Hawaii Five-0 Recap Season 5 Finale – Terrorists, Matrimony and Weapons of Mass Destruction: “Luapo’i (Prey)/A Makekaua (Until We Die)”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap Season 5 Finale - Terrorists, Matrimony and Weapons of Mass Destruction: "Luapo’i (Prey)/A Makekaua (Until We Die)"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday May 8, season 5 two-hour Finale called, “Luapo’i (Prey)/A Makekaua (Until We Die)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Five-0 investigates the murder of a bounty hunter who was killed after he apprehended a fugitive.

On the last episode, hen Kono went on a solo outrigger trip around the Hawaiian islands in honor of her mother, she hit a patch of wild weather and must fight to stay alive. As Five-0 searches for Kono, they investigated a man busted for cooking meth who claimed he received a threat on his son’s life if he didn’t continue making the drug. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have you covered, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “In tonight’s two hour season finale, starting with “Luapo’i (Prey)”, while Five-0 investigates the murder of a bounty hunter after he apprehended a fugitive hiding out in Hawaii, Rachel (guest star Claire van der Boom) reveals a long-held secret to Danny (Scott Caan) that has serious ramifications. Also, as Kono’s (Grace Park) wedding nears, Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) voices his concerns to McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) that Adam (guest star Ian Anthony Dale) is still working with the Yakuza on the fifth season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0 and in “A Makekaua (Until We Die)”, On the eve of Kono’s wedding to Adam, Five-0 learns that a stolen nuclear bomb is somewhere on the island and about to be detonated. Also, McGarrett is stunned when Catharine returns to Hawaii, while Chin confronts Adam about his lingering connections to the Yakuza.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #H50 on Sand Island, a guy with a bag on his head is dropped off – it’s Chin. The car that dropped him off drove away and left him there. Steve answers an urgent knock to his door – it’s Chin. He shows Steve the photos of Adam with a guy named Goro Shioma who works in finance in Tokyo as a day job, but is also high up in a crime syndicate. Goro was also a buddy of Adam’s dad. Steve says they don’t know the meetings are illegal. He tells Steve that Kono is marrying Adam in three days.

Steve says if Chin is wrong, it could cost him his relationship with Kono and counsels him to say nothing for now. A guy is pulled over by a police car. He turns off his radio and rolls down the window. The cop tells him he’s not in trouble but has an intermittent tail light and says it’s likely just a loose bulb. The cop says to pop the trunk and he’ll look. He says it’s not even his car and says he’ll get it checked by a mechanic.

The cop notices bruises on his knuckles then says to hand over the keys. He does. The cop cuffs him to the steering wheel and the guy screams at him not to open the trunk. The cop does anyway. Danny wakes beside Melissa, the new GF. He asks if she wants some pancakes and she says okay. His phone pings and he grabs it then says it’s just work. He goes back to snuggling her and says he’s going to take a shower and make pancakes. She goes to make coffee.

She tells Danny his phone is buzzing again. Melissa picks it up and sees that it’s from Rachel asking him to call her but not at the house and to meet her at 12:30. Kono is at her wedding venue going over details of the ceremony. The wedding coordinator is surprised to hear that her parents live nearby because she says the mother of the bride is usually heavily involved. Kono has to explain that her circumstances are unusual. The coordinator gives her some sympathy then asks if she’s nervous.

Komno says she’s excited and says it took them a long time to get there. She thinks back to a touching time with Adam. Danny tells Steve about Rachel wanting to see him and wonders if it’s about Melissa. He says he lied to Melissa about the text messages. Steve asks why lie and Danny says he didn’t want to spook her about ex-wife drama. Steve reminds him that Melissa had some ex-drama and he even stabbed her. Danny says he’s a good therapist.

Lou says they had a traffic stop that turned ugly. The cop was shot in the chest and the guy he pulled over took one to the head and Lou says that’s where it gets interesting. Lou says he had one hand cuffed to the steering wheel. They assume he had a passenger that did the shooting. They go watch the dash cam footage. They run the plate and sees it’s unregistered then see the cop open the trunk. A guy comes out, grabs the cop’s gun, shoots him, shoots the driver, yanks him out of the car and drives off.

