He says he’s supposed to get a call before she goes in, not after. She tells him to just take her home. He says this should be a discussion. She asks if he even wants to be a father and says let’s cut to the part where he’s relieved that he doesn’t have to grow up yet.

Turns out Charlie didn’t go through with it but now Briggs thinks she did. Charlie goes to pick up Amber to take her to Florida. Mike lies in bed aching with oxy withdrawal. He gets up and takes two more pills. Paige is at her new place and looks at her medal. She smiles a bit. Briggs pulls on a mask and speeds up the SUV he’s driving. He plows into another car. He gets out and it’s Layla’s car. She screams. He goes to the window.