Graceland Recap: 9/10/15 Season 3 Episode 12 “Dog Catches Car”


Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday September 3 season 3 episode 12 called, “Dog Catches Car.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the feud between the Sarkissians and a local gang heats up; Briggs’ (Daniel Sunjata) motives are revealed; and Mike (Aaron Tveit) hunts for the sarin gas.

On the last episode as Johnny went undercover to stop a gang war; Jakes and Charlie setted out to take over Germaine’s business; and Mike began to piece together Briggs’ plan. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “as the feud between the Sarkissians and a local gang escalates to uncharted heights, Briggs’ (Daniel Sunjata) motives are finally revealed, and Mike’s (Aaron Tveit) hunt for the Sarin gas holds hundreds of lives in the balance.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great premiere and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight.

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#Graceland begins with vans speeding towards Tevan’s fueral. Johnny is with them. Michael calls in for back up as he and Paige race along. He warns them about the chemical weapon on the way to the funeral home. Martun crosses himself and pays his respects. Mike almost runs them off the road when he drops the phone. Paige tells the agent to Google the damned address and get there. She tells Mike to slow up. He says thousands could die and Paige says they wouldn’t do it.

Mike says this is happening and he speeds on. Martun is up front talking about Tevan and how close they were growing up. Paige tries to call Briggs but he doesn’t answer. The guards outside the funeral home are pretty slack. Johnny and the others are given scarves to tie over their faces. They slide the case out and hand out guns. Johnny loads his piece. The guards light cigarettes oblivious to what’s coming their way. The vans pull up. The gunfire starts and the guards are riddled with bullets.

The men hop out of the vans and Briggs tells everyone to get out. The leaders tell them they have 10 minutes before cops arrive and to take out Martun and Ari first. Briggs helps people evacuate, so does Ari. The Soto Street guys move inside. The family heads behind steel doors and Briggs says it should hold but Martun says he won’t hide. Johnny is trying to avoid shooting and being shot. Ari volunteers to go and Martun tells the family to survive and says tomorrow is retribution.

Briggs tries to talk to Ari but another guy runs out. Johnny creeps around with the other Soto Street guys. He ducks back as shots ring out. The guy shoots a couple of them then Briggs tackles Ari’s cousin and knocks him out of harms way. Johnny creeps with the others. Briggs grabs the guy’s gun who’s shot or knocked out and checks the ammo. Johnny shoots a couple of the Soto guys in the legs and says he’s FBI. Then Mike and Paige are there behind the Soto Street guys.

Johnny protects Briggs’ cover. Mike is not pleased with all the bodies. The other cops show up and Mike asks where the sarin is. Johnny says no sarin, just guns. He says he’s bleeding and tells Mike to back off. He stalks away. Mike puts the mourners onto a bus to get to safety. Martun shows up and asks what happened. Mike tells them to get onto the bus. Ari says he recognizes him and Briggs says he was probably working with Colby. Martun tells Mike to do his job.

Mike says his people wouldn’t need protecting if Ari and Briggs hadn’t sent Javi’s head to his mother in a box. Briggs talks to Ari who is furious and asks about the big thing he mentioned before about revenge. Mike tells the haz mat guys to tear the place up to find the gas. Johnny apologizes and Mike says no worries. Briggs storms out and Mike calls out to him but he keeps going. He gets into his car and drives away. He speeds out of the lot. Johnny says to come on and Paige and Johnny take his car.

Ari tells Martun he’ll clean up the problem. Martun says the Soto Street woman broke the code and now he’s going to send all the Mexicans straight to hell. Jakes is in Miami doing the money laundering thing. Charlie says it’s pretty impressive how easy they made it and she asks Avery why she didn’t come up with something this good. Jakes, Charlie and Avery look at the cash and Avery doesn’t want to leave the cash overnight. Charlie says no one will touch the cash and it will be locked up.

Johnny and Paige find Briggs loading a gun and he tells them Mike must have sent them. Paige says they need to talk and Briggs says he needs to walk out. Paige asks what’s going on and asks about the sarin. Johnny shoots him in the leg to stop him and grabs up his phone. He says it’s the same phone Gusti has and Briggs says he has to take it somewhere. He tells them he’s not the villain in all this. Briggs says this has never been about him.

He says Martun murdered Colby and it has to be made right. He asks for Paige to help him. Jakes and Charlie are at the bank when the accountants show up to count. They unload their gear silently. Charlie is ready to go get a drink and Jakes says he needs to stay there and clean up. He says to go to the hotel and he’ll meet her there later. She reminds him he’s not a real banker. She goes and Jakes goes to talk to Avery. She says she likes to keep an eye. He says they have to do a system reboot because of a remote connectivity issue. He says it will be down for two minutes.

He clicks the system off and on and then goes and tosses some cash in a trash can. Avery sits and waits for the screens to come back up. She logs in and gets a rebooting message. He wheels the can out and reorders the stacks of cash. Avery waits and stares at her watch. The cameras start to come back up. She sees nothing amiss and sees Jakes cleaning out trash cans while the accountants wheel out the money. He tells them goodnight and goes outside. He gets a call from Courtney.

He says he’s closing up the bank and says he’d like to see her. He makes a pan to meet her and then a car pulls up. He gets off the phone and Charlie is there. She says she thought he was just kidding about cleaning up. She asks him to go get a drink. He says he can’t and she asks why. He says he’s got a date and she asks with whom. She asks if it’s someone he knows then asks if it’s Avery. He says it’s a lawyer named Courtney. He says there’s nothing to tell yet.

