Graceland Recap: 8/27/15 Season 3 Episode 10 “Master of Weak Ties”

Graceland Recap: 8/27/15 Season 3 Episode 10 "Master of Weak Ties"

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday August 27 season 3 episode 10 called, “Master of Weak Ties.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Ari (Rhys Coiro) rises through the ranks of the Armenian mob.

On the last episode as Mike questioned Briggs’ motivations in the Sarkissian case; and Charlie devised a new plan to catch Germaine. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “Ari rises through the ranks of the Armenian mob; Briggs dodges new suspicions from his housemates; and Charlie and Jakes are one step closer to taking down Germaine.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great premiere and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight.

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#Graceland starts with Ari getting his tattoos. The crew cleans up Graceland after Toros was killed by Paige. They fold Toros into a plastic tarp and haul him out. Paige looks stunned. The blood stain on the floor is huge. Briggs dumps Toros off in a likely spot for his body to be found and positions the body. Then he pours a lot of blood around to make it look like the spot where he died and bled out. Ari shows his new ink to the assembled group in the church.

He kneels and crosses himself. Everyone applauds. It’s all very Godfatheresque. There’s a note left with Toros’ body. Later, Mike tells Briggs he’s full of shit. He says they cleaned up a self-defense killing to keep his cover intact. Briggs says Logan was being tortured and that’s why he gave Paige up. She comes down and says Briggs is right. She says the only reason she was in danger was because Mike and Johnny weren’t where they should have been, watching her back.

Mike is sure Briggs is working an angle. Briggs says they all trusted Mike with the sarin gas deal and tells Mike to take a closer look at himself. They all walk away from Mike. Charlie goes to the ATF in Miami and the woman says she knows what Germaine did to her but says one of his clients is on their wish list – a big fish gun runner. She says before they got him, Germaine met some smaller guys and now she’s got a network across 41 countries.

She says as an agent, she doesn’t care about Charlie. She asks if she can have Germaine when she’s done with him. The ATF chick is a bitch to her then she goes and meets Jakes. She shows Jakes a map of people who are tied to Germaine and says maybe he can steal them away so they can bust them. She says he needs to speed up the time line. Jakes says he’ll try but tells her to go home. He says she looks like tired ass and says she needs to talk to Briggs about what happened.

He says she can’t carry it alone. Ari tells Briggs his ceremony was nice and shows off his tats. He says it was beautiful and says he should have come. Briggs says someone had to take care of Logan’s body. Ari says today is house cleaning today and says his manager found Toros’ body and says he bled out on his couch. Briggs says they should celebrate. Ari says Martun wants him to get his tattooing done and says the kindey Tevan got is killing him.

He shows Briggs a map and says they have to do a handshake tour of all the players and tells Briggs he has to memorize it all. He says he has to use his brain the higher he gets. Briggs looks at the chart with interest. Later, he studies it back at Graceland. Johnny comes in and asks him what’s going on. He says he doesn’t blame Mike for cracking up over this. He says this Sarkissian shit feels wrong and Briggs agrees. He says he feels like he’s sinking in tar.

Johnny tells him he’s got his back but Briggs says there’s nothing in the works. He says Tevan is dying and it’s the end game. Briggs looks at the name Soto St Vatos on the chart and then pulls a file and sees a bad ass guy with tats all over him. He circles his name on the chart. Later, he takes pics of the woman that was in the file with Soto. Mike goes to see Gusti and he asks why Mike disappeared. He says Madison thought he was gone for good.

Mike says he had to get cleaned up. He asks how Gusti feels and he says he feels like he got shot. Mike says he looked at an atlas and says Bali is 9000 miles away. He asks if he came all this way to go home with nothing. He tells Mike to go visit the mess he left behind and points to Madison’s room. Mike goes in her room and sees her passed out all drugged up and her room is disgusting. She says he shaved and she says she has seomthing to show him.

She holds out some drugs and he says he can’t. She says it’s morphine not heroin but he says he’s clean. She says he must be proud of himself. She tells him to get out. He says it was the hardest thing he’s done but is worth it. He says he’s himself again. She mocks him and calls him a role model. He says she’s better than this and can get clean. Madison says he doesn’t know her and isn’t her friend. She calls him an a-hole junkie loser. He walks out.

Charlie gets home and goes looking for Briggs. She tells him all of it and says she thought by the time she got home, she’d have it all figured out. She says she shouldn’t have lied to him but felt cornered by him and all of it. He cries and asks why she’s telling him this. He says he already mourned their baby and says he’s barely above water. He says he’s sorry and that he should have been there for her. She says she didn’t come in to hurt him – she says he’s her best friend and she’s tired of lying.

She touches his face and says she’s so tired. She walks out. Briggs is devastated all over again. Later he sits smoking at the bar watching soccer and watching the woman he was scoping earlier. She plays pool with a friend. She sees him looking and gives a flirty look then talks to her GFs. He takes her to her place and does her rough. Someone knocks at the door but she says he’ll go away. The pounding on the door continues. She says to wait a sec.

He says maybe he should go and she says to stay then goes to see who’s at the door. It’s Javi and she asks why he’s at her door at three. He tells Eva he pays her rent and she says she doesn’t need him. Briggs makes a noise climbing out the window and he asks who’s there then takes a couple of pot shots at him.

