Homeland Recap 10/25/15: Season 5 Episode 4 “Why Is This Night Different?”

Homeland Recap 10/25/15: Season 5 Episode 4 "Why Is This Night Different?"

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday October 25, season 5 episode 4 called, “Why Is This Night Different?” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, answers elude Carrie; (Cllare Danes) Laura (Sarah Sokolovic) asks Jonas (Alexander Fehling) for help.

On the last episode, Jonas and Carrie revisited her past; Quinn stalked his prey. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “answers elude Carrie; Laura asks Jonas for help; Saul and Allison run an operation.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 5 Episode 4– tonight at 9PM EST.

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#Homeland begins with Allison and Saul at a Passover dinner. Etai leads it says celebrating Seder in Germany is important because of their slavery just 70 years ago under a tyrant. He says their parents and grandparents wore yellow stars. He says they still have enemies all over the world who wish to destroy them and says we pray for the strength to defeat them. Carrie wakes and looks around. She sees some food nearby and a toothbrush. She’s tied to a cot.

Quinn comes in and she says – thank God. He sits and she says his name again. She tells him to untie her. She asks what the f-k is going on and he says her name is on a kill list. She says she knows but can’t figure it out. He says she must have crossed a line and pissed someone off. He tells her to stop moving. He cuts his hand and wipes blood on her face. He unties her and then says Saul put her name on the list. He tells her to close her eyes. She sits and he says play f-ing dead. She says she doesn’t believe it.

He says she’d better and he snaps the pic. He tells her to get cleaned up because they have shit to do. She asks what. He says they have to execute her fallback plan. She asks what if she doesn’t have one. He says the picture will buy her time but she has to disappear. She asks how his deal with Saul works and he says it doesn’t matter. He says Saul gives him a name and he gives proof of death. She says Saul gave her name then asks why. He says he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to.

She says she didn’t do anything and he says she’s probably not even aware of what she’s done. She says she needs to talk to Saul. Quinn says the order may have come from someone senior and if she shows she’s alive, they will keep coming from her. Etai asks him again about a plan to overthrow Bashar and Saul says there isn’t. Etai says he heard that Yousef would be their replacement choice. Etai says the man was behind a chemical weapons attack. Saul asks what’s the alternative – leave Assad in place. Etai says when Arabs are killing Arabs, they’re not firing rockets at Jew.

He tells Saul he was once a better friend to Israel. Allison thanks Etai for including her then tells Saul they have to leave in 15. Jonas calls Carrie and gets voice mail. Laura comes in and asks Jonas what’s going on. She says Otto should fire Carrie since she didn’t keep him safe in Lebanon. Jonas says Carrie told Otto not to go. Laura says her source gave her an empty flash drive and says the CIA is still following her. Laura asks him to have his hacker client reach out to her source. Otto comes in and asks if it’s all right. She says she wants Jonas to track down her source. Otto says he should.

Jonas agrees to make the call. Laura gets a call and walks away. Jonas says Carrie is gone without a trace. He says they can’t call the police because it would put Carrie in more danger. Jonas asks who lives like this and Otto says – she does. He tells Jonas he’s worried about her too. Carrie sits and Quinn starts a video recording. Carrie makes a recording for Frannie. She says she was named after her grandfather Frank then says she knows Frannie will be mad that she had to leave. Carrie says it wasn’t safe for me to be with you but I’m trying to get back to you.

Quinn says she’s making it sound like she’s still alive. Carrie says she will figure it out and fix it. Quinn says if they realize she’s alive, they will get to her through Frannie. He says Frannie is safe if Carrie is dead. Carrie starts crying then asks how he felt when he left his kid. He says not everyone is fit to be a parent. He restarts the recording. Carrie says maybe now you’re going by Frances and says she had to leave her and she probably hates her for it and she doesn’t blame her. She says something happened and it wasn’t safe for her to be with her.

Carrie stops herself and says she did everything she could to get back to her, but she didn’t make it. She says the kind of work that I did is dangerous and says she believed in it so she took the risk but then she came along and she realized she wanted a better life with her daughter. She says she had it with her for a while but… She stops and says – I didn’t abandon you. She says she knows what that feels like and would never do it. She tells Frannie she’s the best thing she’s ever done and makes up for every mistake she’s ever made. Quinn looks away while she talks. Carrie cries and says I love you very much.

