Hawaii Five-0 Recap 11/13/15: Season 6 Episode 8 “Piko Pau ‘Iole”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap 11/13/15: Season 6 Episode 8 "Piko Pau 'Iole"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday November 13, season 6 episode 8 called, “Piko Pau ‘Iole.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Five-0 works with a charming con man to find a killer, after his female partner is murdered on the job.

On the last episode, McGarrett’s first dated with Lynn on a deserted island turned deadly when a mob boss hiding there hunted them down to protect his secret location. Meanwhile, a gambler threatened to kill a high school football star’s dad unless the teen threw a big game. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Five-0 works with a charming con man to find a killer, after his female partner is murdered on the job. Meanwhile, San Francisco police inspector Abby Dunn helps Chin investigate the murders of five Chinese arm dealers.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#H50 begins in the woods in a Forest Reserve. They have Adam and Tom Bishop tells him time is up to pay on his debt and Shioma is done waiting but they tell him that Kono is not at risk as far as they know. He says Shioma is not like Adam’s father and is a man of honor. Adam asks to call Kono to tell her goodbye. They tell Adam this is his debt alone and Tom says he can’t let him call her. Adam kicks them then tries to run. They fire shots at him and pursue.

Adam dodges and weaves and then slides down and embankment. He sees Tom and his henchman after him. Adam hides behind a tree as the men get closer. He chokes out one and snaps his neck. Then he looks around for Tom. He moves on and then whacks Tom with a large stick and part of it is stuck in his gut and he’s bleeding. Adam takes his gun and Tom says this won’t change anything. Adam shoots him in the head. He goes home and washes up then calls Kono and tells her to call.

Before he can leave, more armed men are there for him. Abby Dunn is sworn in by Steve. Jerry watches and repeats the words of the oath. Chin asks what he’s doing and he says nothing. Jerry complains that woman has only been there for 15 minutes and Lou says she’s temporary from San Francisco PD for just a couple of months. Abby takes her badge and Jerry swoons with jealousy. Steve introduces them to her and when he gets to Jerry, he interrupts and calls himself a Special Consultant.

Abby says Stone and Keller are two of her best and says they like having more freedom. Steve asks Chin to show Abby around and they leave. At the airport, a couple uses a selfie stick to snap a pic then steal a bag then starts pocketing wallets. They give a woman a lei and take her necklace and fill a bag full of booty. He steals luggage while she snaps a pic of tourists. They have a stack of loot and rent a car with BMW with someone’s card then take off with all their ill-gotten booty.

The women is in a nice new outfit and heads to the bar at the hotel. She sits and orders a martini. She smiles at a guy who’s alone and bats her eyes. He slips off his wedding ring. They go up to his room and she pulls off his pants the guy comes in and rants and she says OMG it’s my husband. They stole his wallet and money out of his pants. They do this again and again. Then a masked man comes in that’s not her husband and shoots the guy she’s with and the female con woman with a silenced gun.

Chin leave to take Abby to her hotel to check in and totes all her luggage. He asks where she’s staying then Jerry forces his way onto the elevator calls the basement his clandestine office. Jerry says more than one person escaped from Alcatraz and Abby says okay. He acts nuts and Chin says they haven’t house trained him yet. Hank, the male grifter, tells Steve and Dan-o about Katy and how he found her dead in the room. Steve says they know Katy was wanted for a scam and petty theft.

Danny says she has a partner named Howard Keating who matches his description. He insists his name is Hank Webber. Steve says it’s a good performance. Howard says they got him and says they came to work the parents and says they were doing the badger game where you get married men with their pants down then take their stuff but says this was crazy. Howard insists he had nothing to do with this and says Katy was special to him. Danny says he’s a con man and they’re not buying it.

They tell a beat cop to take Howard to the palace. They haul him out. Danny says they pissed off a lot of people and karma caught up with them. Steve says it still seems range to kill over small stakes. Lou and Kono report back that they checked in and Steve says they have another room somewhere because you don’t sleep where you steal. Kono listens to her voice mail then tells Lou to go on ahead as she tries to call Adam. He says he’s fine then asks when she’ll be home. She says she’s working late.

He tells her loves her and they end the call. He’s in a car with the angry Shioma henchmen. Howard is brought to the palace and Chin says this is their version of rendition and they chain down Howard. Howard asks what the drain is for and Chin says use your imagination. They leave him in there to stew. Abby says a room like that is impressive then Chin gets a call and says he’ll be right there. He says they have a new case and tells her to come on. They head to the harbor.

There’s a storage crate full of bodies. They tell them it’s from Shanghai and four containers are missing. Chin asks what the cargo was and they tell him kids toys. Abby says this is smuggling and probably narcotics. Danny and Steve come to talk to Howard and ask him where it is. They tell him they went to his other hotel room and says it had been tossed. He says he doesn’t know what they were looking for. He says they took wallets, grabbed the cash and tossed the rest. He asks them about the drain.

Steve says the married guys had alibis then ask what else he took or he can find out what the drain is for. Howard says they took some stuff from the airport – cell phones, watches, normal stuff. Howard says they won’t find it then says Katy pawned everything right after the score and says whatever it is was gone already. They ask about the pawn shop and Howard says Katy handled that and he doesn’t know. Steve says the shooter won’t stop until they find what he’s looking for.

Steve undoes his cuffs and says they need him. Danny says God help us. Steve and Danny takes him to 5- 0 and Danny says take something and I shoot you. Howard says he believes him. Kono says she pinged Katy’s cell phone and says it’s Chinatown. Howard says track the GPS from the rental car they boosted from the airport. He says it’s valeted at the hotel where they were conducting business. Howard asks for a cup of coffee and they ignore him.

