Hawaii Five-0 Recap – A Really Evil Knievel: Season 6 Episode 5 “Ka ‘Alapahi Nui”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap 10/23/15: Season 6 Episode 5 "Ka 'Alapahi Nui"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday October 23, season 6 episode 5 called, “Ka ‘Alapahi Nui.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Five-0 interrogates members of a stunt biker gang to locate a killer who escaped by jumping his motorcycle from one rooftop to another.

On the last episode, Five-0 investigated the death of a wealthy recluse who was found dead in a remote field with nearly one million dollars in counterfeit bills. Meanwhile, Adam was kidnapped by the yakuza and was forced to torture one of Gabriel’s men. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have you covered, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “five-0 interrogates members of a stunt biker gang to locate a killer who escaped by jumping his motorcycle from one rooftop to another. Meanwhile, the riders prepare to race in a Tough Mudder competition.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0’s new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#H50 begins with Kono out for a run with Chin, Danny and Steve. They are doing it for charity and Steve mocks Danny. Lou pulls up in a golf cart and tells them to talk less, run more. Then Max is there too timing them and he says he decided to be team doctor and coach them on strength and conditioning. Then he hoses them down with cold water.

Lou shows them the course and it looks like American Ninja Warrior. Lou tells them it’s time for a mud challenge. Lou says Tough Mud is a team sport and says they need to deal with the weakest link then he points to Danny. He doesn’t want to do it and Lou says get in by the count of three or they all get the hose. Kono shoves him in. He starts crawling while Lou sprays him down.

At a law firm, a man is told to tell the truth and things will work out. A motorcycle speeds down the street. The guy sits down in front of the camera for a deposition of Kevin Harper. He’s sworn in as the motorcycle roars towards the tower building. The cycle roars through a public square, into the lobby and then the elevator. The cycle comes out on that floor, the rider pulls an Uzi and fires on the room.

The two women are still standing. The man who he was after still seems to be alive. He lifts his head and looks up as the shooter raises the gun and fires again. At Steve’s place, he gets ready to leave and then gets a call from an 881 number. There’s no one there when he answers. He says Catherine’s name then the call ends abruptly. He looks sad.

At the tower, the team is there and Steve tells Danny he thinks that Catherine is calling him then not talking. Lou tells them Kevin Harper was gunned down while his wife and daughter watched. Steve says it must be suit-related. Lou says he owned his end seafood joints and he was being sued for embezzlement. Danny wonders why sue and kill him. Lou says Harper recently hired private security.

They wonder why drive a motorcycle into the building and Lou says the fastest way in and out. They wonder how the shooter got out. The cyclist is on the roof as the cops pull up and the driver jumps to the next roof then ditches the bike. The team finds it later. The VIN number was removed from the bike and Chin says it’s probably a dead end. Their shooter is long gone.

Danny says it’s like Evil Knievel. Chin says it’s a tough skill set to jump a bike like that so that could narrow the search. They talk to Kevin’s wife and daughter about what they witnessed. Steve asks why he hired security and her daughter says to tell them. The daughter says her dad received threats but they were from someone else. The wife says it was protection money to the Samoan Mob.

She says that’s why he took money out of the business and says he had to pay to keep the businesses open. Steve asks if Kevin was going to tell the truth today. His wife says yes and that’s why she made him hire security. Danny says the Samoans likely hired the job out. They think it was a snitch and die message. At a powersports shop, Chin brings his bike in to see Mike. They talk motorcycles and Mike asks what he needs.

Chin says it’s for a case then shows him the motorcycle and asks where it was customized. Mike says not in a legitimate shop. He asks why it’s in high demand and he shows Chin the stunt riders. Chin then shows the team some illegal stunt rider videos. Chin shows them Mach 11s and they think the Samoans hired one of these guys that’s part of the 808 road warriors.

Chin says some of the guys had their bikes seized recently and they were GPS tagged before they were released. Kono talks to a Samoan and says she thinks he ordered the hit. She shows him pictures of him with Bagman and tells him they have his ledger. He says he knows he has a credibility problem then says he’s never heard of Harper. Kono asks if he can prove it.

Steve gets a call as Kono comes in and says Harper’s name is not in the ledger and says Laulu told her they stayed away from large businesses. Kono wonders why he was stealing the money since it wasn’t for the Samoans. Motorcycles zoom up behind a car on the freeway. A little girl points them out as they pop wheelies. She wants to follow them but her mom says no.

The bikes speed up and down the highway then stop traffic on the bridge as they do stunts. Then they head off into a tunnel where the cops await them with a blockade. They try to u-turn it but there are more cops there. Chin says they’re all going to jail and they round up all the 808s present. They tell Makino that he just made bail. He smiles and says he’ll see them later.

Except he didn’t. Steve says he lied and says let’s go. They take him into interrogation and Chin says they can do him a solid. He says his boys think he made bail. Then he says they want to know about the trucks that were hit. Chin says they searched his place and found merch from the hit. They tell him he doesn’t match the description and is likely just the fence.

Steve says give a name and you can go home. Makino says Iceman is who they want. Chin asks where they find him and Makino says he doesn’t know. He says Iceman comes to him when he has stuff to move. He says he told him he was coming into some laptops tonight and told him to expect them in the morning.

Chin pulls up cargo manifests to try and figure out what truck will be hit. Kono says Harper stole $800k over the last three years but he wasn’t spending it at home. Then they find a guy named John Messer that had a $150k salary from Harper but no one at the company head of him. The checks were being sent to an address where Kevin Harper was seen routinely. They have some bank info.

