Hawaii Five-0 Recap 10/16/15: Season 6 Episode 4 “Ka Papahana Holo Pono”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap 10/16/15:  Season 6 Episode 4 "Ka Papahana Holo Pono"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday October 16, season 6 episode 4 called, “Ka Papahana Holo Pono.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Five-0 investigates the death of a wealthy recluse who is found dead in a remote field with nearly one million dollars in counterfeit bills.

On the last episode, Five-0 investigated the death of a scuba diver who was killed with a gun found on the ocean floor. The probe revealed that the weapon was used recently in another murder. Meanwhile, McGarrett prepared to propose to Catherine. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have you covered, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Five-0 investigates the death of a wealthy recluse who is found dead in a remote field with nearly one million dollars in counterfeit bills. Meanwhile, Adam is kidnapped by the yakuza and is forced to torture one of Gabriel’s men.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0’s new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#H50 begins with Steve sitting upset and alone in his room. He sees Catherine’s toothbrush by his sink and sighs. In a forest reserve, a couple head out onto a trail and they spot a pile of orchids and exotic plants and start cutting them down and shoving them into their bag. The stuff is all very expensive. Then they notice cash floating down on them from above. It’s hundreds. They start grabbing the cash too and she asks where it’s coming from. He says who cares but then they spot a bearded man dead.

Lou tells Steve that he’ll be glad when Danny is back on his feet – he asks if Steve has plans and says he’s free and they can go have a beer. Steve says he doesn’t need to babysit him and says he’ll be fine. Steve gets a call about the cash and kids and says they’re on the way. Lou says he’s got it and tells him to go check on Williams but don’t eat all the eggplant parm they brought Danny. The two young people tried to buy a $90k sports car with counterfeit cash that Miko Mosley had made.

Chin says Miko spread it around. The two young people tell Chin they didn’t know it was fake. Chin says it was being used for drug money then asks where they got it. They show them where they found it. Chin chews them out for stealing the cash and burying the body. They try to tell them they were being respectful. Max says the victim died from an arrow and died this morning early. Chin says arrows are quiet and untraceable. Lou wonders if it was a money drop. Chin says maybe it was a hit.

Lou says this money keeps drawing bodies and three are tied to it now. Adam is at his physical therapy and is on a cane and doing better. He gets on the elevator with two thugs wearing sunglasses. Two more join them – Yakuza. Adam asks where they’re going and they tell him he’ll find out then hand him a bag to put over his head. He’s taken to Tom Bishop who says he works for Goro Shiomo. Adam is surprised he’s not Japanese. Adam asks if this is about the money.

Adam says Goro wants to resolve the money deal peacefully but it’s been too long. Adam says he has people looking for Gabriel. Tom says they’ve bene chasing him too and he sends two of the thugs out and they come back in with someone with a bag on his head – it’s Aaron James – one of Gabriel’s people. Tom says this guy should know where Gabriel is. Tom tells Adam to get the information from Aaron for them.

At the ME office, Max says the victim is a John Doe but has no hits. He had close to a million bucks on him but isn’t in the system and Chin says the guy looks homeless. But then Max says he was in designer clothes and a Rolex. Max says he had a vitamin D deficiency – he hasn’t been out in the sun in a long time. It seems like the guy may have been hiding out. Chin says if he was off the grid that long, they need to reverse age him. Max winds it back and we see a much younger man.

Chin says to call Jerry – he’ll love it. It’s Harrison Crane – once the richest man in Hawaii until he pulled a Howard Hughes. No one has seen him in 20 years. No one knows why he went off the grid and into hiding. Jerry says some think he was crazy and some think he was hiding from the IRS. Lou wonders where Harrison was hiding out. Chin says there were lots of properties but many fell into disrepair. Kono shows up and says she came from the lab. Ano Kahue was an ex-con who had DNA on the arrow.

