Graceland Recap: 8/6/15 Season 3 Episode 7 “Bon Voyage”

Graceland Recap: 8/6/15 Season 3 Episode 7 "Bon Voyage"

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday August 6 season 3 episode 7 called, “Bon Voyage.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Charlie [Vanessa Ferlito] tries to pull Amber [Brit Morgan] from Florida; Paige [Serinda Swan] sets up a bust to pull the plug on the Sarkissian organization.

On the last episode as Mike (Aaron Tveit) devised a plan to learn more about the contents of Gusti’s (guest star Mahedi Rakib) trunk, Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) helped Paige (Serinda Swan) go undercover with the Armenian Mafia’s shipping company. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “plans take a turn for the worse when Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) attempts to pull Amber (guest star Brit Morgan) from Florida, and in an effort to aid Briggs (Daniel Sunjata), Paige (Serinda Swan) sets up a bust to pull the plug on the Sarkissian organization. However, things are not always as they seem.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight.

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#Graceland begins with Amber eating a stack of pancakes while Charlie walks. Amber says Jakes is coming to meet Germaine and she gets the arrest. Amber offers to be a permanent informant if she can keep her out of jail. Charlie says it’s not that easy but Amber says she knows she can make her a CI. Charlie tells her that her dad was a wise guy and says she dimed on her dad to save him.

Amber says that’s some heavy shit and she says she sends him an origami frog every week to show him she cares. She says better jail than dead. Charlie says she has to send her back and it’s not personal. Amber says yeah. Mike looks at Madison’s modeling portfolio and asks if she misses it. He says she could still do it. She asks what he is and says she’s 18 inches of carbon fiber and titanium.

She calls the rest of her body a residual limb. She says no one sees a model, they see an amputee when they look at her. He says not him and she says look harder. She offers him a hit then Gusti comes in and she says he doesn’t approve of the drugs. Mike takes a hit from the pipe. Paige tells Briggs that Toros wants him dead but he says Ari doesn’t. She says she heard Ari and he defended him just a little.

Briggs says he can convince Ari and she says Toros will put him in the ground and wants her in his bed and she doesn’t want either. She says to set up a buy bust and take them all down. He says what about Martun and she says it won’t matter. He says they need Jakes and Johnny too and she says she’ll tell them it’s her plan. She lays it out for Jakes and Johnny. Briggs says Johnny would be the buyer.

Jakes would be on ops. Paige says he has to insist on working with the boss and then they take them all down. Jakes says they’re not doing his dirty work. Briggs flips on the TV to a story on Isis. He says the Sarkissians are international and move arms to terrorists. Johnny says they can’t stop Isis and Paige says the point is to make arrests and keep Briggs from getting killed. Jakes calls them assholes.

Briggs says he has to get Toros and Ari to agree to meet him. Briggs comes to Ari who tells him to sit before he can lay the plans. Ari talks about his dad carving chess sets. He tells Briggs that he doesn’t want this and then he whistles. Two guys close the curtains and then grab Briggs. Toros punches him and says this is enough and hits him again and again. Briggs asks what he’s talking about.

He reminds Ari all he’s done for him. Ari says not to make it harder. Briggs says he has good news and a heavy arms deal. Briggs tells Ari it’s a good deal and he should listen before he decides to do him. Toros asks what kind of deal it is. Down in Miami, the gators swim and Charlie and Amber hang out. Cash tells them Gene found a new drug – a psychedelic. He asks if they’re interested.

Amber says sure but Charlie says no. Charlie says Amber is leaving and Gene complains. Amber says if you love something let it go. He says screw that. The ladies take off. They talk about hanging out and drinking to their good fortune in two days. They take off. Johnny is all face tatted up and meets with Ari and Toros and says he wants to talk to the boss. Toros say she is and asks why he needs RPGs.

He says he can’t use them on the LAPD. He calls Toros a small-time bitch and they both pull guns. Then they negotiate. Toros mocks his Mexican accent but makes the deal. Briggs says he can’t believe he called him a small-time bitch. Paige is trying to pick an outfit and they talk about Toros and the RPGs. She says Toros is coming to see her and says she can’t act like a prude now.

Johnny suggests going full slut. He says if he thinks she’s ho-ing it up around town, he’ll back off. She tells one of them to suck on her neck. She says now and to give her a hickey. Jakes says he’ll do it for the case. Jakes starts to suck her neck and Johnny laughs at them. Charlie comes in and says every time she comes back, it gets grosser. Mike wakes in Madison’s bed.

She says she never remembers her dreams and she reads his dream journal. He’s talking about his near death experience and says he literally saw these things. She says it’s neurons firing and is just shapes in the static. He points out a sketch of the bird. He says Gusti has the bird tattooed on him and she says he got it in Pamona on a dare. She says she won’t humor him and says she tried to find reason with her leg.

She says an asshole was texting and driving, no reason. She lights up some oxy and hands him his phone. He’s shocked he’s been there for two days and turns down the oxy and says he has to go. She tries to get him to stay and asks him to get some more pills while he’s out. He says he’ll see and takes off. Paige sees Toros at work and he shuts a crate. She says he doesn’t have to hide it.

He grabs at her and says next time, not so rough. She says she can’t make promises. He says he could use her by his side. She says she has to work. He kisses her and she kisses back. She says someone is going to see and then he sees the hickey on her neck. He asks what that is and she says she told him not to leave a mark. She asks if he thought she was a virgin and reminds him she showed up to his house to screw.

