Hawaii Five-0 Recap – Ricky and the Sticky Icky: Season 5 Episode 17 “Kuka’awale (Stakeout)”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap - Ricky and the Sticky Icky: Season 5 Episode 17 "Kuka'awale (Stakeout)"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday February 27, season 5 episode 17 called, “Kuka’awale (Stakeout)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, McGarrett [Alex O’Loughlin] and Danny [Scott Caan] work on their relationship while they stakeout a woman’s apartment after she escapes following a diamond robbery.

On the last episode, a California ATF agent helps Five-0 hunt a serial arsonist who was targeting couples on Oahu. Meanwhile, Danny took Amber on a romantic getaway, but her abusive ex-husband tracked them down with the intent of taking Amber back.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “McGarrett and Danny work on their relationship while they stakeout a woman’s apartment after she escapes following a diamond robbers. Series star Daniel Dae Kim makes his directorial debut. Max Weinberg, Emmy Award winner Cloris Leachman, Charlie Saxton, Jon Lovitz and Jessica Lowndes guest star.”

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On #H50, machine gun fire is heard and screams break out. A guy walks out of a place pulling off a mask and a jacket. He gets into a getaway car with a woman and shows her the hand full off large diamonds he scored. She kisses him then shoots him while they’re kissing. She says no hard feelings and kicks him out of the car before driving away. Steve tells Danny he can be overly sensitive. They’re in therapy. Danny asks why and Steve says he takes things as an insult.

Danny says he thinks Steve thinks he’s sensitive is because he has actual feelings and is not a robot or an animal. The therapist says their psych audit included an agreement for them to share progress. She says she sees no progress and wonders if they should come more often. Then they both scramble to try and get out of that. She asks how they made their breakthrough. Danny says Steve has made progress with his control issues. Steve sighs and Danny asks who’s the sensitive one now.

They break into bickering and Steve says it’s been better because he stopped listening to Danny. She says they have to come back next time. She says they each have homework to take with them. It’s a perfect partner’s workbook. She says they spent the whole hour attacking each other and says they need to complete it by the next session. A body bag is taken out of the jewelry shop. Lou tells Steve and Danny the security guard was a recently retired cop.

Lou says they’re going door to door to ask about the perp. Lou says they saw a guy with a gun and a mask. An employee says he shot Mike before he could hit the silent alarm and stole $3 million in loose diamonds. They ask Ms Price who else knew about them. Steve says the thief was tipped off. Kono calls and says the found blood and skid marks from the getaway car. They wonder if it was the thief and where the body is. Kono says he was seriously injured but walks away.

Chin says the blood was a DNA match for Jacob Anders a guy with an assault and burglary record. Lou says a traffic cam caught a black Impala and the driver is Emma Mills, Anders’ old GF. Lou says no honor among thieves. They said GPS on her phone shows her at her apartment and Steve says to call off the car. He says Anders is a cop killer so they need to keep her in play. Steve says once Anders patches himself up, he’ll come for her and she thinks he’s dead so she’s staying put.

Steve and Danny are on stakeout in an apartment. They tell the super that they have a court order and says to tell anyone who ask that he’s Agnes’ nephew. They kick him out and look at all the cat knick knacks and the portrait of Mr Pickles her cat. A cat runs by and Danny drops the knick knack and pulls a gun. Danny says he doesn’t like cats and Steve says they’re like adorable ninjas and asks how he can’t love them. Danny says they’re disloyal and eat their owners.

Steve says cats have skills and never forget how to hunt and kill. Danny points out that Emma is getting undressed. They watch but then she pulls her curtains. Steve glues the little cat back together and then they see that Emma is out of the shower and is now a blonde. She has a fake book and they see her stash the diamonds there. She makes a call and she cries and says they shot Jake. The man asks if the cops saw her. He says he’ll be there in a couple of hours and it’s all good. He tells her to lay low.

Danny recognizes the voice. It’s Barry Burns from a we buy gold place. Steve asks where he saw it and Danny says light night TV insomnia. They agree he’s the fence. They pull over Burns on the way because they want Anders. Chin explains that he’s now an accessory to murder of a cop. He asks for a lawyer and Chin says Emma shot Anders and he survived. He says she tried to ice her own BF and is likely to harm him as well. Burns asks what they’re offering him.

