Grimm Recap – Transgender Wesen in Portland: Season 4 Episode 15 “Double Date”

Grimm Recap - Transgender Wesen in Portland: Season 4 Episode 15 "Double Date"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday March 27, season 4 episode 15 called “Double Date,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Nick and Hank investigate a one-night stand that ended in murder; Capt. Renard [Sasha Roiz] turns to Monroe [Silas Weir Mitchell] and Rosalee [Bree Turner] for help dealing with recurring episodes of phantom bleeding; things are beginning to look up for Adalind; and Juliette makes a decision that could change the course of her relationship.

On the last episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russel Hornsby) investigated a murder victim with his foot cut off, and stumbled onto a disturbing Wesen take on the “lucky rabbit’s foot.” In an effort to help, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) went undercover. Meanwhile, the fallout from Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) showdown still has Nick reeling and sent him on a path that leads to Henrietta (guest star Garcelle Beauvais). Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to investigate a one night stand turned deadly when a man finds himself in the middle of a very bizarre love triangle. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) hopes Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) can help him deal with recurring episodes of phantom bleeding. Meanwhile, Adalind (Claire Coffee) makes a discovery that might turn the tables in her favor and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) makes a big decision that could change the course of her relationship with Nick.”

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#Grimm begins with a flashback to Renard being shot. He’s having a nightmare about it. He wakes gasping and finds blood on his fingertips. He pulls off the covers and sees his chest is soaked in blood. He rips off his pajamas ans wipes off the blood. The bullet holes are still scarred over, but the blood was real. Nick looks outside and sees no one then calls Juliette’s phone but gets voice mail. He tells her to call him so they can talk.

A woman sits at a bar drinking wine. A guy sits nearby and tells her he likes Portland. She gets up and walks away. He says it’s time for him to go and tips the bartender. Another woman comes in and says she needs a decent husband and a dirty martini. The guy asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine but then cries and says it’s stupid to come there when she can cry at home. She says her husband just left her. He watches her guzzle the drink and says he hopes it turns all right.

She says he was a liar and she doesn’t know what it’s like to be single anymore. He says it’s not great but she’s beautiful so it should be easy. He says he’s being honest and she says she hasn’t had honest in a long time. They go back to her place and she pushes him back onto the bed. She closes the curtains, pulls off her coat and says she’ll be right back. He pulls off his clothes hurriedly. A guy busts in and demands to know where his wife is. He has a gun and calls the guy, Cody Carson, by name.

Cody begs him not to do anything and says to take his money. The man says he loves his wife so much. Cody grabs his clothes, hands over the money and says he’ll leave them to work out their problems. He panics and runs out dressing on the way. He realizes he doesn’t have his phone and knows he left it there on accident. The woman wheels her suitcase out of the house and rushes off. Cody grabs her and says he wants his money and phone back. He threatens to call the police.

She says he’s pretty brave when it’s just a woman. She woges into something terrifying and covered in slime. She rubs her slimy bald head up against him and he screams as the slime burns him like acid. Juliette wakes in her car when a loud trash truck comes by. Hank and Nick go to check out Cody’s body – he’s dead. They decide it looks like an acid attack. Looks like he was in town for business and they see credit cards there but no cash.

Hank says Carson was due to stay in town another week according to the hotel. They note his phone is missing and are trying to ping in. Hank says the ME says it’s like a form of necrotizing fasciitis. Hank says some bugs and plants like the Venus flytrap emit a similar toxin so they decide it’s Wesen. Wu says Cody’s cell is in a condo near where he was found. They go chasing it down. The condo manager with them says the guy who owns the condo lives out of town but says a woman has rented it out.

She says the woman is pretty, taller than her, 30ish and very nice. She knocks then lets them in. Wu’s signal leads them to the bedroom and they see the closet is empty. Wu finds the phone and grabs it up. They wonder why Cody was in the bedroom with a pretty woman and they call CSU. Nick wonders why the woman would have killed him outside instead of in the condo. Renard goes to see his doctor but he tells him everything looks good. Renard says he may have overreacted.

The doctor says they’ll schedule an MRI just in case but tells him not to worry. Hank says the woman that rented the condo was named Alexis and she was 60. Wu has a fingerprint hit and says it’s just a woman. Linus Balouzian matches the print. He was in the condo that week. They wonder if Linus, who has a record as a con man, is working with the woman. Wu says robbery said single men are being trick rolled and it may be them.