She says Ano said he mistook the guy for an animal and offered to take a poly. The murder looks like a hunting accident. Kono says the lab found prints on the bills for Gerard Hirsch, the shady art appraiser. Chin says the guy had a crush on Kono. They head out to find Hirsch at the Sheraton. He’s now a caricaturist. He says times are tough and his parole is strict. Kono says caricatures are technically art. Steve says it’s a crime to sell those for $30.

At the Harrison Crane estate, a caretaker tells Chin, Lou and Jerry that the man hasn’t left in 20 years and she leaves his food outside for him. She says no one but Harrison goes inside. Lou busts inside and they look around. The place is clean inside even though the house exterior is run down. Lou wonders who decides to live like this. Jerry says he has severe OCD and the items on his night stand are lined up alphabetically. His food cans are lined up by alphabet too.

They notice some pictures – most are old but there are a few new ones. There’s a young woman in recently taken photos. Kono shows Gerald a photo of Harrison and says they know he’s been in contact with him. Gerald says no. They ask why Gerald’s prints were on counterfeit cash that Harrison had. Gerald curses and says he sold some paintings to Miko Mosley. He says they were counterfeit and then he gave the cash to Crane but didn’t know it was fake.

Kono asks how he can tell fake paintings but not fake money. Steve says they just want to know what the money was for. He says Harrison called him last night trying to sell a painting he had for years and offered it to Gerald at a cheap price. He says he bought it last night and Kono asks why him.Gerald says Harrison told him it had to be cash and had to be right then. Steve takes a call from Chin who tlls him about Laura Ioane, the woman in the photos and that she didn’t come to work.

Lou says Crane has a landline and it was never used then it got a call from a burner cell then he called Laura six times and then he went out with a bag of money. Lou says he thinks it was ransom and she was kidnapped. They arrest Gerald and then Kono says the burner is off. Steve says they can’t let the kidnapper know that Harrison is dead because he may kill Laura. Steve shows a photo of Laura to Harrison’s lawyer and says she was kidnapped and Harrison was killed.

The lawyer says Laura’s mother Peggy knew Harrison back in the 70s. He dumped her but always loved Peggy. Then he took care of Laura, Peggy’s daughter. He says Harrison had him set up a trust for Laura and then he grew fond of the girl and they wrote letters to each other. The lawyer says he doesn’t know who else might have known. The lawyer says Laura could have told anyone about Harrison and her relationship with him.

Adam tells Aaron he was in the same position as him not long ago and says he knows he wants to stall for time. Aaron says he’s not stalling, he has nothing more to tell him. Adam says he needs to know where Gabriel is now at this moment. Aaron says he doesn’t know. Adam says he doesn’t believe him and neither do those men. He says if he doesn’t tell him, they will kill him. Tom comes back into the room and Adam steps away to talk to him. Tom says he’s getting nowhere.

He says threats mean nothing to him and Tom says that guy will come after him and Kono if he walks out of there. Adam nods. Aaron smiles cockily at Adam who rolls up his sleeves. He calls Adam and Ivy League boy and Adam starts beating on him. The guy smiles. Adam hits harder. He tells him he can hit until his hands breaks and the answer won’t change. Kono says Laura’s apartment is empty and no sign of a struggle. Steve says they can ping Laura’s cell in case she was taken elsewhere.

Jerry shows them a news story about Harrison’s body being found. The report says it was a hunting accident. Gerald signs for his personal items and the cop tells him that his phone has been ringing like crazy. All the calls are from an unknown number. Gerald leaves the PD and gets a call from the kidnapper who tells him to listen carefully. Gerald then goes to Kono and says the kidnapper wants the painting. Gerald wonders how the kidnapper even knows about the painting.

Kono says they need to get the painting and Gerald says he flipped it to a collector who is a Russian crime lord – Alexander Koslov. Chin says they need the painting. Steve says they can just take it back. Gerald says they may have smuggled it out today already. He says the Hopper was stolen 25 years ago before he sold it to Harrison. Lou says the girl could die. Kono and Steve race to try and get the painting. The Russians are racing them and they throw a tube out the window.

