Graceland Recap: 8/13/15 Season 3 Episode 8 “Savior Complex”

Graceland Recap: 8/13/15 Season 3 Episode 8 "Savior Complex"

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday August 13 season 3 episode 8 called, “Savior Complex.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Charlie  [Vanessa Ferlito] and Jakes [Brandon Jay McLaren] close in on Germaine

On the last episode as plans took a turn for the worse when Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) attempted to pull Amber (guest star Brit Morgan) from Florida, and in an effort to aid Briggs (Daniel Sunjata), Paige (Serinda Swan) setted up a bust to pull the plug on the Sarkissian organization. However, things were not always as they seem. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “as Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) and Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren) close in on Germaine (guest star Hal Oszan), Mike’s (Aaron Tveit) drug addiction reaches a breaking point when he and Gusti (guest star Mahedi Rakib) are caught in a dangerous situation.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great premiere and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight.

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#Graceland starts with Ari talking to Tevan about the police bust. He says Briggs is a good source for telling him. Tevan told Ari to let him live. Toros is not happy. He says they have an informant in the FBI and they can feed them any information they want. Briggs says Toros doesn’t know who his friends are and should have sold his bitch-ass out. He says the Feds trust him. He says the joint task force has been after the Sarkissians for almost two years and says they have someone on the inside.

Toros says Briggs is the mole. Ari asks who to ask. Briggs says to grab a federal agent, tie his ass to a chair and make him tell you who the mole is. Charlie is on her feet when Amber goes to answer the door. She tells her Jakes doesn’t know about the baby. Amber says she won’t tell him. Jakes says they can bust some shitheads. Briggs talks to Logan and says he has to sell himself as a CI to keep himself alive and keep the case going. He tells him the Sarkissians need answers.

He says they need an agent who can tell Ari and Toros what they need to hear. He says some agent can deal with some unpleasantness and says he’ll be there to control it. Logan isn’t pleased. Mike wakes to a buzzing phone and answers it. It’s Logan who says he needs to talk to him and tells him to come in. He tells Mike not to tell anyone else he’s coming in. Mike looks around and searches for the oxy but Gusti says he has the bottle. He tells Mike he can’t find balance when he’s addicted.

Gusti chews him out for getting high with Madison and says he’s fired. Gusti says he’s out of the thing in the trunk deal if he’s not an ass kicker. Mike promises he won’t suck. Gusti says he knows a couple of people who rob electronics and says they smoke meth – he says when they’re smoking they’re happy and when they’re out they’re bad. He says druggies are unpredictable. Gusti says he needs an ass kicker not an unreliable druggie. Mike says he’s good and Gusti says he’s unfired and says to come on.

The druggies show Gusti a computer and he pays them then they start moving the boxes. Then Mike notices the other boxes are empty. They pull the gun on them and tell them they also want the box. Mike says they can’t have it. Mike knocks her aside and gets the gun but then the other druggie comes at him. Amber puts on her makeup and Jakes tells Charlie he doesn’t like this and babysitting Amber. He says Amber is a liability and tried to kill her.

Amber says she saved her. Charlie says they think she’s dead and so Amber is all it is. She says they have to get Germaine. She says if Amber can get them there, she will try to get her a full time CI gig to keep her out of prison. Amber smiles. They head out. Jakes asks what they mean about Charlie and Cash says she just took off with their money. Jakes says he’s not reimbursing them and Cash says they’re happy to work with him.

Jakes says the money launderer was Charlie’s contact and that causes him problems. He says he has stuff stacking up too fast. Charlie says maybe they can put him in touch with Germaine. Cash asks why she can’t introduce him and Amber says she slept with him and stole his wallet. The meth heads beat on Gusti and demand to know what’s in the container. He doesn’t know. They are beating on it and Mike tells them to stop. He says it belong to Odin Rossi. Gusto is surprised.

The chick meth head says she heard that Odin cut off a hand of a guy who came late to a meeting with him. Mike says to just give it back and they can call it a day. The meth head wants to keep it. Briggs, Johnny and Paige talk about what to do about Toros. Johnny says she can always sleep with him if she has to. Briggs gets a call from Mike’s phone and the meth head asks if he’s Odin Rossi. He demands to talk to Mike. She says he wants $100k and two pounds of meth.

Briggs asks if he gets his guys and the container for that. He agrees and asks where to bring it. The meth heads get high while they wait. Mike tells her to put his phone down but she keeps snapping his pic. Gusti asks who he called to save them and he says a friend. Gusti asks what if he wants the crate and Mike says he won’t. Gusti says it’s his fault for trusting a junkie. Gusti talks about his family working in a Bali resort and says they make no money.

He says he wants to go back one day and do right by them and says he gets $50k to hold the crate. He tells Mike he can do better and it doesn’t have to be like this. Mike seems to be tweaking for what they’re smoking. Paige, Briggs and Johnny roll to rescue them and they can’t call it in officially or Mike will be arrested. Paige worries about them not coming with cash or drugs. Briggs knocks on the door. He comes in and says no money, no drugs.