They think that Messer doesn’t exist and Harper was cashing the checks. Lou says Messer has a real address there plus a wife and kids. Steve says they need to figure out how he ties to Harper. Chin says he found the laptop shipment. The 808 crew rolls up on the semi to hijack it. They throw down the chocks and that forces the truck to stop. Then they hold a gun on the driver.

They open the back and find cops with guns on them. Steve says surprise and they tell them to get on the ground. They have no choice but to comply.

Now Steve has another 808 in interrogation – he questions the Iceman and told him he had a good run stealing a million in mech. Then he asks why he killed Harper. He shows Iceman the bike and says it’s the same bike and gun his crew uses. Steve says he usually works with five men and this time it was just four. He says he thinks the missing guy is their shooter.

Steve says he can go down for 20 to life for accessory to murder. Iceman asks what if the shooter acted alone and then called to cancel from tonight’s hijacking just a few hours before. Steve says he needs a name. It’s Tyler Kaheaku. The guy has a record for armed robbery and assault. The guy didn’t show up for work today at the hardware store.

Danny wonders if it could be a personal kill rather than a hired hit. Chin says he found something and shows them Tyler’s Facebook page. It’s Harper’s daughter. They head to the Harper house. The wife comes to greet them and they ask for Aubrey. She says she hasn’t seen her all day. Steve shows her the photo of Tyler and she says she’s never seen him.

They tell her that he’s a suspect in her husband’s shooting. Then they show her a pic from Aubrey’s Facebook page and says they have a six month dating history by the looks of it. She says her daughter and Kevin had been fighting a lot lately. She says Kevin was very protective over Aubrey. Steve says Aubrey could be in danger and they need to find her.

Aubrey gets a call from her mom who asks where she is. Aubrey says she’s out. Chin traces the call. Her mom asks when she’s coming home and Aubrey says she’s not and needs to go away for a while. Aubrey says her dad wasn’t the man she thought she was. She ends the call then yanks out her SIM card. She tells Tyler they need to go. Her mom calls back and gets voice mail.

Chin says he pinged her at a gas station then she must have ditched the phone. Steve and Danny wonder what’s up then wonder what Aubrey meant about Kevin not being the man she thought. Steve says maybe there is more to it and says what else was Kevin lying about. Kono goes to the Messer house with Lou. They talk to Lisa Messer and ask for John Messer.

Lisa says he’s away on business and Lou asks when he’ll be back. Then they hear a baby crying. She invites them in and goes to get the baby. They look around and Kono spots a photo and calls Lou over. Looks like Kevin had a second family. Messer and Harper are the same guy. Lisa comes back and asks how she can help them.

Back at 5-0, Steve says that’s shocking as Lou and Kono all in to report. Turns out he’s been splitting his time between the two families. His wife Lisa thought he traveled for business. Steve says he was dipping into the money from work to support two families. They assume Aubrey found out and was furious. Lou says Aubrey may have had him killed at the deposition to make it look business-related.

Danny says they have an APB out on Aubrey and Tyler. They get a credit card hit showing Aubrey bought tickets to LA. They worry the kids might do something desperate. Cops pull up behind the motorcycle and Aubrey tells Tyler to drive on. He does and he speeds away weaving through traffic. Chin says Aubrey and Tyler are on the H1. Chin calls to update the guys.

Mrs Harper sees the news update of the high speed motorcycle chase. She’s worried as the news reports that it’s a young male and female and they may be wanted in association with the recent high profile shooting. She watches Aubrey and Tyler speed away from the cops. Danny and Steve are now in the chase too. Danny nags Steve about his driving.

Steve and Danny are right on them. Steve is keeping up with them quite well. He tells Danny to relax. The bike cuts over and jumps the guardrail then heads off down a side road. They crash into a truck and both kids are thrown – Tyler through the truck windows and Aubrey over the top. Her mom is horrified. Steve and Danny pull up and race to the kids. Aubrey is conscious but Tyler looks really bad.

Danny shakes his head – the kid is DOA. Aubrey cries and reaches for him. At 5-0, Mrs Harper asks what will happen to Aubrey and Steve says she’ll be tried as a minor and says given Aubrey’s emotional state the judge might be lenient on sentencing. Mrs Harper says she’s lost everything and can’t lose her daughter too. Kono walks in with Mrs Messer and Steve says she didn’t know either.

Mrs Harper says Kevin had this way about him and he made you feel like the only person in the world. The two wives get a good look at each other. It’s tense and awkward. It’s race day finally and the team stretches except for Danny who says he doesn’t believe in it. Max says experts disagree on whether stretching should be done before or after. Kono says her hubby can’t come today.

Chin asks what else is going home and she says it’s safer for him to keep a low profile with Gabriel still on the loose. Chin says they will find Gabriel. Kamekona comes out with his brother and they said they came to show their support and are offering 10% of today’s sales to the widows and orphans. Lou tells them to huddle up and says it starts in five minutes.

Lou says he’s going to make a grandiose speech then says this will be hard and damned near impossible but says they can beat this. He says they are the finest people he’s worked with and understand the concept of team. They start their mud run and Danny is struggling. They have to carry him at one point. They struggle across the finish line with Danny on one leg supported by Steve and Chin. Later we see Danny on crutches but they did it.