Grimm Recap – Nick Finds Out He’s a Baby Daddy: Season 4 Episode 19 “Iron Hans”

Grimm Recap - Nick Finds Out He's a Baby Daddy: Season 4 Episode 19 "Iron Hans"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday April 24, season 4 episode 19 called “Iron Hans,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Nick [David Giuntoli] and Hank [Russell Hornsby] investigate a homicide, which they discover is connected to an age-old Wesen rite of passage; Juliette makes a surprising new ally; Nick finds a reason for hope in an unexpected person; and Capt. Renard [Sasha Roiz] continues to battle a darkness within.

On the last episode, a homicide lead Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) onto the dark and mysterious path of a local Native American power quest. Meanwhile, Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) erratic behavior landed her on the wrong side of the law. At the spice shop, Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) were on a mission and call on Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) for help. Reggie Lee and Claire Coffee also star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are brought in to investigate a homicide they learn is connected to an age-old Wesen rite of passage. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) makes a surprising new ally. Elsewhere, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) continues to battle a darkness within, and Nick finds hope for Juliette in the last person he expected – Adalind (Claire Coffee). Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee, and Bree Turner also star.”

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#Grimm begins with people packing for a camping trip. The adults take away all the digital devices from the teens as they load up. Maggie tells her dad, brother and the kids goodbye. Monroe and Rosalee talk to Nick about Juliette and her bar fight. Hank asks if they’ve found anything but Monroe says it’s unprecedented and Rosalee wonders if Adalind might know something. Rosalee says Juliette is paying the price for them taking Adalind’s child.

Out at the camp site, Bowden, the leader, tells the teen boys they need to get back in touch with the natural world, their past and who they really are. He says the boys have a responsibility to embrace their true natures. He says it’s not a game or play time. They all scream – to the hunt over and over. They are off in the woods chasing down a bunny as the man watches. Elliott gets the rabbit and they cook it. Bowden says they have to know they are all blessed as Wesen.

He tells them when they woge for the first time, they will feel power. He says normal people can’t know but says not to be afraid of who they are and says to be proud. He says they feasat from the hunt and he woges, then the other adults do too. The boys eat the rabbit and one woges a little while they all cheer. It’s a whole father, son, Wesen thing.

Renard is upset to get chest pains again. He gulps come water and then sees himself somewhere else with water dripping from his hands. He’s in wet clothes downtown in a city. A kid is hitchhiking when he’s brutally attacked by a Wesen and eaten. Rosalee goes to see Juliette at the jail. She says it’s nice for her to come visit. Rosalee says she’s sorry for all of this and says she feels partially responsible. Juliette says she is but should thank her.

She says this is her now and asks if Nick came by to boo hoo on her. J says life is more interesting now and asks Rosalee if she would give up being a Fuchsbau. She says if it was the only way to be with Monroe, she would. Juliette says Nick wouldn’t and says everything worked out for the best. She says she’s on top of the world and Rosalee says J is angry and bitter and she gets that. Juliette ends the call and walks away when Rosalee tries to get her to admit she still loves Nick.

Wu takes Nick and Hank to the body’s site. A jogger and his dog found the body and Hank says it looks like an animal attack but probably wasn’t. Nick spots an animal print and says it must be Wesen. Nick says they need Monroe out there to help track. Renard stares out the window and he gets a crime report about aggravated assaults he asked for. He points out a crime and asks them to get a suspect description. Monroe asks Rosalee how Juliette can be okay with being a hexenbiest.

Rosalee says they need to try and stay out of this. Nick and Hank show up with the footprint photo and they agree it’s Wesen maybe Lowen. They ask Monroe to come help. Franco tells Renard that James Waddell was attacked by the Skidmore Fountain but there were not witnesses and he couldn’t describe the attacker. That’s where Renard found himself last night!

Kenneth chats to the King about working out a deal with Renard and that Damerov is no longer working for them. Adalind comes in as Kenneth says Renard is clear on things now. She asks if the king wants Renard dead. Kenneth says he found out Juliette is in jail for attacking people at a bar. Adalind says she’s accepting she’s a hexenbiest. Kenneth says this may be the opportunity they’re waiting for.

Kenneth says Juliette knows all the information they need, including the location of Adalind’s baby. She says Juliette won’t betray Nick but Kenneth says it only takes the right circumstances. He asks her if she’s made up her mind about who the baby’s father is. He says he knows it’s Nick. He asks what Juliette will do when she finds out. Kenneth plans to tell Juliette and Adalind is justifiably scared. He says betrayal may become an option very soon.