She tops the recording. Laura is on the street in a shady area. She heads to a shabby building and rings the bell. She’s looking for Sabine. The girl says no Sabine here but Laura says the meeting was arranged through her lawyer. The woman grudgingly lets her in. She says Sabine is under house arrest and the BND keep sniffing around for some reason to send her back to jail. She makes Laura put her cell in a bag that blocks the signal. The first woman shows her the ankle monitor then says she’s Sabine. Her GF says Sabine can’t communicate with journalists as a condition of her probation.

They tell Laura they like her work. Laura says there are more documents but she can’t find the hacker. She says Gabe H Coud could find it – his hacker name stands for douchebag backwards. Laura says she’s facing arrest and extradition then asks if they know what it means. Sabine says it means she’s not scared and Laura says she tries not to be. Allison meets a private plane on a small air strip. A family gets off the plane including General Yousef and his wife. They think she’s from a medical clinic that is supposed to help his daughter. Yousef’s security is vigilant but he tells them to relax.

Allison says the donor arrived safely. Yousef says she’s not his Swiss and she says she’s from Berlin. She tells him his daughter will be fine. They drive to a private “clinic” and go inside. Allison introduces Dr Droz who tells them everything is in order. They hand him an envelope for the donor and Allison asks if they want to spend a moment with their daughter before she goes into surgery. Allison watches them talk to their daughter who is wheeled away. Allison says the waiting lounge is this way then points. She excuses herself.

Allison goes to another room. She punches in a code then opens another door and shuts it. Saul is in an ops room and asks what she thinks of Yousef. She says he’s what you would expect and says his officers seem to be in charge and he resents that. Saul says Assad may think he’s a flight risk. Allison says they have a hand of aces and they can likely burn him. She says he does smoke and says Saul should offer him one of his cigars. She tells Saul she has to go and steps out. Saul watches Yousef pace. Carrie pulls stuff out of her fallback supplies.

Quinn says Carrie must not have been sure her new life would work out since she has all this stuff. Carrie asks where he’s been and he says Syria. She says she has looked for him everywhere she went and never stopped thinking about him. He says it doesn’t matter now. She slips on a dark wig and asks how she looks. He says – like somebody else. She asks if he ever saw Saul use the drop. He says the first time and she asks since and he says no. She says he can’t know if Saul put her name in there and Quinn says it’s Saul’s operation.

She says sending him to kill her is not smart and Saul would know that. She says someone could be in their operation and they need to test it. She asks him to take him to his drop. She says she trust Saul more than she trusts anyone and can’t give up her daughter on less than a certainty. Yousef comes to Allison’s office and she says there are forms he needs to sign. His guard steps out and she drops the accent and asks him to sit. He does. He asks what’s happening here. She says everyone here is CIA except the surgical team. She says he is in violation of international sanction.

She says the can send him to The Hague for war crimes. She tells him to keep looking at the form but says there’s an alternative. She tells him to go for a smoke in the garden after lunch alone and he can hear more. She hands him the pen and he signs it. She thanks him and says she knows he wants to get back to his wife now. She smiles at him like a clinic staffer would and closes the door after he leaves. She looks up at the camera and shrugs where Saul can see. Sabine is looking for Gabe H online while Laura paces around frustrated. Sabine finds him and Laura comes back over.

Sabine tells Gabe that there were no docs on the drive. He’s surprised. Then he curses and says Korzy must have done with it. He tells Sabine his friend must have screwed with it. Gabe (aka Numan) calls Korzy and asks what he did with the drives. Gabe goes looking for him and asks his GF where Korzy is. She tells him to get out and says he’s working. He grabs her phone and says to call him now. He says call and I’ll leave. She gives up and covers the camera then makes the call. He snatches the phone and asks what he did with the docs. Korzy says they’ll be rich.

He says his Russian friend paid big and says they even sent a car but he’ll cut him in. Gabe tells him he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Gabe tells him to get out of the car but Korzy hangs up on him. Now Korzy looks nervous. They stop and he gets out and is taken into a bar that’s nearly empty. Korzy is told that Boris is not there and says his name is Ivan and this is Valentin. Korzy says money first and he hands him a bag. Inside are thick stacks of cash. Korzy says okay and the guy says to give it over. He hands him a flash drive. Ivan takes it and says they will check it. He offers him a drink to toast.