They wonder if Balouzian is Wesen. Hank says maybe they used the same fake ID again to rent another place. Linus rants to Stacy and says she should have gone out the back and says the cops are going to be after them. He tells her to go out again tonight and no more screw ups. He woges into the hideous slime creature and yells some more. Stacy tells Linus it’s not her fault and calls him an idiot. She gets dressed to go out and says without her this wouldn’t even work,

Renard shows up at the spice shop to see Rosalee. He says he may have a problem. Monroe asks what’s wrong then asks about the book Adalind used to work the spell. He says he thinks he’s got some residual effects from when his mom saved his life and while he was dead on the other side. He tells them he keeps reliving his murder and wakes up coated in blood. Rosalee says his mom shut the book and they can’t re-open it.

Monroe says Renard’s mom used her blood to open it and he says the spell must require hexenbiest blood. Rosalee asks if he knows another one that can open it for him since he doesn’t want to use Adalind. He looks thoughtful. Nick tries to call Juliette but she doesn’t answer. She’s still in her car. He gets her voice mail again. He says they need to talk and begs her to call him back. She’s lurkign in her car near their house and sees him pacing.

Later, he meets Hank at the trailer who says he found something from an old medical book. Hank asks if Nick is okay and he says they’re having a little problem but says he’s not ready to talk about it. Hank says he thinks it’s a Huntha Lami Muuaji, a wormy type of Wesen. Hank says they travel in male/female pairs. The males are extremely dangerous and you have to decapitate them. They have just one Wesen state and anyone who sees it died. He reads that even Grimm are cautious with them.

They agree to go talk to Monroe and Rosalee. Wu calls and says he got a hit on the old lady’s credit card and it was used to rent an apartment and there’s a bar near there. Renard’s doorbell rings. He checks the security camera and sees Juliette. He says to himself – this can’t be good – but lets her in. She says she slept in her car and won’t do it again. He asks what she means and she says she needs a place to stay with someone who understands her.

Renard says this may not be the best place. She says she can’t go home until she figures this out. Renard says this puts him in an awkward position. Juliette says she needs to know what to do to deal with this. He says she has to be more careful because normal people often react violently. She asks if there is an upside. He says lots of power and says she’s one of a kind but he doesn’t know what that means for any of them. She says it sounds like she has to wing it.

Renard asks her if she can open the book for him. Nick shows Monroe and Rosalee the picture of the creature. They want to use Monroe as bait and Rosalee says it’s okay as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. Monroe doesn’t look to happy at the arrangement. Stacy trolls the bar looking for a prospect. She sees Monroe and sidles up beside him then starts her crying act. He looks nervous then turns to her and asks if she’s all right. She says she is then tells the story again. He offers to buy her a drink and she smiles.

Monroe calls Nick and Hank who lurk outside and he says he thinks he has the right one. He says she invited him back to her place. Nick says to call it off if they don’t head back to the apartment. Hank tells him to be careful in case she’s a killer too. Renard tells Juliette she just needs to cut herself and drip it on the book. She asks why he can’t do it. He says he’s a Sauberbiest not a Hexenbiest and says everyone makes that mistake with him.

He’s willing to trade her a place to stay for the help. She cuts her hand and drips it on the book. It opens with a puff of smoke. He thanks her. She asks what it is and he says it’s the book Adalind used to pull the stunt on her and Nick. Juliette wants to read it too. Monroe follows the woman home and sees Wu lurking nearby and is reassured. He goes inside the apartment with her. She makes the move on him instantly. She pulls his shirt open and then takes off her jacket.

She opens her dress and Monroe tries to look away. She tells him she’ll be right back and goes into the bathroom. Once she’s in the bathroom, Monroe runs to the window. Wu reports back that there’s only one way in or out and that Linus didn’t enter. We see Stacy pulling off her earrings. Linus bursts in with the gun and pulls the same routine that he did with Cody. He looks out the window and Linus asks what he’s looking at. Monroe gestures and Linus asks what he’s doing.

