Grimm Recap 11/20/15: Season 5 Episode 4 “Maiden Quest”

Grimm Recap 11/20/15: Season 5 Episode 4 "Maiden Quest"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday November 20, season 5 episode 4 called “Maiden Quest” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, a wealthy mobster sends three young men on a quest to win his daughter’s hand in marriage and earn his fortune.

On the last episode, Rosalee was taken by a band of orphaned children who were desperate for a mother figure in their lives. After discovering a similar missing persons case ended not so happily, Monroe, Nick and Hank raced against the clock to prevent another tragedy. Meanwhile, Adalind considered returning to her career after running into an old colleague. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “a wealthy mobster sends three young men on a quest to win his daughter’s hand in marriage and earn his fortune. Not too long after, Nick and Hank become involved in the case when bodies start to pile up. Meanwhile, Nick’s home life is further disrupted by the arrival of a surprise visitor.”

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#Grimm begins with Kelly crying and Adalind comforting him. She’s fed and changed him but he’s fussing. She and Nick swap off and she cooks some rice cereal for the baby. They wonder if they should call Rosalee. Monroe and Rosalee enjoy a quiet dinner when the phone rings. Monroe hands her the phone and she hears the baby. She asks if it’s colic and Rosalee says if he won’t stop crying, it’s colic. She says fennel might stop. The baby stops crying and they end the call.

Looks like Kelly likes the phone lights and Nick says they should get him his own phone but Adalind says not til second grade. Daniel Troyer talks about traditions and how he lost his son and has to turn to tradition to have an heir. He says his daughter Emily is all he has and says the Maagd Zoetocht will determine who wins her. Each of three men woge and draw a feather from a brass Griffyn. Isaac has the first chance and he says kill the man who killed his son – he says bring him the head of Frankie Adkins.

Isaac says he will then tells Emily he’s loved her for years and she’ll make a beautiful bride. He kisses her then leaves. Adalind and Nick eat dinner and he says it’s good but she says she’s not too good at kicking. She says his mom was a good cook and he says until she ran off when he was 12. She says her dad took off when she was 4 then says she appreciates Nick taking care of them and says she knows this is non-traditional. She tells him she may have a new lawyer job.

He thinks it’s soon to go back to work and she agrees but says it’s nice to know there’s a job out there. She says she wants to contribute but says she wants Nick with them since she knows he’ll kill whatever walks through the door and keep them safe. Frankie Adkins is at a club and Isaac is there too and watches the guy walk out with a woman. His date asks to stop for food but Frankie says she’s getting too fat. Isaac takes out Frankie’s guard then he goes to take out Frankie but he’s attacked.

Some creature kills him while Frankie cowers under the car terrified. The woman has already run off screaming. Renard meets with some power players at a coffee shop. They tell him Andrew is going to run for governor and ask for his support. They tell him he’s widely respected and could benefit the campaign. Renard says he needs to know more about what his plans are. Wu tells Hank and Nick that Isaac Proctor, son of Judge Amanda Proctor, is the victim and he attacked Frankie Adkins.

Lola ran off and they called the cops. There was a sword dropped at the scene. Wu says Isaac attacked Frankie and then was killed by someone in a weird animal outfit. He says Lola called 911 and then went home and Frankie is in the club. They go inside and find him nursing a head bump. He says some guy punches him then he had a sword about to cut his head off. He says he never saw him before then says some guy in an animal costume killed the guy who attacked him. He says he his til the cops came.

Frankie says whoever killed the guy saved his life. He says he owed the guy in the animal costume a thanks. Hank and Nick wonder if Frankie did something to Isaac and they talk to Renard. They tell him the killer was Wesen and he says Proctor was too and says they are Weten Ogen, not his favorite. This was a Wesen on Wesen kill. Renard says he’ll go to notify Isaac’s mother. Adalind tells Kelly that he has a big sister named Diana and she hopes they can be together one day.

She gets a call from Rosalee who’s checking Kelly. She says she has some things for her then offers to drop them off but Adalind says she has fortress fever and will come to her. Daniel tells the other two candidates that Isaac was a good man and almost succeeded. He thinks one of them killed Isaac and says to keep an eye on each other. He tells Eli he’s next for a chance to take out Frankie. They toast to Isaac’s memory before Eli starts his quest.

Emily runs after Eli and says this is tradition is not worth it. He says he didn’t kill Isaac and says if Amos gets in his way, he’ll take him out. She tries to warn him off but he says don’t worry babe. He says they’re going to have lots of kids and she should just worry about how to raise them. He kisses her cheek and says see you later then goes. Renard asks Amanda Proctor why Isaac would try and kill Frankie. She says she has no idea.

She says her son is the victim and Renard says she needs to talk to them and says Frankie might have killed them. Nick says Frankie is not a Wesen. She’s stunned that Renard brought a Grimm into her office. She woges and he says he’s just trying to find out who killed her son. Hank says the killer is also likely Wesen. She says Isaac went to Daniel Troyer’s last night and says he’s Weten Ogen like her. Renard says Daniel has some organized crime connections.

Rosalee and Monroe go through the mail and he says he’s got to go and she sees a letter from someone she used to know in Seattle. She finally decides to open it and he says maybe she shouldn’t hear it. She reads it and it says that Carlos died and she can guess of what and says he misses her and says they meant a lot to her at one point. She stops reading and says those were not good guys and she wants to forget that part of her life. Monroe says he has parts of his life he wants to forget too.

Hank and Nick go to Daniel’s house and decide to hold back the Wesen card. Emily answers the door and asks what it’s about. She takes them to him. Daniel is on the phone making a business call. Emily introduces them and he asks what’s up. They ask about Isaac and Daniel says they’ve known each other since they were kids. She says he was there with them last night and came to see her. They ask about Frankie Adkins and Daniel says he knows nothing about this.