Out in the woods, Monroe asks questions about the condition of the body and says it feels like a hunt. He says not all of them are reformed and points out the lack of shoes. He says he thinks it’s a bad ass dude. He sniffs and says maybe the guy took a piece with him and he can track the blood trail. They make it to some private property and Hank sees bent wire like someone went through there. Hank makes a call ot check it out.

They hand to Iron Hans Ranch and Monroe says it’s like a Wesen coming of age camp. He says he went to one as a kid and they went out of vogue. Bowden and Todd greet them and they tell them there was a nearby kill and they tracked things there. Monroe woges then they do. Todd says he’s not afraid of a Grimm. Hank says they’re investigating. Maggie walks out and Bowden says this is what a Grimm looks like. Nick asks where they all were last night.

Monroe says he went to an Iron Hans camp himself as a kid. Bowden says a lot of Blutbaden can’t accept who they are and Monroe says it’s not easy. Hank asks who else was here last night. Maggie says there were three fathers and their sons last night. Nick asks to see the camp and Bowden agrees and says he’ll take them in the van.

In jail, Juliette watches a bug on the wall and thinks about Adalind infecting her with the cat scratch. She squashes the bugs with her power and then a matron comes and says J’s bail was paid and it’s time to go. She says she doesn’t know who paid it. Bowden explains the concept of the camp and then Todd asks how Monroe is a Blutbad hanging with a Grimm. They ask who the blood belongs to and Bowden says they hunted a rabbit and gutted it and cooked it over the fire.

Bowden says they don’t hunt like their ancestors and says he knows Monroe knows about the old school hunts and now he works with a Grimm. He says he’d like to hear more about it and invites Monroe to come to camp tonight. He says he could give a little back and change the lives of some boys. Juliette walks out of the jail and Kenneth is there and introduces himself. He says they have something in common. She goes to walk away and he asks why Nick left her to rot in jail.

She asks what he wants and he says Adalind’s child. She asks if he’s a royal and says she doesn’t know where the child is and says he wasted his bail money. Kenneth asks why she’s still loyal to the Grimm after what he’s done but says this borders on tragic. She says it may be tragic for a royal to die in Portland. He says Adalind is pregnant again and makes it clear that Nick got her pregnant. Juliette says he’s wrong and Kenneth says he’s not and he can help make her life better. He tells her what hotel to find him at and says he’ll try and get her an invitation to the baby shower.

Hank, Nick and Monroe talk to the dads from the camp. All their stories are consistent. Adalind comes to see Renard and says she has to talk to Nick. He says to leave before Nick sees her. She says she has something to tell him then opens her coat and shows him she’s pregnant. He says it’s not his and she says she know who she slept with and who the father is. She says it’s Nick when he thought he was sleeping with Juliette. She asks where the hell he is.

Monroe is there for the interviews and shakes his head at each of them. He says he can’t be certain but says he’s not getting a killer instinct from any of them. Nick asks Monroe to go back out there tonight to see if he can find out anything. He agrees. Renard asks to see Nick in his office. Adalind is there and Nick isn’t happy to see her. He asks why the hell she’s there and says she ruined Juliette’s life. She says she didn’t know that would happen then shows her his baby bump. Renard says it’s not his.

Adalind says it’s his baby. He says it’s impossible and she says she wishes it was. She says it happened before Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding and says it was not planned. Adalind says she lost one child and can’t lose another. Renard insists he tried to protect Diana. Adalind says she needs Nick to protect her from Juliette because no one else will. He asks why he would and she says she’s hoping he would do it for his child or for Juliette. He asks if she’s kidding and she says she can help her.

She says she wouldn’t risk coming there unless she knew something. She says she can suppress it and says it makes a big difference if it works. Adalind says it will help her live a normal life. Renard says there was nothing in the book. Adalind says her great aunt told her about it and says there’s one rare ingredient – dead aged hexenbiest. She says she knows where there’s one buried – her mother that his mother killed and Renard slept with. She says she also needs Rosalee’s help.

She smiles and says he’s kicking and tells Nick it’s a boy. She says she wanted to know. She says he should feel it but Nick flinches away from her. Adalind says the baby is his whether he accepts it or not. Adalind says she did what she did because he took her child. She says the baby is strong like him. She steps closer and grabs Nick’s hand and lays it on her stomach. Renard watches. Nick feels the child kick and looks confused.

