Grimm Recap – Juliette vs Adalind in a Hexenbiest Battle: Season 4 Episode 13 “Trial By Fire”

Grimm Recap - Juliette vs Adalind in a Hexenbiest Battle: Season 4 Episode 13 "Trial By Fire"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday February 13, season 4 episode 13 called “Trial By Fire,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Nick [David Giuntoli] reluctantly asks an old foe for help investigating an arson that appears to have Wesen origins. Meanwhile, Viktor teaches Adalind the effectiveness of well-played diplomacy; and Juliette finds herself in a confrontation sooner than expected.

On the last episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) investigated a series of murders that lead back to the Wesen Council and a mysterious bounty hunter (guest star Arnold Vosloo). Elsewhere, Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) meeting with Henrietta (guest star Garcelle Beauvais) brought about more disturbing news than she was expecting. Meanwhile, Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Viktor (guest start Alexis Denisof) made their way back to Portland. Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee, Sasha Roiz and Bree Turner also star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “when an arson case looks to have Wesen origins, Nick (David Giuntoli) find himself reluctantly having to ask an old foe for help. Elsewhere, Viktor (guest star Alexis Denisof) teaches Adalind (Claire Coffee) the effectiveness of well-played diplomacy. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) finds herself in a confrontation sooner than expected. Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee and Bree Turner also star.”

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#Grimm starts with a man staring at a sporting goods store that is closing up for the night. A girl complains to her boyfriend that inventory should be done and they should be gone by now. The man breaks into the basement, takes off his clothes down to his underwear then heads upstairs. He goes to the fuse box, lights his hand on fire with Wesen power and runs it down the fuses. The kids are in the manager’s office sneaking a drink when the lights go out.

The man walks into the middle of the store and turns his whole body into an inferno then walks through the store setting it aflame. Nick comes back after dumping Jonathon the assassin’s body. She asks what he did with it then says she doesn’t want to know. He asks if she’s okay and says it’s been a little rough lately. She agrees. He asks what’s up with her and she asks what happens if Adalind finds out he’s a Grimm again and he says one less hexenbiest wouldn’t be a bad thing.

The firebug walks through the store setting it all ablaze. The teens are making out in the office when she smells smoke. They realize smoke is everywhere and open the office door onto a huge fire. They hack and cough then he breaks a window to try and get them out but that just causes a back draft effect that sends the fire rushing through the room seeking the oxygen in the fresh air. It’s a big boom.

Next day, Hank and Nick are at the crime scene. Wu tells them Mason Heady and Joan Tapford both died and the owner John Harrison and his son Andy who are on site. The arson investigator is there and tells them the kids died after they cracked the window that caused the back draft. She says it could have been an electrical fire but says it didn’t follow the ventilation system and instead followed a strange path. She says fires don’t turn for no reasons and there was no accelerant.

She says the office was the only place the fire made sense when it went for the window. The owner tells them this property has been in his family for 60 years. He says they were out celebrating his son’s promotion when they were contacted. Andy tells his dad to calm down and not be defensive. They ask why the kids were there late and John says he doesn’t know and they should have been long gone. Hank asks how you explain a fire with a mind of its own.

Nick says they should assume dad hired someone to torch the business and they decide to start seeing if he would profit from the insurance. Hank calls to research claims and the payout. He says it was a $5 million policy upgraded last year. Nick says the owners filed for bankruptcy a few months ago. Nick sends Wu to check for similar cases. They go see the lawyer who did their bankruptcy and he says there’s no way John would have burned his own business.

The lawyer agrees to give them a list of debtors and Nick tells him two people died so they need to look at the company’s financial records. Renard meets with Sam who tells him Kelly, Nick’s mom, sold the truck to a couple three months ago in Spokane, WA. Sam says Kelly would have bought a new vehicle and Renard tells Sam to stay close in case he needs him. Nick and Hank wonder why they would file bankruptcy then burn the place down.

They ask Wu to check on Charles, the bankruptcy lawyer. Wu says he found another similar fire case and Wu says the arson investigator who worked the case might not talk to him since he arrested him for murder. It’s Orson (the three little pigs versus bad wolf guy). When Orson is told by the jailer that Nick is there to see him, he woges and says – hell no! Hank tells Nick it’s not his fault just because he didn’t know about their wesen feud.