Chin says they just want him to call and reschedule. He smiles and offers his hand to shake. They both glare at him. He says guys like Ivanovich don’t die easy. Lou asks who’s Ivanovich and Burns says he’s a guy you don’t want to mess with. We see Anders/Ivanovich doing surgery on himself extracting the bullet from his side. He does not look happy. Chin pulls up the guy’s real name and data. He’s Radomir Ivanovich, Serbian Special Forces who is now a high end jewel thief known for killing people.

Chin tells Danny and Steve that he teamed up with Emma and she did 10 months without rolling over on him when she got caught on one of their jobs. Emma eats cereal and watches TV while they watch her. Danny calls Steve an animal for eating Agnes’ food and leaving her plate lying. The cat comes over and Steve picks it up and offers it food then shows Danny a huge bag of weed he found. They answer the door and it’s a neighbor who comes over – it’s Ruth. She made them cookies.

They have to let her in. She says she can see they like to snoop too. Steve introduces himself and his partner Danny. He asks her to keep this to herself and says they’re trying to keep this quiet. Ruth says she fully supports gay marriage and Danny laughs. Steve clarifies that they’re cops, not gay. She says she feels safer knowing they’re there. She says there has been a lot of crime in this building and says someone stole a plant outside her door and asks if they can find the thief.

Steve says they’re busy and she cries and says it was a fern she had for six years. Steve says he’s going to send someone over to check into it. He tells her to go home and expect to see someone soon. She asks them to return the cookie plate when they’re done. She pets the cat and goes. Danny says he would have stuck with the gay thing to keep their cover. Steve tells Danny he’s hungry and says he can choose. Danny suggests Chinese and he says no then suggests pizza. Steve then insists on Indian.

Then he tells Danny he’s doing this wrong and shows him how to eat the food. Danny says he likes it and says he doesn’t know how he’s gone this long without sampling such exotic flavors. Danny says he said he could choose then he knocked them all done and picked the place he wanted. Steve asks if he’s kidding. Danny says it’s not just dinner, it’s relationship dominance. Steve asks if it’s from the workbook and he says it is. He reads the section to Steve.

Danny says that type is not in tune with what others are thinking, can’t take criticism and like to be in control. Danny says he loves him and thanks him for introducing him to this. They hear a sound at the door and cover the equipment. The guy says he’s Ricky from downstairs and says Agnes has him check in on Mr Pickles. Steve says Danny is a dog person and Ricky says cats are awesome sauce. He says he’ll feed his main man then let them get back to their chow.

Steve asks if he’s looking for the pot and Ricky says it’s catnip. Danny says he doesn’t like him storing pot at his aunt’s house. Ricky says he can’t get caught with the icky sticky since it’s not at his place. He says it’s genius so the cops can’t catch Icky Ricky with the Sticky. He offers to smoke a bowl with them family style then offers to hook them up with coke, X or anything they want even ferrets which are illegal. Ricky gives them a card that says Travel Agent. He explains he’s there when you need a trip.

He takes his giant back of weed and they promise him they will definitely call.
[2015-02-27, 10:25:45 PM] Rachel Rowan: On day two of the stakeout, Jerry shows up to Ruth’s place. She takes one look at him and says the guy who sells weed is in 2F. He says he’s there about the fern. He has one with him and she says she doesn’t want a new fern. He says this one is bait and has it rigged with a camera. She’s excited and he asks her to describe the fern. She fixes them a sandwich and he asks if she has any enemies in the building who might take the fern for revenge or leverage. She says Eileen Chow.

She says she wants to talk about him and asks if he has a GF. He says not at the moment. She says life isn’t worth the price of admission unless you have someone to enjoy it with. He looks at photos of her and her husband and she says she doesn’t get out much now that Morris died. She gives him the sandwiches and he says he likes that they’re cut into triangles and says his mom did that. She says the good ones do.

Danny rants at Steve for microwaving an omelet. Danny says he’s taking a quiz about Steve. He asks what he’s passionate about. Steve says music and Danny says that’s a cop out. He says he’s passionate about playing music. Danny says he’s never seen him with an instrument. Steve says he used to play guitar and was good but stopped. There’s a knock and it’s Lou and Burns who’s looking shifty. They both complain about the smell. Danny calls Steve an animal and says he’s microwaving eggs.