Steve says the guy wasn’t a kidnapping victim or he wouldn’t have shot the cop trying to help him. At Ke’ehi Lagoon, Chin pulls up and meets Kono at a crime scene. She asks if he’s all right and they see a car that was burned – the one from the shot cop case. They also found a gas can and rubber hose used to torch the car. Kono says no witnesses so far and no cameras. She says it’s a blind spot and Chin says the guy knows how to cover his tracks.

Max says the driver is Greg Farmer, a bounty hunter from Nevada. They assume the guy in the trunk was a skip. Steve says they need to find out who he came to grab. Danny says most bail bondsman are freelancers and Max says Boba Fett worked for both Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt. They roll their eyes. He says he also found fresh asphalt in the shoes and there’s some in the trunk so that may tell them where he nabbed the guy. Lou says there was only one street being worked on.

Lou says there’s one guy there called David Sutter who’s a renter who paid six months in advance in cash. He says he showed the landlord a fake license and he has no job they can find. Steve says it sounds like a guy on the run. Lou sends the address. Danny asks Steve if he’s bringing a date to the wedding and says he should bring Ellie. Steve says they’re just buddies and it might ruin it. Steve says no when Danny presses. Steve says he’s just not ready to date yet.

Steve says he’s putting up a wall of silence to shut him up. They speed to Sutter’s house. They head inside and then a guy pulls a gun on them. He says if Sutter ever shows, he owns his ass. Steve says they’re cops but the guy doesn’t buy it. He tells them to drop their guns slowly. They tell him you can’t drop something slowly. Steve acts like he’s cooperating then gets the drop on him. They cuff the guy and grab his wallet. His license if from New York – his name is Richie Malloy.

Danny says he has a lot of hardware on him and Richie says Pelham is a dangerous dude. He tells them that he’s a cop and a killer. They look him up and Richie tells them Pelham killed three young women in Long Island. He tortured and killed them. Richie says the case against him was crap and so he got out on bail. He says a month after bail, they found more bodies that linked to him. He split before they could pick him up for the other deaths.

Richie says he was working as a dog walker. They ask how he knew Pelham was there and he says he got a tip off that another bounty hunter had found him there. They asks if it’s Greg Farmer and he says it is and they tell him that Pelham killed him last night after Farmer tagged him. Richie says he didn’t like Farmer but didn’t want him dead. Richie says he can back off and let them go after Pelham unless they need his help. They tell him they’ve got it.

He says he’s worth $40k and offers to make a donation to their local widows and orphan’s fund. Richie says he did nothing wrong and says they should uncuff him and let him go. He asks for his shotgun Nora. They do and he shakes Steve’s hand and tells them happy hunting. He leaves. Danny and Steve call CSU to go over the place. Danny says he needs to go meet Rachel and Steve tells him to go on and he’ll stay. Rachel is at the park when Danny shows up.

She hugs him and thanks him for coming. He asks what’s up and she says Charlie is sick. She says he has something called HLH that affects his immune system and says it’s rare. She says it could kill him. Rachel says a bone marrow treatment can help and says siblings are usually the best match. She says Grace is not a match. She says every parent is called a half match. She says it’s not the first choice but it can be used. She says one parent is usually a better match than the other.

He’s confused then gets it. Charlie is his son. She’s crying and he asks how long she’s known. Rachel always knew and he asks why she kept this from him. She says it’s the life he lives and chances he takes. Danny says she had no right to keep that from him. Rachel cries and Danny is upset. Rachel says she knows he hates her right now but says they have a son and he needs their help. Danny agrees and asks what he needs to know. She says they need to get blood tests ASAP.

He asks what about Stan and she says she also told Stan – he didn’t know either. Charlie runs over and says he’s hungry. She introduces him to Danny and he says Danno and Rachel says he doesn’t like that but Danny says he can always call him Danno. They high five and Charlie runs back off to play.

