Homeland Recap ‘The Tradition of Hospitality’: Season 5 Episode 2

Homeland Recap 'The Tradition of Hospitality': Season 5 Episode 2

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland Season 5 airs with an all new Sunday October 11, season 5 episode 2 called, “The Tradition of Hospitality” and we have your weekly recap below for you. Tonight, Carrie (Claire Danes) and Düring (Sebastian Koch) visit a refugee camp.

On the last episode, the game had changed for Carrie Mathison. Out of the CIA and living in Berlin, Carrie was trying to start a new life but realizes now she’s the one with a target on her back. As the danger intensified, and without Saul and Quinn to rely on, one thing becomes clear she’s never been at greater risk or with more to lose. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “Carrie and Düring visit a refugee camp; Saul and Allison are at odds; Quinn stays on mission.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 5 Episode 2– tonight at 10PM EST.


#Homeland begins with Carrie in Lebanon with Phillip Becker and Mike Brown. They drive to a refugee camp where people are lining up to get inside. They pull to the gates and asks for Colonel Haugen. Their car is checked for bombs and they’re allowed inside and told where to park. They drive through the set up of tents and trailers, park and get out. Carrie looks around cautiously. Phillip asks her about Hezbollah and she says they’ll contact her but she doesn’t know when. They go talk to Haugen.

The colonel takes them inside his office trailer. He says things are changing fast and today they got 1000 people. Phillip says they need resources and Otto will get them. Haugen asks why the journalists and Phillip says it will help raise awareness. They ask about security and Phillip says Otto needs to be seen in the camp but Haugen says it’s not safe. A guy comes in and Carrie goes to step out and Haugen asks if she wants the message out that the foundation deals with Hezbollah.

Carrie sasses him back and she and Mike step out and follow the guy. He walks them through a shattered warehouse and Carrie has to reassure Mike. They search Mike and Carrie and a woman searches her. Carrie warns her she has a gun under her jacket. The woman takes it and hands it to a guard. They tell Mike that only Carrie can go inside. She says it’s okay and goes. Inside, she greets a man and he says he speaks better English than her Arabic.

The man says she’s CIA and she says she was but is a private citizen who the Council gave safe passage to. The man says he’s seen no payment and she says it was sent to Al Amin’s account. Carrie asks the man to please listen and asks for her backpack. She tells Waleed she brought him $40k as well. He says they have a deal but then says the camp is overrun and it gets worse every day. He says there’s all kind of scum and tells her to not stay longer than an hour or he can’t guarantee Otto’s safety. She agrees.

A news program reports on the German intelligence cooperation with the CIA. They have Laura Sutton on the show and call her a dissident American journalist. Laura says the document shows the details of the arrangement between the two governments. Laura says this could be the tip of the iceburg. Saul is watching with Allison who says there’s more and says BND had a team n Laura since she came to Berlin and shows him pics of Allison with Carrie.

She says she doesn’t think Carrie is involved but they both work for Otto Düring. Laura tells the guy she’s sure they’re searching her apartment and just hopes that they don’t let her cat out. Laura has a safe in her apartment the intelligence people can’t break into. Laura says she moved to Germany because of the privacy protections that Germany promises citizens and guests. The German intelligence officer tells her cohort to bring Laura in. They ask her about the source of the leak.

Laura says she doesn’t know but that person took a big risk to expose this and says she’s honored that person reached out to her and says she will respect their trust no matter what. The hackers watch and they talk about sending her the rest of the data. He says he can take the rest of it to Laura in person so it won’t be intercepted. Korzy says they should get money from this but his pal says information should be free. Fatima works on recruiting a German girl to do some dirty work for her.

Fatima is the one Quinn is supposed to kill next. Fatima reminds her she saved her from killing herself and says that was Allah and says he chose her for important work and she must submit. The girl finally agrees and wipes away her tears. Quinn watches from nearby. Fatima hugs her and they part ways. Quinn watches her walk on and keeps tabs on her. She goes into a market and he loses her. Laura is outside the news station and she hails a cab.

She sees the hacker but then Hans, a German agent, grabs her and shoves her into an SUV. She demands to know what the charge is and the hacker walks away. Carrie talks to Lothar who says Otto arrives today and she says she’ll come see him soon. She finds Hank waiting in the lobby and hugs him. He says it’s a small town. They step aside together and he says he didn’t believe when he heard she was coming with Otto. He asks Carrie if she’s a Trojan horse at the Foundation.

Carrie says it’s not like that at all. He says whatever then asks about her meeting with Waleed. He asks how compromised his control of the camp is but she says she can’t be seen to help the agency. He asks if she’s joking but she says she’s not and walks away. Carrie goes upstairs later and finds a party in full swing. Otto gestures her over but she begs off. She goes outside on the patio where it’s quiet. He offers her a drink and she says she’s 9 month sober tomorrow.

She says she would have liked to see the guest list first but he says he knows these people and thought it was good to do business here too. He says Phillip told her they’re all set and she says Hezbollah is cooperating but it’s unpredictable and says she was told just one hour. He says that will be tight. Carrie give s him a look and he says one hour. Automatic gunfire sounds nearby and she says it’s probably a wedding. He says of course but is shaken. He says she seems comfortable there.

Carrie says hardly then says she was first here in 2004. She says there were truck bombs, assassinations and other scary things. He asks if she was scared and she says no, it was more like an adventure but she was different then. He asks how. She says she was younger and alone. She says there was no one waiting for her back home. More gunshots fire. The German agent Astrid speaks with Laura and shows her that they can hold her for 18 months as a security risk.

