Homeland Recap – Crazy Carrie Off Her Meds: Season 5 Episode 3 “Super Powers”

Homeland Recap - Crazy Carrie Off Her Meds: Season 5 Episode 3 "Super Powers"

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday October 18, season 5 episode 3 called, “Super Powers” and we have your weekly recap below for you. Tonight, Jonas (Alexander Fehling) and Carrie  (Clare Danes) revisit her past.

On the last episode, Carrie and Düring visited a refugee camp; Saul and Allison were at odds; Quinn stayed on mission. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime’s synopsis, “Jonas and Carrie revisit her past; Quinn stalks his prey.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 5 Episode 3– tonight at 9PM EST.

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#Homeland begins with Carrie looking down at a sleeping Frannie. She tells Jonas she doesn’t know if she can put her on the plane tomorrow. He says to go with her and Carrie says that will make her just as unsafe. She says once Frannie is back in the states, she can figure it out. Jonas asks what if the guy in Lebanon was lying but Carrie says he wasn’t. He asks how she knows. They step out of her daughter’s room. Jonas says she’s been holed up for four days not saying anything and needs to talk to him.

Carrie says he was tortured and finally admitted she was the target but was too scared to say who Saul paid him. Jonas asks how that makes it credible. She says he had two secrets. One he could tell and one he was willing to die for then says he did die for it and was shot in the face. Jonas curses and she says he asked for the truth. A woman hands her son some lunch money and he heads off with his friends. Someone is watching from nearby. It’s Quinn watching from a car.

Saul is there to see Otto who says he rarely gets visits from CIA officers. Saul says it’s rare that German industrialists are the targets of assassination. He says he’s more of a philanthropist. Saul asks who might want to kill him in Lebanon then asks if it might have to do with Carrie meeting with Hezbollah. Otto says to ask her and Saul says he can’t find her. Then Saul says it’s not the first time he’s collaborated with the wrong side of history. Otto says it’s known his grandfather was a Nazi.

He says he has spent years atoning and Saul asks about him giving to Muslim causes. Otto says they account for every penny then Saul asks if he considers Hezbollah a terror organization. Otto says he’s anti-terrorism but says legitimate rebellion is different. Otto says nothing has made the world more dangerous in the last 15 years than US foreign policy. He says Americans are great humanitarians when someone else is on trial. Saul says he wants to know where Carrie is.

Otto says he doesn’t track her movements and thinks she’s taking some time off after what happened. Saul says he wants to talk to her and Otto reminds him that Carrie doesn’t work for Saul anymore and says he knows that must be frustrating since she’s a remarkable person. Carrie studies a huge collage of photos she’s put up at the house she’s at – all of likely terror suspects and people who could be after her. Frannie comes out of her room and Jonas has her packed to go.

They drive to a small airport and load Frannie onto a plane. Otto was lying to Saul since he’s the one who’s meeting her. Frannie runs to the plane as Carrie tells Otto thanks. He says to get to the bottom of this then come back to work. Carrie says she will. He tells her Saul came looking for her and to scare him. He says he told him nothing. She says she’s sorry he had to lie to him but he says he didn’t mind and says Saul seems like a man too used to getting his way. He tells her to tell Frannie goodbye.

Jonas gives Frannie a hug then Carrie says she’s going to see her Aunt Maggie and her cousins. She kisses her and says she’s sad for her to go. She hands her over to Anya who tells her not to worry. They load onto the plane and Jonas hugs Carrie as she starts crying. She goes back to the car. They drive back to the house as Carrie stares out the window. Jonas says saying goodbye to his kids and moving out was the worst day of his life.

She reminds him he sees them on weekends and he says she’ll see Frannie again. She says he’s not helping and he says that’s because she won’t tell him anything. He says he’s not a brain reader and she laughs and says mind reader. Carrie says she knows she has not been herself the last few days and he says he gets it. Carrie says it’s more than sending Frannie away. She says maybe he can help her see this better. She says it would ask a lot of him and he asks what he can do.

She asks to stop to eat and says they can talk there. They sit at a table at an empty restaurant. She says she knows she’s bipolar and says the meds keep her safe and sane. She says what he doesn’t know is what she’s like off the medication. She says it can be scary as hell but also exhilarating. She says you feel elated like you’re flying down a ski slope with no chance of falling. She asks if he’ll still like her once she tells him this. Jonas says he loves her.

She says the meds literally saved her life but she loses something too – she says there’s a window when she’s lucid and does her best work. She tells him about some of her successes. He asks if she wants to go off her meds to figure this out. She says she already did – three days ago. Allison checks with her people who report that Carrie hasn’t been seen since she got back from Lebanon. They tell her Laura is on her email and they read what she types. Saul comes in and says Otto said he doesn’t know where she is.

