Grimm Recap “Mishipeshu”: Season 4 Episode 18

Grimm Recap "Mishipeshu": Season 4 Episode 18

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday April 17, season 4 episode 17 called “Mishipeshu,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Nick [David Giuntoli] and Hank [Russell Hornsby] have a homicide on their hands when a dark and mysterious Native American myth comes to life; Juliette’s erratic behavior lands her in trouble with the law; Rosalee and Monroe reach out to Capt. Renard for help.

On the last episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) were called to investigate a rare Wesen that left its victims frozen solid. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) started to feel that she was losing her humanity as she seeks to get revenge on Adalind (Claire Coffee). Elsewhere, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) continued to suffer from mysterious bleeding and visions while Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) worked toward coming to grips with the Wesenrein incident. Reggie Lee and Bree Turner also star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “a homicide leads Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) onto the dark and mysterious path of a local Native American power quest. Meanwhile, Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) erratic behavior lands her on the wrong side of the law. At the spice shop, Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) are on a mission and call on Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) for help. Reggie Lee and Claire Coffee also star.”

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#Grimm begins two days from the present with Nick fighting Hank who doesn’t seem to realize it’s Nick. Hank woges into something electric and hairy. Monroe and Rosalee welcome Nick and Hank to their house for dinner. Rosalee asks how things are and Nick says no one needs to feel awkward about Juliette. He says he doesn’t know where she is and says she hasn’t even been showing up to work. He says he’s worried what she’ll do. He says he’s driving around every night looking for her.

Nick says he can’t be there pretending and says he can’t stay. He leaves. Monroe asks who’s hungry. Rosalee says Henrietta could be wrong and says they should talk to Renard since he has the book. Rosalee says they need to look through all the spells and Hank says they also need Juliette. The woman in question is at a bar and orders vodka straight. A guy approaches her and offers to buy her the drink. She says he can buy that one and the next one. He agrees and says he’s Rick. He asks her name.

She asks what she looks like and he says Jackie. She says he’s good and says that’s her name now. She asks who his friend is and he says this is between the two of them. She asks if he thinks he can handle her by himself. He asks if she’s wild and she tells him he doesn’t want to know. He says he bought her two drinks when she goes to walk off. He says he wants to know who she is and she asks if he likes her eyes. She asks if he likes her lips. He says he likes it all. She woges and lightbulbs burn out.

He freaks and she sends him flying away from her with magic. The bartender says he’s calling the cops. Juliette just walks out. A guy is buffing the floors at a school when he hears a noise. He goes to check it out and grabs a wrench from his tool box. He calls out and sees a door closing. He says anyone there will be sorry. The buffer starts up on its own. A fuzzy electric creature jumps out at him, knocks him down and bites his neck.

Nick and Hank are at the school the next day and meet Wu. He says Lawrence, the school custodian, is the victim. He says it’s Deputy Farris that’s working it locally. She says this case is as weird as the lats one. It looks like the guy was mauled. She says Larry kept to himself and worked there for seven years. Renard comes to the spice shop with the book. He says to be careful with them and can’t close the book. Rosalee says Nick doesn’t know they’re doing this because they didn’t want to give false hope.

They ask if he’s talked to Juliette. He thinks about kissing her then tells them she’s not the same person. Renard cautions them not to do more harm than good. The principal says Larry wasn’t popular among the staff and says she thinks he was divorced. She says they had an incident with some minority bullying of Native Americans early in the year and says it said buffalo jockey, white pride and red skin stuff. She says she thinks Larry may have been involved.

She says Simon George was the student involved but he dropped out then left his foster family. Farris asks to tag along and says her ex is Native American and the same tribe as Simon and may be able to help. We see Simon wake in the woods with blood on his mouth. He looks scared and staggers to his feet. He laps up some water from a creek and then sees the cat like reflection in the water and gets scared. Hank says Larry has a bit of a record for drunk and disorderly type stuff.