She tells Laura to give her the name of her source and she can go. Laura says journalists protect their sources. Astrid asks if she has the other documents. She asks her if she knows what’s at risk then says hundreds of German citizens went to Syria to engage in terrorism and can come back and do worse here. She tells Laura she made it much more likely that this will happen. Astrid talks about tight resources and Laura says they got caught breaking the law and aren’t allow to spy on their citizens.

Saul and Allison watch and Allison says Laura would let the country burn to get a Pulitzer. Saul says he talked to the BND and Herr Mohr too. He says the chancellery is furious. He says they want a scalp then tells her it’s going to be her and she has 24 hours to leave the country. Saul says the director refused to fight for her. Allison is furious. Carrie calls Jonas and he says Frannie just fell asleep. She says not to wake her then says she’ll be home tomorrow.

She thanks him for watching Frannie and he says not to give it a second thought and they’re having fun. He asks if she’s being careful. She says very and she’s hiding behind hunky ex-Special Forces guys. She says she misses him and he says the same. Quinn waits in a car. He gets out as Fatima walks past. She greets Demet the German girl and asks if she’s seen Alya and has her passport. She’s taking them to leave and then Alya shows up and says it was hard to get away.

Fatima tells her she’s proud of her and loads them into a van. Quinn goes back to his car. The van drives by and he pulls out too. Astrid talks to Jonas, Laura’s lawyer, and tells him they acted within the law. Astrid says if she publishes any more documents, she will be on a plane back to America immediately. Otto does his speech at the refugee camp and talks about the need for food, medical care and shelter and says they will provide these things. Carrie watches the crowd anxiously.

Otto talks about the need for education too. He says he has a check for $10 million to help. He says this is just the start. Carrie stands by Mike and they both look tense. Otto then calls on his peers to help as well and says when peace comes, these people can go home and rebuild their home with pride, knowledge and skill. The speech ends and she tells Mike to get the vehicles ready so they can go. Otto thanks Haugen and he steps down by Carrie who says the hour is up. He says he needs 10 more minutes.

Carrie says no but he insists on time to talk to the press. Saul gets another update on issues caused by the breach. Allison tells Saul that Astrid called to say Laura was released and they have her under intense surveillance. They step into the conference room. Allison says moving those Ukranian assets is risky and says she’s the best person to find assets to replace them. She says she’s the best person to fix this but Saul says his hands are tied. She asks what would he do if she was Carrie Matheson.

He says this and she says BS, he would be protecting her at all costs. Allison says Carrie is gone and he should show some allegiance to those who stuck around to support him. Carrie looks around nervously and Mike says they have to go. Carrie tells Otto it’s time to go right now. A woman asks Otto to look at a boy who’s eight and has never been in school Mike alerts Carrie to a guy in a dark jacket. Carrie sees the guy coming. Mike pulls a gun and Carrie pulls Otto aside. Mike says to show his hands.

The guy grabs a woman and then shows he has a trigger in his hand. Carrie says to take him. Mike shoots him and they see the guy has a bomb vest on. Carrie tells the driver to go. They speed out and she tells Otto to stay down. Carrie looks around nervously and spots someone moving then notices there are no people around. She tells them to stop. The driver doesn’t and she slams her foot on the brakes. They barely miss getting blown up and the driver gets out and runs. Carrie gets behind the wheel.

She does a u turn and busts through the gates of the camp. She drives them directly to the plane and tells him to get on the plane. He says he needs to make some calls first but she says get on the plane now. Carrie says she needs to get a sense of what happened here and he says they just stayed too long. She says no, it was carefully planned and they were going to hit them anyway. She says she has to stay and make sure this threat doesn’t follow them to Berlin. Otto says he won’t forget she saved his life.

Carrie goes into the bathroom and tries to calm her panic. She’s crying. Carrie begs for God to help her. Fatima stops the van and the girls get out. Quinn still follows. They hug Fatima and she wishes them luck. He watches all this. The girls back in a van and Fatima goes into the restroom. Quinn calls in the license plate of the van and says it’s got ISIL females. Fatima comes out of the bathroom dressed differently and goes to another car. Quinn follows her.

He pulls down her face scarf and she says “bitte” which is please in German. He shoots her with a silenced pistol then takes a pic of her face. Allison calls Dar and he says taking one for the team will help her career. She says it’s a huge security risk and she’s too valuable to sideline. Dar says no one doubts her value but the Germans are demanding an important head. She says to give them Saul but he says sorry. She says he can just kick Saul out of Berlin and he can do his job from anywhere.

Allison says who would he rather have on the ground there – her or Saul? At the German post office, Saul goes inside and makes his drop. Carrie comes back to the hotel and finds a man in her hotel room. Bahruz says he has to give it back since El Amin gave his word to protect her and they failed. He says Waleed betrayed them. He shows her the video of them beating Waleed. He tells her to listen. She sees that they ask him why kill Otto when he was helping.

Waleed says it was Carrie that was the target, not Otto. Bahruz says they questioned him six hours and says he was more afraid of whoever wants her dead than he was of dying. He says Beirut is not safe for her anymore. Quinn goes to the post office and leaves the phone with the proof and picks up the next assignment. He sees there’s numbers for him to look up. He has today’s paper and works a cypher. He writes down the letters. The name is Matheson.