Hawaii Five-0 Recap – The Bird Flu and the Bees: Season 5 Episode 13 “La Po’ino”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap - The Bird Flu and the Bees: Season 5 Episode 13 "La Po'ino"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday January 30, season 5 episode 12 called, “La Po’ino” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a patient infected with a contagious and lethal strain of bird flu is kidnapped and the culprits intend to weaponize the virus.

On the last episode, a neurosurgeon was assassinated just before performing a surgery. The investigation uncovered the truth behind the disappearance of four reform school boys over 40 years ago. Meanwhile, McGarrett’s beloved Mercury Marquis is stolen by an unlikely culprit. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Five-0 must find a kidnapped patient infected with a contagious and lethal strain of bird flu which the culprits intend to weaponize. Terry O’Quinn returns as Joe White.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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On #H50, Joe White is on his way back to the islands accompanying the body of a guy who has some sort of illness. The sick guy is in a quarantine tent in the belly of the Air Force plane surrounded by people in HEPA gear. Steve meets Joe on the tarmac as the guy is wheeled off the plan in his bubble bed. Steve says he’s glad he called and Joe says he’s sorry he’s been too busy to call working private security. He says he appreciate the favor and says the guy is Mitch Lang.

He says he’s the first American to get a new super-fatal strain of bird flu. They put the guy in a van and the police escort rolls out. Joe rides with Steve and asks about Mary. He then asks about the team. He says he got a new guy from Chicago who’s great. Joe asks what’s on his mind and Steve says he has questions and Joe says he’ll give the answers he wants. He asks if Joe knew about his mom and Wo Fat.

He says he promised her he wouldn’t tell him but says now Steve deserves the truth. He says Wo Fat was the one who told him right before he put a bullet in his head. Steve says what his mother did was a crime and Joe asks if he’s going to arrest her. They argue but it’s interrupted when their SUV is t-boned and then another car is hit by a wrecking ball. They are surrounded by men with guns.

Joe tells Steve not to let them take Lange but they get control of the van he’s being transported in and take off. Steve and Joe are trapped upside down in the car and Joe’s leg is pinned. He’s bleeding and in pain. Steve cuts himself loose and then crawls out of the wreckage. He goes around and pries Joe’s door open and tells him he’s bleeding. Joe says it’s not the first time. He pulls him out.

His leg looks like meat. All the others are down and Joe says it was a coordinated attack. Steve calls Chin and says the convoy was attacked. Chin starts to track the van and tells him where they are. Chin says for him to wait but Steve takes a motorcycle one of the downed cops was riding and tears after them. Chin tells him where to turn to cut them off. It’s a crazy ride but then Chin says they stopped.

Steve finds the van and pulls his gun then creeps up on it. It’s empty up front and the cargo hold is empty too. Steve tells Chin they’re gone and he says for him to call the CDC and Homeland Security. They realize the kidnappers likely want to weaponize the virus. Danny comes to the hospital to check on Joe and Steve. Joe asks to talk to them alone and the doctors step away.

Danny says they don’t know much yet. He says they loaded Lange into a cargo van with no plates heading North. Steve says he thinks this is terrorism and that it was well coordinated. Danny say the whole island is locked down and there’s no chance they’re leaving with Lange. Joe reminds them that still means a million people are at risk.

Kono and Max are on scene looking at the wreckage. Chin asks Kono if she’s okay. She says the construction site they used for the wrecking ball was shut down two months ago. Kono says the decision to bring Lange here was just made three days ago so they have to wonder how the bad guys knew. Jay goes to talk to Lange’s family.

They are freaking out and Joe says that Mitch was abducted and they don’t know by whom but they’re working to get him back. Joe says it’s very sensitive and that’s why they have them on lock down there. The wife says the CDC told her that Mitch needed a serum today to survive and he promises they’re going to find him. He tells them they have to stay here for now.

The son begs Joe not to let his dad die. Joe leaves as Steve calls. They head to the ME’s office where Max says he did a warp speed autopsy. He says the John Doe who was one of their kidnappers inhaled charred burlap and some other strange substances. He also says he has a lot of schrapnel in his body. Joe says he may be in the system if he was in the military.

Lou introduces Chin and Kono to Dr Dyer, the local CDC station director. She says they found a breach of the DHS server and emails were compromised. She thinks that’s how they got the transportation details and says they agreed that it’s likely terrorism and informed the president so they can raise the threat level. Dyer explains where the illness came from, how fast it moves and how many it’s killing.

Dyer says as far as she knows, it comes only from direct human contact and once symptoms show up, death comes within five days. She says if Mitch Lange doesn’t get the serum they’ve developed, he’s likely to die tomorrow. They ask her how the terrorists would weaponize the virus and she says they need his blood, specific equipment and a specific facility.

She rattles off a list of stuff they’d need and they decide to look for recent purchases of this type of equipment. We see Lange is unconscious in his quarantine area and guys with HEPA suits around. One guy leaves and goes through a decontamination shower then steps outside. He comes out of a barn in the middle of a field. He walks over to a beekeeper and gives him a look.

Steve asks Joe if he’s reconsidering retirement right now. Joe says he won’t die before he tells him what he wants to know. Joe says he reached out to his contacts to try and find his mother. Walt calls Joe and says they got a hit on the John Doe. His name is Zahir and he’s from Kosovo and is former KLA. Chin says Howard Rennick, a head of virology from Oahu State bought the equipment they’re looking for.

