Grimm Recap 12/4/15: Season 5 Episode 5 “Rat King”

Grimm Recap 12/4/15: Season 5 Episode 5 "Rat King"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday December 4, season 5 episode 5 called “Rat King,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to the scene when two Wesen turn up dead after a hunt at a local dump leads to an encounter with the mythical Rat King. Meanwhile, a very badly wounded Trubel is taken to the hospital; and Nick finally meets Meisner.

On the last episode, a wealthy mobster sent three young men on a quest to win his daughter’s hand in marriage and earn his fortune. Not too long after, Nick and Hank became involved in the case when bodies started to pile up. Meanwhile, Nick’s home life was further disrupted by the arrival of a surprise visitor. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to the scene when three Wesen go out on a hunt at a local dump and get more than they bargained for when two turn up dead after they encounter the mythical Rat King. Meanwhile, a very badly wounded Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) is taken to the hospital and Nick finally meets Meisner (guest star Damien Puckler).”

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#Grimm starts with Nick picking up Trubel and taking her into his place. Adalind sees them coming and opens the door. He says he has to take her to the hospital and says stay here, lock the doors. He pees out. At a house, Robby and some other guys are leaving.

They talk about taking trophies tonight and Robby says he wants a rat’s ass. A girl tries to get him to stay but he won’t. Nick tells the doctors that Trubel is in body armor because she’s an undercover cop. They peel her out of her clothes and Nick watches.

They unlatch the body armor and go to work on her. They find weapons on her and ask Nick to stick around. He agrees. Robby and his pals agree this will be fun. They get out of the truck and are near a freight yard. They tell Johnny to be quiet or they will hear.

One guy’s eyes light up and they look around. They spot a chunky guy and he runs. They give chase. They tackle the guy near the water. One says let me go. They take his pants off and then he hits one in the head with a bottle. They get mad and tell him they need to teach the Reinigen a lesson.

The guy woges then they call him rat boy, woge and start kicking him. A shadow falls over them and then there’s a roar. Johnny runs off but his friends scream for him to come back. Sounds like they are attacked violently. Nick paces at the hospital.

He sits in the waiting room to wait. He checks out Trubel’s coat and finds a couple of IDs one in the name Lauren Cole and a passport. He finds money from different nations and a cell phone with a fingerprint security screen. There’s also a switchblade.

Adalind paces at home, worried. She gets a call on the mystery phone then the guy asks for Nick and “she” is alive She recognizes Meisner’s voice. Nick looks at the passport stamps then gets a call from Adalind who says the phone rang and it was a man.

She says he asked if “she” got there but didn’t say her name. She says there’s more and he says not over the phone. The doctor says she’s in pain and he gave her a sedative and needs to stay 24 hours. Nick goes to see her for a moment.

He takes Trubel’s hand and she says she knew if she could get to him, it would be okay. He says he’s glad she’s alive. She says there’s so much then the nurse comes in but Trubel wants to leave with him. The nurse asks her name and she says Lauren Cole.

The nurse says she needs rest. Nick says try and sleep and goes with the nurse to do her paperwork. Trubel conks out. Nick hands over her fake license and leaves his number. At home, he brings Trubel’s motorcycle inside and checks out damage to it.

He takes a picture of the license plate then calls Hank and asks him to run the plate ASAP. Hank asks Wu to do it. Nick thanks him and ends the call. Nick comes inside and says Trubel is stable and he says she was in body armor and had three false IDs.

She asks how Trubel knew to come there. He asks what else happened. She says the guy on the phone knew her and she thinks it’s Meisner, the guy who got her out of Europe. He apologizes for this. His phone rings and Wu says the plate comes back to Lauren Cole.

He says it looks normal and then he says he won’t guess who it is. Hank asks what’s going on with Trubel and says she’s at the hospital. He asks Wu to check out Lauren’s apartment out of uniform and they tell Hank that bike cost $30k.

Hank says he’s glad she’s still alive. Nick ends the call. Adalind says this is complicated. Nick goes to the garage to check out the bike. He gets on it and cranks it. He finds special devices on it and one shoots darts into the wall – serious firepower.

The nurse comes back and tells Trubel to open her eyes so she can check on her. She doesn’t wake. The nurse slaps her repeatedly and hard. She woges and we see her image reflected there. Trubel’s eyes turn black edge to edge. She makes a call and says – it’s her, we’ve got her.

The nurse cranks up the sedative to her IV. Nick comes back to check on her in the morning and Nick asks why she’s not awake Hank is there too and Nick asks them to call as soon as she wakes up. Nick says the doctor said her vitals were good.

The Wesen nurse checks them out. Hank gets a work call and says they have a case. Wu tells Nick that the apartment is in a secure building. He says he couldn’t get into her place and says Lauren Cole sure seems real and the background check was clear.

Chest and Robby are in the back of a truck in a cornfield. They were tormented with puncture marks and scratches. A phone starts to ring and Nick gets it out of Robby’s pocket. The girl is calling. Nick answers. The girl asks where the hell has he been.

Nick asks her name and she says what did he do now. They go see Robby’s girlfriend and tell her they don’t know how he died. She cries and says she asked him to stay home. She says they go to the dump at Oaks Bottom to mess around.

She asks where Johnny is and they say just two bodies. She woges as she cries. Nick says she’s a Klaustreich and she freaks and says he killed them. Nick says he didn’t hurt them and won’t hurt her. She says they’re all Klaustreich. He asks why they were at the dump.