Saul tells her they need to talk. He says he’s known Dar for 30 years and says he knows she tried to put a knife in his back. He tells her to stop it then says if you aim to kill, don’t miss and asks if he’s taught her nothing. He says he treated her like an elite intelligence officer and says to behave like one. She asks when he wants her gone. He says she’s not going anywhere. He says they can’t afford a shakeup right now. She asks who will be sacrificed for the Germans and he says he’s working on it. She thanks him.

He says she doesn’t deserve it. Carrie and Jonas come back and she says if he’ll monitor him, she can push the boundaries some more. He asks for warning signs and she gives him a list including belligerent or abusive. He laughs but she says he can get ugly. She says give her the pills once he knows it’s time. Jonas says she should have told him before she went off the meds and she says sorry. She says the sedative is fast-acting and there won’t be any crisis. He says there must be another way.

Carrie says not for her. She goes back into her room with the photos and tells him it’s a timeline of her tours for the CIA. She says she’s making an enemies list of who has the means and contacts to make it start. Quinn is watching the woman from earlier. They’re at a restaurant. Quinn’s German ex is there and he asks about Lebanon and if she has any idea where Carrie is. She says no idea but a lot of people are looking for her. He says he is too. She says she thinks Carrie is back in Germany.

Quinn asks if she can get him a stingray and she says yes then he asks her to leave with him. She says she can’t and he says handheld stingray if she can swing it. Jonas and Carrie have hot sex in her idea room. He’s never had crazy Carrie sex. At the During foundation, the hacker sits outside. Laura spots him. Some men sit across the street watching the place. He pulls out a computer and pops it open. Laura goes inside and up to her office. She opens her laptop. The fire alarm goes off and she’s told to leave.

She does so reluctantly. The CIA watches this and alerts Allison that the building is evacuating. She asks where Laura is and says to get the team onto the street to look for Laura and Carrie both. Laura comes out and stands in the crowd. The hacker is nearby and nods. Laura sees the CIA guy get out of the car. She goes to get into a thicker crowd of people. The hacker walks and Laura follows. They cross the streetcar tracks and keep going. The CIA has lost her. Allison is annoyed.

They tell her no Laura, no Carrie. Allison goes outside to stew and get some fresh air. She sighs. The hacker steps around a corner and Laura follows. She asks if he’s who she thinks he is. She says that was a ballsy move setting off the alarm. He says he was there when the BND picked her up. He asks what she told them. She says she told them nothing and says she doesn’t even know his name. She says of course they’re after him, but he’s smart and tricky.

She says she’ll protect him and he asks how he can be sure. She reminds him he came to her and he says he read her stuff and thought he could trust her. She asks his name and he says call me Numan. She says she’s a fan of his too. He says he has the rest of the documents and she says she can release them like last time. He asks if she gets scared and says she can just go home to America. She says she has two warrants out for her arrest there. He says he can’t go home either. She asks Turkey and he says yeah.

He hands her the docs and say she has to go. She tells him he’s doing the right thing. She asks how she can reach him and he says she can’t. He goes. Carrie takes a caffeine pill. She crushes it and snorts it. Jones comes in and asks if that’s necessary. She says she made progress after he went to bed and says he can make her coffee. She says this is faster. Laura comes back to her office. She opens her safe. She gets out a second computer she has there and then makes a call.

Laura calls Jonas and leaves a message saying she needs him and asks where he is. She plugs the flash drive in and sees a portrait that giggles and flips her off and she says “you little f-er.” He didn’t give her the documents. Maybe he was trying to hack her computer. Numan meets his pal Korzy at the club and says he had to meet someone – he tells him it was Laura Sutton. He says he gave her the documents. Korzy is shocked and Numan says no more talk about selling them to the highest bidder.

Korzy calls him an asshole and Numan says it was the right thing to do. Korzy says he’s a fool and doesn’t even know what a fool he is. Carrie talks about Abu Nazir’s bombmaker and says he had a son who would be 18 now. Jonas says he knows this story and says it came up in her background check for Otto. He says she barely got hired. He says the wife Sanaa blew herself up at a checkpoint and killed three soldiers. She says Bassam should be on the list.

Saul talks with Etai about the business in Lebanon and he asks how this fits together. Saul asks what. The guy says Carrie was handling security and met with Waleed from the Hezbollah. He tells Saul that no one believes Carrie is not still agency. The guy tells him the Israeli government will oppose any regime change. He says getting rid of Bashar is not a bad idea but he can’t be replaced with someone worse. Saul says they are out of the business of overthrowing regimes.

The Ambassador, Scott, is annoyed that he’s being recalled and says Saul engineered this. He says he won’t go back and Saul says take it up with the State Department. The guy says the President owes him and Saul says not as much as he thinks he does, obviously. Jonas looks through some files she has and says there are hundreds of names there. She says 167. He says they’re all civilians. She says according to Pakistani foreign ministry. They were all killed while she was station chief in Kabul by drones.

