Graceland Recap – Dead Men All Around: Season 3 Episode 9 “Hand of Glory”

Graceland Recap - Dead Men All Around: Season 3 Episode 9 "Hand of Glory"Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday August 20 season 3 episode 9 called, “Hand of Glory.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Mike questions Briggs’ (Daniel Sunjata) motivations in the Sarkissian case.

On the last episode as Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) and Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren) close in on Germaine (guest star Hal Oszan), Mike’s (Aaron Tveit) drug addiction reached a breaking point when he and Gusti (guest star Mahedi Rakib) were caught in a dangerous situation. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “Mike questions Briggs’ motivations in the Sarkissian case; and Charlie devises a new plan to catch Germaine.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great premiere and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight.

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#Graceland begins with Logan tied to a chair in a warehouse. Briggs is there nad tells him he has some questions for him. Logan already look battered and beaten. Logan asks if he’s going to kill him. Briggs says she doesn’t get to ask the questions. There’s a recorder nearby. Briggs reports back to Ari and says they need to keep working him over. Ari says if they catch them with the head of the LA FBI, they’ll be up shit creek. Briggs says killing him is a waste and says they need to get info first.

Ari says he doesn’t know what he’s fighting for her and says Martun is promoting Toros tomorrow and it’s over. Briggs says it’s BS and Ari says to keep working on Logan. Briggs says they should let Logan stew in his own filth overnight and Ari says it’s sick and he likes it. Charlie wakes Jakes and asks what if they bag Germaine without messing with the ATF investigation. She makes him get up and says he needs to meet with Germaine to pitch a new deal. She says Jakes can learn his network.

Mike tells Paige and Johnny that Briggs kidnapped Logan working with Ari. Johnny says he’s not under with the Sarkissians and Mike says he hasn’t called it in and says he might need their help. Briggs comes in and says he has a little problem and admits he kidnapped Logan. He plays them the recording and he plays the recording of Logan talking to him and he says Ari handed him a mask and they took off, he had no idea what was going to happen.

Briggs says he can shoot them out of there or call the cavalry. He says if they bring in RA now they can’t touch Martun. Briggs says he has no idea how many people suffered for this case but says they are so close to nailing Martin. He tells Logan to decide. He tells Briggs to hold his cover and get him out as soon as he can. Mike says he heard Briggs giving Ari the plate number on Logan’s car but Briggs says it was the other way. Paige reminds him he was detoxing at the time.

Briggs says he repeated it back to Ari and tells Mike this is not a game. Paige talks to Toros who invites her to his big mobbing up ceremony. Mike, Johnny and Briggs try to work up a plan. She explains where she’s going. Mike says if she locks in her cover tonight, they won’t need Ari anymore. Briggs says as soon as Toros gets his tats, they can move in. Briggs will be with Ari protecting Logan. They finalize their plans.

Jakes and Charlie are in Miami and he talks up the benefits of South Florida. She says it’s like living in someone’s crotch. They talk a minute about the baby she lost and she points out Germaine and gets out of the car. She goes to sit with tactical. Jakes chats up Germaine and asks if he heard about the Wingates and says they were his income stream. He tells Germaine he wants to work for him. Paige shows up to Toros’ big event and he says he wasn’t sure she’d be there.

He complains she’s avoiding him. She says she was thinking about him and asks if he’s worried. He says Ari was always in line for this so it’s been a battle to get him there. She encourages him and says he earned it. She says she’s by his side now. Toros unlocks the door and Paige says she wants to be more than arm candy and says she wants everything. She kisses him. Mike and Johnny watch but then Mike says Briggs wanted them there so they couldn’t see what he’s up to.

Briggs meets Ari to torture Logan. Mike thinks Briggs may be planning to off Logan since he knows he’s planning on hanging him out to dry for Ari’s crimes. Jakes meets with Germaine at a house that looks very nondescript. Inside, there’s a cash operation going on and mostly naked workers. They’re trashing the house and Germaine says to strip and trash the walls. There are bags of cash in the walls they’re retrieving.
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The cash gets sorted and strapped then they put it in briefcases to get it back into circulation. They take He tells Briggs to call it in and says he’s had enough. He reminds Briggs he promised him. Logan begs him not to do this but Briggs unzips the bag he brought with him. Toros strips off his shirt and Paige shaves his hair on his arms while he explains what tattoos he’ll get. He asks about one scar and he says his father gave him that for protecting his mother. He describes the horror.