Emily says she doesn’t know that name and she says he left around 11. They ask if anyone threatened Isaac and they say no. Then they ask if anyone else was there and Emily says it was just the three of them. Nick gets a call from Wu who says the ME found a golden feather during the autopsy. Wu says he doesn’t know what it means but a golden feather in your pocket is strange. Nick and Hank wonder at that and Hank says they’re grasping at feathers.

Frankie meets with some new guards and says someone tried to whack him last night. Eli is one of the new guards! At home, Nick paces and worries about Trubel. Adalind tells him Kelly is asleep then asks about work. He says the guy told him to keep Chavez’s phone but then didn’t call and wonders at that. Adalind says she hopes Trubel is okay. He says him too. At the club, it’s a hopping scene and Frankie works in his office. He signs some papers then tells Eli to get the car.

They call the other guards as he prepares to leave. Frankie walks out through the club. Outside, the car is waiting and he gets inside. Eli is in the car too. Nick climbs down into an underground area – looks like he’s checking out a tunnel. He spots some old gears and then a strong door. He tugs at it but gets nowhere. He comes back up into their bunker. Adalind says she needs the bathroom and he says he can wait. Looks like Kelly threw up on her and she promises to be quick.

She asks about the tunnel and he says there’s a big door and he needs tools to get it open. She says she forgot to bring in clothes. She asks him to grab anything without puke on it. Nick checks on Kelly and says it’s not nice to throw up on your mom. He tells Adalind she didn’t have anything so he brought her one of his shirts. She thanks him. He says she needs to buy some clothes and says use the card I got you. She says that feels awkward and he says so is not having clothes. She says okay then thanks him.

He goes in to take a shower and sees her bra hanging up in the bathroom. The car makes it to Frankie’s place and stops. Frankie gets out and looks around nervously. He tells Eli to put the car away and stay outside then tells his other guard to make him a sandwich. Frankie takes a couple of pulls then goes checking the doors. Eli knocks out one guard then the other. Eli comes up with the sandwich and finds Frankie asking who put a hit on him. He tells Eli to get his ass back outside.

Eli attacks him and comes at him with a sword then he’s attacked by a Wesen too. Frankue says – oh my God not again. Another Weten Ogen kills Eli. Wu, Nick and Hank head to Frankie’s house to check out the body. Wu says another assassin is dead and calls it deja Wu and says the new bodyguard is dead and someone in an animal outfit killed the guy. He says Frankie is drugged out – they find him drunk and he says his bodyguard tried to kill him with an ax.

He asks why a gun. He says this freak that dresses like an animal saved him and says it’s the same one. Sharp teeth, yellow eyes, striped hair. Hank asks if the animal says anything. Frankie says he kills and leaves. Nick asks who would save him and he says no one. Then they ask who wants to kill him and he says if he knew he would take care of it himself. Frankie says he knows it’s just a mask but he’s freaking. Wu says it’s just a mask and looks away.

They go upstairs and check out Eli’s body. They wonder if Eli is connected to Isaac and Daniel. They find another golden feather. Monroe, Rosalee and the guys talk. Rosalee tells them about the Maagd Zoetocht. They tell them it’s a Maiden Quest and Frankie’s head is the likely prize to win the maiden. Hank says Daniel has a daughter. Monroe says the third competitor is likely the killer and they head out. Rosalee asks Monroe if he’d slay a dragon for her and he says a whole flock.

Daniel meets with Amos who thinks he’s the killer. Amos says he’s gay and doesn’t want Emily. Daniel says no one backs out and he’d better bring him the head of Frankie. Amos isn’t happy. Hank and Nick lurk outside Daniel’s house and surround Amos’s car. They find the feather on him and he says it’s nothing. They bring him into the station and he denies knowing Isaac and Eli. He says Daniel is a friend of his father’s and he was just there to see Emily.

Amos asks for a lawyer and Nick says Maagd Zoetocht and says they know all about the quest and they ask if he’s in love with her. Nick tells him he’s a Grimm and he knows he’s Weten Ogen. Now Amos is scared. Amos says he didn’t kill them and says he thought it was Eli that killed Isaac but says now he doesn’t know and says talk to Daniel about this. Frankie is drugging when Amanda Proctor shows up. They let her in. She tells Frankie that Daniel is after him since one of his goons killed his son.

She says Daniel is responsible for the death of her son and she wants Daniel dead. Daniel is on the phone on an aggressive business call when Frankie walks into his house with a gun behind his back. Hank and Nick pull up outside and spot Frankie’s car. They pull guns and head inside. Frankie tells Daniel he knows he tried to kill him twice and says a gun is easier. He says if it wasn’t for the guy in the animal costume, he’d be dead. Daniel Woges and Frankie shots them Emily Woges and comes at Frankie.

Emily holds her father as Frankie rants that he saw two of them and he rambles incoherently. Emily says she didn’t want any part of this and says she didn’t want to marry. She calls the quest stupid but her father says it was her quest and she proved herself more worthy than any man. She asks Nick if he’s going to arrest her. She says she did it and he Hank says she killed to save Frankie and we see Frankie curled up in a ball terrified and rambling.

Nick comes home and takes a napping Kelly from Adalind. She says Nick looks more tired than their son. He lays Kelly in his crib and she says she was worried about Nick and everything that’s happening. Nick hugs her. They hear a thump then Kelly starts crying. Nick pulls his gun and goes to check the trash cans. A woman is there gasping. It’s Trubel. She looks beaten and falls into his arms then passes out.