Chin says he also hasn’t show up for work in three days. They go to Rennick’s house and it turns into a shoot out. Joe heads over and climbs up a trellis. Lou asks if Joe was the guy who taught Steve to be a crazy son of a bitch. They hear a scuffle then hear Joe call clear. There are a couple of professionals Joe took out but no Rennick. They hear a noise and go upstairs. They unlock a door and find a woman all taped up. It’s Rennick’s wife. She says her husband was taken.

EMTs treat the wife and Steve shows her a photo of John Doe and she confirms he was one of the guys who took her dead. Steve tells Joe that she said six men stormed the house and said they’d kill her if he didn’t go with them. We see Dr. Rennick working on Lange at the facility. Lou brings out a laptop and says the two dead shooters are Leka and Remzi, one Albanian and one Russian.

Joe says they must be mercenaries. Lou says they all used to be CIA assets and their handler was Michael Carson. Joe knows Carson and says the guy was a dirt bag who got put away for profiting from conflict. He got out and looks like he pulled of this job. They wonder if he was paid just to weaponize it or also to release it.

Lou says Carson was on a think tank that came up with scenarios on how to best deliver biological weapons and other dirty tricks. Kono and Danny go to the virology lab at the university and they ask if Rennick could weaponize the virus. His colleague says if anyone could, it’s him. They ask how and she says he could freeze dry it. She says all you need is a delivery system.

She guesses it would take no more than 12 hours to convert it to something like that. She asks if this is theoretical and says this virus is a slate wiper. They ask what that is and she shows them a scenario of how it would wipe out most of humanity. They go back to their car none too pleased. Kono asks if he wants to call Grace and he asks what he’d tell her.

He says the doctor is already being weaponized. Kono says they need to figure out how it’s being distributed so they can stop it. A guy, Kula, is being interviewed by Carson and is told he’ll fit in nicely. Carson leaves the room and closes the door. He clicks the lock. Then there’s some bees in the vent and the guy sees them and starts to panic. He tries the door and is alarmed that it’s locked.

He is stung and tries to bat away the others. We see white powder coming off the bees’ wings. He breathes it in and starts to gasp. He begs them to open the door. He collapses to the floor begging for help. He starts having seizures. A guy in HEPA gear comes in the room and looks at the dead bees and Kula. He looks terrible. The person touches his neck to check his pulse.

Chin says he’s been looking into Carson’s projects and mentions bees. Steve says he’s heard about using bees with anthrax. Joe says Max find charred burlap which can be used in a bee smoker. Joe says let’s just put out an APB on bees. Max says it’s a good idea because bee keeping is heavily regulated on the island and combine that with the power needs and they should be able to figure it out.

They creep up on the terrorists’ barn. They see the men loading boxes into a truck. Lou says automatic weapons and bees – right place. They all put on respirators and creep forward. They hide behind an SUV and then creep closer. They move around behind the barn. The men are loading the bees when one is taken then another. They cuff and drag them away as quietly as possible.

Lou peeks in the window and sees Lange in his sterile bay. Steve tells him to call CDC for an evac. A guy inside spots them and gunfire breaks out. Chin waits at another door and takes down guys who run out of the barn. Two guys run for the truck and drive it off. Joe runs after it. He jumps on the back and opens one of the doors. They try to knock him loose then one comes back for him.

They struggle and he knocks Joe’s mask off. He trues to push him out the back door but Joe recovers. He throws the driver out and slams the door but then the other guy is back up and choking him. Joe slams on the brakes and the gun slides towards him. He shoots the guy but the bees are loose in the van. Steve tells him to talk to him. He keeps driving.

Joe says the bees are lose but Carson is dead. He says he can’t let them get out. They tell him to stop the van. He says he can’t and has to neutralize the threat. He tells Steve the only easy day was yesterday and he drives the van off a pier and into the water. It sinks. Steve screams no. They pull up and Steve and Danny run out. They can’t believe it when Joe pops up in the water.

Steve asks if he could be any more dramatic. Joe says he could be contagious and they tell him to hang tight there. Steve says he could have killed himself and Joe says Steve would have done it himself Danny agrees that Steve is equally as stupid. Lange is safely transported out of the barn and into a waiting CDC ambulance.

Lou drops Dr Rennick off at home – his wife is thrilled to have him back. Lange is still in isolation and his family comes to tell Joe who’s in quarantine that he’s doing better. Mitch’s son thanks him for keeping his promise of bringing his dad home. He tells the boy to take good care of his family. They leave. Steve comes to talk to Joe through the protective glass.

He says he likes what he’s done with the place and Joe says he’s stuck there for 21 days. Steve asks when was the last time he had a vacation. Steve says Carson’s end game was to shop the bees all across the country and was working with a new Middle Eastern terror group. Joe tells Steve he’s the closest thing he’s ever had to a son and says he didn’t want to let him down again.

He says he has news of his mother. He says Doris missed a check in with her handlers yesterday. He says that means she’s dead or went off the grid. Joe says if she did the latter, she won’t be found unless she wants to. Steve says someone tipped her off that he was looking for her. Joe asks if he thinks it was him. Joe promises when he gets out, they’ll go find her together.

Steve says he trusts him and promises to visit every day. He leaves and finds Danny waiting in the car. He has Danny watching a security camera in his room and he listens to Joe making a call after he left. Danny says he thought he trusted Joe and Steve says – I lied.