Chin watches a man holding a press conference talking about his daughter Jenny that Pelham killed. He says Pelham went on the run and begs people to come forward if they know anything so he can be brought to justice. Kono comes in and says they found phony passports and licenses and says he has seven aliases. They start running them all in case he uses any of them. Danny rants to Steve about Rachel’s years of lies to him about his son. He says he’s missed out on three years of his son’s life.

Danny says he’ll take care of his son but says he can’t get past what Rachel did. Steve advises him to put the anger aside so he can make decisions with Rachel about Charlie’s health and says the boy shouldn’t see them fighting. Chin calls Steve and says Pelham just bought an airplane ticket and is holed up at one of his dog walking clients’ places. They head over and end up in a gun battle with the guy. He evades them and runs off. Steve gives chase.

He’s almost on him when Richie shows up, shoots him, tases and tosses him in the car. Steve sees the car speeding away. Steve finds a cell phone taped to their car that Richie put on there to track them. Steve says Pelham already killed one bounty hunter and he wont’ rest easy until they have him. Richie fills a syringe and Pelham asks what it is. He says he can pay Richie more. Richie glares at him and asks if he thinks he can be bought.

Lou says Richie probably swapped plates or cars. They can’t locate him. Danny says the guy knows all the tricks to stay off the radar. Holy cow! Dog the Bounty Hunter is there with a dirt bag and Steve asks to talk to him. Steve says they’re looking for Richie Malloy who has a dangerous fugitive with him. Danny asks what his next move would be. Dog says if it’s on the DL, he can help. He says there’s one way off the rock his people know about – TransAir. For cash up front, they ferry you and your skip to the mainland with no questions asked.

They speed off and Danny says they won’t make it. Steve says the car won’t go any faster. Chin calls Steve and says he thinks that Pelham paid off Richie. They pull up at the airport and see Richie is there. He puts up his hands but Steve punches him in the face. Steve says he aided and abetted and let the guy go. Richie says he delivered him to Jenny’s father Malcolm Leddy. He says the guy offered him $300k to deliver him the man who murdered his daughter.

Richie says he doesn’t know what happened from there and says he thinks Leddy wants to take his time with the guy. We see Leddy dragging Pelham into a house and shackling him up. They ask Richie for Leddy’s cell number. Leddy watches a video from his daughter wishing him happy father’s day. He watches it again. She calls him the sweetest dad. Pelham wakes in chains and asks what this is. Leddy says it’s karma and comeuppance.

Pelham says – you’re the guy from TV. Leddy pulls a knife and says not to say her name. Leddy tells him he dropped out of medical school when his wife died when Jenny was just a year old. He says he remembers everything he learned and knows how much pain a person can endure before they pass out. He says he knows how to keep him alive even when letting him die will be more humane. He tells Pelham that he will beg him to kill him.

Richie calls but it’s Steve and he says he’s a cop. They trace the call. Leddy says it’s not a good time. Steve says he’s begging him not to do this. Leddy says he can’t turn this all over to the criminal justice system and says they’ve failed so far. Steve says they have enough evidence to put him away. He says he doesn’t want Leddy going to jail but he says by the time they get there, they’ll find two bodies. They trace the car and honk at Steve.

Leddy says he wants him to suffer the way his daughter did. Steve says Pelham will suffer more in jail because he’s a cop. He begs Leddy to walk away but he tells Steve he just can’t do it. He says the ME told him that he started with Jenny’s fingers. He uncuffs one of Pelham’s hands and twists it behind him then puts his pinky in a wrench and snaps it. Then he gets a meat cleaver and says next Pelham scalped her. He stops himself with a scream. He just can’t do it.

Pelham tells him it’s no so easy. Then he says it’s funny and says he would game it all out in his mind, all the ways it could go wrong. Then he says you don’r really know if you can go through with it until it happens. Pelham tells him to call the police so they can what he can’t. Pelham sees a tool on the floor nearby and reaches for it. The cops speed up with sirens and lights. They go into the house and head inside. They spot some signs of struggle. They look around.