He says they are looking at a slow and painful death. The chick threatens to kill Gusti and he grabs the container and tells her she’s got the gun on the wrong hostage. Johnny and Paige come in the other door. Mike gets the gun from the one meth head and his vision is wavering. He accidentally shoot Gusti then shoots the chick. But Gusti is okay. They bind his wounds and bring in a doc to treat him. The guy leaves him some pain meds and takes of.

Gusti says he says he’s good with guns but when he’s on drugs, he’s not good with anything. Mike says that was messed up but says he saved the crate. Gusti is choked but Mike says he owed him and gave the crate back. Gusti says he doesn’t understand how he was a stunt man and how Odin Rossi owes him favors. Gusti says no one is who they say they are. Gusti says to take the crate and the phone and says he’s going home to his family.

Mike says the guy who gave him the phone has his photo and Gusti says someone will buy it form him and says someone always buys in this country. Mike takes one of the needles of pain meds and he goes into the other room to shoot up but then he sees a flier that says change your life and a phone number. There are birds on the card like in his vision. He calls the number on the card. It’s to Riverside Rehab. Mike hangs up and laughs then looks at the card. He breaks the needle and tosses it aside.

Mike comes home and tells Brigg he’s not doing well and needs his help. He has him handcuff him to the be. Briggs tells him about the different times he’s detoxed himself. He says 72 hours in, he will say anything to get a fix and this will be the hardest thing of his life. Mike thanks him. Later, he starts vomiting and begging to be set free. He tells Johnny to let him loose. He says he has to pee. Johnny offers to tell him a story. Paige is reading to him. Jakes reads to him later.

Mike screams at him to shut up. Charlie is there and talking to him about her CI. He laughs, cries and screams at them to let him out. He tells Paige not to touch him. He cries and says he just wants to feel better. He begs them to let him go. He says his whole body is trying to get out. Then he says he can’t breathe. He’s lying with his sheets ripped off with sweat everywhere and vomit too. Johnny comes to check on him and calls for the others. He says he’s too hot.

They start a cold bath and unlock him because he’s feverish. They put him in the tub and dump in a bag of ice. Then they dunk him under. He sees himself beside a lake clean shaven and normal looking. They pull him up. They push him back down. He’s running through a field of yellow flowers and finds a red bird. It flies away. There’s a whole flock of them. They pull him back up out of the water. They push him back under. He chases the birds, sees an old clock stuck at 10:10. He chokes and they pull him up.

They tell him he’s back and he says they’re the ugliest angels he’s seen. They tell him that’s twice he’s back from the dead. Jakes flies back to Miami and Charlie is with the whole crew monitoring it. Jakes is supposed to meet with Germaine to make the bust. Amber says he’s there. Charlie says they own the floor and to kick him through the door if he needs to. They watch the scene. Germaine shows up. His men check out the room. Jakes opens a briefcase and says it’s one million.

Amber spots someone in the hall – a woman. She knocks on the door. They let her in the room. The woman asks who is DeMarco and she flashes a badge. Germaine and Briggs haggle and he says it sounds reasonable but they don’t bust in. They zip up the case and get ready to leave. They hear an argument next door and Briggs says he got no sleep right now. He asks if they want to stay for a drink and Germaine asks if he chats up the girl who watches his knickers.

He says he’s not his friend and leaves. Jakes comes next door and Charlie says Germaine is an ATF informant – he’s a CI. She’s furious. She says Stanwood, his handler, got an injunction against them. Amber asks what they do now. Charlie asks who is we and she says she goes back to jail and they have to go back to work. Charlie says there’s no deal and Amber calls her a bitch and says she went in the water for her. Amber says she tried to save her and her baby.

Charlie freaks out and Amber says she thought they were friends. Jakes asks what baby and Charlie says it doesn’t matter and says they’re going to go bust the Windgates. Mike showers, shaves, changes his sheets, puts on his St Christopher medal and ties on his sneakers. He goes for a run on the beach. He comes back and goes to see Briggs and thanks him. Briggs says that’s nice but says he did it, not him. Mike says what he did was got himself taped to a pipe by some meth heads.

Mike says he messed up. He says he saw something when he died and says it led him to the saren gas then led him back and shows him the flyer. He says he was going to walk away from it all but then those appeared. He says looking at the evidence they have and not trying is crazy. Briggs says if he relapses he’ll call him in for his own good. Mike thanks him. Logan is annoyed it took Mike three days to show up. He asks what Briggs is capable of and what’s he planning.

Mike says he’s not planning anything but wants to take down the Sarkissians despite that Logan backed him into an impossible corner. Mike looks at a family photo of Logan’s and notices the tag number on a car in the picture. He leaves. Cash and his crew are rounded up. Amber is put back in her cell. Charlie is on the balcony when Jakes come out to talk to her. Charlie cries in Jakes’ arms. Logan’s car pulls up in a bad neighborhood. Mike watches Logan get out of the car.

He sees him go to a local food counter. Some guys in a white van grab him off the street and shove him into their vehicle. As it drives by, Mike sees that Briggs is driving the van.