It was one of Nick’s first wesen cases and he tells Hank that Monroe’s ex killed Orson’s brothers. They tell Orson they’re checking into a fire and show him the dead kids that were killed and says Lt Brady told them he had a similar case. Orson says he tracked this guy for years and even saw him once. He says he was close to arresting him but then Nick arrested him. He says he can ID him if he sees a photograph.

They take Orson to go with an ankle monitor and bring him to the police station to help work the case. They bring him to see Renard and he tells Orson he’s only there to assist Nick and Hank and says one false move he’ll be back inside and no parole ever. Renard asks what he knows and Orson says the guy moves around and Nick asks if he’s wesen. Orson asks wesen what and Hank tells him that Nick is a grimm.

Orson is stunned and says he’s been away too long. He asks if everyone knows and they tell him no. He says he’s a guy that likes to light fires and stick around to watch. He says the guy takes off his clothes and woges into something he hasn’t seen. He says he literally turned to fire and says he made notes. Nick says they can work the files while he goes to do some reading with Wu. He finds an excandesco which translates to burning rage or flaming person.

Nick finds a page that says it was in Rome in AD 64. He reads about Peter and Paul who asked the grimm to follow the guy who was a literal Phoenix and whose patron was Nero. He says the fire started and spread through the narrow streets. This was when Rome burned while Nero fiddled. The grimm wrote that he couldn’t get close enough to kill him because of the heat and doesn’t know how to defeat it.

Charles, the lawyers meets the firebug who tells him that some detectives came to see him because two kids were in the building. The firebug says it’s not is fault but Charles says he needs to clean house including his clients and tells him next time to check the building first. The firebug grabs Charles by the neck and sets him on fire. Soon his car is in flames from the inside and explodes as the fire guy walks away.

Nick shows Orson the info on the excandesco. He shows him the sketch and Orson says that’s what he looked like when he woged. Nick asks what if he’s producing it in his skin or glands and Orson says it could be white phosphorous which would make him like a human match if he had more of it than humans. They wonder how they can stop him from igniting. Orson says he can make something to help them fight the guy.

Nick calls Rosalee to see if they have some ingredients. He asks for Monroe and then says he wanted to talk to her and she says to come on over. Adalind tells Viktor they need to get to Juliette but he says they need back channel diplomacy. Sam comes in gives Viktor the info from Renard on the truck that Kelly Burkhardt had that had been Juliette’s. He says the truck was sold but he can find her. Viktor sends him on his way.

Adalind says she can try a little diplomacy on Juliette. Hank and Nick bring Orson to see Rosalee. He says they need some heat resistant ointment. Nick tells her about the excandesco. Monroe comes in and he and Orson freak and woge out when they see each other. They try to get him to calm down. Hank says he’s working with them on a case. Monroe is angry that he got him out and he says Orson killed Hap. Orson says his ex killed his brothers and Rosalee says she’s dead.

Monroe says they can’t have help from them. He and Orson continue to posture until Nick shouts them down and says they’re going. Rosalee tells Nick not to go and follows Monroe into the back. Rosalee says Nick came for help. Monroe says the guy stuck a shotgun in his face and Rosalee says this is the same as the old world wesen prejudice that almost cost his life. She says if he’s going to be like this, he should leave. He stomps out the back and she goes back to help the guys.

Rosalee says Monroe left and Nick apologizes. Rosalee says this feud is too old for them to worry about. She says they can get started.

Orson says they can’t use water because it’s like an oil fighter. Rosalee says it can’t come off in the heat and that won’t burn off. They start with licorice root then add beeswax. She adds witch hazel and sends the guys all over for ingredients. Orson says they need to heat it until it liquefies. Monroe comes back and says he’ll get the bowls then asks how many. Orson tells him two and they are communicating peacefully.

Wu calls and Nick tells Hank that Charles the lawyer was burned to a crisp. They take Orson with them and Rosalee says they’ll keep working. After they leave, Monroe tells his wife he was an idiot and it should have been about the two kids. She says he would only be an idiot if he didn’t come back. Andy drinks a beer when his dad comes in. John says he has to pay respects to the people they lost. Andy says their business is gone.

John says he won’t let their business go under and they’ll rebuild. Andy says the internet has wiped them out and tells his dad they need to let it go. John says the fire was a shock but they’ve had setbacks before. Andy says he doesn’t listen and tells his dad he doesn’t want this legacy. He says he can’t do this anymore and walks out. He gets a call from an unknown caller – the firebug. He says he’s calling because he told him there would be no one inside.