Steve heads down to the basement and sees someone strung up there. Then he sees another body on the floor. He tells Danny to call EMS. Pelham slides his hand loose of the cuff and comes at Steve with a huge knife. He knocks Steve down and tries to stab him. Steve gets up and has the gun aimed at his head and says part of him really wants him to try. Steve tells Leddy he’s going to put Pelham away and says he’ll never get out again. They are each loaded into an ambulance.

Steve says he’s going to call Ellie to try and get Leddy a deal. Danny says losing your kid is terrible and says there’s nothing worse. Danny goes to Shriners Hospital to get tested. Steve sends him an encouraging text message. He meets Rachel and Charlie there. He sits down by his son who’s playing with a fire truck. He tells Charlie he likes fire trucks too and says they’re going to be good friends. Rachel is happy to see them together.

A line of military vehicles speeds down the road at night in North Dakota. Then two trucks ahead of them stop and turn off their lights. They uncoil the line from a wench. They run it across a road. The first vehicle hits the line and goes spinning out. Men steal a large wooden crate from the convoy. At Fischer Airport, a Humvee pulls up with the crate on it. They hear that the transport plane never made it there and they spot a small plan nearby. They go aboard and hold a gun to the captain. They tell him the flight plan has changed and they’re going to Hawaii.

Adam comes home and is surprised to see Chin waiting for him. He tells Adam to have a seat. He does. Chin shows him the photos of he and Goro. Adam asks who took them and then says he’s out of the Yakuza. He tells him Kono saw a photo like this of he and Riko Sato and says it’s not what she thought then or what Chin thinks now. Chin says he needs more than that and Adam says it’s complicated. Chin hands him a ticket to Tokyo and says he can’t marry Kono tomorrow if he can’t explain this. Adam says he’s not going anywhere. Chin says to convince him to let him stay.

Adam agrees and says Goro was his father’s mentor and says they were like brothers. He says Goro staked his dad money to start the business and has made millions from the deal. He says he had to cut ties with Goro face to face. Chin asks what happened. Adam says he tried to buy him out and says the only way out is to go with nothing. Chin asks if he’ll give this all up for Kono and Adam smiles and says yeah. He says Kono isn’t one for material things anyway. Lou shows Danny a photo of Gabriel and says he’s still on the island.

They watch a video and Lou says he killed a guy named Seth who’s a suspected drug trafficker. Gabriel was in and out of the hotel in 10 minutes and Lou says maybe Gabriel is knocking off his competition. At Steve’s house, he’s on the beach swimming. He looks around for his towel. Catherine is there holding it and says – hey sailor. He’s stunned. She says she should have called but didn’t know what to say. He grabs her up in a hug. She says she came straight from the airport for Kono’s wedding. He offers to take her to breakfast to catch up but then his phone rings.

He says he’ll be right there then tells Catherine he has work and asks her not to go anywhere. She agrees. Danny and Steve drive to John Rodgers Field. The private plane was left there. Duke tells them the pilot is dead in the cockpit and CSU is processing it. Max comes out of the plane and says time of death was about 90 minutes ago and was a shot to the head likely right after the plane touched down. Lou tells them all to get back from the plane right now. He says the plane was hijacked in North Dakota and some men transported stolen nukes in it.

Men go through the plane in protective suits with a Geiger counter. Steve says the readings mean the nukes were definitely on the plane. Kono and Chin show up and they tell her she should be getting ready for her wedding but she says she wants to work. Lou tells them how the heist went down and that they stole one nuke. Chin asks why not take all of the nukes. They wonder if reselling is not the motive. They call Catherine and she gives them her opinion and she says she’ll look for chatter.

Danny says it’s nice to hear her voice. He then asks Steve how long she’s saying and Danny asks how big her suitcase is and Steve says medium. Danny asks if she’s staying with Steve and he says he doesn’t know. Danny doesn’t like that she’s back and may rip his heart out. Steve insists that’s not how it went down. He says Catherine went to help people in need. Danny says he helps people in need without walking over his family to do it. Steve asks when Danny will talk to Melissa about lying to her to put the uncomfortable spotlight on his love life. That ends the conversation.