Nick says Simon was in foster care since he was five and his dad Gus was murdered in a road rage incident. Farris says Simon was five and witnessed his dad being dragged from the truck and beaten to death. She says the perps were never caught. Farris says the tribe may know where he is and says she can make a call. Wu says he got a call saying Juliette is in custody for assault over at Central booking. Nick says at least he knows where she is.

Farris says Simon is living on the reservation now and she and Hank leave to go try and find him. A mechanic is working in his shop up under a car. He hears the door squeak open and calls out to see who’s there. He says he’ll be out in a minute. He’s yanked out and screams as he’s attacked brutally. Nick goes to see Juliette in her holding cell. He asks what happened and she asks didn’t he read the arrest report. He asks why she’s doing this and she says she’s being the best hexenbiest she can.

Juliette says a Grimm and an h-biest can’t live happily ever after. Nick says he could never hurt her and she says she wishes she could say the same but she doesn’t know anymore. She says deep down she blames him and part of her loves him because she likes the way this feels. She says he was the special one for so long and now she knows and understands and doesn’t want to give it up. She says once you’re in it and tasted it, you can’t go back.

She says everyone else seems blind and says she likes the power and knows he does too. He tells her to stop it but she says she can’t. She touches his hands and asks if he can just take off his clothes and crawl in bed with her. She woges and he flinches. She asks if he can close her eyes. She says she didn’t need to let them arrest her but just wanted to see if he would come rescue her. Nick says he’s not letting her out and says it’s safer for her in there. She says it’s safer for him too.

On the res, Farris shows him a bear mother statue. They meet with Hector, a tribal leader and he asks why they’re looking for Simon. Hank tells him about the murder and Hector asks if it’s about the racist graffiti. He says Simon is out on a power quest right now. He says he hasn’t been part of the tribe for a long time but after the graffiti, expressed interest in learning about the tribe. He says he went looking for his guardian spirit. She says Hector is a dream reader.

Hector says he’s on his third day on Spirit Mountain. Hector says they can try and find him then Hank asks about the death of Simon’s dead and Hector says he knows a lot since Gus was a friend of his. He says it was an act of hate. He says law enforcement never even tried to find the guilty. Nick calls and tells Hank that she’s pushing it and doesn’t care what he thinks. He says he’s going to keep her locked up as long as he can. Hank says that’s a plan of some sort.

Nick says there’s another victim at Declan’s auto repair. Wu meets them there and says the mail man found Declan. He says they guy had an assault record. Wu checks his computer to see if the guy knows Larry. Farris wonders if the attacker is using dogs. Wu says Larry is in his contacts. They decide to run their common contacts. Simon is on the mountain chanting by a fire in the moonlight. A horned furry spirit rises from the ground and comes toward him. It enters him. Simon’s eyes glow with yellow light.

Farris, Wu, Nick and Hank do research on common contacts and find Max McClay who is the same age as them and was arrested once with Declan. They wonder if Max killed the other two or if he’s the next victim. They find an address on him. Max goes out for firewood and then heads back into his house. He swigs some whiskey then hears a growling noise. He grabs a gun and then hears the floorboards creak. Simon is in the closet! Max creeps around with the gun.

Nick, Hank and Farris pull up outside just as Simon pounces on Max. His gun goes off. Max is thrown out a window and Hank heads inside while Nick runs around back. Nick says he’s a Grimm and tells him to get down on the ground. He tells Hank he thinks he’s a Wesen but Hank says he can see him too. The guy jumps onto the roof of the house them jumps down and trips and looks back. Farris sees him too and is disturbed.

Farris says Max is passed out and she says something jumped off the roof and says it looks like something she’s only heard about in stories. She says she doesn’t want to sound crazy but Hank says they saw it too. She suggests they talk to Hector again. Renard gets a call from Rosalee asking for help. She says changing the percentages of the ingredients may result in a numbing effect. Monroe says his mom just did it and didn’t tell them. He says only a skilled hexenbiest should attempt that.