He says Martun disappeared his dad for him and he swore his life to the Sarkissians even though he’s not blood. He says his loyalty is unmatched for what Martun did for he and his mother. Mike and Johnny are outside the warehouse and Mike says if Logan makes it out alive, he’ll keep manipulating Briggs and asks Johnny wouldn’t he eliminate a problem like that. He reminds Johnny that Briggs has done it before. Johnny says he’s going in to check it out.

Mike says they should call it in since they don’t know what’s going on and says they need a team. Johnny makes the call. Ari puts on rubber gloves and tells Logan that they would make a hand candle that would burn – from their enemies. He talks about it being the hand of glory. He says he will make a hand of glory and it will unlock Logan’s mouth so he’ll talk. Briggs tells Logan he can save himself if he just tells them what they want to know.

Logan asks what he wants to know. Ari says Colby was an informant and he tried to get Briggs to be an informant. Ari asks who else the FBI has in the organization. Ari burns him with some acid. Logan screams and says no one. He pulls his hand away and we see the flesh bubbling on his arm. Ari says he’ll touch his face now then says maybe his balls. Logan screams that the DEA had an agent under with the Sarkissians. Logan names Paige. He says she’s getting close to Toros.

He says she’s trying to take down Martun. Ari says this is bad. Briggs says it is if they believe him. Ari says he knows too much and says Paige will be at the ceremony and she’s there right now. Ari says he has to call Toros. Briggs tells him to call his uncle to stop the ceremony so Toros can’t get his promotion. He tells Ari that it could be an honest mistake or Toros is selling them out but says Ari will never be second in command now.

The team shows up at the warehouse to support Mike and Johnny. Ari tells Briggs he did well and says he reached Martun on the way to the church. Briggs says he has to tie up loose ends. He shoots Logan who screams as he goes down. Ari comes out and the team splits to follow Ari while half moves in on Briggs. Paige tells Toros that it’s a good turn out at the church. Toros worries because Martun is late. Paige tells him he’s better than Ari and everyone knows it.

She says she wants a man who takes what he wants. She gets a call. It’s Briggs. He tells her to get out now. He says Logan gave her up and she’s burned. He says Toros will know about her soon and says she has to go. Toros comes up and she hangs up the phone. She excuses herself to the bathroom. She checks the window and Toros gets a call. He says Paige is there with him. Martun asks if they’ll be there and he says yes, they’ll both be there.

Paige cuts the screen. Toros knocks on the bathroom door and then sees she left out the window. He sees her running off into the night. Briggs tells Logan he’s sorry. Mike is there with his gun out and tells Briggs to back away. Logan is alive and well and asks Mike why the hell he’s there. Mike asks if he’s okay. Logan tells them all to stand down and Briggs asks why he’s there. Briggs tells him to call Johnny and tell him to stick tight to Toros but Mike says Johnny is on Ari.

Logan radios in and says do not engage Ari. Johnny curses him. Briggs asks who’s on Toros and tells him to get the car now. Logan tells Briggs nothing changes and he’s still going to burn. Briggs walks off. Paige gets home but Toros is there right behind her. He asks if he can come in or if she’s playing more mind games. She has to let him in the house. In Miami, Jakes is at a club to meet Germaine. Jakes says the guy he was talking to is a dirtbag. They chat outside while Charlie snaps photos.

Germaine says he’s not having a laugh and talks about how any man can build a kingdom this way. Toros asks Paige why she climbed out the window and says Tev called asking for her and says they’re supposed to meet him now. He asks if they can go. Paige says she can’t. She says she’s not Armenian and isn’t part of his family or friends. She says Tev will know that. She says she’s an outsider and can’t be there. Toros yells and says he opened the door and let her in – he’s furious.

He says he told her so many things he’s never told anyone and she left him there alone in the church. Paige says she did what she thought was best for him and for them. They grapple and he shoves her onto the sofa and yanks at her dress. Mike and Briggs speed towards Graceland when they can’t get her on the phone. He chokes her and says she’s been bullshitting him. She grabs her straight razor and slashes at him. Mike, Johnny and Briggs come in and find her covered in his blood and crying.