Steve says they’re pulling the flight manifest and want him to pick out victims. Howard hands Lou back his wallet then says he can’t help himself. Adam is taken to a Chinese restaurant and into a private dining room. Shioma waits for him there. Adam sits and says he’s sorry about his men and says he had no choice. Shioma says that’s not why he’s there then says his debt has been paid. Adam asks by whom and Gabriel says – by me – then walks up behind Adam and takes a seat at the table.

He says he heard Adam had a rough morning. Adam glares. Gabriel says he could say thank you and Adam says he didn’t do this for him. Gabriel says he doesn’t want a war. Adam tells Shioma that Gabriel has no honor and Shioma says Gabriel has made amends. Adam asks how much he paid him on top of the debt and Shioma says enough. Gabriel says he ran late making the deal and that’s why Shioma’s men came for him. Shioma tells him he’s free to go. Adam says he killed two men for nothing and is angry. He walks out.

Howard points out victims then says one kid was in first class and he took his Beats headset. They have 12 potentials plus the teen. Steve gets a call from Kono who says it’s Wai Wai Nui pawnshop. Danny and Steve take Howard along to point out items he stole. They come into the pawn shop and see a few cats but no owner. Howard pets one and they tell him to put it down. The notice the back door is open and go outside. One of the cats runs to an apartment upstairs.

Howard asks if they read Steve King and says don’t go up there. They go inside guns out and find a mess and blood on the fridge. The cats are eating loose food. They open the fridge and find a guy shoved inside. Howard asks if the guy is dead and Danny says they’ll defrost him and see. Howard asks if he’s joking. CSU techs are at the scene and Steve says it was single gunshot to the chest and the fridge messed up body temp so they don’t know when he died.

Danny says the shooter killed Katy, tossed their room then went to the pawnshop. Howard tells a beat cop the schemes he used to take this stuff. Steve and Danny come over and he says there’s a digital camera that’s not there. He says it was a bump and grab then says it was a cheapo deal worth about $100. Lou says they cleared 11 of 12 and Andy Kaelani is the only one that’s still possible. Lou says he has a pending assault charge. They send the pic and Howard says that’s the camera guy.

At the harbor, Chin finds out the dead guys are connected to Chinese arms dealers. Abby says that’s a lot of guns. Chin says this doesn’t look good and Duke takes back the tablet. They head to where they think Andy is and tell Howard to stay in the car and he’s scared enough to do so. They kick in the door and go into the house. They don’t see him anywhere. Then they hear a shot and run back out front. Howard shot the guy and then holds up his hands.

Steve takes the gun and he says he came out with a gun in his hand and was headed for the house. He says he tackled him and the gun went off. Steve says he may have just saved their lives. They find out Andy had a gun like was used in the other shootings. Steve tells Howard he did a brave thing. He thanks them. They tell him they found the camera. They go see what’s on it. Back at 5-0 they pop the card in and see vacation pics.

Lou thinks something is embedded on it and Kono takes it to Jerry. Steve says he was cooperative and they’ll get his charges removed and he’ll do a couple of months. He scoffs then Danny says they can skipping on vouching for him and he says two months sounds great. Lou says he needs a new job then Howard takes his wallet again. Lou takes him out then Steve and Danny check their wallets. Steve goes to get coffee with someone and Danny asks who with. Steve gets a call from Max.

Steve is stunned and says what then asks if he’s sure. Steve says the pawn shop owner died before Katy and Danny says that makes no sense. Steve says Andy didn’t do it and says they’ve been played. They have Howard back in custody and he says it’s cruel. Steve says shooting your partner is cruel. Steve says he knows this is a virus on the SIM card to allow him to spy on them. Howard says he needs his lawyer. Steve says he doesn’t get one unless they say so. Howard says they’re wrong.

Steve says the pawn shop owner’s time of death was the problem and says he killed him, tossed the room then killed Katy. Then he framed the shooter. We see him shoot Andy then drag him outside and stage the shooting. Howard says they got it and says he would applaud but he’s cuffed. He says they are smart. Danny says he’s going to jail the rest of his life. Steve asks who he works for and why they want access to their computers. Howard says he will testify for immunity then says it’s Gabriel Waincroft.

They ask where he is and he says he doesn’t know. He says he never met him face to face and says a guy named Porter put them in contact then he shot himself a couple of weeks ago. He says Gabriel sent him $500k and offered him $5 million more when it was done after he served a couple of months. Steve says they will book him for theft only and then he contacts Gabriel to tell him it went as planned. Outside, Steve tells Danny this is our only play.

Steve says they’re going to use the software to catch Gabriel by baiting him then charge Howard with the murders later. Abby and Chin talk about the arms deal. They are cut off by an SUV and Gabriel’s men cut them off. Abby pulls a gun but Gabriel tells Chin to get out of the car. He tells Abby to put her gun down and he gets out. Gabriel tells him he can stop looking for the guns and says they’re already off the island. He says the Chinese were greedy so he took them, sold them and paid off Adam’s debt.

He tells Chin he’s now in business with Shioma then says he has the Yakuza backing him then tells Chin it didn’t have to go this way. Chin glares and says he’ll wipe that grin off his face soon enough. Gabriel scoffs and gets back in his car. He drives off then the other thugs follow. Back at 5-0, Adam comes to see Kono and she asks what’s up. He says he needs to report two murders and tells them they’ll find them in the Forest Reserve and says he’s responsible.