Renard says he can’t get hold of his mother but may know someone. Renard sees a guy in front of him with a wallet full of hundreds and then he goes and mugs him. They tell Hector what they saw and he says he never expected it and shows them a cave painting. He says it’s a Mishipeshu, a horned water serpent panther. Hector says reality is open to interpretation. He says it lives in the depths of a certain lake. Hank says the three victims are linked to each other and they wonder if Simon is possessed.

Farris asks how this would relate to Simon and Hector says Simon’s mother is of the tribe related to the Mishipeshu. He says they have to enter the dream world to find out more. Back at the office, Renard looks at the wallet full of cash he stole. Wu comes to see him and says they connected all three victims and they may have a Wesen crime. Renard says he found a wallet in his coat that’s not his. He asks Wu to get it back to the owner and make sure it’s kept anonymous.

Wu asks what percentage of crime he thinks is Wesen related. Renard says he thinks most crime is. Wu is stunned. Hector, Nick, Hank and Farris are in a sweat lodge out in the woods. They sip a substance to go into the dream world to find a brother who’s lost there. Hector says Nick is different and says it could be dangerous for Nick to go and Hank agrees. He hands Hank a necklace that Simon was given by his father and hands Farris a necklace that belonged to his mother. Hector begins to chant.

Simon is in the woods staggering and collapses. He looks at his ankle which appears to be broken. He sees a totem pole nearby and the eyes begin to glow. Hector chants on. Hank is getting shivers and is groaning and sweating. Hector asks where he is. Hank is Simon and he says he’s in his dad’s truck and he’s five and a half. He sees the men beating his father and sees that it’s Gus, Larry and Declan. Hank cries and says they’re killing his dad. Hector says Hank is in Simon’s past.

Nick says the victims must be the three men that killed his father. Farris gets dizzy and Hector tells him to take her outside. He goes. Hector tells Hank to come out of the dream. Hank screams – they killed my dad. He runs out of the sweat lodge still channeling Simon. Hank runs through the woods at top speed. Hector comes out and says Hank is still with Simon. Hank runs as he sees the laughing men beat Simon’s father. Hector says they need to go to where Gus is buried.

They take off at a run to the grave site. Hank runs until he sees a totem pole then he sees Simon come out of the trees. The creature comes out of Simon and jumps into Hank. Simon collapses. Hank’s eyes glow yellow and he takes off at a run. Hector and the others find Simon and he asks what happened. He says he hurt his ankle. Farris sees the totem is Mishipeshu. Hector says Mishipeshu must be using Hank since Simon is injured. He says it won’t stop until they’re all dead.

Nick says it must be going to finish off Max. Simon and the others wait for Hank at Max’s house and tell the Mishipeshu it’s no longer needed there. Nick calls Hank’s name and the creature’s face disappears but then Hank attacks Nick and they brawl. Farris has Max outside in a car protecting him. Hank is choking Nick when Hector blows some herbs in Hank’s face and Mishipeshu leaves his body and flies away. Hank asks what happened and Nick says Mishipeshu borrowed him.

Hank says it’s hard to explain what he saw and says he was Simon at age five and saw the men that murdered him. He says it was Larry, Declan and Max. They go back outside and Hank says it’s gone. He goes to the car and pulls Max out and tells him he knows what he did and that he beat Gus to death. He asks how he knows and Hank says he saw it. Max says good luck proving it and tells them to get off his property.

Farris asks if that’s one of the men that killed his father and Simon says yes. Nick says they have no evidence to tie him to it and it’s been so long no one will believe Simon’s eyewitness testimony. Max glares at them, swigs his whiskey then closes his blinds. Juliette lies asleep in her holding cell and Nick watches her sleep and thinks about her saying she likes the power. Max sits drunk, passed out sleepily holding his gun. The Mishipeshu comes for him then runs back into the woods. We see it’s Farris that was possessed this time.