She tells him good for him and say she deserves happiness. They hug and she says he’s the best of them. She takes off and says she loves him. He sits staring thinking about how bad he’s being and looks at the bag of cash he just lifted.

Mike shows up and Ari rants about them being left on the buses. Mike says they’re safe and they can go. Ari says they’re not safe until all of the Mexicans are dead and buried or not buried. Ari calls one of the other cops an ugly pig ad gets back on the bus. He tells the cops to send them home but keep them under surveillance. Paige goes to Ari’s place and plants the phone Briggs gave her. She slips out the back as Martun and Ari come in the front.

Martun rants about the mess in the office and says he has to take a piss. She’s hiding in the bathroom. Martun’s guy shows him the phone is already there and pockets it. They leave. Paige is relieved after her close call. Jakes brings the cash back to the hotel and looks for a place to hide it. He lines it up between the mattress and box springs neatly but then he’s interrupted. It’s Courtney who rants that they had plans and he just hung up on her. He says there was a work emergency.

He apologizes and says he’s done for the night and she’s there and says they can go out. She says no and she already ate dinner. She says life is hard even when it’s good and says she works herself to death for assholes and says she’s stressed. She says she met him and it’s easy and they could have had easy fun. She says things shouldn’t be hard. He says he’s a grumpy person and people ask him why. He says he’s not like that with her.

Courtney says she wants this to be the best part of their lives with no work nonsense between them. He asks where she’s been. She says waiting by the phone like a 15 year old. They get busy. She complains the bed is lumpy and says it wasn’t like that last night. He says who cares and keeps kissing her. Gusti watches his rat run and says he’ll wear himself out. Gusti says maybe he’ll give him some rest – he’s mixing up a chemical – what is he up to.

Briggs says he needs to get to the hospital and Johnny says later. He wants an explanation for Briggs almost getting him killed. Johnny says he’s the reason they were in danger. Briggs says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Mike shows up and says June 25th, Santa Barbara. He says the cameras work. He says Gusti picked up the sarin and sent him to Gusti. Mike says he sees this all now but doesn’t understand why he did all this.

Briggs says Mike is the lynch pin. He says he can’t ride Ari to Martun because he’d end up a sin eater. He says Mike can arrest Martun. He says he was supposed to stick to Gusti and wait for the buyer to call. Gusti’s phone rings. Mike’s phone buzzes and Briggs says to answer it. Gusti says the buyer called and he’s going to deliver the package. He asks if Mike wants to come and he says yeah. Gusti tells Martun the gas is dangerous and tells him to kill the rat.

Gusti puts on his mask and releases the gas into the rat’s glass enclosure he’s under. They wait and watch. Martun asks if he’s dead and Gusti says it’s good stuff. Martun says they have a deal. Gusti says big bills only. Martun pulls a gun and says to hand over his car keys. Mike shows up too late. He sees Gusti sitting and says the bad man took the gas and left him with no car and no money. Gusti sees the gun and is stunned when Mike leaves him zip tied where Martun had left him before.

Martun drives Gusti’s car to the Soto Street area. Mike speeds to catch up. Martun opens the trunk and pulls on a gas mask. Mike pulls out his gun and says to come out hands up. Martun has the gas and says if he shoots everyone will die. Mike says to put it down. Martun says to get out of there or they’ll all die. Mike says Homeland Security is on the way. The Soto Street guys come out and Mike tells them to get back inside.

There’s a helicopter and cops that all show up. Martun holds a gun on the sarin gas container. Mike sees that the rat is still alive and on its treadmill. He shoots Martun and the cops surround the Soto Street people. Mike figures out there is no sarin gas – it was something else – some sort of knock out gas of some type. Paige meets Mike later and they sit by the running rat in its cage. Paige says it was a hell of a shot and asks how he knew it was empty.

He says the rat was still alive. Paige says it was all a hoax. Mike says Martun will still go away for trying to loose sarin gas even though the container was empty. They wonder why Briggs didn’t just tell them. She says they wouldn’t have believed him. He says Homeland Security will ask a lot of questions. He says he has no idea how he’ll answer. He walks off from Paige. Jakes answers the door – it’s Charlie knocking non-stop. She asks how the date went and he says it’s still going.

She’s drunk and he steps outside with her. She slumps to the floor and tells him to go. He asks what’s going on and she says dog catches the car. She says when it does the dog does nothing because it can’t do anything with a car. She says at the end you realize, there was no point. She says there’s no point and sniffles. Jakes takes a drink from the little bottle she offers and he says she should be proud of herself – she got Germaine in spite of everything. He says she won.

She asks what she’s got and says she has nothing. She says there’s nobody in her room and he says she’s a special creature and the strongest, smartest and kindest person he’s ever met. He says she saw it through til the end and he’s never done that. He says she’s alone because she hasn’t found a car worth chasing yet. She says that’s sweet. She says she hopes that girl knows how special he is. He says he’ll take her to her room and she says just help her up. She staggers away.

He goes back inside his room. Courtney is sitting with the stacks of cash he hid. Johnny paces then Mike comes back and Briggs asks how it went with Gusti and if he arrested Martun. Mike punches him and walks out. Johnny follows.