She says they like to chase Reinigen. She says Johnny isn’t answering his phone. She says he lives in a trailer on the island and his last name is Wodrick. Two men are in the dump and then others come out. They open up an old refrigerator and all head inside. It’s a door.

They have a den down there and we see the man who was attacked by the Klaustreich died. The king of the Reinigen says they must find the third man who will pay for the death of his son. The Klaustreich are essentially alley cats and the Reinigen are rats.

At the hospital, Trubel finally wakes from a troubled sleep filled with violence. The Wesen nurse is there and says her name is Christie. She asks how she’s feeling then says she’s going to get the doctor. Trubel asks for Nick and the nurse says she’ll let her know.

A man comes in and says his name is Dr Nicholson. He asks to look in her eyes then say she needs another CAT scan before she can go. There’s an Andrew Dixon mayoral ad on TV. Andrew is with his campaign manager in Renard’s office.

Renard says it looks good and Dixon says he wants to make him chief. Renard ponders. Hank and Nick come to the dump. Hank gets a call from Wu who says he was at Johnny’s trailer and it had been ransacked but the guy was not there and no blood.

They wonder if Johnny was taken. Nick says he’s going to try and piss someone off. They approach a guy and ask about the Reinigen. They tell the guy that they were Klaustreich harassing Reinigen. The guy woges then says he’s not scared of a Grimm.

Nick says he’s not going to arrest him – just wanted to know who he’s dealing with. They walk away. The guy repots to the king that two cops were there and says one was a Grimm. He says if he comes back, we’ll kill the Grimm.

Johnny shows up to the girl’s house and says hide me. He says he barely got away. He says this thing that attacked them was huge and says the legend is true. Hank and Nick go talk to Monroe and Rosalee. They talk about Reine bashing being a Saturday night activity.

They ask about a Reinigen taking on three Klaustreich. Monroe says no way. Rosalee mentions the Reissen-ratte. Monroe says a 20 foot unkillable rat king is just a legend. Rosalee suggests checking the books and Monroe says it’s an old rat’s tail.

They tell them Trubel came back and is at the hospital. Nick calls the hospital and asks about Trubel. Christie gets the phone and lies saying she’s not awake. She says this happens sometimes with trauma cases. The doctor speaks her name and says wake up.

She’s groggy. He says they found something on her CAT scan and says there’s been swelling in her brain and they have to operate. He says they have more her to the ICU. The Scooby games checks the books and finds a drawing of a giant rat creature.

Monroe says it’s called the rat king and says it happens when the Reinigen are scared and they all join together. They merge together and become part of a greater whole. Rosalee says the whole must be worse than the sum of its parts.

Selina calls and says they’re here and came for Johnny to make him pay. Nick hears the struggle. Nick says he thinks they have Johnny and Selina. Rosalee says they’re all going to see the rat king. Monroe has no choice but to agree.

Nick and the others pull up at the dump. They weapon up and grab flashlights. Monroe wonders how many of them there are and how many it takes to make a rat king. Monroe sniffs around. Nick hears something and the others don’t. Rosalee spots one.

Rosalee thinks the mound is a nest. They all poke around and Rosalee finds the fridge door. They see the tunnel and head inside, weapons out. Rosalee says it stinks. Nick turns on the lights and they wonder what it is. Monroe says it’s a throne room.

They find Johnny who looks dead. Then they spot Selina still alive. She says they killed him and made her watch. She says it was horrible. She says they were about to start on her then they all ran off in different directions. They head out to the cars.

Monroe tells Nick there are others around. The Reinigen scurry and the guy says you shouldn’t have interfered. He says leave the Klaustreich and go. Selina says she told them not to come. Nick says he’s under arrest. The others shout that they killed their prince and they deserve revenge.

The Reinigen all cry out, run together and then out comes the Reissen-ratte. Hank says what the hell. Nick says it’s not such a myth anymore. Selina panics. Hank takes a shot at it but it doesn’t seem to care. Nick tells them to run. Monroe says they need a big trap.

They run near the water and Monroe says this is not a good hiding spot. Nick is laying a trap and tells Selina to woge so they can get him to come over and get entangled in the wire. Selina woges and then the Reinigen can smell her. Nick yells come get her.

The Reinigen creature gets closer and Hank shoots the power line when Nick tells him to. It’s tangled in the power lines and they get closer to find a whole stack of Reinigen that have been electrocuted. Monroe says there are no winners in this.

Adalind is singing to her son when a man approaches the outside of the bunker. The alarm blares and she goes to look. She checks the cameras and sees it’s Meisner. He mouths her name. She opens the door. He goes inside.

He says he’s glad she’s all right and says he needs to see Trubel and tracked her bike’s GPS. Selina rants about the Reinigen killing her boyfriend. Meisner says Trubel’s life is in danger and asks where she is. Nick won’t say. Adalind says it’s Meisner and says she trusts him.

Meisner says they’ll find her. Nick says St Joe’s and he’ll meet him there. He runs off just as backup is showing up. Trubel is being wheeled on a gurney by the doctor and nurse. Nick comes to her room and another nurse says she’s been moved to ICU.

Nick runs up there and sees the doctor going onto an elevator. He misses it and sees it’s heading downstairs. He takes the stairs. Trubel is in the basement and is taken into a small room. Meisner comes in and the creatures woge. He fights them off.

Nick is there too and they fight together. Meisner says get her out while he gets the last one. Nurse Christie is in the elevator and she offers the tag line. Occultatum Libera. Meisner says he’s getting sick of hearing that. Nick brings Trubel home and says she’s safe. She says she has so much to tell him and he says later. Nick asks about Meisner and who he is.