Chin stops the Russians while Kono and Steve go after the painting which is in the road. They dodge traffic to try and get it. Steve has the tube. The head back to 50 and bring Gerald in. He asks if it’s the painting. Gerald says that’s it and he wants to leave but Kono says he has to help. They put him in a loud Hawaiian shirt with a built in wire. Kono smirks at him in the tacky looking shirt. Kono says they’ll be listening in the whole time. He asks for a bullet proof vest. Kono says they’ll shoot him in the head most likely.

Kono says if he cooperates, she’ll get the charges against him dropped. Gerald says she honey trapped him into those charges. He tells her they still have chemistry. His phone rings. They start the trace and he answers. The kidnapper asks if he has the painting and tells him a bus to take to reach him and to come alone. He says to keep his phone on. Chin didn’t get the trace completed before the kidnapper hangs up. Kono says it’s time to go and they head out. Gerald takes the bus as instructed.

They watch from the van and Kono and Lou are on the street. Steve says don’t move until they make the drop. Gerald’s phone rings and they start a trace. He says across the street. Gerald walks over and Chin looks around for the kidnapper. Chin says the kidnapper has a signal bouncer. The kidnapper says to go into a restaurant. Steve tells them not to blow cover. Gerald is told to give his name to the hostess and hangs up on him. The hostess hands him another phone. It rings.

He says dump the phone he came with and go to the gift shop to buy new clothes. Kono asks what’s up and they says the phone hasn’t moved. Steve tells Kono to move in and she goes. She heads inside and Steve tells Lou to back her up. She says she doesn’t see him and we see Gerald in a tshirt and hat back out on the street. The guy tells him to go to the park bench and sit down next to the guy there. He does and the guy says leave the bag and walk away then he’ll release the girl.

Lou spots Gerald and says he changed his clothes. Gerald points out the kidnapper. They move out. The guy starts to run. He makes it to a car and gets in. He takes off abut then a van hits it and they run up, guns out. The guy is dead and Laura isn’t with him. There’s nothing in the car – it was stolen. They try to ID the guy to get an address. Gerald says he has a partner and says he told them “we will release the girl.” They find 10 calls on the guy’s phone to “mom.” A woman answers and asks Mikey if he got it.

They speed out to the house and the woman runs down. She asks where her son is and Lou asks where Laura is. They start searching the property. It’s Harrison’s caretaker that took Laura. She says she just wanted to help her son and he deserved better. She says they were never going to hurt Laura. They arrest her. They find a statue off kilter in the yard and Steve calls them over. He says they need to move it. They find Laura in a hole in the ground under it. She’s terrified but alive and seems unharmed.

Steve says he’s got her and hugs the crying girl. Adam continues to beat on Aaron and Tom asks what he thinks. Adam says he doesn’t know where Gabriel is and Tom shoots the guy in the chest. Tom tells him it’s on him now and they can’t wait on Gabriel to surface. He says his boss wants what he owes him and soon. Adam says he can’t get it even if he sold his business. Tom says he may have to get his hands dirty again but he’d better figure it out. The gang goes out to celebrate later.

Gerald is there too and he made caricatures for all of them. Steve’s look likes Rambo. Lou orders a beer for Steve who says Danny and Charlie are doing great and will be out of the hospital in a couple of days. Lou points out a chick who’s checking out Steve and Gerald says he had his eye on her. Then they spot Jerry Rice and that’s the one the girl was checking out. Gerald says he doesn’t follow baseball and they are stunned. Steve asks Jerry Rice if he might sign an autograph for Danny.

Jerry asks for his name and signs an autograph for him. Chin says they’re stoked about the pro bowl being back in Hawaii. Jerry says paradise never gets old. Then he takes a selfie with them. They all say Aloha. Adam has a drink at home and soaks his battered hand in an ice bucket. Kono comes home and he slips his hand in his pocket so she won’t see. She asks how physical therapy was and he says it was great. She asks if he’s okay and he says everything is great.