Grimm Recap – Jack the Ripper, Wesen Killer? Season 4 Episode 20 “You Don’t Know Jack”

Grimm Recap - Jack the Ripper, Wesen Killer? Season 4 Episode 20 "You Don't Know Jack"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday May 1, season 4 episode 20 called “You Don’t Know Jack,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a string of homicides create a fear that a Jack the Ripper copycat has arrived in Portland. As Nick [David Giuntoli] and Hank [Russell Hornsby] investigate, they must also respond to an unexpected situation; at the same time, Adalind and Rosalee must work together on a last-ditch attempt to fix Juliette’s condition; and Juliette decides to help her new ally, even if it means hurting those around her.

On the last episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) were brought in to investigate a homicide they learned was connected to an age-old Wesen rite of passage. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) made a surprising new ally. Elsewhere, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) continued to battle a darkness within, and Nick finds hope for Juliette in the last person he expected – Adalind (Claire Coffee). Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee, and Bree Turner also star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “A string of homicides have the press asking Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) if a Jack the Ripper copycat has arrived in Portland. While dealing with the investigation, Nick (David Giuntoli), Hank (Russell Hornsby), Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Wu (Reggie Lee) deal with a situation they never expected. Meanwhile, Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) must work together on a last ditch attempt to fix Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) condition. Elsewhere, Juliette decides to help her new ally even if it means hurting those around her.”

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On #Grimm, Nick and the gang race out to the trailer and find it a burned out shell, still smoking from the blaze Juliette started. They’re all in shock that she destroyed his Grimm tools and files. Nick steps inside followed by the others and thinks about the first time he saw it. Monroe says this is not Juliette but Nick says it’s vengeance. Wu says this is bad even for a hexenbiest. Hank thinks to the first time Nick took him there. Wu thinks back to Nick telling him how all of this was in his family for generations.

It looks like some of the weapons survived and Monroe goes to see if the ogre gun survived. It did. He thinks back to when he used it to save Hank’s life before Hank knew anything about all the Wesen stuff. Wu finds one book that’s okay. Nick thinks back to his mom telling him not to leave Juliette over the Grimm stuff. Kelly told him she had a lot of regrets but he told her not to and welcomed her with a hug. Monroe says they should take what’s left to the spice shop. Juliette then goes back to the house she and Nick shared.

She sits down at the computer and sends an email to Kelly saying that Nick is in trouble and may be killed and she needs to come. The message says the house is safe. Nick tells the others he’s going after Juliette. Kelly messages back that she’s on her way and Juliette deletes that message and the one she sent before enjoying a whiskey. Some call girls work the corner and talk about how cold it is. They’re Wesen prostitutes! One Woges to keep warm then stops when a car pulls up.

One of the girls hops into a car and is driven away by a customer. Someone approaches the other and says she’s pretty. He says he recently arrived and he says he’s looking for what she really is. She woges and he says now she’s really beautiful. He says he has a lovely spot for them and they walk off arm in arm. He takes her to a parking lot and slits her throat. Adalind and Rosalee work together at the spice shop and Adalind tells her she’s just trying to protect herself and her child from Juliette.

Rosalee asks how the suppressant is supposed to work and Adalind says she only knows about this in theory and says she was a perfectly happy lawyer until Nick’s aunt showed up in town. She says did come back to the side of the resistance and trusted Rosalee to help her. Rosalee tells her she doesn’t feel good about what they did and says they did it to protect Diana. Adalind says the only ingredient left is her mother and that they’ll dig her up tomorrow.

The guys show up and tell Rosalee that Juliette burned out the trailer. Adalind asks what J will do to her. Nick says they need to get Adalind somewhere safe. Wu says he’s not too happy since he ate one of Adalind’s cookies and ate his carpet. They wonder where the last place is J will look for Adalind. He takes her to Bud’s house. Hank says Bud can’t even tell his wife – luckily she and the kids are out of town. Bud notices she’s pregnant and says he’s been there, done that.

Bud asks what Nick needs him to do and he says to just keep her inside and not answer the phone. Bud asks if her BF needs to come over and says he has enough room and pie. Then Adalind reveals that Nick is the baby daddy and Bud is shocked. Nick says it’s complicated and says Juliette is gone. He says especially not to tell Juliette since she wants to kill Adalind. Bud agrees and says these things happen. They thank him and leave.