Andy says he killed them but the guy says he hired them. Andy says there’s nothing to talk about and ends the call. The firebug is lurking watching it. Wu says Charles used to be a public defender who worked a case with a kid called Damien Barsow. He shows the pic of Damien when he was a teen and Orson says that was his. Orson sees him watching them. He says he was up there among the looky loos. He says maybe he’s seeing what he wants to see but thinks he was there.

Nick says he’s cleaning up the mess and they agree that means the Harrisons are next. John gets a call from Damien who lies and says he’s an arson investigator and he thinks their lawyer was involved. He asks him to meet him down at the building to show him some evidence. John says he’ll be right there. Adalind lurks outside Nick’s place and watches when Juliette comes home. She drives away.

Andy comes home and finds his dad gone. He calls him and his dad says he’s at the store. Andy says he has to tell him something then says it got messed up and he’s sorry. He says he didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt and says it’s his fault they died. John says he’s meeting an arson investigator who told him it was Charles. Andy says he’s on the way down there to tell him everything. John goes inside the burned-up store and calls out for Lt Johnson (the fake name Damien gave him).

Damien greets him and John says his son is on the way down. He asks John to follow him and leads him down to the fuse box. He says it was made to look like a short started it. John asks what started it and Damien lights his hand up. He tells John – you’re probably asking yourself, now how does he do that. Andy leaves his house just as Nick and Hank pull up. They ask where his dad is and says the man he hired to burn down the building is going to kill him.

Hank says there is no Lt Johnson and Damien is going to kill him. Andy says Charles introduced him to Damien and he hired him. Nick tells him that Charles is dead. Rosalee and Monroe call to say it’s ready and Nick asks them to meet them with it. Damien says Andy hired him because he didn’t want the store. John doesn’t want to believe it. They have super soakers full of the goo and Orson says they have to wait until he woges. Orson tells Nick to give him his badge since Damien knows him as an arson investigator.

Orson kicks in the door and calls out to Damien. He asks if he remembers how he almost caught him when he burned down the Comstock Building. He tells Damien that killing people is sloppy work. Damien, down to his undies, creeps up on him and Orson says he knows what he is. He woges to prove it. He tells him he knows he’s an excandesco and he tells Damien to stay back and that he’s under arrest. He holds out his arms and tells him to come on over and arrest him.

Damien asks Orson if he remembers what almost happened last time. Orson flinches and tells him that Andy is not coming. Damien asks if the idiot confesses then starts to woge. Nick calls out to tell Orson they got him. He comes out the back and sees Nick and the gang with their water guns. Orson tells him he’s under arrest and the guy starts to woge. He turns charcoal black and smoky and they soak him with the material. Damien screams out asking what they did to him.

They move back as he burns up from the inside. They all duck when Monroe shouts – he’s going to blow. He does and there are Damien parts splattered all over the alley. Monroe says it’s not an exact science when Hank asks if it was supposed to happen that way. Wu makes up a cover story that the guy had a homemade bomb strapped to him. Monroe says he can’t forgive him for Hap and Orson says he can’t forgive what Angelina did to his brothers. They say deal and shake on it.

They take Orson back to jail and Nick tells him thanks for the help. Hank says he did good and Orson asks them to tell them that at his next parole hearing. Nick adds his newfangled supersoaker to the locker of medieval weapons. Adalind knocks on the door and then pushes her way in and says she wants her baby back. She says she should thank her for Nick not being a grimm anymore and her having a normal life.

She says she wants her baby but Juliette says the child is better of with Nick’s mom. Adalind thanks her for the one night stand with Nick and says it was a real whopper. J tells her to get out. Adalind woges and says he has to come with her. She uses her magic to throw a vase at her but J stops it and tells her to bring it on bitch. She woges and they start fighting. Juliette throws her all around the room then starts throwing things at her including knives and furniture.

Juliette asks if that’s all she’s got and Adalind runs out the door terrified. Juliette powers down her woge as Adalind runs to her car and screams in fear and frustration. J looks around the wrecked house and wonders what she’s going to tell Nick. He comes home and finds the place wrecked and knives in the wall. He pulls his gun and calls out for her. She’s sitting on the sofa. He asks what happened and she says Adalind paid her a visit.

He asks if Adalind hurt her and she says she tried to. He says he’s going to kill Adalind and she admits she almost did it. He’s disbelieving and asks if she shot her. She says she didn’t need her gun and says there’s something she needs to show him. She tells him she loves him so much. She woges. He flinches. Wow!