Germaine goes over the rules of the game with Jakes and he tells Germaine he can’t leave town yet. Jake says Swiggy was giving him the stank eye and says the clients need to meet him at Germaine’s side. Jakes says the clients should know they’re in good hands. Germaine is annoyed then asks what he suggests. Ari meets with some lowlife thugs with Briggs at his side. He tells Briggs they all have shit for brains and the minorities are all killing each other off.

Briggs says let them shoot each other as long as they use his guns. Javi shows up to meet Ari then sees Briggs. Javi recognizes him and goes off on Briggs who calls him little man. Guns come out and Ari says he’ll die today. Javi says he’s lucky they’re in his crib. Briggs says it’s just puss and he’s outnumbered. Javi tells Ari he won’t forget this and Ari says he won’t. Javi and his crew roll out. Ari asks what that was about. Briggs says he may have gone home with the wrong girl last night.

Ari laughs and asks if he porked his GF. Briggs acts worried and says the guy is coming back for him. Ari says if that clown comes for him, he’ll bury him and his family and hugs Briggs. Javi is head of the Soto Street Vatos. Later, Briggs asks Johnny if he knows the gang and says they’re now at war with the Sarkissians and it’s his fault for getting close to his girl. Johnny laughs and says he banged a chick and started a gang war. Briggs says he’s close to getting Martun.

He says he can’t afford for Ari to get into it with that gang. Johnny offers to try and get under with them and see if they’re after him. He thanks Briggs for being up front with him, but is he really? No. Briggs let Javi see his face intentionally. He’s working a long con. Johnny spars with a punching bag while Paige asks him about the new undercover gig and if he thinks he can hold his own. He’s offended and shows her his abs and says this doesn’t happen by accident. He calls her a dick.

He asks how she is and says putting someone down like that can be upsetting. She says it wasn’t tactical. She says he has no idea what it’s like. Johny says he killed Sid Markham. She says this is wrong and says they’re not supposed to be executioners. He says they go under with the worst criminals and have to hang out, meet their families, laugh with them and then tear them apart. Paige says it’s hard to tell if they’re the bad guys or the criminals.

Johnny says the idea of Graceland is right but says what if you’re not coming home to good people. She wonders if Mike was right about Briggs and why he would lie. Johnny says half the time he doesn’t know what Briggs is talking about. Mike shows up with Charlie and finds Gusti in the hall – Madison locked him out. He comes in and finds a guy with her and punches him in the face. Charlie says she’s taking her somewhere. She calls Charlie a tranny and she grabs Madison’s hair and throws her down.

They take her to a hospital. Charlie shows her a therapy room of kids who have lost a limb. She says she’s heard this crap before. Madison says she doesn’t know what it’s like to lose something and Charlie says she lost a child and she wanted to crawl up in a ball and disappear. Madison says it’s not fair and Charlie says none of it is. She says if that little kid can learn to walk again with a smile on her face, she’s an a-hole if she thinks she has it worse. Madison looks sad.

Johnny goes to the gym where the Soto Street guys spar. He works a bag while Javi spars in the ring. He sees Javi give his sparring partner a brutal beating. He high fives his crew. Johnny asks if he wants to go a couple. Javi says he doesn’t know him and Johnny says he can’t be scared since he has his punk ass boys there. Johnny says he heard he was someone to talk to and says he needs work. He says he knows he doesn’t know him but he just did a dime in Chino for armed robbery.

He rattles off some names and Javi says those are dead men. Johnny says all he knows is dead men. Javi says to get lost and calls him a punk. Johnny steps to the ring and challenges him to a fight over the chance to work with him. Javi says to come on. Johnny puts on head gear and they get in the ring. They spar viciously. The whole gym watches as Johnny knocks him down. He says he just needs a shot but Javi says to get out of there before he kills him. A woman steps into the room and sees this.

Johnny gets out of the ring and walks away while Javi fumes. Jakes comes in and finds Charlie shopping online. He says he sold Germaine on the meet and greet and she thanks him and hugs him. He asks what happened and then Jakes goes to find Briggs to tell him that he can’t believe Paige had to kill the guy. Briggs says he needs help and Jakes says he has no time. Briggs says he needs Jakes to peel him off some money of the laundering gig.

Jakes asks if he hears himself and says it boggles his mind. Briggs says if this falls apart, he won’t go to prison, he’ll be dead. He reminds Jakes he bailed him out before. He asks how much and Briggs says enough to run away and stay gone. Jakes says that’s a good idea. Madison packs while Gusti and Mike help clean her room. Gusti finds some pills and offers to throw them away but she says she has to do it herself. Gusti offers her a ride to rehab but she says she’ll take a cab and will see him in a month.

She heads out. Mike tells Gusti she’s going to be all right but Gusti says Madison is not good with change. He asks if Mike still has the phone and asks if he wants to sell the thing in the box with him. He says when it rings, they answer. Mike asks why he changed his mind and he says if Madison can have hope, he can too. Mike curses realizing something. He comes to Briggs and accuses him of putting the bird fliers out that he found.

Mike rants and says he always has the right answer and says everything Briggs does, he does for himself. Johnny gets dressed in the locker room when Javi and his crew come in. Johnny says to just chill then he grapples with the gang. They all pile on him and kick him. It’s brutal. Later, Briggs comes to see Gusti and he asks Briggs when is all this done and says he’s done everything he asked. Briggs says it’s done soon and hands him a cage with a large white rat in it.