Juliette is outside the police station. Adalind says she’s having their baby and says only one person can stop her. Nick pulls his hand away and says he’ll take her to Rosalee. Renard says he doesn’t know how this could get more complicated. Adalind tells Nick this is a shock to her too. Juliette walks up on them and says it’s true. She says he’s really having a baby. She congratulates him and then walks up to Adalind and says she should have finished her off when she had the chance.

Nick backs up and Adalind begs him to keep her away. Nick tells Juliette she has to leave. Adalind says she has a way to help her but J says she needs nothing. Nick says the child is innocent no matter what Juliette thinks but she says no child of Adalind’s can be innocent. He grabs her arm and J says he’s choosing Adalind over her and says she’s going to rip her head off. Wu comes over to diffuse this and Juliette tells Adalind they’ll catch up later. She walks out past Renard who is also in the hall now.

Monroe asks Maggie how long her dad has been doing the camps. She says about 20 years since her mom died. She asks Monroe if he’s really hunted and he says it was a long time ago. She says she could tell he was legit. She says it’s a good thing for him to talk to the boys. Nick brings Adalind to the shop and she’s shocked to see her then shocked to see she’s pregnant. Rosalee asks who the sperm donor is and Nick admits it’s his.

Nick says Adalind may know how to help Juliette. Adalind sees that Rosalee has the book and Rosalee agrees to help Juliette since she has no ideas of her own. Hank calls and says Renard told him about Adalind. He asks if he’s okay and says another body was found down the road from the first victim. Juliette is with Kenneth and tells him that Nick protected and chose Adalind. He says it’s because Nick is going to be a father and his protective urges have shifted.

She asks what Kenneth has to offer and he says a new life as a queen with a family who respects and appreciates what she is. J asks what he wants and he says if Nick was in mortal danger, maybe his mummy would come running. Bowden introduces Monroe to the group and says Monroe has seen and done it all. Monroe stands and says thanks. He woges and startles the kids. Then they laugh. He says any idiot can woge and says there’s a hell of a lot more to being Wesen than that.

He says they have persecuted and been persecuted. He says they have a lot of power and it’s up to them how they use it. He says they have a split between two opposing instincts. He says one is a killer and one respects life. He says you choose who you are. He says he has been both and it’s nothing to be proud of. He says life should only be taken when your survival is at stake. He says you have to fight the desire for blood. He says it can get the better of you. Bowden says now they hunt.

They start looking for the rabbit. There’s another Wesen there woged and Monroe woges and gives chase. The Wesen knocks him down and then he realizes it’s Maggie. She says he’s the real thing and she wants to share the hunt. She says he’ll taste blood with her tonight and says she’s already picked one out. She says it’s the old way, the real way. She can’t believe he doesn’t want to hunt and calls him weak and says he’s like all the other wannabes playing find the bunny.

She says she’s not and runs off. Wu, Hank and Nick are at the crime scene and the body is about a week old. Monroe runs and tells Bowden that Maggie is on the hunt and says she’s by the highway and told him she picked someone out. Nick calls Monroe and he says it’s Maggie and she’s on the hunt now. He tells him which was to head. Maggie is off the road stalking a hitchhiker. Todd, Bowden and Monroe race for her.

The guy stops to drink water and Maggie attacks. Nick sees the guy’s backpack at the side of the road and they pull over. Hank, Nick and Wu rush out when they hear the man screaming. Maggie comes out of the woods with a stab wound. Wu calls for an ambulance. The hitchhiker comes out and says he was attacked by an animal. Monroe, Bowden and Todd come out of the woods. Maggie tells her dad he should have paid more attention to her and says they don’t know what it means to be a real Wesen.

Her dad holds her and says he loves her. She says she wishes he could have seen her for who she really is. He cries and holds her as she bleeds out. Her brother sobs. Nick and the others watch. Later, Juliette goes to the trailer and looks around. She thinks about Nick rejecting her as a hexenbiest. She looks at a book he has on the creatures and rips it apart. She begins to destroy the trailer and throws a candle down on the book. She throws a bottle of chemicals on it and then woges in pleasure.

The books all being to burn. Nick’s Wesen library is in flames – all his books, weapons and potions are burning. Juliette makes a call to Nick and he asks where she is. She tells him to stop by the trailer and he asks what she did. She says she’s just trying to stay warm since she doesn’t have anyone to hold her anymore.