Juliette reports back to Kenneth that Kelly is on the way back and thinks that Nick is in danger. She advises him not to underestimate Kelly. Kenneth asks Juliette to stay and says things are happening quickly and she needs to stay in touch. She asks if Adalind is coming back there but he says now that Nick knows he’s going to be a Grimm daddy, he’ll be with her. He notices the ashes on J’s hand and asks what that was and she says a little payback. He says there will be more of that.

Nick goes home and looks around cautiously. He notices an ashen fingerprint on his computer mouse. Renard floats face down in a pool and looks dead. He comes to gasping and swims to the edge. He’s in shock and has no idea how he got there. Next day, the cops head to the dead Wesen hooker crime scene. Wu says someone cut Mary Ann up pretty good and says her roommate and fellow pro found her. They talk to Heidi, her friend. She says she last saw her after midnight and says she was fine when she left her.

Heidi cries and says they were supposed to look after each other. She woges as she cries. Nick says he knows what she is and asks if Mary Ann is Wesen too. She says she was a Fuchsbau. They send Heidi on her way and Nick tells Wu the victim and her friend are both Wesen and they wonder if the killer is too. They check out Mary Ann’s body and see her throat was cut and that her stomach was sliced open. Renard, Adalind, Rosalee and Monroe go to exhume Adalind’s mother.

She tells her mother goodbye then says she had a baby with Sean and named her Diana. She says that didn’t work out since she was stolen by Nick and his friends and Sean. She says now she’s pregnant again by Nick. She says she wasn’t a great mother to Adalind but she wasn’t a great daughter either and tells her mom she loved her and now she needs her. She says she has to help Adalind protect her baby from Juliette. She says she’s going to get Diana back and raise them the right way.

She tells her mom thanks for being dead when she needed her to be. Hank tells Nick about Mary Ann’s arrest record for solicitation. Wu says Mary Ann’s uterus was removed skillfully and that it was likely a left handed killer. Hank says this sounds like Jack the Ripper and says that was the MO. Nick Googles Jack the Ripper and says the first victim had her throat cut. Another had her uterus removed. They go talk to Renard and Wu says maybe Jack’s victims were Wesen too. He says to play this close.

Nick says he wonders if the murders back in the 1800s were Wesen and Jack the Ripper was a Grimm. They go look through the books. At the spice shop, they have Adalind’s mom there but she says she can’t cut up her mother. Monroe says he’s a vegan so Rosalee agrees to do it. She slices into her and Adalind says they need the tongue, liver, gallbladder and four ribs. She slices and Monroe takes them and is queasy. Adalind and Monroe are both looking ill.

Monroe decides to make small talk and asks how long her mom needs to cook. She says she thinks they’ll know when it’s done. Rosalee just hast he ribs left and gives Monroe a hammer and chisel. Right before he whacks, there’s a knock at the door. Rosalee asks if Adalind is okay and she says it’s not easy being pregnant, cutting up your mom and waiting to be killed. It’s Nick and Hank and they head to the basement to look through what’s left of the books. They tell Monroe about Jack the Ripper.

Heidi is on the street when the man shows up asking for something wild. She woges and he says that’s just what he had in mind. She says wild costs extra and he says she’s worth it. He tells her that his friends call him Jack – and he has a thick English accent. He tells her he’s been watching her and she’s been talking to the cops. He chokes her then stabs her. Monroe says he found something in the Luxemburg peasant’s revolt of 1798. He talks about Blutbaden feeding on refugees.

Monroe says his family never did that. There’s note about Wesen girls with their throats cut and stomachs cut open. The Grimm notes that he wondered if it was the work of another Grimm. He says he came across a soldier killing a Wesen girl and taking her organs. He says the soldier didn’t woge but he had the look of evil in his eyes. The Grimm wrote that when he put his sword into him, he smiled as if death did not matter to him. Monroe says the devil made me do it is a classic Wesen excuse.

Rosalee feeds the ribs into a chopper to pulverize them as the guys come in. Monroe says Nick thinks Jack the Ripper may have been around a lot longer than anyone thought. Rosalee sniffs the cooking hexenbiest as Adalind starts to get woozy. Nick helps her to a cot to lie down. They stir the potion and see a skull image appear in there. Adalind says that means it’s done and they just need to strain it. Wu calls and says that Heidi the roommate was killed.