Linus demands the wallet. While he’s distracted, Monroe woges and shoves him back. Monroe says the woman is in the bathroom. Nick takes off after Linus who hopped off the balcony and ran. Linus stops, pulls off his jacket and morph into Stacy’s form. When Nick comes up the street, all he sees is a woman. He spots the jacket Linus dropped and finds earrings in the pocket. He goes off running again and asks people if they saw a guy. Stacy drives away in a cab right past Nick.

Nick comes back to the apartment and shows them the jacket and earring and Monroe says the woman went into the bathroom. They wonder how she got past them. Nick shows Monroe the earrings and he says they were in Linus’ coat. Nick says maybe Stacy didn’t go anywhere. Nick says the female of the beast is never found because it’s both. Nick says that would explain why the women are never found and the Grimms only kill the males.

Monroe says that also explains why only Linus has a criminal record. Linus and Stacy argue and he says he can’t believe she brought home a Blutbad with $22. He calls her an idiot and she says he picked the bar and says they have to do it again but this time she picks the bar. She says she’s also cutting her hair. Rosalee says this creature must have a major identity crisis with both female and male inside it. Nick says they need Linus to press charges.

Monroe says forcing someone to be one sex sounds like a moral ambiguous issue. Rosalee says the woge is likely neutral ground and maybe giving him a dose of hormones will lock him as a man. Monroe says it was a good looking woman so they’ll need a lot of it. Rosalee says they can’t get too close since the Wesen emits poison. They debate darts versus crossbow.

Adalind takes a pregnancy test – her third – she’s definitely pregnant. She says she can’t have a baby when she doesn’t even know where the first one is. She tries to call and says she has to find her baby another father and says she has to sleep with someone fast. She hears Viktor talking. She listens to him talking to Frederick and asking for more time. Frederick says Viktor needs to go back to Vienna. Frederick greets her warmly and says Viktor is leaving.

He says she won’t have a chance to see him again and she says they’ve been through a lot. He says he never approved of Viktor throwing her in the dungeon but says running off with the resistance wasn’t good. Adalind says she was confused. Frederick says people need safety and stability. He says her child has royal blood and they will get her back where she belongs. Adalind looks concerned and like she’s plotting on the fly.

Stacy looks good. She checks her reflection and tells Linus he so wishes he could be her. Rosalee is mixing hormones when Nick comes in with the crossbow and says they have 4, 6, 8 inch or jumbo darts. They go with the jumbo. Nick says they have Linus’ car on an APB and they found it near a bar. Nick thanks them for their help and they head out. Rosalee asks Monroe how pretty was she. He looks like a deer in the headlights.

Stacy found a guy and they’re walking out of the bar. Wu walks up and asks the guy for ID and says he matches the description of a robbery suspect. Wu tells him to step away from the woman. Stacy takes the chance to walk away. The man asks what he’s done but Wu is focused on watching her walk away. She drops her earring as she goes. Nick says she dropped something then calls her Stacy. She says they’re not hers and he says maybe they belong to Linus and says he’d like to talk to him.

Stacy says she knows no one named Linus. She says they have nothing on her. Hank says Nick is a Grimm and then names her beast. She woges into the slime thing and Nick shoots her with the dart. He rips them out of his chest and says he doesn’t think darts will stop him. Then he stops and asks what they’ve done. He collapses to the ground then woges into Linus. They slap cuffs on him. Wu shows up and is shocked. They read him his rights.

Linus tells them at the PD that it was a simple con. He says no one was supposed to get hurt and says it just went wrong. He says that guy was waiting on Stacy and was hurting her and threatening her so it made him mad. He says Cody was married with two kids. He says it all happened so fast and we didn’t know what to do. Nick says Linus is going to jail then he tries to woge. He’s shocked that he can’t. He tries again. He asks what they did to Stacy and says he can’t find her.

Nick says they gave him no choice because they couldn’t arrest her. Linus says he loved Stacy and Hank says love has nothing to do with what he did. He tells him to sign the confession. Linus says no. Then he signs it. He asks if he’ll ever get her back. Nick says he doesn’t know. Linus says they’ve been together their whole lives. He begs Stacy to come back and says he can’t live without her. He calls her name over and over as they walk out.

Nick pours a stiff drink at home. He thinks about the first time he told Juliette he loved her under some mistletoe. Then he thinks about her telling him she was always there for him. He thinks about her woging and him looking at her in disgust. He’s feeling like a real heel.