Kono says they got a hit on prints from the plane. Josh Bennett lives in Ohio, runs a hardware store and has a wife and kids. Chin says he’s not on a watch list and has no record. He tried to enlist in the Marines after 9/11 but couldn’t get in because of a psych issue. They wonder why Josh wants a WMD. Chin says that’s a long wait to get revenge. Steve tells Chin to notify local military bases to be on high alert. Catherine calls and says she might have a potential buyer – Sameer Hadad. The guy is on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list and tried to buy a nuke last year.

Catherine says she has sources that put Hadad on Oahu. She says he may have come in via a local shipping company. She says this guy is the real deal and he’ll use the nuke if he gets his hands on it. The team heads to a ship yard at Honolulu Harbor in full tactical gear. Someone shoots at them and Lou says that means they’re in the right place. They take down two shooters then move on. They find a crate that’s of interest and open it. Looks like someone was living in it. They find Arabic language papers, food and water. They think it may be how Hadad was planning on getting the nuke off the island.

Lou has one of the shooters still alive. Steve drags him into the shipping crate and says he’s sending him home. He tells him that he’ll probably bleed out before he gets home. The guy begs to be let out and says he’ll tell them everything he knows. They get the info and head to a junkyard. They see Bennett and two other guys counting a huge stack of cash. He shoots at them and they return fire. They take out his guys and Bennett goes for a vehicle. They take out another. They move closer. Bennett runs and they give chase. He stops to shoot at Steve. Steve ducks down then shoots the guy in the foot.

He takes him down and cuffs him. Kono says they have a problem – she says no sign of Hadad or the nuke. They ask Bennett where he is and he says they’re too late – they already made the deal and he’s gone.

It’s Komo’s wedding day and Steve is at home in his tux staring out at the ocean. Danny shows up and asks if he’s ready. He says Catherine spoke to Naval intel and says there’s radio silence on Hadad. The last signal they got on his cell phone was three miles out to sea. Steve asks how he got out when they locked down the island. Danny says every intelligence agency is looking for him and says they should just take the win that they got Bennett. Danny says he’s going to go pick up Grace from Rachel’s for the wedding and then admits he’s still upset at Rachel.

He says he doesn’t want to put Grace through them fighting. Steve asks about Charlie. Danny says he’s giving bone marrow next week and the doctors are optimistic. He says he’s making Rachel tell Charlie that he’s his dad. Steve says he’s proud of him. Catherine comes out in her dress and Steve says wow. Danny leaves and says maybe Steve can come up with more than one syllable to describe how she looks. Catherine says Steve looks very handsome. He asks her how long she’s planning to stay. She says she doesn’t know and asks how long he wants her to stay.

Steve gets a call and she says he’s saved by the bell. He looks upset and asks where. They head to a crime scene on a beach. It’s Hadad. He was tied up and dropped off in the water. They find his cell phone in his jacket pocket. Max says he’s been dead about 24 hours – before they had Bennett in custody which means the nuke is still on the island. They go to talk to Bennett and tell him Hadad just washed up on shore. Bennett says it’s good to put a face to his enemy and says Hadad will be more famous than Bin Laden when the nuke goes off.

Steve says the government knows Hadad is dead but Bennett says the government will use Hadad as a scapegoat because they don’t want to blame an American. Steve asks for more info – he won’t give it and Steve shoots him in the leg and says this is rendition. Bennett asks if he remembers where he was during 9/11. He says they had a chance to shut down the threat but backed down and now they’re at risk again. He says the lives lost are a small price to pay to save more lives in the long run. He tells him millions of lives were lost in WW2 until Eisenhower joined the war and says it all started at Pearl Harbor.

He says this time tomorrow, they’ll be dropping bombs all over terrorists. Danny says the Marines were right and he’s crazy. Steve puts a gun to his head and asks where the bomb is. Bennett tells him that he can kill him because he’s already said goodbye to his family. He tells Steve to say goodbye to his. Chin says the bomb can kill a radius of 2.9 miles and says Waikiki is a prime location for the most casualties. Kono says she went through Bennett’s computer files and says he searched for the Waikiki shopping trolley. She says the pink line goes right into the heart of Waikiki. They roll out.