Lou says they need some Febreze up in here. Burns starts sneezing – he’s allergic to cats. Burns says he lost his virginity on a plastic covered cash. They tell him that he has to tell her he needs 24 more hours to get her the money. He’s scared she’s going to put a bullet in his face. She threatens him but lets him go without harming him. She makes a call to a woman in a panic about him knowing that she lied about Anders. The woman agrees to see her tonight. She comes over – it’s Ms Price from the jewelry shop.

Emma shoves her onto the sofa and they start making out aggressively. They head to the bedroom. Chin replays part of the security footage for them. They see she checks her watch then calls the security guard over to get him away from the silent alarm. She also maxed out her credit line to buy that big delivery of diamonds. That means she’ll get the fence money and the insurance money. We see Ivanovich is up and walking around. He goes to a gun shop and changes the sign from open to closed.

Danny is snoozing on the sofa when he wakes and asks Steve if he missed anything. He plays him some groans from the women still carrying on. Steve says they stopped for a water break about an hour ago. Danny says that’s impossible and men can’t keep it up like that. Danny asks if Steve was reading the workbook but Steve says he just moved it when it fell then he admits he skimmed through it. Danny says he’s seen Steve risk his life countless times but is scared to admit his feelings.

Danny says to wake him up if they open up the curtain or do something interesting. Steve tells him why he doesn’t play guitar anymore. He says 10th grade talent show, he signed up to perform and practiced the song every day for months. He says the day came and he was standing in the wings and he walked out and then looked at all the people and just freaked. He ran off stage. He says he never played it again. Danny asks if that’s it and says 10th grade stage fright stopped him. Steve says it was more than that.

He says it was an existential crisis and he couldn’t be vulnerable and exposed like that on stage. He says he thought it was going to kill him because he couldn’t breathe. He tells Danny he was raised differently. He says he wasn’t raised with a supportive caring family. He says the McGarritt men, emotions are weakness. Danny says he gets that but thought after everything they’ve been through, he thought he could open up to him. Steve says he just did.

They wonder where the cat is and notice the window is open. Norm, the gun shot owner is beaten to a pulp and tells Kono that Anders stole a lot of stuff including guns, body armor and explosives. They watch Ms Price leave and Kono puts a tail on her. There’s a knock and it’s Sticky Ricky. He grabs some of Agnes’ laundry to try and lure Mr Pickles back home. Danny asks if he called the drug dealer to find Mr Pickles. Steve says it’s Danny’s fault that he lost the cat. They break into an arguemtn then hear Emma scream.

They see something bad going on in the apartment two floors down from Emma. They run over and realize they just got played. They find Emma on the floor of her apartment with blood streaming out. She was shot. Danny calls it in. Steve says the diamonds are gone and then Emma dies. They run back over to their surveillance spot and run back the footage. They see Anders come in screaming at her about stealing from him and shooting her.

They send cop cards to the jewelry store. Kono shows up to arrest her. An explosion goes off outside. Ivanovich is there looking like Judge Dredd in body armor with automatic rifles. He guns down cops and Kono tells her to go get in her safe. Ivanovich blows the safe with C4 then pulls a gun on her but Kono shoots him from behind then arrests Ms Price. Steve and Danny bring Sticky Ricky to the station and he’s shocked that they’re cops. Steve says he found Mr Pickles so they’re going to give him a pass.

Danny says he has to give up all his suppliers but Ricky says he’s no snitch. They tell him he’s going to jail if he doesn’t cooperate. He sighs and asks for a pen saying there are a lot of names. Jerry watches the fern camera and sees Ruth offering food and treats to delivery men and he laughs. Later she heads outside but then he sees she can’t seem to get outside. She looks around and touches the fern. She goes back inside. Jerry takes her out for a walk in the park and says the mystery may go unsolved.

He takes her out to see the sunset and says it’s beautiful out here. She gets all choked up and says he’s right. She thanks Jerry. He later tells Steve he doesn’t think there ever was a fern and was just lonely. They have her at Kamekona’s with them and she’s telling them a dirty senior joke. Chin says she has a filthy sense of humor and Lou says they love it. A car pulls up and Steve says he has something with Danny. Lou and Kono tease them about marriage counselling.

Ruth says she thought they weren’t married and Chin says they just fight like they are. Danny has a gift for Steve – it’s a guitar. He opens the case and sees a beautiful guitar. He grabs it up and says he doesn’t know what to say. Danny says they need to go before the therapist has a panic attack. Steve tells him he can drive and Danny says that’s a breakthrough. Steve says he’s still controlling the radio. They roll out. Steve turns on The Boys Are Back in Town.