Hank and Nick take off to the crime scene. Rosalee wonders if they should call Trubel for help. At the crime scene, they see that Heidi’s neck is cut open and her abdomen too. Renard shows up and asks if they have any leads. Nick says it may be something very old, older than Jack the Ripper. They think it’s some sort of possession but Renard says whoever is doing this is flesh and blood. Wu asks how they book someone who’s over 300 years old.

Monroe and Rosalee strain down the potion that looks like water. Hank and Nick show up then and they say they just have to get Juliette to take it. Adalind says she’s going to test it on herself first. She sips some down and makes a face. She shudders and says it’s like she just drank her mother. Adalind says she wants to sit down and says they better hold her down. They do as she asks. She says – here it comes. She woges and tells them not to let go. She thrashes around and screams.

They see the biest rise up out of her then it goes back inside. The jar of potion starts to fall but Monroe save it. Their skylights shatters then Adalind stops shaking and her woge dissipates. Rosalee says Adalind is still warm. She comes to and asks what happened. Nick says things got intense. She asks who screamed and Monroe says it was her. She goes to sit and they try to stop her but she says she needs to. She says they should test it. She tells them to stand back just in case. They do.

Adalind tries to woge and her skin ripples a little but nothing happens. She touches her face and then tries some magic. A bottle moves slightly when she gestures, but that’s it. She has almost no magic left. Adalind says that’s good. She says now all Nick needs is Juliette. She’s with Kenneth and gives them the layout of Nick’s house and describes the neighbors and who lives in which house around them. Kenneth takes an interest in a rental house.

Adalind tells Nick she didn’t know that was going to happen to Juliette. He tells her to get some sleep. She asks what happens to their baby when this works for Juliette. Nick tells her that no one will take her baby this time. He goes out to talk to Bud and asks him to just keep her there. Nick says he’ll move her as soon as this is done. Hank offers to stay with Bud just in case and Nick agrees. Bud asks just in case what and is worried.

Nick goes home and tries to call Juliette. Kenneth’s men are arming up and he tells her not to answer the call. Nick leaves a message telling her he has something that can help her. Then he angrily throws the phone. Renard holds a press conference about the hooker killings and says they’re working the case. The mayor says he has faith in the police department. Renard is upset to notice that his bullet wounds are bleeding again and he has to go inside. He goes into the locker room and checks his wounds.

He makes a call to someone and says he needs to see them right away and that it can’t wait. He leaves the locker room as two more cops come inside. He goes to see Henrietta and she asks what’s wrong. He says something is happened. He says these are the wounds from when he was shot before and says it keeps happening over and over. He says he went to the doctor who said nothing was wrong. She tells him to sit and asks if he’s had any dreams.

Renard says he keeps reliving the moment he was shot. He says he wakes up and has a dream that something is reaching for him. He says he’s had blackouts. He says he wakes up in strange places – in a pool, a fountain, a bathtub. She says it’s always around water. She tells him to calm down and says it will take time but Renard says he doesn’t have time. He stalks out while Henrietta begs him to come back and let her help.

Nick shows up to the PD and says he can’t get in touch with Juliette. His desk phone rings and it’s J. She says she’s been really busy. She has him on speaker as Kenneth listens. Nick says they have a suppressant that can help her. He asks her to come to the spice shop now to meet them. She agrees. Henrietta flips through a book as she hears her door open. She goes to see who it is. She woges and then is attacked and her throat is slit. The man sings about some saying the devil is dead.

Monroe tells them Juliette is there. She comes inside and sees Rosalee, Hank and Nick are there too. She asks if anyone else is there. Rosalee says this is awkward but is for the right reason. She asks how this special medicine happened and how they figured it out. She says she went a little overboard when she found out that whore was pregnant with a little Grimm and burned his trailer. She asks if they tested it on a hexenbiest. Nick begs her to take it.

Monroe says they’re just trying to help her get back what she lost. Nick offers her the potion and asks her to take it and says please. Juliette says let’s get it over with and takes the jar. Then she uses magic to shake the whole shop and then tosses the jar in the air and suspends it. She attacks Rosalee and Monroe both. She says she likes who she is and Nick says they don’t and pulls his gun. She tells him that he made her and needs to get used to it. Juliette uses her magic to turn Nick’s gun onto Monroe. He says he can’t stop it and then there’s a gunshot!