Chin says the trolley told him that one of the drivers was found dead but his trolley headed out as usual. They get a location where it is and Steve and Danny race over. Kono and Catherine are racing there as well. They spot the trolley and speed after it. They pull in front o fit and cut it off and block it in from behind. The driver goes for a weapon and they shoot him. They evacuate the trolley and the people run off screaming. They head inside and look around. They see it in a wooden crate and it’s already armed. The timer shows 32 minutes. Danny asks how they stop it but Steve doesn’t know.

Danny says just cut the wire. Steve says Bennett disabled the link and there’s no way to stop it. Kono’s parents show up to the wedding venue. Max sees Jerry there and they check out their table assignments. They wonder where everyone else is. Max says they’re dealing with a dead terrorist and missing nuclear weapon. Adam asks for everyone’s attention and says Kono called. He says there’s an emergency and she asked them all to remain there together. Jerry looks very concerned. Steve drives the trolley at top speed and says they have no time to get it to the military team.

They drive to the shore where a helicopter waits. They load it onto the chopper. Kamekona says it’s ready to go and asks why they need it then sees the nuke. He freaks and says they can’t put it on his chopper. Danny says he won’t have a business if they don’t. They load it up with 22 minutes left on the timer and take off. It’s just Steve, Danny and the bomb. Chin says they have to dump it 50 miles away and 2000 miles deep. Lou says they have to drop it with two minutes to spare to achieve it and says they might not make it out of the blast zone.

Kono takes Catherine’s hand as they watch them fly away. Chin and Lou watch the chopper on their scream. Danny tells Steve if they don’t do, they’re going to get nuked with radiation. Steve tells Danny to listen and says he has two kids now and says he’s needed for the bone marrow so he can’t die even though it would make Steve’s life a lot quieter. The timer is at two minutes and they’re at the mark. Danny throws it out of the chopper. They immediately turn back away from it at top speed. Danny says maybe it’s a dud then there’s an explosion.

The explosion of water is giant and the helicopter starts chirping unhappily. Everyone on the island sees the giant blast. Steve asks Danny if he’s all right. They’re both shocked that they’re okay as they fly back to the island. They land and get hugs from Kono and Catherine. Kamekona thanks them for ruining his business. He says no one will want to eat fish for the next three months but he can work on his new enterprise – catamaran tours. Lou shows up with Chin and says – James Bond, my ass. They tell Kono she’s getting married in five minutes and head out.

Guest star Tia Carrere sings to the guests as the Scooby gang shows up in tuxes looking good. They spot Kono headed down the stairs in her wedding gown. Adam steps up to meet her and kisses her. She says not to ask what happened. He tells her he loves her and she says she loves him too. She tells him to go to the altar. He does. Lou tells his wife he was out saving the world and she reminds him he forgot to take out the trash. Grace tells Danny she can’t wait to get married and he’s horrified. Chin tells Kono she looks beautiful. She asks if he has the rings. He says he left them in the car.

He goes to get them. Kono’s dad comes to take her hand. Chin goes to get the rings and sighs. He turns and Gabriel is there pointing a gun at his chest. He says he came to tell him he was wrong about Adam and says he never meant to hurt Chin. He says they’re family. He says he had to get IA off his back and now wants Chin to repay his debt. Gabriel says he’s not planning on leaving and says he’s good at what he does and says he has a deal for him.

Gabriel says he’ll give him half of what he makes to stay out of his way. Chin says it’s a bribe not a deal. Gabriel says everyone looks at him like he’s a dirty cop already. Gabriel says he was the only one who helped him and says the other cops aren’t family to Chin and he knows it. He says his job has an expiration date and says he can only stay above ground for so long. He says Chin should cash in and make something of his pathetic life. Chin says he’s going to arrest him and Gabriel says not even a thank you for everything he did for him.

He points the gun at Chin and tells him to turn around. The ceremony is awkwardly on hold waiting on Chin. He turns his back to Gabriel and Gabriel says he won’t be the first Kelly he’s killed. Chin says to take his shot but not to miss because he’ll come after him. After a moment, Chin turns but Gabriel is already gone.