She says if he wants her to himself they can talk but until then, she has to work. She kisses his cheek and walks off. Mike shows up to the house and the others are all there and ask him to sit. He asks what’s up and says they’re freaking him out. Paige says they all love him and Briggs says they just have to say it – he has to stop using. Charlie says he’s been skimming off the oxy.

Charlie says they know what’s up and Johnny says they deal with junkies all day long. Mike says they already have one junkie in the house and he probably took the pills. Briggs says Mike has the shakes and he’s seen it before. He says next it’s the sweats and the mania. Mike says he took the pills for his cover and says Madison is a user. Briggs says they’re here for him.

Mike says Briggs must be getting a kick out of this. Mike mocks him and then calls Jakes a drunk and says his family won’t even talk to him. Jakes comes at him and Mike says he’s not the one with the problem. Briggs says none of them are perfect and Mike asks how many murders he’s covered up then says Charlie aborted his baby. Paige says they can take him to a clinic.

Mike says she can’t talk to him and says they can talk about why he’s using. Charlie says he will never work again if she turns him in and Mike says thanks for her help. He walks off. Briggs says to let him go.

Charlie comes to talk to Mike and he yells at her to get out. She asks him to talk to her and holds him. She asks where he’ll go and if he’s going to run. She says he can’t go be a junkie on the street. She tells him to look at her and says he’s strong and nothing ever beats him. She says this isn’t him. He cries and says it hurts so bad. He says it felt like his insides were ripped out and he needed to get back to work.

Mike says it flipped and he’s living inside someone else’s body. He says he thinks every pill is the last one. She holds him and he says he’s sorry. They hold each other and cry. She tells him she’s still pregnant. She says it was lose the case or lose the baby and she split the difference. She says no one knows but him. She says sometimes you have to take a rest. She says they found an anonymous place.

She says he has to get well first. He says he’s not ready and she kisses him on the cheek. He says not to miss her flight. She walks out. Charlie flies back to Miami. She and Amber party with the swamp crew. Cash tells them stories about dead grandpas. The others drink moonshine and then Charlie starts to feel funny. She looks at the soda can in her hand. Everything is getting fuzzy. Amber asks if she’s okay.

She says she feels light-headed. She says she needs to walk and stands but loses her balance. Cash tells Rodney to take her inside. He carries her and lays her on the sofa. He says some people refuse to be team players. She asks what he did to her. He says she could have been happy in Hollywood but had to be a bitch and take Amber away. Amber comes in and Charlie says he gave her something.

Amber tells Rodney he can’t kill Charlie and she calls Cash and Gene in and says he was going to shoot her. They check on her and she’s hallucinating. Rodney says he gave her a lot. Cash looks at her and Charlie says she doesn’t want to go. Amber says they need to get her to the hospital and says she’s pregnant. Gene hits him and says no baby can survive that. Rodney says he was going to drown her.

Cash says to get her out back. Amber argues with them and Cash says she just needs to let it happen. They carry her out. Amber looks at the stacks of cash sitting there and thinks hard. They head out on the boat into the swamp. They throw Charlie into the water and troll away. Jakes and the others go over the bust protocol. He says Briggs will be with the targets and the merchandise.

The are after Ari, Toros and the boss. He says Johnny will give the signal. They get ready to go and Jakes is thrilled with the Armenian take down. Charlie floats in the water below the surface. She sees someone reaching for her and holds out her hand. The kid floats away. She says no and then Amber is there and drags her out of the water. She tries to wake her up. Charlie comes to spitting water.

Amber says she’s okay as Charlie coughs. The van pulls up at the meeting spot. Jakes says it’s game time. Johnny pulls up and Briggs asks if they’re here. He says they told him they would be here before him. They radio to see if there’s any other action. Now they’re worried. Johnny asks what he thinks and Briggs says something isn’t right.

He checks the crates and sees there are no RPGs. Briggs says they have to pull out. Then there’s several black SUVs pull in and Jakes says to go now. The SUVs pull up and it’s LAPD. Johnny puts his guns down and they curse. It’s cops busting other cops. Mike comes back to see Madison and asks where Gusti is. She says he’s been gone all day. Mike says they need to stop with the oxy.

She asks what happened. He says they’re not drug addicts. He asks what she wants with her life and says it’s not what he wants with his. He says she’s stronger than this and can quit. She has one pill and says it’s the last one. She asks can’t they stop tomorrow. Mike says they’ll stop right and it’s the decision. She says it’s like a farewell party to their old lives. He agrees and says bon voyage.

Amber asks Charlie if she’s okay. She finds her on the bathroom floor naked and freaking out. Charlie says it’s already done. Amber says she doesn’t know that. Charlie says she knows. She says when something is inside you alive, you know when it’s gone. She says he’s gone. Amber turns off the shower and says she didn’t want to call an ambulance until she came down. Charlie says they have to get home.

Amber tells her to slow down and holds her. Charlie begs her to keep holding her. She says she should have stayed and thought she had more time. She says she needed more time. She cries and says oh, my boy, my sweet boy and she says she saw him in the water and he was so beautiful. Amber cries and tries to comfort her. Charlie says it’s all her fault. Amber says it’s not.

Charlie says she brought her baby there. Amber lies down beside her and kisses her and says she’s sorry. Jakes and Johnny argue about who blew the case. Briggs it outside and says they didn’t renege. He says Toros and Ari were messing with them and called in an anonymous tip. Briggs says the SOBs are going to walk and they wonder about Paige since she’s still under.

Briggs says they can’t let Toros get to her and Briggs says he needs to take a walk and will see them at home. A car pulls up on him as he walks. It’s Ari and Toros. They tell him to get in. Toros hops into the back. He does.