Jonas is getting a little queasy about all this and she asks what’s wrong. She tells him to take a break and he says he’s fine then gets snappy with her. She says she can tell something is wrong and he says he’s going to step out for a minute. She says he thinks she’s appalling and repulsive, maybe even a war criminal. He says to leave it alone. She says to say something and he shakes his head at her then walks to the door. She tells him that’s not her anymore. He says he doesn’t know how she lives with herself.

She paces the floor and then sits with her knees twitching. She looks at the wall of photos. She tries to gain some focus. She does some deep breathing as she looks at all the faces on the wall. She paces then goes to the kitchen. She sees a bottle of vodka and pulls it out. She taps the bottle nervously. She opens it and takes a swig – that’s 9 months of sobriety gone. She sees Aayan talking to her and he says so much for self-control. She covers her eyes then he’s gone.

Korzy greets a man who works at the Russian embassy who’s in the club. He asks if he’s threatening him or trying to blackmail him. Korzy says he has documents for sale – American, top secret. The guy gets close and says tell him more. Carrie starts taking crazy to one of the photos and says he’s a loose end she should have killed. Aayan tells her it wasn’t that guy and says he doesn’t even think of her, doesn’t remember her name.

Carrie says his name and he says Aayan is dust and is done. She asks what he wants and he says ask him what she wants to know. Carrie asks who is it? Who’s after me? He says come closer and he’ll whisper in her ear. She steps closer and he whispers to her. She starts crying. At a German store, Quinn flashes a Polizei badge and grabs the kid of the woman he was watching. He tapes him up with duct tape. He told the other kid to tell his mom that he was arrested. He tells the kid to shut the f-k up.

Jonas comes back inside and calls to Carrie and asks if she’s hungry. She sits in the middle of a circle of photos on the floor. He kneels down. She says she figured it out. She says it’s all of them. He asks what she means. She says it’s the sum of her sins. She says it’s an avenging angel then says all angels aren’t good. She says it doesn’t matter who it is because whoever does it is doing it for them all and says it’s right. She says you can’t atone for that many souls. He sits her on the bed and goes to get the meds.

He goes back to her and she asks if there’s a church nearby. He tells her to take the medicine and she says no. She says she’s not crazy and is crystal clear. He says she solved it and it’s time to go back on the meds. He says they agreed she would take them. She asks if he gets tired of the Clark Kent routine. He says take them or he will call an ambulance. She says they’ll find them. He says take the pills or he’ll call. She offers sex and he says take the goddamned pills. She says he’s a lousy lay anyway.

He says show me after she takes them. She grits her teeth and then shows him her mouth. He thanks her. She says aww poor little Jonas. She says she bets he never had a GF like her before. She says she likes it better when he’s mad because at least she knows he’s alive. The burner rings and she says not to answer it. He says it’s his ex. That’s whose kid Quinn took – he took Jonas’s kid. The ex wife tells him that their son was arrested for shoplifting. Quinn sits outside listening to the call and gets coordinates.

He uses the stingray to get the coordinates. Quinn leaves the kid in the van and says they’ll find you by dinnertime. He gets in the car and drives off leaving the van. Jonas calls the police and says that’s weird. He says the police have no record of bringing in his son. Carrie says he’s not in police custody and says it was staged to get him to call. She says Stefan will be fine. He says they have to get back to Berlin but she says he’s just a pawn. Jonas says it’s his son. She grabs a bag and runs out into the woods.

Jonas yells at her to come back and says he’s not chasing her. He curses and asks where she is. She doesn’t answer and he gets into the car and drives away. She opens the bag and pulls out a rifle and loads it. Saul sits at his desk making a video call to Dar who says the Ambassador is not happy to be on his way home. Dar says the Germans are appeased then asks if they should put an official reprimand in Allison’s file. Saul says he needs her for the weekend if they’re still on and Dar says that’s why he called.

He asks if Dar has cold feet and he says just the opposite. Dar tells Saul they have a green light but says he failed to mention the conversation with Etai. Dar says screw them as long as the Israelis don’t know the who or when. Allison tells Saul they lost track of Laura for two hours. She says they’re supposed to be professionals and says Laura could have met with Carrie. She climbs in bed with Saul and says she took a Xanax and asks if it’s okay they just sleep. He says okay then they cuddle up. That’s fun.

Carrie lurks in the woods and it’s dark now. She sees headlights as a car pulls up off the road then shuts off the lights. She aims the rifle. She sees a guy lurking in a hooded shirt. Quinn creeps closer cautiously. She watches through the scope. He has binoculars and a gun. She takes a shot at him and he goes down. She looks around then checks with the scope. She creeps closer to Quinn. She never saw his face when she shot.

She takes aim again as she gets closer. He’s gone. He comes up behind her and chokes her. She goes limp and then he drugs her with a syringe. He was wearing a Kevlar vest and he groans as he pulls off his jacket – he says mother-er.