He asks if it’s the only copy and Korzy says yes and promises. Korzy says he’s going but Ivan says sit. He says he wants to be a trusting person but says cynical people make it hard and says that’s not a pleasant life. He says he wants to trust him but he’s cynical. Yousef’s wife stares out the window and says Geneva is so peaceful. He says he’s going to smoke. She asks him to check on Anena. He tells the guard to leave him then says what, they think he’ll swim across the lake while his daughter is in surgery. Saul sits waiting for him. Yousef recognizes him and says he’s flattered.

Saul offers him a smoke and lights it. He tells Yousef that they know Syria’s crisis is getting worse every day. He says the Islamic State is preparing an offensive against the regime. Yousef says he knows all of this. Saul says they will lose the war and his people will be slaughtered. Saul says he knows he loves his country and has a loyal following among the officers. He says he thinks they will follow him when he replaces Assad. Yousef chuckles then asks if this is his solution for Syria. Saul says it’s the best they have. Yousef half of the government is related to Bashir. Saul says they are loading $10 million onto his plane.

He says he needs to promise free elections and the US will support them. Saul says they have to act quickly. Yousef says he’s wrong and says the Islamic State is the danger in Syria. He says the world will come around to supporting Bashir. Saul says if Assad stays in power he’ll have to answer for his crimes. He says Assad has already tattled. Saul says Assad will blame Yousef for these crimes. Saul says he will say anything to keep his grip on the power. Saul sees a guard then tells Yousef they are out of time. Saul says – lead your people into the light. Yousef walks off.

A man holds a gun on Korzy’s GF who is crying and has a bloody nose. Ivan tells a bloody and beaten Korzy that they found it then he says he only kept one copy. They garrote him. Gabe goes to Korzy’s place and sees the door is ajar. He goes inside and calls out for Korzy then sees his GF shot dead in a chair. He gasps and then gets out of there ASAP. Quinn and Carrie pull up outside the German post office. They agree to sit and watch until Saul comes – she doesn’t think it will be Saul. Quinn goes to make the proof of death drop. HA! I bet it’s Allison that put Carrie’s name in the box.

Carrie sits in the driver’s seat as Quinn instructed. He goes to the box and opens it. The postman watches Quinn on camera then sends a text in German that says “Den Fruend ist hier.” That means your friend is here. A gunman gets the text and pulls out in his car. A young woman runs into Quinn and drops her mail and he helps her. Carrie watches the people around her with suspicion as they pass. Wuinn comes out. A car pulls up and gets ready to take a shot at Quinn. Quinn ducks but is shot. Carrie throws it in reverse and backs into the shooters car.

Quinn killed his would-be assassin and Carrie snaps a pic of the shooter then shoves Quinn into the car. Quinn says whoever wants her dead now wants him dead. Carrie takes him back to Quinn’s safe house and she checks him. She says there’s an exit wound. He tells her where the medical supplies are and she runs to get them. He’s in pain and bleeding. She prepares a shot and asks if he’s still with her. She puts the shot into him and says she has to put pressure on the wounds. She sits him up and dresses the wound. She tells him to hang on. He puts his head down on her shoulder.

Allison escorts Yousef and his family back to the plane after the surgery. He says he would like his wife and daughter to remain behind until this is resolved. Allison says they can’t do it and says if he went back to Syria without them it would raise a red flag. Yousef says he could just take their money and run off and Allison says they’re betting he’s smarter than that. Allison tells Saul what Yousef asked and he says that’s a good sign. He says it means he knows he’s f-d and might just cooperate. Carrie has tended to Quinn and she looks at the shooters phone. She says there’s only one number on it.

Quinn says to call it. She does and Allison answers speaking Russian. Carrie ends the call and then they hear a boom and see that Yousef’s plane exploded moments after take-off. Saul says – oh my God. I was right about Allison trying to have Carrie killed then Quinn. Saul is not going to like that once he finds out. He may put Allison down himself if Quinn or Carrie doesn’t get to her first.